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Tuesday, July 07, 2020

NBC Nightly News--Kid's Edition--

Special post, 7th July 1962, On this day in Rangoon, Burma--

Ne Win's army shot at university students with live ammo for the very first, but not the last time.

Scenes from 1962 on Rangoon Univ campus are reconstructed fictionally in my novel Wolf.

Among the real people that play cameo roles in my novel as Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, junta advisor the Soviet trained cadre Ko Ko Maung (U Chit Hlaing), Ne Win (of course) and the late (Prince) Chao Tzang Yawngwe (Eugene Thaike) who was a university student in 1962.

The hero of my novel Mothi Awegoke "August" also traverses the 1967 anti-Chinese (really rice) riots instigated by NW (I heard it from a man who "copied stone inscriptions" that my father brought from Bagan, and my mother allowed to live in a free-standing small cottage in our garden.)  So there's no question of its truth value.  This man, U Aung Myat Kyaw, became a top BSPP party cadre, so there is no question of the authenticity of what he saw.  He told us the same evening as soon as he got back.

KM Kaung

Washington, DC

7th July, 2020.

NBC Nightly News, Cuomo Briefing, Mongolia Bubonic plagues, Dr Fauci warns, Australia new lockdown--combo post

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Thursday, July 02, 2020

What it's like to brief trump.

Landslides in Hpakant jade mines, Burma.

Hpakant is notorious for totally unregulated mining, the miners virtual slaves addicted to heroin.

According to a democracy advocate who had been there, at night the sound tracks fr porn flicks are broadcast from giant loudspeakers.

In my novel Wolf, a mining student is sent to the mines.

The deputy PM of the Burmese exile govt based in DC was from the mine town, Mogok.

He told me in 2009, "Other than the gem trade, there's nothing to do in Mogok, so the people are suffering greatly."

The junta took over the mines at least since the mid-1970s.

That's why US at one time, due to activism by US Campaign for Burma, passed the Jade Act.

I don't know if it is still in force.

One Burma expert has said, "Well, gems, it's easy to move them around the deck."

If you read of all the major gems of the world, for instance Marie Antoinette's ear rings, now in the Smithsonian, they are all smeared with major blood and power lust.

That's why I prefer arts and crafts to gemstones.



Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein accomplice arrested.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Butea tree (pauk pin, in Burmese)

as in

naing gan yay
pauk ne kyay

Like parrots

on a
pauk tree.



Chase Bank customers reported some acct irregularities --

#BREAKING: Some Chase Bank customers Sunday morning report missing or added funds to their accounts.

clearly racist trump--

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Bolton book--long sample online but--

to me his ideas are unpleasant to revolting, but book does give a chronology of events and keen observation.

Will wait till price falls to $5 incld shipping for a used book.


Senator Kamala Harris calls on Atty Gen Barr to resign--

But he won't.

He'll have to be pulled kicking and screaming to jail.

Apocalyptic corona outbreaks feared in most populous US cities

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Parscale and Kushner in cross hairs after Saturday's Oklahoma fiasco

Some of my short stories --

Alarming uptick in corona cases,

Support and understand yr children, don't bad mouth them down like my mother did.

Actually she only verbally abused me, not my siblings.


Tech companies slam trump on visa restrictions.

Yesterday evening on Lafayette Square, near White House--

About sundown, protestors tried to pull down statue of Andrew Jackson near the entrance.  A helicopter flew very low and police formed a line and pushed protestors out, using pepper spray balls.

I didn't not go out there and do not go out.

Saw many videos on Twitter.

Trump's secret service asked press to leave WH grounds.

This is not good.


Before and after photos of man who recovered from covid-19

don't get complacent.  Don't gamble with yr life and yr loved one's lives.

Don't go out on unnecessary trips, beach is unnecessary.

Hair cut is unnecessary. girl friend, boy friend is unnecessary.

Remember, covid is back on rise esp in USA and China and ppl are still traveling all over.

Asymptomatic people can carry and pass on disease.

Symptoms usually appear 2 weeks after exposure.

Virus can live on surfaces up to 3 days, ie if you touch something like a hotel door knob or a desk etc less than 3 days after someone has touched it, you can get it.

