Saturday, May 30, 2020

LA George Floyd police brutality demonstrations LA

Protestors and police clash in LA.

They are right near Writers Guild of America West HQ.

What an opportunity for Writers to see everything.

It seems police made a mistake in trying to hem protestors in.

They need crowd control training.  Police shld have just let peaceful demonstrators pass.


trump's run away to FL--peaceful protest outside WH

Best children's TV shows to stream--

Important post--Trevor Noah reflects on racial dominos.

Chris Rock and Trevor Noah, both black comedians (that's their day job) are easily the most brilliant people I've ever seen, of any color, the same way orange so and so is the most evil and stupid.

For this Trevor Noah should write a book, it could be like Malcolm Gladwell's David and Goliath or Timothy Snyder's On Tyranny.

I strongly recommend his autobiography Born a Crime.

Because he was a mixed blood child, his mother was black and his father was white, he was not allowed to go out to play much  because it was dangerous for him in South Africa.

That's how he came to read so much.

Some TV hosts, like Rachel Maddow, have a Ph.D. in Pol. Sci.  Her's is from Oxford Univ.

Noah said as a child, when they went to a park, his father would walk in one side of the street and his mother and he on another.

Trevor Noah should be awarded an honorary doctorate.


Demonstrations and violence spread across all major cities in USA in response to George Floyd's death due to police brutality.

MN Governor took full responsibility for CNN reporter's arrest.

Mineapolis Governor's live briefing--just now--Curfew after 8 PM in MN-

Yesterday--demonstrators at CNN building in Atlanta, GA.

NBC nightly news--George Floyd's death sparks riots all over USA

Friday, May 29, 2020

Protests at WH--people chanting "Hands up, don't shoot."

Andrew Cuomo daily update--Friday 5-29-2020

Killer cop arrested and charged with murder--4th day of protests--attacks on CNN HQ Atlanta

Trump admin violates Free Press

Illustration, trump pointing finger at CNN's Acosta.

They also doctored the video and then lied that Acosta pushed WH zombie.

Took his press pass, which was later reinstated.


Trump attacks free press daily.

They have been released by should NEVER have been arrested in first place.

Trump is killing people and inciting violence.

If you are on Twitter, report him.


#banTrumpFromTwitter-- is now trending

Day in the Life of a Covid ER doctor--

You need a Twitter acct. but accts like this worth following.

Ppl are having to say their last good byes electronically.  If that doesn't scare you, --well.


Rivetting lecture by Ed Leahy on Mutiny on Bounty and his book collection.

 Almost contemporaneous painting of Mutiny
 Bounty replica used in 1962 movie sinking during Hurricane Sandy.
 RIP.  Fletcher Christian descendant Claudene Christian who died when Bounty replica sank during Hurricane Sandy 2012.
Sometimes it's hard not to believe in karma.


Thursday, May 21, 2020

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo's daily briefing 5-21-2020

Andrew Cuomo's daily briefing--
increased cases across many states and countries.

More serious than covid alone and that's serious enough.  Several deaths.

Caused by immune response in children age 1-21 who have already had covid, affects the heart and other organs.
Do not send children to camp, school or swimming.

Not to be taken lightly.  + masks work.

Take care.


Westgate Mall shooting--breaking news, AZ

Teach children what sound of automatic gunfire is like --it goes boomp boomp boomp dull sound
and show them where and how to hide, hit the ground.

It could happen anywhere.


Tuesday, May 19, 2020

From 2017--2 artists who were chosen to paint the Obamas' portraits.

I love the colors and both their styles.



Shad Gasper feared drowned while swimming with 10 year old son--

Do take extra care esp if with children and you don't know how to swim.

This is the 3rd drowning during the corona.
The Kennedy mother and son were in a kayak when they got swept out to sea and kayak overturned.


Andrew Cuomo daily briefing --Tues 5-19-2020-NT State child cases up to 120+

Also touches on govt.

"You need to be competent.  You can't tweet yr way through this."


Cyclone warning S and SE Asia

Painting Blue Cyclone  Copyright KMKaung
Also watch out for the other side of the cyclone once it has "passed"  --that's a short period of calm but the other side will come.


Sunday, May 17, 2020

Fed Chair Jerome Powell talks to 60 minutes

Photos, copyright KMKaung
"It depends on the medical metrics.  The virus has not gone away.  Death rates are down due to social distancing."

Powell says the 2nd bailout may not be enough, he praises Congress even though he's a Republican and a trump hire.

Scott Pelley asked "Will you just print the money"--Powell said Fed has the authority to print it digitally and will also print bank notes, which will of course increase the money supply.

He predicted the newest hires will suffer the most and so will the lowest paid. (They don't have a safety net nor a cushion of savings to fall back on.)

Powell predicts unemployment of 25% (or 30%)

Pelly said those were the numbers of the Great  Depression.  He said people lose their skills and their business contacts if they stay away from the work place too long.

60 minutes showed the Federal Reserve building as well as some of the interior, wh was built as part of the New Deal that Roosevelt used to jump start the economy after the Great Depression.

BTW, once things reopen, try to go to the Roosevelt Memorial, close to the Martin Luther King Memorial on the Mall.

There are sculptures of and quotes from Roosevelt, a niche for Eleanor Roosevelt, sculptures of a bread line and stone and water features which to my eye look very Asian minimalistic.  Also a depiction of R's fireside chats on radio.

This is an informal summary I made from memory, if you want a precise transcript, you'll have to make it yourself.



Artist who paints empty spaces drives his mother home from Florida to Canada.

This was about March I guess, now planes are over crowded again and NBC consultant said he must have caught corona on a crowded flight, even though wearing mask and gloves, through his eyes.

Advises eye coverings.  I tried the safety goggles for carpentry that I got to assemble a cabinet (not done yet) but it did not work.


Article about my art work

Abstract--pink and green --acrylic on paper--copyright K M Kaung

K M Kaung--No Crib for a Bed, and Other Stories.

If you think immigration is a piece of cake, read this.


trump fires 4th Inspector General, House opens Inevstigation--

Chinese ambassador to Isreal found dead in his home less than a week after Pompeo's visit.

less than a week after Pompeo visit.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Chef Andres

Serious/fatal corona-related sydrome, organ failure/clots, in children + teenagers + trump ignores CDC

children need to wear masks too.

Make some if you can't buy them and use them properly.  Cloth masks should be boiled in assigned pot every time it/they are used.  Dry in sun, hang by strings.

N95 shld be kept in sun awhile after wearing, also hold by sides.  Wash hands immediately after.

Also wear gloves (disposable) when you go out.


Mel Trmp's alleged boyrfriend in NY--

Noel Casler (Comedy) certainly has a lot of inside info on Twitter, incld abt Trump's alleeged drug addiction and Ivanka's nose jobs.

I believe him--it's full of granular detail.


Covid-19 1000% increase in cases in heartland states wh support trump

what do they expect, coming out in rallies.  Ignoramuses, as my mother would say.


Burl Ives-Ave Maria