Monday, October 24, 2016

What it's like finishing a book with his wife, by a friend who has died--

I doubt I can do it.

I signed off writing a life style book with my Ethnic Friend, as she brought out so many articles she had written already from her particular ethnic point of view--let's say "Purple Bean Group"

Also, preoccupied with looking after her husband, she has NEVER answered a single email, so I have given it up.

I will either write it the way I want, including her particular lifestyle without the ethnic element, or give up the idea completely, but I think the former is likelier than the latter.

I have already started formatting this book,
and am in the final stages of proof reading one of my memoirs:  A Time to Write, Not Just About Burma.

I don't think I could live without writing and publishing, and I was truly surprised that she and her in laws liked my fiction, which is all about refugee strippers, FGM, conjoined twins, political refugees, animals and so on.

I had always thought of her as very puritanical and straight-laced.

It just shows how liberal some people can be in their reading.

I hope it lasts.


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