Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Battle of Berlin, 1945.

Special post--highly acclaimed movie Downfall, of last days of Hitler.

Huh? Why is trmp owed an apology for Roseane Bar's racist remarks????

He must be the -- father of all racists. Wow, he matches Dook of E. in not even hiding his racism. Only difference is he's supposed to be elected leader of free world, while other says he's only an amoeba, and "only man in UK who can't give his name to his own children." Wow--Philip Battenberg/Mountbatten. 5-31-2018

Quote of the day--Samantha Bee vs Ivanka Trump over separating migrant children from parents. Bee, who made the comments Wednesday night on her show, "Full Frontal," was criticizing the Trump administration over the separation of undocumented families apprehended at the border. "Tearing children away from their parents is so evil, it's the inciting incident in almost every movie we've ever cared about," Bee said during her monologue, presenting Obama-era photos of undocumented children sleeping in cages. White House: 'No one's defending' Roseanne, but Trump still owed apology White House: 'No one's defending' Roseanne, but Trump still owed apology After Ivanka Trump posted a photo of her and her child amid resurfaced reports that undocumented children are being separated from their families when they are apprehended by immigration authorities, Bee referenced Barr's recent tweet. "Ivanka Trump, who works at the White House, chose to post the second most oblivious tweet we've seen this week," Bee said. "You know, Ivanka, that's a beautiful photo of you and your child, but let me just say, one mother to another, do something about your dad's immigration practices, you feckless c***!" "He listens to you," she added. "Put on something tight and low-cut and tell your father to f***ing stop it. Tell him it was an Obama thing and see how it goes, OK?" Cillizza: Donald Trump made the Roseanne story all about him Cillizza: Donald Trump made the Roseanne story all about him Sanders' response is notably stronger than her public reaction to Barr's comments. Asked about the former ABC star's remarks at Wednesday's White House briefing, Sanders said neither Trump nor the White House were defending them, which she called "inappropriate," but she also insisted the administration was owed an apology from the network for airing derogatory comments about the White House. "The President is pointing to the hypocrisy in the media saying the most horrible things about this President and nobody addresses it," Sanders told reporters at Wednesday's press briefing. Bee frequently uses foul language while performing. She used the obscene word to describe President Woodrow Wilson during her "Not the White House Correspondents Dinner" TBS special last year. CNN's Frank Pallotta contributed to this report.

Truth-bending so-called presdt.

djt repeats he did not "fire Comey about Russia" despite what he said to Lester Holt and Lavrov and Kislyak. Stop listening to what serial, simultaneous and compulsive liar DJT says. !!!!! CRAP SAD

Italian turmoil, roiling markets

Question for you, my friends--

Would you rather be friends with Germany Mexico Canada Great Britain Australia South Korea OR Russia N. Korea? Singapore. Who and how many people has T. fired so far? Who and how many people has he pardoned and is it justifiable. Write an analysis. 5-31-2018

trump talks of commuting sentences and pardoning people, no doubt practicing to pardon himself, gain a few more high level friends--

djt continues to worry at Attorney General Jeff Sessions, whom he can't or won't fire. Robert Mueller is reportedly increasingly focused on T's interactions with Sessions. In this video, Sessions explains the explicit rule that he must recuse himself from investigation of campaign in which he took part. Whoa, djt must be burning in his alive-grave--just look how stressed he looks today. 5-31-2018

Sergey Lavrov is a real bit of slime.

hmm--mr t you stray further into very dangerous waters--

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov meets Kim Jong-un Lavrov-Kim meeting in Pyongyang is the first time the Korean leader met a top Russian official.

The Law of Comparative Advantage--wh mr t does not know or ignores.

the law of comparative advantage explains why a nation will benefit from trade when... it exports goods for which it is a low-opportunity cost producer, while importing those for which it is a high-opportuniy cost producer. suppose there are only two goods in the world, wheat and shoes. Intro to Macroeconomics Flashcards | Quizlet For instance, he gave up his INTEGRITY to get himself elected, probably with Russian help, and he will never regain it. He could end up indicted or in prison, just like Harvey Weinstein. 5-31-2018

Economics--what is opportunity cost?

It is what you give up to do or make something.

