Sunday, December 09, 2018

Nick Ayers not taking job as WH chief of staff--unwilling to sign on for 2 years as demanded by trmp This says something, doesn't it?? 12-9-2018

trmp's distractions and denials don't work any more--

Best Thai novels not in English

World Bank--Thailand overview

Thai Economy

New York City and all that trash.

Ten richest Bollywood actors--all men--

Saudi Arabia hosts summit amid Qater crisis, Khashoggi murder.

Paris cleans up after Yellow Vest riots.

Burdened with Brexit, Theresa May is on the brink.

China summons envoy over Hauwei CFO

Saturday, December 08, 2018

Pol sci fi, environmental--The Wind Up Girl--novel I am trying to decide from the opening pages whether I like it as much as Justin Cronin The Passage series or Game of Thrones or Drowned World, Flood, Ark or Death of Grass. I think probably Flood and Death of Grass are the most compelling, Game of Thrones, the first book with the best opening. Anyway, it's subjective as the agents like to say. km

Kelly out as WH Chief of Staff--reportedly no longer on speaking terms with trmp.

All images fr Internet except #1--other lady wife of Nigerian President.

ivana trump rape allegations

compare and contrast

mel trmp over exposed--

trmp tower--how the man loves gold or fake gold, but no books--

Paris in lockdown mode as gilets jaunes start Phase IV

How totally screwed is trmp?

Comey annoyed abt unnecessary hearing, closed door.

Colbert makes fun of --

Friday was very very bad day for d j t.

NYTs--The wooing of Kushner--

anti-trmp cartoons--from Internet

CNN--Mueller, Manafort. Cohen, Comey and trmp--

Thursday, December 06, 2018

TED Talks--Stewart Brand--de-extinction. You can nominate yourself for a TED Talk. However, no guarantee of a response. 12-6-2018

Assange rejects deal by Ecuador and UK for him to leave Embassy in "near freedom."

Democrat McCreedy withdraws NC concession--voter fraud.

Oak Ridge Boys sing at Bush funeral.

Colbert rips trmp--odd man out or odd couple out in church pew.

G H W Bush--final journey by train to College Station.

NBC--Final Goodbye to George Herbert Walker Bush--

Hours after Bush funeral (where he was apparently snubbed by most), trmp brags of approval ratings. Currently being trashed on Twitter.

Wednesday, December 05, 2018


30 journalists killed around the world in 2018

The Guardian--Sacremento police bias revealed--stab victims charged, not far right perpetrators.

Live--Former Presdt G H W Bush's remains lying in repose at St Martin's Episcopal Church in Houston, TX.

New York Uber minimum wage

With Flynn "sentencing" Mueller sends message to targets--"in high official posts."

Former Presdt G W Bush cries during eulogy for his father, Former Presdt G H W Bush Moving ceremony, privileged to watch it live on TV this cold morning. Messages of hope, friendship, loyalty. Trmps sit stone-faced. 12-5-2018

Mid air collision--see alsi below--one marine rescued. Everything is a very dangerous process. 12-5-2018

F 18 fighter jet and tanker collide in mid-air--off Japan.

Monday, December 03, 2018

TRMS--important court cases coming up this week--

Michael Isikoff--Mueller approaching end game--

Global inundation--maps predictions--

Google search results--what will happen to Yunnan with climate change.

Close-ups, G H W Bush--Lying in State--

Casket of former President George H W Bush lies in state at Rotunda in DC

Chinese gene-editor missing, reported under house arrest.

WAPO live stream--Bush Sr's remains begin last journey to DC for lying in state. Probably live stream over now, but I did not see all of it either. 12-3-2018

Sunday, December 02, 2018

From 2017--King Bhumipol Adulayadej's funeral in Bangkok.

Special post--previous lives of the Buddha--Mahajanaka (Zenneka in Burmese)

MSNBC--Cohen pleads gulity (to lying)--transcript.

