Saturday, July 27, 2019

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Cloudspotters' guide to climate change--

ICC and Burma

Student discovers triceratops skull

trmp treasury spokesperson LIED abt Obama repeatedly

The height of farce--trmp gave a speech in front of hoax "presidential seal."

Poet E. Ethelbert Miller.

5 min Recap of Mueller Report--Robert De Niro, Stephen King et al.

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The plot thickens, da Vinci painting, MBS, Putin, etc etc.

When it all comes out, and it will, it will be so DIRTY no one will even want to know about it.


trmp's near total asylum ban blocked by judge

Epstein on suicide watch after found in jail mysteriously injured.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Democrats discuss what to do next with regard to Impeaching trmp--

Rachel Maddow, by phone on Mueller Hearing

Ted Lieu on Mueller Hearing today

Did we have special effects, soaring music and a laser light show? No. But the Committee today did establish that committed multiple acts of Obstruction of Justice. Those are felonies. We have a felon in the White House. #MuellerHearings
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The basic thing page 97 outlines is obstruction of justice b/c Trump tried to get Sessions to unrecuse&end Mueller investigation of Trump. There are 3 elements:obstructive act, criminal intent+ nexus to an official proceeding. @tedlieu effectively got Mueller to say each of 3 met
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Report does not exonerate trmp

Border patrol chief admits being part of racist hate group on FB--

ha-- mel trmp is plannung X'mas not realizing--

they probably won't be there by then.

She shld prepare a kit for trmp to take to prison with him.

Neal Katyal agrees with me--Schiff painted a devastating portrait of (criminal) trmp

From my twitter--Schiff has pretty much driven the nail in trmp's coffin--

Director Mueller has had a very long day and a very long 2 years. He has written his Report, and defended it, with INTEGRITY something trmp does not know the meaning of, much less spell. NOW, as both Committees decided, it is up to us. #ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW
Dr. Robert Mueller--
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Robert Mueller arrives on Capitol Hill. #MuellerTime
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Robert Mueller arrives on Capitol Hill. #MuellerTime
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One of the best lines in this DOJ letter (I say this sarcastically). “The department generally does not permit prosecutors such as you to appear and testify before congress.” Mueller is just not some prosecutor. He was in charge of one of the most significant investigations ever.

#trimp is trending on twitter--trmp's golf costs 104m and COUNTING--

Mueller says Report does not exonerate trump. as orange keeps claiming.

Mueller Testimony this morning

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Neil Armstrong wronful death suit.

NAACP calls on House to impeach Trump--

Must watch--prelude to Mueller Report--FBI Dr. Christopher Wray testifies--

Mueller testimony tomorrow, time, what to expect, how to watch.

What these #s don't say is Investigation has already turned a PROFIT from confiscated Cohen properties.  Besides, what is 25 m compared to trumps golfing and mar a lago trips at taxpayer expense, not to mention his crime family.


If ICE comes to yr door--

do not point anything at them, a gun, nor a toy gun.

They arrested one Dallas resident who was born in USA, and held him for 1 month.

ICE is T's brown shirts.


If ICE comes to your door, do not panic, do not run, do not open door--

ICE threatening and harassing attorney--

My archive at IISH, Amsterdam--