What do you expect--small hands mr, t?? US Trade Allies vow to retaliate. this is making America great again or small again??? Think about it. kmk 5-31-2018

DJT starting THREE new major trade wars--ALL images from INTERNET What kind of a graduate of Wharton School of Economics is he if he doesn't know or doesn't care no one can win a trade war, and is he just doing this to deflect from ever widening and deepening Mueller investigation. It's a major tragedy he got elected presdt. and now he is destroying AMERICA bit by bit on a daily basis. VOTE at upcoming mid terms. kmk 5-31-2018

Royal wedding flowers--

Diana--images from Internet--it's very sad, how she died so suddenly and so young, when her sons also young.

Diana's funeral, from 1997, The Guardian. Poor woman, she gave her life for all that royal stuff. Many women before her and many after. "When will they ever learn?" She tried desperately to escape an unhappy marriage, but in the end she lost the battle. And so the war of women against men and power and the system continues. BTW Harvey Weinstein was indicted in court, taken away in handcuffs a few days ago. kmk 5-31-2018

Royal wedding bouquets By tradition, bouquet of royal bride laid on tomb of unknown soldier.

Wedding flowers turned into bouquets for hospice patients. A hospice is where you go to die, and I hope to too. kmk 5-31-2018

Over 300 people checked out my Ph.D. dissertation from Penn

Thank you.
My early paintings, Kyi May Kaung, from 1980s and 1990s.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

tira misu recipe.

Baking a cake without an oven--

Do me a favor, if you buy or have bought one of my books, go online at Amazon and please write a book review.

You can find my work as K.M.Kaung for fiction or Kyi May Kaung for non-fiction.

2 novellas, Band of Flesh and 53 Red Roses. Why did he get her so many red roses, was it a mistake to get the fur coat too? Find out.

More books by Kyi May Kaung (Ph.D.)

The Lovers, by K.M.Kaung

My novella Black Rice--

Whoa, blog doing well--

over 400 blog hits today, and over 200-300 hits for my dissertation post alone. Therefore, forgive me, but I will have to run some ads. for my other writing too. You can buy my dissertation on Proquest, however it is a dissertation and although I tried to avoid jargon, as a dissertation, it needs to cover "everything." It's good for a personal or public library. kmk 5-30-2018

Allamanda--did not know it was a Brazil native--loved it in Burma and love it now.

I just saw this orchid, for the first time in my life, under a big beech tree in Virginia. Previously I had seen them only in catalogs. "Stand" was about 5 x 6' in an oval shape and it was just lovely. Obviously very happy under a big tree. KMK 5-30-2018

camellis sinensis--tea

Nandina as a bonsai.

:) re-shaping one mixed up, f-ed up, overweight ficus benjamina. I wish I had my little ficus cutting 3 inches tall, but I don't. So I might have to start again from a new plant. Thinking about it. kmk 5-30-2018

Essay--Remembrance of Teas Past by Kyi May Kaung.
Photos, Kyi May Kaung. The Youtube will take you straight to the clotted cream recipes. It's very like scones my son made from a magazine. The clotted cream as well as the scones I had yesterday at Green Spring in Alexandria, VA. were much better :) than ones I had in UK with my childhood friend, who showed me how to put the cream on my scone. (Sorry Y.) I was about to put the cream in my tea. In fact, yesterday's high tea was best I ever had in my life. Reminds me of when I took a Burmese refugee to the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok, where we had tea in the Somerset Maugham room, all white wicker and white tablecloths and green palms in pots. But Ingjin refused to believe me when I said you use either the lemon slice or the milk, and insisted on putting both in the same cup. Guess what happened? Need new cup and saucer. The prices were so very high, and I was so used to enormous servings in America, I asked "I am concerned if the servings will be too big and I won't be able to finish." The Thai waitress looked at me askance. It turned out $17 for 3 real tiny, and I mean Tiny, finger sandwiches. * The scones must have been different in England because we had it in a tea shop, while yesterday it was a full sit down tea with real nice ladies serving us, so special. The teapots had special cloth cosies around them. I haven't seen or used a tea cosy since my father died. We used to live in a long narrow house like a ship, and the servant had to bring the teapot up from the kitchen on the lower floor of the other side of the house, to the landing where we used to have our breakfasts. At the tea yesterday, all the teacups and saucers were different. Two of my tea companions and I could not resist turning the saucers over to read the labels, but now I have forgotten what I read. :) I know it was not Spode, though I have seen Spode at a family friend's house. Oo la la, how to have a sit down tea when there is hardly place to sit. But I do remember my late friend and I going to spend "our last 20 $" on a tea at Hotel Atop the Bellevue, in downtown Philadelphia, because I read about it in the Inquirer, and how we were both so bombed out due to losing our US scholarships, due to Bur Gov (junta) not renewing our "special" passports in 1988, so I don't remember the food we had, except the waiter wrapped leftovers in foil which he shaped into a swan. My friend was also from Burma and she introduced me to Earl Grey Tea. On another occasion, she showed me how to make croissants from prepared fast food dough, but I remember she made it s l o w l y, circling around her small kitchen, and I remember thinking then, "maybe she has OCD, maybe she won't finish her dissertation" and now 30? years later I realize she never did, and guess what, she blamed me, literally almost with her dying breath--(relayed through Sis Polyanna)--so but in the end, it's all "bunk". Only the scones remain from yesterday, as light as air. k Kyi May Kaung Words Sounds and Images

