Saturday, March 31, 2018

Screenplay Gandhi--by John Briley 1982--educational use only. You can use this to study how to write and format a screenplay. Stage plays are formatted differently. kmk 3-31-2018

Gandhi full movie but the sound is terrible--I suggest you borrow a video or read the screenplay on line.

Collage from movie Amadeus, 1984, Tom Hulce as Mozart.

Quote of the day--Mozart as a touring child musician and composer, from Wikipedia, Leopold was his father.

After one year in Salzburg, Leopold and Wolfgang set off for Italy, leaving Anna Maria and Nannerl at home. This tour lasted from December 1769 to March 1771. As with earlier journeys, Leopold wanted to display his son's abilities as a performer and a rapidly maturing composer. Wolfgang met Josef Mysliveček and Giovanni Battista Martini in Bologna, and was accepted as a member of the famous Accademia Filarmonica. In Rome, he heard Gregorio Allegri's Miserere twice in performance, in the Sistine Chapel, and wrote it out from memory, thus producing the first unauthorized copy of this closely guarded property of the Vatican.[21][22]

John Williams plays Concierto de Aranjuez

Concerto de Aranjuez

The Royal Estate of Arunjuez--in Spain.

A haunting trumpet solo--concerto de aranjuez


Nana Mouskouri, Arunjuez, Mon Amour.

Kathleen Battle from Magic Flute

Mozart's The Magic Flute, complete opera--

More I Lombardi # 3

Lauren Flanigan--I Lombardi

More arias from I Lombardi #1

I Lombardi -- death scene

Robin Gibb's funeral--I started a joke--

Robin Gibbs' funeral

Va pensiero--Zucherro, Pavarotti

Elton John --Abide with Me

Cat Steven's My Lady d'Arbanville

Cat Stevens Morning has Broken

Be--Jonathan Livingston Seagull--Neil Diamond

Jonathan Livingston Seagull, read by author Richard Harris--possibly a pirated copy, sound quality not that good.

trmp WH--Hope Hicks and Gen Keyy did not stop anything.

Katy Tur interviews Ben Gittes--on trmp Russia connection--3 degrees of connection.

Amal Clooney has joined Human Rights lawyers team representing 2 Reuters journalists imprisoned by Burmese junta--

Tit for tat and hit lists--RichardEngle reports from Salisbury, England, where--

Friday, March 30, 2018

Richard Engle says American and Kurdish commanders think Trump has betrayed them in war against ISIS

incredible--the fool does not know what a community college is and says it over and over and he's--!!! little german boy just comes on stage and struts around and says LIES. SAD. 3-30-2018
Banksy trmp--

Neil Diamond--Play me--

Neil Diamond, Cracklin Rosie--

Kaung tweets and retweets--3-30-2018

Kyi Kaung ‏ @KyiKaung 44s44 seconds ago This is no time to back down when all we have are words and demonstrations and the other side has guns and corporations. 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes Kyi Kaung ‏ @KyiKaung 8m8 minutes ago sorry typo, "young women" not "your" I don't know how to edit a tweet already posted. 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes Kyi Kaung ‏ @KyiKaung 9m9 minutes ago Why can't you just say respectfully, "Young men and your women" instead of condescending "kids" A kid is a young billy goat. DJT is an old billy goat, and even a real goat wld be offended to be compared to Lecher in Chief. 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes Kyi Kaung ‏ @KyiKaung 11m11 minutes ago Stop calling them "kids" they are more mature than you & are doing more than you ever did at their age. Next year they will be older than 18, but what does AGE have to do with it Look how stupid DJT is at what 71?? TRUTH is TRUTH, no matter if the gardener or the "kid" said it 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes You Retweeted Kurt Eichenwald ‏Verified account @kurteichenwald 22h22 hours ago Hopefully the Laura Ingraham blow-up will teach conservatives: You are not "debating" gun control when you insult survivors of a mass slaughter for advocating laws you dont agree with. You are just being infantile bullies. Wanna debate POLICY? Great. Wanna insult kids? Shut up. 968 replies 8,819 retweets 32,699 likes You Retweeted Shannon Watts ‏Verified account @shannonrwatts Mar 26 Well, this destroys the @NRA’s narrative. A teen took his father’s loaded gun to school to fatally shoot his ex-girlfriend and himself. The armed guard did not dissuade him from carrying out the crime, nor did it ultimately stop him from doing so. 772 replies 9,674 retweets 18,326 likes You Retweeted Emma González ‏Verified account @Emma4Change 2h2 hours ago Emma González Retweeted therealkenidrawoods If all you’re a reporter and all you want is to report on the MFOL Parkland kids-you’re a fool. BRANCH OUT ! There are so many stories that Need to Be Heard, everyone already knows ours LISTEN TO THE OTHERS WHO HAVE POWERFUL STORIES TO TELL !!! Emma González added, therealkenidrawoods Verified account @KenidraRWoods_ i am a bit uneasy at fact that myself and students who look like are often pushed to the side. We're working our a** off behind the scenes that i barely get any sleep. When i do try to reach out to a journalist.. they make it very clear that they just want the Parkland students.. 213 replies 3,719 retweets 14,987 likes You Retweeted Emma González ‏Verified account @Emma4Change Mar 23 I have absolutely no words... Thank you not only for your service but for standing with us as we #MarchForOurLives tomorrow all over the world #VeteransForGunReform #GunControlNow #NeverAgain … 6,429 replies 84,075 retweets 195,042 likes Kyi Kaung ‏ @KyiKaung 16m16 minutes ago Be done with it NEVER watch Fox Nws I never have One of its own who recently resignd sd it's just a propgnda arm of DJT WH I nevr follw T. eithr Of course if you are in journalsm business you hv to It's your job but follow real people too, like Emma Gonzalez & David Hogg. 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes You Retweeted Matt Deitsch ‏Verified account @MattxRed Mar 29 Fox News defended the Nazi’s from Charlottesville who killed Heather Heyer and have been incredibly critical on shooting survivors rallying to not have any more of their friends or family shot. #MarchForOurLives #REV 259 replies 2,153 retweets 7,234 likes You Retweeted Emma González ‏Verified account @Emma4Change Mar 29 Emma González Retweeted Jessica Huseman As the president of MSD’s GSA and also as a Human Being, this disgusts me to my core @IngrahamAngle You aught to be Ashamed Emma González added, Jessica Huseman Verified account @JessicaHuseman Small reminder that when she was a college student Laura Ingraham sent a student reporter under cover to out people at Dartmouth. … Show this thread 1,360 replies 9,593 retweets 40,564 likes You Retweeted David Hogg ‏Verified account @davidhogg111 13h13 hours ago 🤦‍♂️ this is just sad I'm so sorry to all those @IngrahamAngle has hurt we are here for you #BoycottIngramAdverts 2,253 replies 6,037 retweets 18,765 likes You Retweeted David Hogg ‏Verified account @davidhogg111 6h6 hours ago “Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.” -Malala Yousafzai 1,102 replies 10,574 retweets 48,062 likes You Retweeted New Day ‏Verified account @NewDay 6h6 hours ago "I think it's great that corporate America is standing with me," David Hogg says of his call for advertisers to boycott Laura Ingraham's Fox News show, "They cannot push us around, especially when all we're trying to do here is save lives" 541 replies 1,386 retweets 5,353 likes You Retweeted David Hogg ‏Verified account @davidhogg111 4h4 hours ago Y’all should lay down in front of the White House and spell out “15,549” that’s how many people died from guns last year #HowManyMore I would lay down from 11:00 AM to 11:17 1,034 replies 1,256 retweets 4,785 likes Show this thread You Retweeted hulu ‏Verified account @hulu 18h18 hours ago Replying to @davidhogg111 @sleepnumber and We’d like to confirm that we are no longer advertising on Laura Ingraham’s show and are monitoring all of our ad placements carefully. 6,731 replies 6,757 retweets 38,286 likes You Retweeted David Hogg ‏Verified account @davidhogg111 Mar 28 Pick a number 1-12 contact the company next to that # Top Laura Ingraham Advertisers 1. @sleepnumber 2. @ATT 3. Nutrish 4. @Allstate & @esurance 5. @Bayer 6. @RocketMortgage Mortgage 7. @LibertyMutual 8. @Arbys 9. @TripAdvisor 10. @Nestle 11. @hulu 12. @Wayfair 20,498 replies 53,894 retweets 122,643 likes Kyi Kaung ‏ @KyiKaung 24h24 hours ago Fired V.A. secretary Shulkin: 'It should not be this hard to serve your country': via @AOL

