Thursday, October 27, 2016

Print edition of my memoir--A Time to Write: Not just about Burma by Kyi M. Kaung (Ph.D) is now on line

Kindle e edition will be there in about 48 hours.

Thanks to all of my old Facebook friends with whom I "wrote this."  You enabled me to "open up" and your comments helped.

Also, if you also saw my oil on canvas self portrait, pl vote whether you like this cover or the oil painting better, considering I will have to engage my cover artist and it will cost an additional 100 to 350 or more $$

Previously, some of my readers have contributed to the cost of a special designed cover (Black Rice & Rider of Crocodiles).

As a writer, I am always short of money and Go Fund Me is harder than writing a whole book.

Thanks for all,


Kyi May Kaung
Words Sounds and Images

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