Blog hits on this blog, 5-30-2018.

After 10+ years, this blog is still alive and more than well. The geographic blog hits distribution has changed. France dropped off from the number one spot a few months ago. This blog now enjoys over 200 to 300 blog hits per day, the highest from the USA. About 700 per week, 100 a day. The rest are European countries, especially the former Eastern European countries. Only 2-3 visitors visit from Burma per day, and it even falls off the top ten regularly. That also makes sense as I don't blog about Burma now (since 2011)except when there's a crisis, though one can argue, Burma is always in crisis. When a bot hits now and then, I can definitely tell it's a bot, as it only happens once in a blue moon and suddenly the numbers shoot sky high from a new location, say Brazil, at a faster rate than anyone can read. So the normal numbers are definitely not bots (though little sis polyanna always used to try and argue with me it could be one person visiting the same blog X times a day.) Hey, not even a bot does that! BTW, polyanna only does FB with relatives, has never blogged or written anything political or analytical to my knowledge.) Anyway, I won't get personal, and try to avoid that on this blog, unless it's the personal stuff of a public figure that has been confirmed by other published sources already. I just wanted to thank you, if you regularly read my blog. I deleted my Facebook account in 2016 and am thinking of closing down my blog (skeletal shadow blog) in Burmese, but I might keep it just as Insurance, in case my regular blog gets hit by some threat. KMK 5-30-2018

A site you should ALWAYS check out--how DJT daily undermines Democratic Institutions-- Daily, DJT becomes more like a Burmese dictator/general. Dictators, of course, play Executive Orders to the hilt, that's the definition of the word "dictator" and Ne Win's junta (still existing today) runs things with an army chain of command, top down. Till the early 1980s I lived in Burma, and since then it is my life's work studying Burma. NW, just like DJT today, used to deride scholars, artists, poets, intellectuals on a daily basis. Only difference was he did not have Twitter. However, he "tweeted" via his intelligence network,he called a dictionary "half-baked", he spread dis-info about UN Secretary General U Thant, he had alleged ties to Mossad and a German arms manufacturer. He had property in Wimbledon, UK. My sources were very reliable and some had seen his behavior up close and in person. Such as when he beat up a physics instructor, who got drunk at an official reception and called his wife Kitty a whore; when he beat up 2 people at the golf club (my source was the late Louis Wallinsky, economic advisor to the democratic government of U Nu.) The time he ripped open his pants!!! because Kitty would not stitch them, and walked around with his organ literally hanging out. (This was related to my mother, when she had an hysterectomy, by another patient in the gynae ward, who was the wife of NW's aid de camp.) Just a few weeks and a few years ago, 2 women told me of NW's disgusting language, and how the 2nd woman's uncle's wife, had attempted suicide, damaging the child in her belly, because Kitty Ne Win had an affair with her husband. You can easily see on the Internet, in NW's wiki article, images of a military assistant kneeling on the floor near Ne Win. I am collecting all this for a book on Ne Win. So if you have any dirt, send it along to as a "comment". Thanks, KMK 5-30-2018

How Roseane Barr got barred--fired. I never watch TV and never watched her show-- but if you fire racists, how about starting with djt and the dook of edinburgh? There are many rumors that the dook had DIANA killed. "On certain planets, anything is possible," as Carl Sandburg wrote. 5-30-2018

Rohingya--Burma--Need more proof of genocide?? Warning, graphic.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Russian interference in 2016 election timeline.