Thursday, March 29, 2018

The pelvic mesh thing, never do it. I'm glad I did not, though a Thai doctor spoke of it as a solution for stress incontinence. In general, never agree to anything intrusive or a foreign body in your system. Useless things like breast implants. In case 1, easier to buy Poise or incontinence pads and use them, than have a sling put in. kmk 3-29-2018

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Entire musical, Les Miz--and that will be my last post today--be well.

For my long time fans in France and for me--Drink with me--

Eponine's song--from Les Miz

Les Miz, Original audio--Colm Wlkinson--24601!

Trailer of 25th anniversary Les Miserables

My favorite, both in Victor Hugo's original and the original Broadway Production, I was so fortunate to see it in NY, as my son bought tickets for me and his father. 3-28-2018

Anne Hathaway in Les Miserables--sounds like very thin voice, but one of world's highest paid actresses.

Actress Anne Hathaway.

UK nerve gas attacke--first and largest contact came from front door.

Kim Jong Un's China visit strengthens his hand in nuclear talks.

DC MD may proceed with cases that Trump violated Emuloments Clause--business conflicts of interest.

Trump attorney John Dowd discussed pardons for Flynn and Gates with special counsel.

Good site for audio poems and short stories in Burmese--

Impt. Why Mueller is best person for the job+ Gates communicated with Russian spy + Stormy Daniels

You've got to be kidding me--Disney star Sunshine working in WH.

Kathleen Battle, Herbert von Karajan--Mozart, Kyrie Eleison.

Beatles Yellow Submarine

Beatles--Hey Jude

John Lennon

For all those who've died from guns, one way or the other--John Lennon's Imagine On Saturday, Sir Paul McCartney came to DC, to join the March for Our Lives. He said, "I'm here because I lost a close friend to gun violence, not far from here," referring to John Lennon being shot in front of his building, The Dakota. It's ironic that someone who wrote something like Imagine, should have been killed by a stranger with a gun. kmk 3-28-2018

Cat Stevens--Morning has Broken.

Joan Baez: Amazing Grace--

Joan Baez--when President Obama went to Charleston, site of mass shooting, and sang Amazing Grace--from The Guardian.

Highly recommended--Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez interview Prof Timothy Snyder, Yale Univ Prof on NYTs bestselling On Tyranny

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

My memoir, A Time to Write, not Just about Burma.

My short stories, Home is Where? My Potsdam and Housewarming.

My novella, The Rider of Crocodiles, set in 18th century Burma and Siam.

My short stories, Band of Flesh and 53 Red Roses.

My official website --

In Burma today March 27 used to be called Resistance Day when Burma army under Aung San drove out the Japanese, now it is called Armed Forces Day.

Today's headlines 3-27-2018

Battle Lines Are Drawn Over Census Citizenship Question Wall Street Journal 3m ago Related Coverage U.S. Department of Commerce Announces Reinstatement of Citizenship Question to the 2020 Decennial Census ... Most Referenced Department of Commerce 1h ago Blue states sue Trump over census citizenship question The Hill 6h ago States vow to fight US plan to ask citizenship question on census Reuters 8h ago Commerce Department says citizenship question will be reinstated in 2020 Census Highly Cited CNN 21h ago The Census Will Add a Citizenship Question. What Happens Next? Featured CityLab 6h ago Sabotaged Census: Citizenship question guarantees undercount Opinion Baltimore Sun 7h ago The Latest: WH Says It Wasn't Behind Census Change Live Updating U.S. News & World Report 4h ago [Los Angeles Times] As Trump begins dismantling auto efficiency rules, California is doubling down on its own, sources say Los Angeles Times 6h ago Related Coverage In response to California sanctuary law, Orange County Sheriff makes public inmates' release dates Highly Cited OCRegister 21h ago [CNN] There's not a 'snowflake's chance in hell' of repealing the Second Amendment CNN 2h ago Related Coverage John Paul Stevens: Repeal the Second Amendment Highly Cited New York Times 3h ago [CNN] No charges against officers in Alton Sterling death; other videos are coming CNN 8h ago Related Coverage Family of Alton Sterling, some lawmakers express disappointment in AG's decision to not file charges Local Source 7h ago [The Hill] Trump pushing Pentagon to pay for border wall: report The Hill 6h ago Related Coverage Donald J. Trump on Twitter: "Because of the $700 & $716 Billion Dollars gotten to rebuild our Military, many jobs are ... Most Referenced Twitter 2m ago [CNN] Water park co-owner, slide designer indicted in boy's death CNN 2h ago Related Coverage Designer of deadly waterslide, water park owner charged with murder in boy's death Highly Cited Chicago Tribune 4h ago World [Washington Post] After US expels 60 diplomats, Russia does what it's best at: Trolling Washington Post 11h ago Related Coverage Salisbury nerve agent attack: Which countries are not expelling Russian diplomats? From United Kingdom Sky News 2h ago 10 Tips for Negotiating With Kim Jong Un Wall Street Journal 1h ago Related Coverage Kim Jong Un Made a Surprise China Visit, Sources Say Highly Cited Bloomberg Mar 26, 2018 [Reuters] Britain's May calls for 'long-term response' to Russia after spy poisoning Reuters 7h ago Related Coverage NATO - News: Statement by NATO Secretary General on further decisions following the use of a nerve agent in ... Most Referenced Nato 1h ago [CNN] Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu has mild viral illness, hospital tests show CNN 2h ago Related Coverage Palestinians applied for eight international conventions, says official From Israel The Jerusalem Post 1h ago More World stories U.S. [Washington Post] Larry Nassar's ex-boss at Michigan State charged with sexual assault, harassment of students Washington Post 6h ago Related Coverage Sources: Police arrest Larry Nassar's Michigan State University boss Highly Cited Detroit Free Press 21h ago [Albany Times Union] NXIVM leader Keith Raniere charged with sex trafficking Albany Times Union 23h ago [CNN] White House defends Trump's Stormy silence CNN 2h ago [New York Times] Trump Ends Temporary Immigration Status for Thousands of Liberians New York Times 1h ago Related Coverage Presidential Memorandum for the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Homeland Security - Most Referenced 1m ago More U.S. stories Business [Wall Street Journal] Oracle Wins Court Ruling Against Google in Multibillion-Dollar Copyright Case Wall Street Journal 6h ago Related Coverage Oracle Corporation - ORCL - Stock Price Today - Zacks Most Referenced Zacks 3m ago [Forbes] Uber Self-Driving Program's Fate Unclear As It Lets California Test Permit Lapse Forbes 57m ago Related Coverage Uber's Self-Driving Cars Were Struggling Before Arizona Crash Highly Cited New York Times Mar 23, 2018 [TechCrunch] Facebook data misuse scandal affects “substantially” more than 50M, claims Wylie TechCrunch 6h ago Related Coverage Fact Check: Your Call and SMS History | Facebook Newsroom Most Referenced Facebook Newsroom 2m ago [USA TODAY] Tesla stock dives as feds investigate deadly Calif. crash USA TODAY 42m ago Related Coverage Tesla, Inc. - TSLA - Stock Price Today - Zacks Most Referenced Zacks 10m ago More Business stories Technology [Business Insider] Apple's new iPad is a total misfire that shows how out of touch the company is with schools and kids Business Insider 2h ago Related Coverage Apple introduces new 9.7-inch iPad with Apple Pencil support Highly Cited Apple Newsroom (press release) 8h ago [Ars Technica] $2100 Huawei smartphone comes with 3 rear cameras, 2 fingerprint readers Ars Technica 5h ago Related Coverage Huawei P20 Color Comparison: OMG Twilight! Video Android Authority (blog) [Kotaku] Fortnite Mobile Is Becoming A Battle of the Sexes Kotaku 6h ago Related Coverage Steam Community :: Group Announcements :: PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Most Referenced Steam Community 4h ago [Gizmodo] Microsoft Comes for the Trolls With 'Offensive Language' Ban on XBox Gizmodo 8h ago Related Coverage Updates - Microsoft Most Referenced Microsoft 1m ago More Technology stories Entertainment [] Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett Are Preparing to Separate: 'She Realized There's No Turning Back' 3h ago Related Coverage Ken