Again, wear masks and gloves when going out and wash cloth masks each time you use--sterilize in assigned pot in hot water.  Wash hands and wring out masks when cool, hang to dry in sun by straps.  Dispose of disposable gloves in trash.

Don't be a fool.


Monday, June 22, 2020

Stanley Milgram experiments--People at heart are mean SOBs

Essay collection, Let it Fly with the Flowers--edited by me.

Prof. Dr Aye Hlaing

Founder and first Rector, Institute of Economics, Rangoon, Burma.

I am now happily re-typing and editing U Aye Hlaing's Ph.D. dissertation for re-publication.

The pdf of the original typescript is in very bad shape, some of the letters indistinct, and Saya Aye Hlaing said so many important things (about Burma) that deserve to be read by a wider audience.

I am also going to set up a Go Fund Me to finance this project.

Ideally, it needs a custom cover which will cost about USD 500 for -ebook cover + for soft cover book cover wrap.

So please, reach into yr pockets and pledge or send some small amount to me.

The Go Fund Me will be ready in a few days.

You can start by buying some of my previous publications.

Every little bit helps.

Thank you.

Kyi May

Sunday, June 21, 2020

NBC Nightly News Sat 6-21-2020

My stories, Band of Flesh and 53 Red Roses

Two twins are stuck together for life, what's wrong with that?

A man gives his wife 53 red roses on her birthday, what's wrong with that?

Find out here.

My novella set in Burma and Thailand: The Rider of Crocodiles

Diane Rehm interviews Peter Baker about Bolton book.

Maybe this interview was done abt a week ago.

But still quite useful.


Tom Petty's family puts out Cease and Desist over trump campaign's use of song at rally.

TikTokTeens and KPop Stans say they sank trump's Tulsa so-called rally

Trump's tuba walk across WH lawn after failed rally.

Donald Trump arrived back to the White House with full fanfare after his #TulsaRally

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Unbelievable--entire text of John Bolton book leaked online.

I found it on Twitter.

Official book launch is on Tues.

Judge just struck down trump admin request to block it.

Meanwhile, teenagers caused empty seats at Trump's Tulsa, OK rally by pre-ordering tickets and then not showing up, some providing fake names and phone #s so their data could not be mined by trump campaign.

Stay tuned.


Barr forces out Berman of SDNY

6 trump staffers working on Tulsa Rally test positive for Covid-19

ships of fools, who will pay for their ICU and funeral exps.


Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Trump fires heads of RFA, RFE etc

I knew it was coming sooner or later, bc he thinks he can "handle" international relations directly.

This is truly a fascist move, just like NW sending 1 tank to Burma Broadcasting Service on March 2, 1962.

Haven't heard of former colleagues at RFA looking for jobs yet, but--

Time to query my Tyranny book.


Cuomo: Federal Government making historic msitake by advising states to reopen.

NBC nightly news

new old drug/steroid that helps Covid recovery, police reform, ADHD


George Floyd's brother asks UN Human Rights Council for help.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

11 year old crochet prodigy to man who knits, via the Aran islands.

How Aran islands generated its own art form.

Man who knits, using recycled wool from Salvation Army sweaters that he pulls apart.

11 year old crochet prodigy

and that's it for today.



trump's niece to publish harrowing tell all book--

Exorcise the demon trump--The Bloody AWful T-rumps

 Trump toddler sippy cup
 Obama and Biden drinking water, vs sippy cup trump steadying his hand.


as he almost slipped coming down a ramp at Westpoint.
 Ann Telnaes cartoon for Washington Post.

Mel Trmp did not come to DC immediately bc renegotiating her prenups, tall all book by trump's niece says.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Yet another killing of a blackman by police in USA

so many deaths like this, someone who was drunk and sleeping in his car.


Monday, June 08, 2020

Two very cool gentlemen--

Zucchero and Pavorotti

Special post, Nana Mouskuori sings Va Pensiero in French, Paris Opera House.

The opulence of the French court always makes my flesh crawl, all based on oppression and empire, but I would like once in my life to hear/watch an opera, perhaps The Magic Flute, in that opera house.

Many shots of exterior and interior of Paris Opera House.

Kyi May