Predictions for 2018, published Dec 2017. Well, some have proved accurate. 5-28-2018

Top ten policial magazines (USA)

2014--Inside the collapse of The New Republic.

Small entryways--images.

Potomac River Basin

Why Elllicott City flash floods, the answer is here--read it. Over development and hard surfaces. 5-28-2018

Why is Ellicott City MD flash-flooding?

Media titan wars--CBS and--

Cartoon--1917--George V gets rid of his Germaness.

Book review on Duchess of Windsor--

The racism of Prince Philip.

Vanity Fair--challenges of marrying a royal in this day and age-- For the record, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor stayed together for life, in a rather co-dependent relationship. In old age she was described as a somewhat demented old woman calling out for her husband after his death in an empty house. And just think of what Diana, Princess of Wales went through,or even Fergie, or even the Queen, or most tragic of all Princess Margaret. I don't really like monarchy, but as the Windsors are shape-shifters too, originally German, well--at least they are constitutional. But from his public "slitty-eyed" and other remarks, Duke of E is a real racist, and I feel for Meghan. But he won't live forever. k 5-28-2018

Compulsory hats--

Fashion--dress she wore at her Engagement--

Fashion--checks--3 ways

Heartlight--I remember this song well from hearing it in my friends' car when she drove me back to Penn every Monday after weekends at their place. They used to say it's a reference to a real"heartlight" in hospital, but that's not so. At that time, I hadn't hit the life crisis that got me writing poetry, and music was just "sound track" while the few friends I had talked about whatever in their cars. I wasn't that intimately involved in the arts, and was just biding time taking courses while waiting to finish courses and go home. I really wasn't thinking very much except in class, later pol. sci.classes, and I didn't yet have a cause and a life and death need to write. kmk 5-28-2018

Neil Diamond Cracklin Rosie

Neil Diamond has retired from concert performing due to Parkinson's Disease--sad Live long, BE! Your music has caused so many of us to look inside us, and has inspired us. kmk 5-28-2018

Jonathan Livingtston Seagull, movie.

Neil Diamond, Lonely looking sky.

Neil Diamond--I am I said,

Kenny Rogers--The Gambler

Wonderful story teller--Johny Cash--Mr Garfield.

Johny Cash--live at San Quentin Prison-- "San Quentin I hate very inch of you-- San Quentin may you rot in hell." He really went to sing there, and they weren't political prisoners like in Burma either. 5-28-2018

Johny Cash--At Folsom Prison.

Johny Cash--Don't take your guns to town.

Va Pensiero--

Nick Cartell--Bring him Home-- The diction, the singing, the sound and visuals on this video are all PERFECT. Highly recommended. 5-28-2018

Cat Stevens Morning has Broken

Memorial Day Special--1956 Pete Seeger, Where have all the flowers gone? This is the loveliest photo collage. The last but one image is a sketch by Picasso, when World War II ended. 5-28-2018

1994, Kennedy Center Honors Pete Seegar--Where have all the flowers gone?

Joan Baez--we shall overcome--

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Impt. interview on Rohingya Genocide

Special post--for Memorial Day--International. Vah Chef Master Class--special 4 way biryiani. He does call it dhanbauk, and it is called dhanbauk in Burma. At first I thought it was a combo of dum (process) and hpauk, a Burmese word (something like let rise--bread, or ferment) but it is a real Indian word. Nice to know. Enjoy on Memorial Day while remembering all who have died (in Wars) and remember, as Bishop Michael Curry said, "It is love, and fire." KMK 5-27-2018
Thanks to my friend for poppies in her garden. Poppies need to freeze, so can't grow indoors.