After US expells 60 Russian diplomats, Russia does what it does best, trolling, from Washington Post.

States to sue about additional Census question.

More lawyers decline to represent Donald Trump On her show Monday, Rachel Maddow said that when T. actually met the Fox news couple, he did not like them. It shows what a desperate state T. is in. Ms. Maddow added that everyone else, citing names of their lawyers, has a "proper lawyer" and son in law Kushner may have the best one, "in proportion to magnitude of his legal problems." Wow. Meanwhile T. tried to be sneaky and added a citizenship Q to the 2020 Census, but is getting push back from States. Not sure if the 60 expelled Russian diplomats have been actually put on the plane. kmk 3-27-2018

Kim Jung Un makes surprise visit to China on special train.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Stormy Daniels Porn Star's intv with Anderson Cooper.

Michael Wood BBC Kanishka and the Kushan Empire.

Quote of the day--human rights offenses in Uzbekistan --from Wikipedia

Human rights Main article: Human rights in Uzbekistan See also: 2005 Andijan Unrest The Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan asserts that "democracy in the Republic of Uzbekistan shall be based upon common human principles, according to which the highest value shall be the human being, his life, freedom, honour, dignity and other inalienable rights." The official position is summarised in a memorandum "The measures taken by the government of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the field of providing and encouraging human rights"[43] and amounts to the following: the government does everything that is in its power to protect and to guarantee the human rights of Uzbekistan's citizens. Uzbekistan continuously improves its laws and institutions in order to create a more humane society. Over 300 laws regulating the rights and basic freedoms of the people have been passed by the parliament. For instance, an office of Ombudsman was established in 1996.[44] On 2 August 2005, President Islam Karimov signed a decree that abolished capital punishment in Uzbekistan on 1 January 2008.[45] Old Uzbek man from Uzbekistan However, non-governmental human rights watchdogs, such as IHF, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, as well as United States Department of State and Council of the European Union, define Uzbekistan as "an authoritarian state with limited civil rights"[16] and express profound concern about "wide-scale violation of virtually all basic human rights".[46] According to the reports, the most widespread violations are torture, arbitrary arrests, and various restrictions of freedoms: of religion, of speech and press, of free association and assembly. It has also been reported that forced sterilization of rural Uzbek women has been sanctioned by the government.[47][48] The reports maintain that the violations are most often committed against members of religious organizations, independent journalists, human rights activists and political activists, including members of the banned opposition parties. As of 2015, reports on violations on human rights in Uzbekistan indicated that violations were still going on without any improvement.[49] The Freedom House has consistently ranked Uzbekistan near the bottom of its Freedom in the World ranking since the country's founding in 1991. In the 2018 report, Uzbekistan was one of the 11 worst countries for Political Rights and Civil Liberties.[50] The 2005 civil unrest in Uzbekistan, which resulted in several hundred people being killed, is viewed by many as a landmark event in the history of human rights abuse in Uzbekistan.[51][52][53] A concern has been expressed and a request for an independent investigation of the events has been made by the United States, the European Union, the United Nations, the OSCE Chairman-in-Office and the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights. The government of Uzbekistan is accused of unlawful termination of human life and of denying its citizens freedom of assembly and freedom of expression. The government vehemently rebuffs the accusations, maintaining that it merely conducted an anti-terrorist operation, exercising only necessary force.[54] In addition, some officials claim that "an information war on Uzbekistan has been declared" and the human rights violations in Andijan are invented by the enemies of Uzbekistan as a convenient pretext for intervention in the country's internal affairs.[55] Uzbekistan also maintains the world's second-highest rate of modern slavery, 3.97%[56] of the country's population working as modern slaves. In real terms, this means that there are 1.2 million modern slaves[56] in Uzbekistan. Most work in the cotton industry. The government allegedly forces state employees to pick cotton in the fall months.[57] World Bank loans have been connected to projects that use child labour and forced labour practices in the cotton industry.[58] Recent developments Islam Karimov died in 2016 and his successor Shavkat Mirziyoyev is considered by most to be pursuing a less autocratic path by increasing cooperation with human rights NGOs,[59][60] scheduling Soviet-style exit visas to be abolished in 2019,[61] and reducing sentences for certain misdemeanor offenses.[62]

Saturday, March 24, 2018

My handbook--Rohingya Genocide in Burma-- Read this and please add a comment on Amazon. I got only positive comments from many people (about 50) who attended a recent book signing and presentation that I did. Be aware it's an activists' handbook, meant to bring you quickly up to speed. Not an encyclopedic book. kmk 3-24-2018

The Rohingya Genocide in Burma--An Activist's Handy Handbook. As regards the single "comment", I don't know what this man is referring to "USG?" Nor the other initial. Besides, it is the convention in (academic) writing to make it clear who said what exactly and who added what. Otherwise it would be plagiarism. That is not "self-aggrandizement. I do admit I put this together quickly as it is supposed to be a quick handbook, an excellent academic study already exists and I mentioned it in the text and the "further reading" list. KMK 3-24-2018

March for our Lives, anti-gun activism.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Evil Eye Gloves are the new pussy hats for the March I'm going to run and buy some wool and make some. 3-23-2018

Asian stocks plummet after Dow drops 724 points

headlines 3-22-2018--McMaster fired, Bolton hired--so why did WH deny it last week??

