Friday, June 30, 2017

DJT strategy of distraction offensiveness-frpm Rachel Maddow Show link below

  1. Rachel Maddow: "Don't let them yank the chain"
  2. Brilliant analysis of T strategy/psychology of distraction & offensiveness . + what he is distracting from.

In our shade garden at the Village. Happy 4th of July weekend.

all the pink, blue and white hydrangeas are out.  They form large cloudy mounds like clouds over the tops of the hedges.

The magnolia grandifolia is out and is soo fragrant.

The shade garden is at its peak.

The fountains are flowing.

The flower baskets are adorned with US flags.

James Comey at Senate Intel Committee on why Russia tried to meddle in 2016 US Election.

"We are still the shining city on the hill, and they can't stand it."

Stand up for Democracy.

DON'T take your Freedom for granted.


Happy 4th of July weekend from My Village

Tweets 6-30-2017--what will DJT do when he meets . . . etc

  1. 3m3 minutes ago
    Weigh in on how DJT will act when he meets Putin face to face push shove curtsy bow kiss the world wants to know be bear hugged?
  2. I think we are nearing the end of POTUS Trump. He's out of options, irrational, and evidence is mounting that he committed serious crimes.
  3. After Trump resigns or is forced out, we'll probably have Pence. More rational and experienced and pushing his far-religious-right agenda.
  4. I missed it. Joy Reid on MSNBC is the only Sunday morning news show I'll watch. Why are Bernie supporters trying to get her canned?
  5. Great Link Recommended by a friend. Liberals and Progressives need to know when they are being fed propaganda.
  6. A lot of Democrats are asking themselves how to make their Party successful again. They seem to have amnesia about scenes like this:
  7. Replying to
    I think after all of his service to the country, President Obama can do whateverthehell he wants.
  8. RETWEET if You Support Obama Taking Vacations With His Own Money...
  9. Deeply disturbing that NSA hacking tools have likely caused two global malware attacks. We need reform.
  10. Hand over to Trump our name address birthdate party ID voting history Last 4 digits of SSN WHY? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SECRET BALLOT? HELL, NO
  11. Alan Muller Retweeted Benjamin Wittes
    That poor soda can didn't stand a chance.
    Alan Muller added,
  12. EPA suprvisry board chair says EPA tried to get her to change her testimny witness tamperng tryng to dismantle EPA