Saturday Night Live--season finale "What I did for (with) trmp--"

American offcials cross into N Korea to prep for summit, said to be on again in S'pore. be thankful if clown does not give away more state secrets there, something he is known for e.g. meeting with Lavarov and Kislyak day after Comey fired. Each day is "all time low" for this --"presidency" Shall we call it the failing flailing presidency, wh he can't even spell right. 5-27-2018

Vah Chef--making pav (pao) bread rolls at home.

Quote of the day--from Jane Fonda--in The Guardian.

I was married to Ted Turner and Ted didn’t really help me with confidence and things like that. Jane Fonda. I know a millionaire mother-daughter team, the mother is jealous of the even richer daughter. Both have problems and issues. The mother says her daughter has low self esteem. The mother blames her own mother for everything, including her disastrous elopement marriage to a much older man. A millionaire, a Belgian count, who gave her HPV virus. (Personal details changed here.) Now the daughter is going through a re-run of a composite of her mother and father's (womanizing) lives. If people can't face up to their own responsibility in what happened, then they can face up to nothing. Of the 3 generations the grandmother/s (because this is really a composite of 2-3 real families) are the best. That they could talk to me (while things were happening, as long as 35 years ago), this shows that they "face up". One woman whose house I stayed in for 3 weeks told me my friend/classmate had suffered from abuse (beatings) from an (sexually) impotent husband who turned mean. Another told me how prevalent sex abuse was in India and "casual groping." She told me how athletic she was in her youth, and how she ran after a man on a bike who grabbed her breast as she was walking on a bridge with her own friend, and held him back and confronted him. If you're a woman, don't hide and be ashamed for something not your fault. Join Me Too. See that one day Harvey Weinsteins of this world are taken away in handcuffs. kmk 5-27-2018

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Sanghamitta, daughter of Ashoka, who brought the bodhi tree to Ceylon.

Special post--Sand mandala I've seen one in Philadelphia, been to the Phila. Tibetan Center and met Lopsang Samten, once. Most people are friendly but one white man at the Museum glared at me when I accidentally knocked the table. Those people who think they know more about your culture than you do, and there are the yellow and brown skinned too. People who impute thoughts into your head when they don't know you, and that includes blood relatives. 5-26-2018

Usually craft/cooking videos are annoying, too slow, bad accents, etc--well this one is good. How to make a Hawaiian quilt. All quilters, me excluded--I am an artist, not a quilter, are extra precise, I am not. I've already cut several motifs and appliqued onto tops. Note, the motifs are usually VERY BIG, so you can handle the material better. Mine were about 8 " square as I put on sleeves and the back of the jacket. Another way is to use part of a motif, on the shoulder, for instance. I'm damned if I am going to make a big quilt that will be hard to display and sell. Also it would be too expensive for my senior/junior customers. Always bear in mind you are competing with clothing imports, while there are more women in the population, most of them aging (USA) and on fixed income. So I try to keep my prices under $100. Anyway, give it a try, Life gets terribly boring. KMK 5-26-2018

How to dye tablecoths (or sheets)--DO NOT DO in kichen, Pl FOLLOW all safety precautions-- Including never using anything for food or cooking once you have used it in crafts. This applies for pots, pans, forks, spoons, knives, plates, containers etc you might use for painting, mixing paints etc. Good luck and take care. Don't start a fire, don't poison yourself or your family. 5-26-2018

Amazon blurb for Ronen Bergman's Rise and Kill First--copied and pasted.

