Monday, October 31, 2016

A very good blog--still fighting in Karen State and Kachin State, Burma--

I have deactivated my Facebook account again.

I found that in the 2 days a new acct was open, 2 fakes with a variation of my real name appeared.

Then I suspected it was coming fr site of a well known artist w/o his knowledge, w/ 3 names collagist, pl tell him if you know him.

Anyway, this acct was "liking" every single post of mine, even if I was posting at 3 AM BST --

so it must be a virus.

When I attempted to block this acct just now

about 25!!

accts fake--all with his name, exactly the same, but no photo, appeared and I blocked abt 10 before I decided I had had enough with the whole thing.

In the short time I was back on it, I saw a close friend in hospital, and saw some others had similar problems.

Anyway, I will not go there and will try to permanently delete it again sometime.

CFN or good bye for always--

My advice is DO NOT use FB, and if you do, DO NOT use it as your primary means of communication.


Sunday, October 30, 2016

Persian food--yum yum--

Very disgusting--I was looking for the old Englsih nursery rhyme Who killed Cock Robin (actually the Celtic sun god) and a lot of porn came up, so I had to put up a filter.

It never happened before as I put up a filter after an incident about 10 years ago when Burmese govt, hackers would take meaningless bits out of my published articles and link them to porn sites.

Maybe it is happening again.

I was profiled in Asian Fortune, 2007--

Some of my abstracts.

Quote of the day--from Burmese artist Zaw Win Pe--River Gallery, Rangoon--

“I am inspired by landscape themes, not with the thought of painting particular places, but of expressing elemental moods and emotions. But the paintings never lack the geographical and environmental characteristics of the places I paint. Colour is the key element for me. I believe colour can tell everything about human’s feelings and thoughts.”
Zaw Win Pe

My novella set in Chile and Philadelphia--The Lovers

Quote from myself--

Truth is the same, whoever is called to witness it, just by turning his or her eyes towards what is happening, and not away.
— Burmese poet Kyi May Kaung

From 2009, quoted at Brown Univ. Literary Fest--

As early as 2010--FB is not secure, says this article--I knew it--

At Women's National Democratic Club

SULU reading--in VA

DC--Lafayette Square--poetry reading for Survivors of Torture--

Poetry readings--

Book launch--

Essay collection which I edited--Let it Fly with the Flowers: Essays about the Institute of Economics, Rangoon, Burma--

Well, at least my new memoir, A Time to Write, Not Just About Burma, is listed in "books about Burma" on Amazon--

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Promising debut novel about Chinese-Americans--

I know now what went wrong with my (new) FB acct, and therefore the old one too--

It is as I thought a bug or virus or hacker related to the Burma people.

I wanted to get back in touch with the Burmese artists (visual) and #1 was said to have "already reached the maximum number of friends.

So I left him a message as a comment.

Then I went to artist #2, who I remember even with my old acct (now deleted) used to "like" everything I posted.

Now it seems a hacker has gotten into #2's acct, maybe without his knowledge.

I do not suspect him as his art is strongly anti-junta and pro-Aung San Suu Kyi.

But I think malware or a hacker has gotten into his acct with his knowledge.

As I had a very weird time trying to decactivate my  (new) FB acct, I dare not go back in to warn him, and he may not get the warning if it's a hacker in his acct already.

All this happened when I had only 5 !!!! new old friends in my new acctt, so I strongly suspect

1.  hackers have got into artist #2's acct already

2.. hackers are all from Burma, and pro-junta agents.

If you know the artist who makes collages, pl warn him, and also pl warn all the pro-democracy activists,

K M Kaung

Self portrait--

My memoir A Time to Write, Not just about Burma by Kyi May Kaung, is now live on line--where you may buy it in paperback or ebook form--

Here is the paperback and e book versions of my writerly memoir

Hope you like them.

Self portrait of van Gogh with bandaged ear.

I also found the acct is not deactivated, as I thought it was. Goodbye Facebook. 10-29-2016

Facebook has serious security problems--I had to deactivate my new FB acct again, as in a number of hours, 2 fakes using my full legal name appeared and I had to deactivate it. That's it FB, never again.

total waste of time, I only succeeded in reconnecting with 5 old friends and the fakes appeared.


Quote of the day--The Old Original Bookbinders--

Old Original Bookbinder's was a seafood restaurant in Philadelphia. It was known for its lobsters and its Bookbinder Soup.
The restaurant was decorated with bas-reliefs of dead U.S. Presidents on its stained-glass facade and the Gettysburg Address written in bronze near the front door. The lobby held the world’s largest indoor lobster tank; it could accommodate 350 lobsters.[citation needed] The President’s Room was preserved to its original condition; it included photographs of the first 42 U.S. presidents on its walls. A photograph of Frank Sinatra appeared over his regular booth, #25.[citation needed]

Facebook adversary--from NPR

Child of UK's Schindler appeals for compassion for refugees--

Friday, October 28, 2016

Guatemala travel warnings--

They ain't cheap--

Senator Mitch McConnell and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi--

My cousin Black Rice was trained in tank warfare at Fort Knox, KY

Quote of the day--Kentucky Derby winner Monarchos who just died at age 18--

Monarchos made one start at 4, finishing third in a Gulfstream Park allowance, and was retired with earnings of $1,720,830 to stud at Claiborne Farm near Paris, Ky. Later in his stallion career he moved to Nuckols Farm near Midway, Ky.