Trump Chooses Bolton for 3rd Security Adviser as Shake-Up Continues New York Times 2h ago Related Coverage Bolton on replacing McMaster as national security adviser Video Fox News 5 facts about John Bolton, Trump's new national security adviser USA TODAY 2h ago The World According To John Bolton, In 11 Remarkable Statements BuzzFeed News 2h ago McMaster Is Out, an Even Bigger North Korea Hawk Is In Featured The Atlantic 5h ago Add another zealot to the White House Opinion Washington Post 2h ago Bolton pick underscores Trump's foreign policy confusion In Depth Politico 1h ago [Washington Post] China threatens to raise tariffs on about $3 billion of US imports Washington Post 1h ago Related Coverage Trump hits China with new tariffs Video CBS News [CNN] Karen McDougal tells CNN Trump once tried to pay her after sex CNN 1h ago Related Coverage Donald Trump, a Playboy Model, and a System for Concealing Infidelity Highly Cited The New Yorker Feb 16, 2018 [New York Daily News] Teen girl critically wounded in Maryland school shooting will be taken off life support New York Daily News 2h ago [Washington Post] Sacramento police shut down admission to Kings game after demonstrators surround arena to protest police shooting Washington Post 32m ago Related Coverage Sacramento Police Department News Release 20180319-026: 29th Street Officer-Involved Shooting Most Referenced Police 15m ago [Washington Post] Tillerson bids farewell to a 'mean-spirited town' Washington Post 9h ago World [Daily Beast] EXCLUSIVE: 'Lone DNC Hacker' Guccifer 2.0 Slipped Up and Revealed He Was a Russian Intelligence Officer Daily Beast 5h ago [Channel NewsAsia] China trials unmanned tanks in latest modernisation push Channel NewsAsia Mar 20, 2018 Related Coverage Trump Signs China Tariff Order Video The UpTake [Reuters] EU backs Britain in blaming Russia for spy attack, recalls envoy Reuters 3h ago Related Coverage Fact Check: Is There 'Literally No Evidence' Russia Was Behind the Skripal Poisoning? Fact Check The Weekly Standard Mar 21, 2018 [Business Insider] 5 times the Trump administration actually was tough on Russia Business Insider 4h ago Related Coverage Did Donald Trump's predecessors congratulate Vladimir Putin's election win? Fact Check PolitiFact Mar 21, 2018 More World stories U.S. [CNN] Feds tracked Austin bomber after FedEx camera got his plate, congressman says CNN 3h ago Related Coverage Task force members recall final moments in Austin bomber takedown Local Source 2h ago [Washington Post] Warm coats, dress shoes and messages to lawmakers: Parkland students head to DC for gun-control march Washington Post 5h ago Related Coverage Letter from the Superintendent - Broward County Public Schools Most Referenced Broward County Public Schools 6m ago [Sacramento Bee] Update: Protesters block Golden 1 Center entrances. Kings tell thousands of fans to head home Sacramento Bee 2h ago [Politico] Rand backs down, clearing way for omnibus spending package Politico 9m ago Related Coverage Consolidated Appropriations Act - Most Referenced 29m ago More U.S. stories Business [Fortune] Toys 'R' Us Founder Charles Lazarus Dies at 94 Fortune 7h ago Related Coverage The Toys "R" Us liquidation sales are coming Highly Cited CNNMoney Mar 21, 2018 [MarketWatch] Micron bets that memory demand is here to stay MarketWatch 4h ago Related Coverage Financial Newsletter - Zacks Most Referenced Zacks Mar 20, 2018 [Bloomberg] Dropbox Closes Gap to Private Value With Above-Range IPO Pricing Bloomberg 5h ago Related

Thursday, March 22, 2018

My short story Black Belt in Himalsouthasia from 2012

Plastic in Great Pacific Plastic Patch increases exponentially say scientists. Recycle and use cloth bags and reusable containers as much as possible, as long as possible.

3 recent book reviews I wrote now live on Amazon-- ref=pe_1098610_137716200_cm_rv_eml_rv0_r Beneath a Scarlet Sky about last days of Nazis in Italy. Shahenshah, a novel of Aurangzeb, by NS Inamdar. Essay collection, Let it Fly with the Flowers, which I edited. About economics mentors and colleagues in Burma. cheers, km Kyi May Kaung Words Sounds and Images

My novella Black Rice--what do you do when your skin color is very black in a country that prizes paleness?

My ultimate anti-Christmas story--No Crib for a Bed--for people who think immigrating is a bed of roses.

Horrible things that still happen to women and need to STOP.

Kaung--3 Short Stories about house and home--

My short stories from the Burma-Thai Border--Dancing like a Peacock and Koel Bird

My non -fiction publicatiions available on Amazon

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Banksy images

Quote of the day--from Banksy wiki

In February 2007, the owners of a house with a Banksy mural on the side in Bristol decided to sell the house through Red Propeller art gallery after offers fell through because the prospective buyers wanted to remove the mural. It is listed as a mural that comes with a house attached.[37]

My novella The Lovers set in Chile and America--

How to delete your Facebook + Burmese experience. I did it in Sept 2016, but some are saying "they still saw me" there, but "Kyi Kaung" "Clear good" may also be pronounced 'kyii kaung" "looks good" with another meaning, and when I checked it was not a good site and certainly not me. I know there are tons of fake names and accts on FB, even among the "Burmese" This whole scandal with Cambridge Analytica and voter manipulation may sink FB for good. If you are addicted to it, go cold turkey, it's not worth it for the occasional ego stroke. There are a lot of flakey people on FB and it wastes time. But in my case I did manage to write and edit 2 books, one a compilation of my economics colleagues' essays, and one a writing memoir in which I used FB posts for prompts, so I did put it to good use when I had it. (You should ideally compose on a word file and then copy and paste to FB, and keep files well maintained and backed up) I also got back in touch with long lost relatives inside Burma, but now I've said my good byes to them, and I suppose that's that. If they don't trouble to ever check their emails, that's that. It was sad to be instant messaged from a former bro in law's intensive care bedside, and asked if I'd like pictures of his remains. I told his daughter I would rather remember him as he had been. He died while I went off the IM to go to the super mart to get some food, as I was completely out. * At least I know what my surviving relatives look like now. One person said, she had to stand in "ex-myanmar" line at the airport when she went back, and didn't recognize her friend except that she saw her photo on FB, but some ppl put in photos from when they were 20. Most of my 1500 "friends" were casual acquaintances sharing (Indian) recipes, and flower photos, and all the former Burmese dissidents jumped the fence, so it only annoyed me to see their photo opps in Burma. But now and then I stumbled on some really important posts, as when Ma Nandar (I don't think this is her real name, I've changed it) went to reclaim her husband journalist Ko Par Gyi's remains. He did not show up at a meeting place in Thailand and it turned out he was beaten to death in a Burmese prison. This happened AFTER the so called opening up in 2011. The village "elders" under junta then harassed her entourage all the way to Rangoon, saying it was bad luck to take a body through a village. I even got a poem from her site, saying "Don't cry Ma Nandar--when they die--(we will do the same)" And it was nice to meet all the other Burmese writers and visual artists, and I do miss them. Incld someone in LA, whom I cld not find again. But then the video project I had envisioned did not materialize due to lack of funding. So there-- km Kyi May Kaung Words Sounds and Images

The man with pink hair-- Former Cambridge Analytica employee, now whistle blower. 3-20-2018

Saturday, March 17, 2018

2 first person accounts by his brothers of how Sao Myee Myee Thaike, son of Saw Shwe Thaike, was killed by Burmese army in 1962 on morning of Ne Win's coup.

60 minutes--good interview of Rex Tillerson from Feb 2018. This is man who will be replaced by trmp, pompeo, ivanka-- Think about it. This way Tillerson could run for president in 2020. 3-17-2018

Satire: Secret Service employs 5 body doubles for trump. LOL as they say.

Don Lemon says Trmp constantly saying "fake news" and posting juvenile videos, resulted in death threats against CNN staff. I agree. He sets an atmosphere of hate, racism, misogyny, sexism and self interest. Now his daughter is briefing S. Korea! 3-17-2018
cartoons from Internet

Trmp lawyer John Dowd calls on DOJ? to shut down Mueller probe, casting all sorts of aspersions on "fake dossiers" "manufactured" etc. But it won't go away, all because trmpies don't like it. There is too much out in the open now, and Putin is getting too bold, with a total of NINE at least deaths of his enemies and critics in UK, not counting journalist Anna Politkovskaya,who was shot in lobby of her building in Moscow. Typically, what dictators like T. and P. do, is show or attempt to show they are above the law. As Burmese writer Ludu Daw Ahmar said, "Dictators never exit alive." Sooner or later, like all humans, they have to die too. Remember, Stalin killed a lot of people, including Trotsky in Mexico who was killed with a pick axe, and so did Mao, and so did Mussolini, and so did Hitler, yet they all died, were killed, or in case of Hitler, killed himself. And what about Ceaucescu? Trmp wld be lucky to be impeached. 3-17-2018

Trmp's lawyer Michael Cohen tries to move Stormy Daniel's case from California to Federal Court.