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • The first definitive history of the Mossad, Shin Bet, and the IDF’s targeted killing programs, hailed by The New York Times as “an exceptional work, a humane book about an incendiary subject.” The Talmud says: “If someone comes to kill you, rise up and kill him first.” This instinct to take every measure, even the most aggressive, to defend the Jewish people is hardwired into Israel’s DNA. From the very beginning of its statehood in 1948, protecting the nation from harm has been the responsibility of its intelligence community and armed services, and there is one weapon in their vast arsenal that they have relied upon to thwart the most serious threats: Targeted assassinations have been used countless times, on enemies large and small, sometimes in response to attacks against the Israeli people and sometimes preemptively. In this page-turning, eye-opening book, journalist and military analyst Ronen Bergman—praised by David Remnick as “arguably [Israel’s] best investigative reporter”—offers a riveting inside account of the targeted killing programs: their successes, their failures, and the moral and political price exacted on the men and women who approved and carried out the missions. Bergman has gained the exceedingly rare cooperation of many current and former members of the Israeli government, including Prime Ministers Shimon Peres, Ehud Barak, Ariel Sharon, and Benjamin Netanyahu, as well as high-level figures in the country’s military and intelligence services: the IDF (Israel Defense Forces), the Mossad (the world’s most feared intelligence agency), Caesarea (a “Mossad within the Mossad” that carries out attacks on the highest-value targets), and the Shin Bet (an internal security service that implemented the largest targeted assassination campaign ever, in order to stop what had once appeared to be unstoppable: suicide terrorism). Including never-before-reported, behind-the-curtain accounts of key operations, and based on hundreds of on-the-record interviews and thousands of files to which Bergman has gotten exclusive access over his decades of reporting, Rise and Kill First brings us deep into the heart of Israel’s most secret activities. Bergman traces, from statehood to the present, the gripping events and thorny ethical questions underlying Israel’s targeted killing campaign, which has shaped the Israeli nation, the Middle East, and the entire world. “A remarkable feat of fearless and responsible reporting . . . important, timely, and informative.”—John le CarrĂ©

Ronen Bergman, son of Holocaust survivors, NYTS bestselling author.

Richard Engel: Netanyahu, Isreali Mossad's nuclear file heist. Out of a real life thriller. 5-26-2018

Richard Engel, MSNBC: Extremely sinister Black Cube--probably Mossad connected. Used by Weinstein. Probably trmp connected. 5-26-2018

Korean jindo dogs.

LA Times, better coverage, Moon-Kim meeting.

Snowden: No one loves Putin more than trmp.

hmm, N. Korean bear hug, note the weight difference, the age difference, the position of the arms.

Who is smiling more? What does that mean? Note how trmp acted in conciliatory manner, when he met Putey in Europe and talked to him at dinner table with no one else present. One commentator Snowden? has juts said there is no one trmp loves more than Putin. -- Note also, Moon was just at trmp WH, then trmp pulls rug from under him then Moon crosses into N Korea (DMZ) and greets meets Kim JU. Well well well. Stole djt's thunder or what. Expect more tweets from tweeting evil unfunny "clown." Mueller, get to work faster. 5-26-2018

hmm--Moon of South Korea and Kim of N K evidently decided to meet ahead of Mr T in DMZ on Nn side, so guess what, Mr T scrambles to be included too. Like fat kid left out of party. Now saying "12th June may happen" or not :) wh is not saying much. Like "tomorrow it may rain, or it may not." Great weather forecast. "Let's wait and see" as djt always says. k 5-26-2018

trmp treats friends like enemies, flip flops again on N K a bully in all he does--some so called presdt. abbreviated presdt. a dishonor to the post. Clapper book says he's there only bc of successful Russ interference in 2016 election, agree. That's why he's been so damn sensitive abt crowd size since day one. Elementary, my dear Watson. k 5-26-2018

Vast hidden canyons under ice of Antartica.

Friday, May 25, 2018

DT sudden about face on NK endangers 2 dozen journalists already there "to witness destruction of nuclear weapons" KJU could be blowing up his uncle with a rocket, for all we know. Sounds like just an ordinary explosion to me. 5-25-2018

Wonderful world, being sarcastic--mussels off the coast of Seattle test +ive for opoids.

BBC--Genghis Khan--58 minutes.

Red Desert--present day Uzbekistan

Tsubodai--brilliant Mongol general and strategist, who conquered Europe+

First, Peter the Great captured the small village of Nyen, then he built the fort--Peter and Paul Fortress

Chinese-Mongolian steamed dumplings, buuz/paotse Keep watching and dough etc. recipes will keep coming up. Youtube is very useful so you SEE everything. I use Youtube now more than paper cookbooks. k 5-25-2018

Sorgatani, mother of Kublai Khan.