Wow--was just there today and had our picture taken with jockey Toledo.

I know nothing about horse-racing but used my $2 coupon to bet on a #10, whose muscles and legs I thought were good from the look we got of them in the paddock.

A #5 required 3 men to subdue him, and I thought was too frisky to bet on.

He was last.

I did not win but #10 came in 4th.

A mother daughter team I knew did very well, winning they said about 1/2 way, $70 each, which would about cover what we spent for the day trip and lunch. Later, they won some more.

From $ 6, the mom said.

Me--I gave my coupon to the race track.

But as usual, I got a story from my trip to the race track and terms like



The jockeys were all small wiry men, maybe weighing 70 pounds each.

Weather was nice--

my only problem was too many TV screens and betting machines and not enough horse smell.

But I was happy enough.

The food was so so.

Try and guess how I will use the race track in my fiction.

Nice Day.

Laurel Race Track.

African Grey parrots--

Went to races today with a group of friends--very interesting experience--

Parrot story--I was thinking of something a bit similar in a different story--

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Print edition of my memoir--A Time to Write: Not just about Burma by Kyi M. Kaung (Ph.D) is now on line

Kindle e edition will be there in about 48 hours.

Thanks to all of my old Facebook friends with whom I "wrote this."  You enabled me to "open up" and your comments helped.

Also, if you also saw my oil on canvas self portrait, pl vote whether you like this cover or the oil painting better, considering I will have to engage my cover artist and it will cost an additional 100 to 350 or more $$

Previously, some of my readers have contributed to the cost of a special designed cover (Black Rice & Rider of Crocodiles).

As a writer, I am always short of money and Go Fund Me is harder than writing a whole book.

Thanks for all,


Kyi May Kaung
Words Sounds and Images

Cover for my translation of What's That? A Human Hell--

Thanks to Original Artist for permission to use his artwork

Cover by My Personal Artist (trade name)

Probably the most grounded recent book on Burma Burma Burma--

I have not read the whole yet, but I like it already--

"Low grade war?" in N Burma--ask the Kachin, they won't say that--

My novellas Band of Flesh and 53 Red Roses--

My writing bio from the back cover of Band of Flesh and 53 Red Roses--


Kyi May Kaung is a Burmese-American writer based in the United States, noted for her searing depictions of life in third and fourth world countries and her renditions of strange points of view, such as the first person narrative of a stripper (The Lovers) or of a Lion who falls in love with a human princess (Beast).

She has written a novel, Wolf, short stories, novellas, monologues and a play and screenplay, Shaman, that was praised by Edward Albee.

She also writes poetry and has done dozens of readings in N. America, Europe and Southeast Asia. She has published two poetry chapbooks,Pelted with Petals: The Burmese Poems, and Tibetan Tanka, and is in the process of publishing more.

She is a winner of the William Carlos Williams Award of the Academy of American Poets and has won a Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Award for Shaman, when it was still a one paragraph outline for a play called Flashback. It has since had a script-in-hand reading in Washington, DC.

Kyi was also a Pew finalist twice in Literature, for Shee-Monkey goes West, an allegory in poetry and prose, and for her two act play Shaman.

She worked for 13 years in the overseas Burmese democracy movement,as well as being a senior research analyst on air, in international broadcasting to Burma 1997-2001. She then worked as a senior analyst for The Burma Fund, affiliated with the Burmese Democratic Government in Exile.

Ms. Kaung holds a Ph.D. and an M.A. from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia in Political Economy and City Planning, respectively.

Her formal education informs the depth of understanding evident in her writings.


A Burmese marriage to a foodie, they are all foodies, a Burmese single mother, a German Jweish woman, all ponder home--My short stories, Home is Where--

Twitter problems continue, 9% of workers will be laid off

But Twitter did get me back in touch with one friend who never migrated to Facebook.

And I have/will get about 3? books out of my 3 years of FB posts, all diligently filed.

First will be out soon, A Time to Write:  Not Just about Burma.

K. M. Kaung

Pale Horse Pale Rider by Katherine Ann Porter--I always love her writing--,_Pale_Rider

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Happy happy day--finished final proofs and formatting of my memoir--A Time to Write: Not Just about Burma--uploaded, made a pdf copy, designed the cover on line--now files under review.

Here is the author bio--

Kyi May Kaung has written across a wide spectrum of genres, with an overall brilliance and incisiveness.

Born in Burma during the Japanese Occupation of World War II, she spent a short childhood in England, before "re-entry" into a tumultuous Burma which forced her to leave.  In this memoir she examines her life as a writer.

Here is the back cover text--

Colleagues and compatriots in the Burmese  Democracy Movement overseas have called Kyi May Kaung  "A trained social scientist with the soul  of a poet".

In this memoir, Dr.  Kaung  with a doctorate in Political Economy from the University of Pennsylvania, writes  about what has motivated her to write poetry, short stories, novellas, novels, non-fiction, political commentary, self-help and  speculative and historical  fiction.  Lavishly illustrated and with a biting sense of humor.


Burl Ives-Ave Maria