Saturday, June 24, 2017

Burmese royals comeback fascination

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    some quite flakey
  2. the common view is royal family Burma weakened by polygamy. 100s of rival claims to throne, intermarriage. Some I have met are impressive,
  3. but no reason not to have alt. view of Thibaw fr Brit view Desai is good Mainly weak man & victim manipulated by wife mother in law
  4. Lost Royals Burma only ruse by junta to 1 "legitimize" their own royal aspirtns 2. counter weight ASSK 3 distractin entertnmt
  5. Ever stopped to think what could have been? The admire the golden Lion Throne of their forefathers.
  6. Behind the scenes at the final shoot - of and gather at the last King's tomb at dawn.
  7. Next instalment of the Burma's Lost Royals filming diary, to mark end of shoot:
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    William Dalrymple is superb, read White Moghuls and The Last Moghul.
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  9. Just catching up with in a bit of downtime. What a very good question!
  10. The story is nowhere near finished it seems! Family to build tomb in for their King in exile. Sequel?
  11. Spending the day retracing the last footsteps of King Thibaw of Burma, taken away from Gaw Wein jetty in Mandalay.
  12. The heartbreaking story of Burma's forgotten First Princess, whose ashes are still missing.
  13. The man who would be... For first time in history Burma's royal family remember Last King's exile - inside Mandalay palace.

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