Mongol invasion of Europe-- Read Con Iggulden's Mongol novels. 5-25-2018

Cathedral of Christ the Savior--in Moscow

Elliot Broidy, Steve Stockman scandal --dense web--MSNBC, Rachel Maddow. Watch it when your mind is clear and you have time. Amazing level of corruption among Repubs. 5-25-2018

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Shostakovich--Gadfly Suite

Grand Duke Nicholas who threated to shoot himself if--

Borzhoi hounds

Sergei Witte--famous reformer in Tzarist Russia

My Ph.D. dissertation--why systems run down

Horse--cast from Pompeii lava cavity

Science--how birds survived

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MY publications available on Amazon.

For new blog visitors, my publications on Amazon

Blog hits on this blog--

Highest USA France has dropped off. Burma is always dropping off. total blog hits doubled.

Border patrol agent shoots and kills woman in head--

US effort to stabilize Afghanistan is 5 b failure. and what about the cost in lives. I remember my prof. in New York saying in 2001-2 as Tora Bora bombarded-- "If I were the taliban, I would just lay low and come back." Who do we blame? Bush? 5-24-2018

Nashville--one year old dies after being left in hot car seat all day-- Parents take note, retweet and forward. IMPORTANT.

South China Sea--China put 400 buildings on disputed island.

trmp cancels N Korea summit in Singapore with Kim--of course he did, what did you expect?? Like all things trmp, it was just bombast and distraction from Mueller probe which daily chugs closer. 5-24-2018

James Clapper--Facts and Fears. Not on sale, but you do have to buy some books when they come out. 5-24-2018

Review of Miranda Carter's Three Emperors (Different name in USA)

kush. security clearance restored, meets Mueller 2nd time.

First time, 7 hours. 5-24-2018

Memorial Day--not just a day for sales, 3 day weekend and for you know who to push his butt into white pants and golf at his own resorts.

Hawaii volcano eruptions--NEVER ignore an evacuation warning. This man ignored evacuation warning. He is lucky to be alive and that he could be evacuated. Lava flow is also approaching geothermal plant. see video. 5-24-2018

Republican Jeff Flake makes very strong comments about Trmp presidency at Harvard Commencement.

From 1999, secret files on Romanov's last days handed over to Britain.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Romanov murders, list of jewels found in convent in 1933--can't paste--see Alexander Palace Time Machine

Sonic attacks in China similar to ones in Cuba. Don't go to Cuba or China. 5-23-2018

Frogmore House, sometime resident of Grand Duchess Xenia after her escape from 1917 Russian Revolution. On Saturday, site of Meghan and Harry's evening wedding reception, usually kept empty and just for entertaining. Amazing (waste) 5-23-2018

Special treat--Romanovs, now in color.

Yakov Yurovsky's first person account of execution of Czar Nicholas II and family and attendants.

Youtube--remains of Romanovs reintered

Nat Geo special--Romanovs.

graphic--warning--Remains of Nicholas II's son Aleksei found.

Images Romanov family remains-- graphic

Impact of French Revolution on Britain-- I think Dickens' Tale of Two Cities is still the best "analysis". kmk 5-23-2018

First cousins and World War I

Hmm--Czar Nicholas II and George V--first cousins, one with tragic end.
I just saw some of the Faberge Eggs at Walters Art Museum last month, cabinet is from Marjorie Merriweather Post's Hillwood. The two Nicholas II and George V were first cousins through their mothers, but G denied asylum to Nicholas. Nicholas II and his entire family were shot by Bolsheviks one year after the October Revolution in 1917. kmk 5-23-2018

Queen Mary of Tek--original owner of the tiara-- German too. Great great grandmother of Prince Harry. These royals are incredible in their staying power, when you think what happened in France and Russia. Nicholas II and George VI ? were first cousins.

royal craze--Franklin Mint sells a lot of Diana and tiara replicas.

Queen Mary Tiara worn by Meghan of Sussex. It's because the British aristocracy practices entail, where eldest son gets everything--and Indian kings kept all in treasury, and had Golconda mines, from which through conquest of Nadir Shah,jewels like pink table diamond got to Persia/Iran. I still have not changed my mind about jewels to which the stink of lots of blood is attached, the miners', the kings' the women's. Enough. 5-23-2018

2 days ago--trmp crosses brightest red line--Chris Hayes, MSNBC

Hiker falls to death from Yosemite Half Dome Trails.
With my childhood friend, now recently widowed. photo DTS. 2016