From my Twitter acct--McCabe, Stormy Daniels etc. 3-17-2018

Kyi Kaung ‏ @KyiKaung 53s54 seconds ago BOO!!! A.G. Sessions for having no spine, c-sucking trmp, he has less integrity than porn star Stormy D, at least her breasts are openly fake. 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes Kyi Kaung ‏ @KyiKaung 3m3 minutes ago EVERYONE will probbly cooperate w Mueller & write bestselling bk COUNT all the people who hve been fired by trmp or malignd by him on Twittr. WHY is twtter not shuttng down his hate filled acct. SOME are more "equal" than others a la 1984 HA In any othr cty wld be mil. coup. 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes Kyi Kaung ‏ @KyiKaung 11m11 minutes ago Kyi Kaung Retweeted Kyle Griffin Yes, true, obvious when McCabe answered a Q in open session that did not co-incide w way Trmp and Co wanted it to go--was asked abt @Comey's reputation and McC said he was very well liked at FBI and respected. Kyi Kaung added, Kyle Griffin Verified account @kylegriffin1 McCabe: "This attack on my credibility is one part of a larger effort not just to slander me personally, but to taint the FBI, law enforcement, and intelligence professionals... It is part of this Administration’s ongoing war on the FBI and the efforts of the Special Counsel." 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes You Retweeted Caroline O. ‏ @RVAwonk 11h11 hours ago It's gonna be pretty hard for Trump to claim that he had no role in the decision to fire Andrew McCabe. He's been tweeting about his desire to get rid of him since July 2017... 134 replies 1,738 retweets 3,193 likes You Retweeted Ted Lieu ‏Verified account @tedlieu 10h10 hours ago Ted Lieu Retweeted David Yankovich I interviewed Andrew McCabe during a closed door Judiciary Committee Hearing. You should read his statement below. I believe him. But even if you disagree, the punishment he is receiving is far out of proportion to his 21 years of service. McCabe will win his appeal. Ted Lieu added, David Yankovich Verified account @DavidYankovich This sounds interesting. “But it will not erase the important work I was privileged to be a part of, the results of which will in the end be revealed for the country to see.” … 1,019 replies 9,498 retweets 26,850 likes Kyi Kaung ‏ @KyiKaung 9h9 hours ago So surreal, no wonder dystopian novels and movies sell well. 3-17-2018 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes You Retweeted Kyle Griffin ‏Verified account @kylegriffin1 Mar 14 Toys 'R' Us says it will likely close all U.S. stores, threatening 33,000 jobs. “We’re putting a for-sale sign on everything.”

Suspicious deaths of Russian exiles opposed to P. in the UK--

Andrew McCabe's statement--from CNN-- Pressure started once it became clear he would back Comey. 3-17-2018

MSNBC--Chris Hayes interviews T's business associate Felix Sater.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi may be proecuted while visiting Sydney.

UN appeals for nearly one billion to aid Rohingya refugees from Burma, develop 500 acres.

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe fired days before retirement--mean trmpies--

I was cited in a book about democratization in SE Asia

paper to plastic (lego) to porcelain to steel -- Ai Wei Wei Alcatraz Kyi May Kaung Words Sounds and Images

My new favorite artist--today--Long Bin Chen

Burmese junta attacks Karen villagers again--"they are running again" This is a good blog to follow. Webmaster has given me permission to post any time I wish. However, I don't post that often. kmk 3-16-2018

Mueller subpoenas trmp organization--

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

headlines 3-13-2018

National School Walkout: Live Updates New York Times 1h ago Related Coverage ENOUGH: National School Walkout - Action Network Most Referenced Action Network 1h ago Students nationwide stage walkouts for stricter gun laws after last month's deadly school shooting in Florida Los Angeles Times 44m ago Students protesting gun violence in nationwide school walkout CBS News 1h ago National school walkout marks month since Parkland mass shooting Featured 19m ago Philly teens to Florida teens: Would you have stood in solidarity with us? | Helen Ubiñas Opinion 20h ago Thousands of students walk out of school in nationwide gun violence protest In Depth Washington Post 22m ago Students Protest Gun Violence With Walkout | NBC News Video [Washington Post] Britain's expulsion of 23 Russian diplomats marks a return to Cold War ejections Washington Post 1h ago Related Coverage May expels 23 Russian diplomats in response to spy poisoning From United Kingdom The Guardian 2h ago Stephen Hawking: Tributes pour in for 'inspirational' physicist BBC News 50m ago [Washington Post] The Daily 202: Pennsylvania special election shows GOP still hasn't found a winning midterms message Washington Post 3h ago [Washington Post] Gun-trained teacher accidentally discharges firearm in Calif. classroom, injuring student Washington Post 8h ago Related Coverage California News on Weather, Drought plus Los Angeles Updates | Daily Mail Online Most Referenced Daily Mail 12h ago [Wall Street Journal] Sen. Rand Paul to Oppose Trump's Nominations for State and CIA Wall Street Journal 33m ago Related Coverage Donald J. Trump on Twitter: "Mike Pompeo, Director of the CIA, will become our new Secretary of State. He will do a ... Most Referenced Twitter 21h ago World [Wall Street Journal] One Woman Rolls Her Eyes and Captivates a Nation Wall Street Journal 30m ago Related Coverage A Reporter Rolled Her Eyes, and China's Internet Broke Highly Cited New York Times 22h ago [Wall Street Journal] Angela Merkel Starts Fourth Term Facing Big Hurdles Wall Street Journal 2h ago Related Coverage Opinion: Germany's government needs to 'win back lost trust' From Germany Deutsche Welle 35m ago [Washington Post] The Latest: Activists: Syrian bombs kill 20 in rebel enclave Washington Post 1h ago Related Coverage Kurdish Special Forces enter Afrin to fight in Turkey's Operation Olive Branch Local Source Yeni Şafak English 4h ago [Reuters] Duterte to withdraw Philippines from ICC after "outrageous attacks" Reuters 3h ago Related Coverage Duterte withdrawing Philippines from ICC From Philippines Philippine Star 20m ago More World stories U.S. [ABC News] Family accuses United Airlines flight attendant of knowingly stuffing dog in bin, where it died ABC News 3h ago Related Coverage Dog Dies After FA Forces Passenger to Put Carrier Overhead - The Points Guy Most Referenced The Points Guy 53m ago [BBC News] US housing secretary 'picked out' $31000 dining set despite denial BBC News 32m ago Related Coverage HUD Secretary Carson Office Renovation Expense Records - American Oversight Most Referenced American Oversight 28m ago [Chicago Tribune] Fox News sued by parents of Seth Rich, slain DNC staffer, over conspiracy theory about his death Chicago Tribune 2h ago Related Coverage Family of slain DNC staffer sues Fox News over retracted story Highly Cited ABC News 14h ago [ABC15 Arizona] Indiana white nationalist leader charged with domestic battery ABC15 Arizona 3h ago Related Coverage Police: White Nationalist's Battery Arrest Follows Affair With Spox's Wife Highly Cited TPM 2h ago More U.S. stories Business [Washington Post] Former Equifax executive charged with illegally trading before massive data breach was made public Washington Post 33m ago Related Coverage Former Equifax employee indicted for insider trading | USAO-NDGA | Department of Justice Most Referenced Department of Justice 3m ago [CNBC] Trump killing Qualcomm's huge deal could prompt a trade war in global M&A CNBC 2h ago Related Coverage P

Hungarian embroidery--

Renowned scientist Stephen Hawking dies at age 76.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Armory Art Show getting political--

Who's this Ginal Hasel--replacing Pompeo as head of CIA--"experience in (supervising) water boarding"