Why oh why? Trmp's rogues--from LA Times I would say due to GREED, POWER, EGO, CONCEIT and bc they all thought they cld get away with it. This includes trmp and fam. WE WILL SEE. 12-2-2018

Corruption case against Netanyahu--trmp's mirror image--one of 1st official visitors to trmp's so-called WH

Jamal Khashoggi's last WhatsApp messages to his fellow activist in Canada-- Isreali co. uses military grade hackware. Chilling. 12-2-2018

Michelle Obama cancels book tour to attend Bush Sr State Funeral on Wed.

trmp as a pig cartoons. SO MANY--he must be universally loved.

trmp-Xi trade truce-- First he starts an ill advised or un-advised trade war--then he tries to save his ars** by declaring a 90 day truce. You can be sure somewhere out there there are US soybean farmers and pork breeders who hate trmp. They shld dump pork shit and spoiled beans in front of trmp tower and his golf properties, as he dumps sh** on country regularly. NO ONE WINS A TRADE WAR. Got that? "Very stable genius," Wharton grad. Founder of Fake Univ. 12-2-2018

For fun--couples--Carl Sandburg: Nothing ever worries them, they are a --COUPLE

Love story--George and Barbara Bush--mostly true I am sure.

SNL --trmp who can't laugh at himself vs Bush Sr.

anti-trmp sites on Twitter--made my day.

You Retweeted John Pavlovitz ‏Verified account @johnpavlovitz 4h4 hours ago "You cannot be both For God so loved the world—and America First. You cannot preach the Gospel, while despising refugees and foreigners and immigrants. You can't claim that "all lives matter", while protecting only your own kind." #SundayMorning 27 replies 185 retweets 444 likes You Retweeted John Pavlovitz ‏Verified account @johnpavlovitz 31m31 minutes ago "Jesus was born in the Middle East. He didn't speak English. He wasn't white. He wasn't Southern Baptist. He wasn't a Republican. He wasn't American. Heck, he wasn't even Christian. Someone should tell Evangelicals." #SundayMorning 9 replies 88 retweets 234 likes You Retweeted Vala Afshar ‏Verified account @ValaAfshar 2h2 hours ago Don't be impressed by: 1. Money 2. Job titles 3. Appearances 4. Experience 5. Affiliations 6. Imitations 7. Big words Be impressed by: 1. Kindness 2. Trustworthiness 3. Unselfish generosity 4. Humility 5. Shared optimism 6. Courage to dare, dream, do 7. Integrity #SundayMorning 16 replies 260 retweets 616 likes You Retweeted Grant Stern ‏Verified account @grantstern 40m40 minutes ago #EXCLUSIVE Find out what Mueller's #TrumpRussia grand jury knows about Don Jr.'s infamous Trump Tower meeting with Russians to get dirt on Hillary Clinton from inside the room. @GoldstoneRob told @funder on the #DworkinReport #SundayMorning #AMJoy 6 replies 92 retweets 132 likes You Retweeted Tony Posnanski ‏Verified account @tonyposnanski 22m22 minutes ago Tony Posnanski Retweeted Donald J. Trump This is too real 😂 Tony Posnanski added, Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrFan George Bush led a succesful life. But NOT as succesful as ME! Just look at MY hotels! So many! With MY name on them! Big RED letters! Everyone talks about MY hotels! Bush didnt have hotels! Neither did Obama! @ParisHilton has hotels. She's hot, BUT NOT a president! #SundayMorning 6 replies 12 retweets 93 likes

trmp satire sites on Twitter.