LA Times: Trmp's "hereby demands"--that's not how it works. For someone who insists that there was "no collusion!" and that he has nothing to hide, Trump has sought to undermine this investigation from the start, baselessly attacking those who are conducting it, diverting attention to sideshows and injecting politics into what should be a fact-finding process. In doing so he has walked close to the line of obstructing justice. Follow the Opinion section on Twitter @latimesopinion and Facebook

trump NK summit may not happen-- As usual he says "let's wait and see." 5-23-2018

Texas--Democrat Fletcher wins over similar but more progressive Laura Moser--

Liz Taylor's jewelry--auctioned for $156 m after her death. I've seen the Mary Queen of Scots pearl at the Smithsonian, but on the whole I don't like gems and the blood that sticks to them. 5-23-2018

Philip Roth--dead at 85 I don't particularly like his me centered, man-centered writing, but I did read Claire Bloom's Leaving the Doll's House for my women's bio reading group- I think she was an equally flawed character, who once had an affair with Richard Burton (on a train, says her book!) and she is/was as lacking in self esteem as her rival Liz Taylor, whom she criticized too. These women can only live through their reflection they see in men's eyes, despite their success commercially, they were pretty sad specimens. k 5-23-2018

James Clapper book, sure there was Russian collusion, drives nail in DJT's coffin, + Democrats win in GA and KY watch for orange clown tweetstorm about 4 AM. 5-23-2018

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

semi-naked wedding cake--serious.

Bye bye sponge cakes and all cakes--

Make your own wedding cake--use non-poisonous flowers!

Hats with elastic--

Flowers in the Royal bouquet

Amal Cloony style

Meghan Sussex--welcome the side bun--

How to start a successful flower business. Never as easy as you think, and now I am not in good health. 5-22-2018

How to make a beautiful cascade bouquet, just like Diana's.

FYI, I checked the price, and prices are $120-$150 for cascade bouquets, though I did not see orchids.

SNL's Kate McKinnon, a flair for the funny.

TRMS--Trump Tower meeting shows connections with UAE and Saudi--

Lawrence, MSNBC--was today--ie Monday, the "max impact time" for Rosenstein to resign?

or, was he playing for time and did the right thing to just stay in the job and protect the Mueller investigation. I think if I were Mueller and Rosenstein and FBI, I would LONG AGO have canted all relevant info to a very safe place, and made arrangements that if I am fired or killed, well, the TRUTH will all come out. I would have made secret arrangements with what trmp calls "the failing" NYTS, which by the way is enjoying record subscriptions and stock price rises. I would make friends with EVERYONE Mr Trmp has attacked, from Mika to James Comey to--who did he attack last week? with everyone who has been chipping away at the great liar- the brilliant lawyer Avenatti, the brave porn star -- the super rich Jeff Bezos. I believe DJT may be flailing about in his death throes. The tweets are getting increasingly unhinged. He seems to have only Huck and "crocodile teeth" left on his side, and you know how much credibility those 2 women have. Mattis shld just stage a coup like Burma. This is just satire, as DJT always says, "He's doing a fantastic job, I like him a lot, let's see what happens." Let's see what Kim will do. Putin and Kim and Xi must be enjoying this so much. And how can China promise to buy more US goods?? No one can "promise" to buy more of anything they don't want in the first place. Go figure. k 5-22-2018

Monday, May 21, 2018

Rosenstein vs DJT, has DOJ totally caved in, or is it a "strategic" accommodation--

Wedding flowers turned into bouquets for hospice patients--that is so thoughtful.

DIY crafts Mardi Gras headpiece from old baseball cap.

How to make a feather headress--I dislike metal and buttons, but I have made feather dusters at home in Burma--

out of necessity.

GQ--bespoke dress uniform for Prince Harry I sew but I don't make men's or women's suits nor pants, so I know what it's like. Just love the detailing on the front of the suit, and hope to imitate it for a simplified women's jacket. 5-21-2018

Late night comediens-- John Oliver and Stephen Colbert, chat about DJT, parades, "empty hole"--warnings to Meghan.

SNL spoof--Royal Wedding Reception--

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My short stories and novellas as K.M.Kaung

Burmese rubies in Queen E II's collection--

First time I ever heard of it.

My archive at IISH, Amsterdam--