Tillerson firing -- not good and not properly done--

Another WH aide leaves--

gee sus--trmp fires Tillerson, replaced with Pompeo, P's replacement ran waterboard prison in Thailand--can it get any worse

Another prominant Russian exile found dead in London home--

Important post--Corn and Isikoff--except from Russian Roulette part 2- from Mother Jones Magazine

Monday, March 12, 2018

House ends Russia probe+ other headlines--3-12-2018

House ends Russia probe, says no Trump-Kremlin collusion Politico 45m ago Related Coverage Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections - Office of the Director of National Intelligence Most Referenced Office of the Director of National Intelligence 1h ago Holder rips House Intel Republicans for ending probe: 'Politics beat a desire for the truth' The Hill 44m ago House Republicans say investigation found no evidence of Russia-Trump collusion 3h ago Overview Initial Findings Proposed Recommendations Conclusion - House Intelligence Committee Most Referenced House Intelligence Committee 48m ago House Republicans break with intelligence community on Russia Highly Cited CNN 4h ago No evidence of collusion, but a warning Video Fox News [New York Times] Trump Blocks Broadcom's Bid for Qualcomm New York Times 4h ago Related Coverage Qualcomm Incorporated - QCOM - Stock Price Today - Zacks Most Referenced Zacks 19m ago [New York Times] Poisoning of Russian Ex-Spy Is 'Almost Beyond Comprehension,' Tillerson Says New York Times 3h ago Related Coverage Russian spy attack: Sergei Skripal — the life of a double agent From United Kingdom The Times 3h ago [Washington Post] Three 'powerful' package explosions in Austin that killed 2 are connected, police say Washington Post 2h ago Related Coverage Three package bombs in two weeks are likely connected, police say Local Source 5h ago [] Maryland Weather: Snow Estimates Downgraded 36m ago [New York Times] Stormy Daniels Offers to Return Payment to End Deal for Her Silence New York Times 7h ago Related Coverage Stormy Daniels offers to pay back $130000 for freedom to speak about Trump Highly Cited 10h ago World [BBC News] Nepal plane crash survivors describe chaos BBC News 49m ago Related Coverage PM Oli says measures will be identified to reduce aircraft accidents Local Source Kathmandu Tribune 10h ago [NPR] For China, One Of The Greatest Risks Of Trump-Kim Talks Is Being Sidelined NPR 8h ago Related Coverage Can A Dictator And A Dealmaker Come To Terms On Nuclear Weapons? | NBC News Video [Washington Post] US prepared for military action in Syria if United Nations doesn't stop the bloodshed, Haley warns Washington Post 8h ago Related Coverage How A Family In Eastern Ghouta Was Torn Apart By The Airstrikes (HBO) Video VICE News [New York Times] After Putin Cites Jews, Democrats Implore Trump to Extradite Russians New York Times 9h ago Related Coverage Russia's next-gen hypersonic & nuclear weapons 'not a bluff, but new reality' – Defense Ministry From Russia RT 5h ago More World stories U.S. [New York Times] Doors-Off Helicopter Flights Under Scrutiny After East River Crash New York Times 3h ago Related Coverage Five people die in NYC helicopter crash, but the pilot survives Highly Cited CNN 8h ago [New York Times] Trump's Evolving Positions on Gun Issues New York Times 4h ago Related Coverage Clinton Impeachment Lawyer May Aid Trump in Mueller Response Highly Cited New York Times Mar 10, 2018 [Wall Street Journal] DeVos, Long Opposed to Federal Gun Control, Takes on School Safety Wall Street Journal 3h ago Related Coverage Betsy DeVos on guns, school choice and why people don't like her Highly Cited CBS News Mar 11, 2018 [Washington Post] Trump speaks with Larry Kudlow about joining White House as economic adviser Washington Post 4h ago Related Coverage Donald John Trump | TheHill Most Referenced The Hill 7m ago More U.S. stories Business [New York Times] The Next Goldman Chief Could Be a Banker Who Moonlights as a DJ New York Times 4h ago Related Coverage Lloyd Blankfein Prepares to Exit Goldman Sachs as Soon as Year's End Highly Cited Wall Street Journal Mar 9, 2018 [The Verge] Tesla raises prices at its Supercharger stations The Verge 7h ago Related Coverage Tesla Temporarily Suspended Model 3 Output in Late February Highly Cited Bloomberg 14h ago [CBS Denver] A Company Is Building 3D-Printed Homes For Just $10000 CBS Denver 3h ago Related Coverage New Story + ICON : 3D Printed Homes for the Developing World Highly Cited YouTube 17h ago [Business Insider] Salesforce's $100M Dropbox investment, on the eve of the IPO, could signal an acquisition Business Insider 3h ago Related Coverage S-1/A - Most Referenced 21m ago More Business stories Technology [Kotaku] Microsoft Says Sony Is Holding Back Fortnite Cross-Play Kotaku 8h ago Related Coverage Epic Games' Fortnite Most R

Burma--Rohingya dying of neglect

Sunday, March 11, 2018

From my Twitter--

Kyi Kaung ‏ @KyiKaung 1m1 minute ago When 2 worst haircuts in world meet will 1 use nerve gas on other will fool give away more, & more state secrets #2 likely. WH dep. spokesprsn Shah told ABC initiative came fr Kim. Maintains trmp admin pressured N Korea. How not so clear. maybe by May d j trmp won't b presdt 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes Kyi Kaung ‏ @KyiKaung 9m9 minutes ago Nixon in China & DJT & N Korea last major distractn as Mueller closes in much of present trade imbalance with China is due to Ams living high on the hog, high consumption, most of goods bought fr Ch. after Nixon went to Ch. & did detente, & Deng opened up & did eco. reforms. 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes Kyi Kaung ‏ @KyiKaung 1h1 hour ago Trump 'intends to' meet with special counsel under oath: White House spokesman - ABC News - via @ABC 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes Kyi Kaung ‏ @KyiKaung 13h13 hours ago undefined … via @msnbc 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes Kyi Kaung ‏ @KyiKaung 13h13 hours ago Rep. Lieu on North Korea: ‘We have zero good military options’ … via @msnbc 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes Kyi Kaung ‏ @KyiKaung 17h17 hours ago Sergei Skripal: Russia links attempted murder to deaths of Kremlin enemies 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes Kyi Kaung ‏ @KyiKaung 22h22 hours ago What happened in Moscow: The inside story of how Trump’s obsession with Putin began … via @MotherJones 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes Kyi Kaung ‏ @KyiKaung 23h23 hours ago undefined … via @msnbc 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes Kyi Kaung ‏ @KyiKaung 23h23 hours ago Mueller obtains personal letter from Trump to Putin: WaPo … via @msnbc

Rohingya Genocide in Burma--Activists' Handy Handbook--by Dr. Kyi May Kaung

My stories from the Burma-Thai Border--Dancing like a Peacock.

My novella--The Lovers--

WH deputy spokesperson says DJT "intends to" meet with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Maintain that they have been pressuring N Korea through China etc. 3-11-2018

Thursday, March 08, 2018

Breaking news--now trmp says he will meet Kim Jong Un one on one--of course the S Koreans, who announced this at the WH, want this--but is it WISE??

Don't think so, just one of those trmp super distractions. As Mueller amps up and Stormy Daniels porn star, sues. Michael Cohen ( trmp lawyer's) $130,000 payment, "out of his own money" Cohen says, was flagged as suspicious by the bank. Cohen says he has not been repaid. Stay tuned. trmp tried to hold his wife's hand again as they got off the plane, sliding his own hand down her arm. What a move, so sly, even with his own wife. She "put her hand away." This whole trmp circus is full of the most perverted, lying, cheating people. I wish we did not need to hear abt it all the time, and hope it ends soon. 3-8-2018

kushner and father in law trmp's debts--follow the money, follow the debt--

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Russian exile who worked for MI 6 and daughter killed by nerve attack in Salisbury, UK.