Kyi Kaung‏ @KyiKaung 4m4 minutes ago Parody sites of Mr T are blooming like mushrooms described by Stormy D. See below trmp is so bizarre satirists are having a field day In fact, they sound just like d j t who has no self at all. Probably made of papier mache and air and glue with junk mail padding. 12-2-2018 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes • • You Retweeted Donald Trump‏ @RealPresidentT Nov 28 We only use the best and safest tear gas at the border. It’s so safe, it doesn’t even produce tears. It’s actually very delicious and many migrants are begging us to throw it to them as it’s the best thing theyve tastes in months! #TearGas #MigrantCaravans #Mexico 6 replies 3 retweets 12 likes • • You Retweeted Donald Trump‏ @RealPresidentT Nov 29 Amazing! My personal lawyer admitted to lying to Congress to cover up my dealings with a hostile power! This would be enough to impeach any other President! Proves how strong and tough I am! #CohenPlea #TrumpRussia #Thursday 1 reply 1 retweet 3 likes • • You Retweeted Donald Trump‏ @RealPresidentT Nov 29 I can’t be arrested in Buenos Aires #G20Summit #G20Argentina 0 replies 2 retweets 6 likes • • You Retweeted Donald Trump‏ @RealPresidentT Nov 29 I, President Donald J. Trump, President of the United States, hereby declares I am seeking asylum in Argentina! 6 replies 2 retweets 10 likes • • You Retweeted Donald Trump‏ @RealPresidentT Nov 29 Very excited to be in #Argentina! Long flight! Feel very at home with so many ex Germans! 3 replies 5 retweets 11 likes • • You Retweeted Donald Trump‏ @RealPresidentT Nov 30 Very hard to believe that the band @phish won’t give me a ticket to their New Year’s Eve show. I bet my Presidency lasts longer than one of their songs! Sad! 4 replies 1 retweet 7 likes • • You Retweeted Donald Trump‏ @RealPresidentT Dec 1 Who killed President Bush? Who knows? It’s could have been the Saudis, but it could have been a fat guy sitting on his bed in his mother’s house. Either way, George Bush was a big fan of mine! #GeorgeHWBush 2 replies 3 retweets 6 likes • • Kyi Kaung‏ @KyiKaung 9m9 minutes ago Kyi Kaung Retweeted Donald Trump This is a satire site, I think. Kyi Kaung added, Donald Trump @RealPresidentT People say George Bush was a hero, but he got shot down in WW2. I prefer my heroes not to get shot down. Either way, I send condolences even though he voted for Crooked Hillary. That makes me very forgiving. #GeorgeHWBush 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes • • Kyi Kaung‏ @KyiKaung 10m10 minutes ago Kyi Kaung Retweeted Donald Trump Jeez--why don't you die to be in the spotlight. Kyi Kaung added, Donald Trump @RealPresidentT Melania and I will be attending the funeral of George Bush. There will be other former Presidents there, including his son. But I’ll be in the first row! #GeorgeHWBush 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes • • Kyi Kaung‏ @KyiKaung 11m11 minutes ago Kyi Kaung Retweeted Donald Trump YUCK--where does he think he's going to-- Kyi Kaung added, Donald Trump @RealPresidentT Everyone is looking forward to seeing me at George Bush’s funeral. It will get much better ratings that McCain’s. Should be a great day! Enjoy! 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes • • Kyi Kaung‏ @KyiKaung 13m13 minutes ago Trump assents to shutdown delay 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes • • You Retweeted Adm. John Richardson‏Verified account @CNORichardson 18h18 hours ago Team, it's my sad duty to inform you that today the Secretary of the Navy and I were informed that Vice Adm. Scott Stearney, our commander of U.S. Naval Forces Central Command and commander of U.S. Fifth Fleet in Bahrain, was found deceased in his residence in Bahrain today.

trmp agrees to government shutdown delay

France mulls state of emergency after riots.

US Navy Admiral Scott Stearney in Middle East found dead in Bahrain apparent suicide.

Saturday, December 01, 2018

How to stop bullies--


Zamphir--The Lonely Shepherd

Why Mozart's The Magic Flute moves us so much.

Julian (Bream) and John (Williams) guitar

Story of concerto de Arunjuez

John Williams--Guitar

trmp wall shutdown would hurt ICE DHS the most--good!

strange family that wants to be slushy and conventional at the same time-- Also Y -shaped nose and eyes. 12-1-2018

TRMS--new findings on Manafort, Cohen, Flynn--as trmp sinks deeper.

New Mexican president--

International Indian wedding--

Former President George Bush Sr. passes away in Houston, TX.