Headlines 3-7-2018 Stocks end mixed and Alexa laughs--ASSK award rescinded.

Stocks end mixed after Trump economic advisor Gary Cohn resigns Los Angeles Times 55m ago Related Coverage Gary Cohn Says He Will Resign as Trump's Top Economic Adviser Highly Cited New York Times 20h ago Trump's trade war could trigger EU tariffs on cranberries and peanut butter Washington Post 2h ago Trump set for tariff showdown on Thursday CNN 50m ago Conservatives Have Only Themselves to Blame for Trump's Tariffs Featured The Atlantic 8h ago Americans should applaud Trump for starting to end our nation's wholesale surrender on trade Opinion Fox News 1h ago [CNBC] Trump's lawyer reportedly got a secret order barring porn star Stormy Daniels from dishing on tryst CNBC 54m ago Related Coverage Trump Lawyer's Payment to Stormy Daniels Was Reported as Suspicious by Bank Highly Cited Wall Street Journal Mar 5, 2018 The Latest: Survivor, victim's dad talk at hearing on guns ABC News 10m ago Related Coverage Stoneman Douglas students get surprise visit from D-Wade during first full day of classes Local Source WPLG Local 10 2h ago [USA TODAY] Russian ex-spy and daughter poisoned with nerve agent, police say USA TODAY 1h ago Related Coverage Sergei Skripal: Security services hunting network of 'state-sponsored actors' over nerve agent attack From United Kingdom The Independent 1h ago [Washington Post] Why the Trump administration's 'sanctuary cities' lawsuit against California could backfire Washington Post 1h ago Related Coverage Trump blasts sanctuary cities in weekly address: 'They're no good' Highly Cited The Hill Dec 9, 2017 [CBS News] Nor'easter delivers heavy snow, rain, wind from Pa. to Maine CBS News 40m ago World [KSAT San Antonio] With State Dept. depleted, Trump admin considers outside help on North Korea KSAT San Antonio 20m ago Related Coverage Korea 2018: The Beginning of the End of the Post-1990 World Order? From North Korea 38 North 2h ago [CNN] 4 people stabbed in Vienna CNN 1h ago Related Coverage Serious injuries in Vienna knife attack Local Source Deutsche Welle 2h ago [Washington Post] Holocaust Museum rescinds Elie Wiesel Award to Nobel winner Aung San Suu Kyi Washington Post 1h ago Related Coverage Museum Rescinds Award to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi — United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Most Referenced United States Holocaust Memorial Museum 18m ago [BBC News] Reality Check: EU predicts Brexit costs for UK BBC News 6h ago Related Coverage Tusk delivers blow to May's ambitions for Brexit accord From United Kingdom Financial Times 3h ago More World stories U.S. [HuffPost] Geek Squad Has Been Turning Customer Data Over To The FBI For More Than A Decade HuffPost 3h ago Related Coverage Geek Squad's Relationship with FBI Is Cozier Than We Thought Highly Cited EFF Mar 6, 2018 [NPR] Powerball Winner Collects Prize, Could Still Lose Anonymity NPR 1h ago Related Coverage Mystery $559.7M Powerball winner claims her prize Highly Cited USA TODAY 4h ago [NPR] The Texas Primaries: 6 Takeaways To Kick Off The 2018 Election Cycle NPR 4h ago Related Coverage Dave Wasserman on Twitter: "Breaking: in TX's 15 largest counties, early voting in Dem primary spiked 105% (!) vs ... Most Referenced Twitter 33m ago [ABC News] The Latest: Lightning strikes teacher during 'thunderstorm' ABC News 1h ago Related Coverage Teacher Struck by Lightning Outside NJ Middle School Amid Nor'easter's Thundersnow Threat Highly Cited NBC 10 Philadelphia 2h ago More U.S. stories Business [CNBC] The SEC just made it clearer that securities laws apply to most cryptocurrencies and exchanges trading them CNBC 1h ago [CNNMoney] Why McDonald's is flipping its arches for a day CNNMoney 3h ago Related Coverage McDonald's is flipping its iconic arches upside down in an unprecedented statement Highly Cited Business Insider 5h ago Here's the Sad Story of the Snap Redesign in 8 Steps Motley Fool 59m ago Related Coverage Snap is reportedly laying off around 100 employees Highly Cited TechCrunch 3h ago [Washington Post] A century ago, Coke was the 'national temperance beverage.' Now the company is selling booze in Japan. Washington Post 1h ago Related Coverage Innovation in Japan: The Exception Becomes the Rule: The Coca-Cola Company Most Referenced The Coca-Cola Company 1m ago More Business stories Technology [Sacramento Bee] Alexa's random laughter is freaking people out. Amazon says it's 'working to fix it' Sacramento Bee 1h ago Related Coverage Amazon admits Alexa is creepily laughing at people and is working on a fix Highly Cited The Verge 4h ago [The Verge] The big

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

trump economic advisor Gary Cohn resigns over tariff policies-- All the rats are leaving the sinking ship. 3-6-2018

African wax print fashions--

datura images --CAUTION--every part of this plant is highly poisonous.

Article on Chinese -designer Guo Pei.

Andy Warhol-like Moschino images--

Designer Prabal Gurung

Met gala dresses--

British counter terrorism experts take over case of Russian exile mysteriously felled --

I hope the Russian exile is not one of Christopher Steele's sources, but he is obviously an old Putin enemy. UK police already washing down the street, eerie parallels to Litvenenko poisoning.

The substance has not been identified yet. 3-6-2018

Critically ill man is Russian exile from 2010 spy swap.

Former Trump aide, flops, then flips, says he will cooperate with Mueller on Friday after all. All the trumpies look like a bunch of sh-- I must say. Meanwhile, Russian exile form 2010 spy swap, accused of spying for MI6, and female companion, found unconscious on bench in Salisbury UK. Stay tuned. 3-6-2018

Saturday, March 03, 2018

Good used book site, so you don't need to spend and arm and a leg to satisfy your reading habit.

Burmese python from wikipedia-- FYI

Although this species has a reputation for docility, they are very powerful animals, capable of inflicting severe bites or even killing a keeper by constriction.[31] They also consume large amounts of food, and due to their size, require large, often custom-built, secure enclosures. As a result, some are released into the wild, and become invasive species that devastate the environment. For this reason, some jurisdictions (including Florida due to the python invasion in the Everglades)[32] have placed restrictions on the keeping of Burmese pythons as pets. Violators could be imprisoned for more than 7 years or fined $500,000 if convicted. Burmese pythons are opportunistic feeders; they eat almost any time food is offered, and often act hungry even when they have recently eaten. As a result, they are often overfed, causing obesity-related problems to be common in captive Burmese pythons. Like the much smaller ball python, Burmese pythons are known to be easygoing or timid creatures, which means that if cared for properly, they can easily adjust to living near humans.[citation needed] Handling Audience volunteers holding an adult Burmese python Although pythons are typically afraid of people due to their high stature, and generally avoid humans, special care is still required when handling them. Given their adult strength, multiple handlers (up to one person per meter of snake) are usually recommended.[33] Some jurisdictions require owners to hold special licenses, and as with any wild animal being kept in captivity, treating them with the respect an animal of this size commands is important.[citation n

Michael Kors python handbags

Python leather--don't know if this is real python leather or fake--

3 tribal boys catch python --don't try this at home or anywhere in wild. Growing up, I always heard stories of man in the jungle who held his machete sharp side out, so when the python squeezed him, it was cut into pieces, but I don't know if this is true. Pythons kill by squeezing and cobras with poison, but would you know the difference. They've imported Indian tribesmen for catching Burmese pythons in Florida. They should import Karen tribesmen from Burma who are noted hunters. They should also start a fashion for python handbags. kmkaung 3-3-2018

Burmese pythons--

Jefrrey Sachs: Trmp does not understand economics.

trmp has spent one third of his time golfing--


Man shot himself near WH

Man shoots himself near north fence of WH on Pennsylvania Av.

Mnuchin blocks video of himself being heckled by UCLA staff and students, some dressed as French royalty.

One of my favorite novels--Mark Bojanowski--The Dog Fighter

Must watch--Richard Engel reports on N. Korea. At the start of the program, he mentions N Korean arm sales to Burma, now called Myanmar. Engel looks at open source and Middlebury Institute in CA, where experts can look at public footage, for instance of a missile launch, and determine location (geolocation), where the launch site is, using Google Earth, and if the image has been manipulated. They also use social media. What they do is much like what I do, with respect to Burma, but of course what they do is more technical. Engel also reports on an activist who managed to flee from N. Korea, and the number is very small, maybe in the low dozens. One book I have read is Dear Leader, non-fiction, agented (literary agent, not secret agent) by uber agent known as The Jackal, Andrew Wylie. Anyway, this is worth watching. Importantly, Engel says that Trmp's talk of a "pre-emptive strike" is worse than useless, because the N Koreans already have a nuclear warhead that can fit on their missiles (see onder Rachel Maddow program)and so "any strike will lead to nuclear war." Incidentally, Engel and his wife have a seriously brain damaged young child, who will never be able to look after himself. This I learned from reading People magazine, while waiting in my dentist's waiting room, for my interminable dental appointments. In this interview, Engel said that in some ways it was easier for him, than for his wife, because he could "get away" on assignment, and as "it is sometimes dangerous, I have to concentrate (in the moment)." From decades of talking to committed dissidents, from many different countries, (one was from S. Africa), I learned that dissidents don't do what they do because they are rich, well connected and have no problems of their own, or to scratch their butt. I learned from the lady who was working to help Ashin (Rev.) Gambira of Saffron Revolution fame that she had needed a kidney transplant for some time, and was so happy that day I invited her to a formal reception in her home city of Chicago, because she said, her brother had just told her he would donate one of his kidneys for her. It was very strange. I always thought she was quiet and laid back because she was a Buddhist. She worked in the same university as my hosts, and yet, they did not know each other. KM Kaung

Former CIA chief blasts trmp.

Friday, March 02, 2018

Holi (New Year) festival and problems with chemical powders and explosions--be careful.

Poor sad life--gay man who has to live in complete darkness.

wow, more dirt--Carl Icahn sold 31.3 m in shares of co, dependent on steel days before announcement.

oo la la "Wilbur Ross (Commerce Sec.) walked in and said, 'You want somebody to hit, hit China" Somebody better reset or hide those nuclear codes. Of course, "other countries" (trading partners) won't take it lying down, have already said they will retaliate. BTW, Putin might think it's a good time now to release those p-tapes. oo la la. 3-2-2018

MSNBC--Mueller asking whether Jared Kushner's ties fo foreign countries was related to WH policies

The Sufi poet Rumi--


Hagia Sophia

Always confused between the Hagia Sofia and the Blue Mosque, because when visiting for a few days in 1969, the wife of the former American ambassador to Rangoon, used to gesture in the same direction--

Shia Islam


Husayn ibn Ali


Religious music, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan--Ya Hussain--

I don't speak Persian (Farsi) -- but this is beautiful--

Robert Mueller--who he is--a much much better human being than his antagonist-- Please share the link widely. We have to see the orange clown indicted. 3-2-2018

:)--folks don't want to hire former WH staffers, not from this era-- I accidentally wrote "fire" for "hire." 3-2-2018

Vote for Alec Baldwin--

well here we go, lying sure affects your looks, getting more twisted over time--sarah huckerbee sanders --WH spokesperson.

Images fr Internet, Google image search. Non-profit use.

Mike Huckerbee (WH spokesperson SHS's father) resigns from Music Education Board, bye bye too.

trump's a fool, there are no winners in trade wars, just like no winners in war wars.

Bye now--Hope Hicks

He reportedly shouted at her "How can you be so stupid" after she admitted to telling "white lies" for Trump. But she's an adult, she knowingly attached herself to campaign and she went into that den of thieves, having an affair with serial wife abuser Rob Porter who was working in the same office, the WH. I thought that was a No No. For even more salacious comments, look at comments columns of Washhington Post. I don't know how people can stand to go there, let alone work there on a daily basis, with and for such people. It shows the devils' hunger for power and to be in the limelight. After the Porter story broke, Kellyanne C. another piece of -- told press, "I am not worried about Hope," Well, time always gives us good answers. kmk 3-2-2018

Headlines 3-2-2018--sorry links don't come through, but at least you have a heads up--

Nations Threaten Retaliation for Trump's Steel Tariffs Plan New York Times 1h ago Trump doubles down on tariffs: 'Trade wars are good, and easy to win' The Hill 36m ago Here's why the stock market is taking the Trump tariffs so hard MarketWatch 4h ago Trump's 'Smart' Tariffs Don't Make Economic Sense Featured The Atlantic 18h ago How Trump Can Win Back Investors He Just Lost Opinion Bloomberg 51m ago [Chicago Tribune] 2 fatally shot at Central Michigan University dorm; police searching for 19-year-old suspect Chicago Tribune 29m ago Related Coverage Central Michigan University shooting: 2 dead, gunman missing Highly Cited Detroit Free Press 38m ago [ABC News] The Latest: Airlines cancel East Coast flights due to winds ABC News 40m ago Related Coverage Winter Storm Riley Undergoing Bombogenesis Into a Strong Nor'easter With Damaging Winds, Coastal Flooding, and ... Highly Cited The Weather Channel 5h ago [The Atlantic] A Georgia Republican's Unethical Revenge The Atlantic 2h ago Related Coverage Does Delta Airlines Give Planned Parenthood Members Discounted Rates? Fact Check 17h ago [New York Times] Trump and Alec Baldwin, His 'SNL' Impersonator, Sling Insults Across Twitter New York Times 1h ago Related Coverage Donald J. Trump on Twitter: "Alec Baldwin, whose dying mediocre career was saved by his terrible impersonation of me ... Most Referenced Twitter 5h ago [Washington Post] Livestream: Watch evangelist Billy Graham's funeral Washington Post 7m ago World [Washington Post] Pentagon looks to adjust missile defense policy to include threats from Russia, China Washington Post 1h ago Related Coverage 'Invincible nukes are Putin's response to US Nuclear Posture Review' From Russia RT 21m ago [BBC News] 'Hard facts' for both sides in Brexit talks - Theresa May BBC News 1h ago Related Coverage Theresa May says Brexit will reduce UK access to single market From United Kingdom The Guardian 45m ago Extremists attack embassy, army headquarters in Burkina Faso capital Chicago Tribune 1h ago Related Coverage Extremists Attack Burkina Faso's Capital Video Associated Press [New York Times] Benjamin Netanyahu Is Questioned in 3rd Corruption Case in Israel New York Times 2h ago Related Coverage Police Question Netanyahu for Over Five Hours; Wife Also Grilled Simultaneously From Israel Haaretz 6h ago More World stories U.S. The Daily 202: Trump triangulates on trade. Here are five takeaways from the tariff announcement. 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Thursday, March 01, 2018

Truly incredible--Melania Trmp came into USA on an Einstein visa for "special ability." I truly believe the trmp admin will unravel soon. In the old days, they would just have sued the Wapo. Now trmp did not even offer to save his son in law but left it up to Kelly. Stay tuned. The Reporters and Robert Mueller should share the Nobel Peace Prize, for safe guarding the constitution and democracy in America. Maybe "extraordinary ability" was ability to snag the d., and walk on 4 " heels after Hurricane Harvey.

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