Wednesday, January 30, 2019

profitable trees to grow

rubber tree bonsai.

Crepe myrtle bonsai.


How to paint like de Kooning by Moma expert. I don't like de Kooning and I don't like the muddy brown area on top RH corner, but this is a good technique oriented analytical tutorial. He's also done how to paint like Franz Kline etc. I only pray I won't run out of time, money, food, shelter and art materials, in that order. km 1-30-2019

Painting leggings

Painting a T Shirt

Fabric painting basics

Chinese bamboo painting, basics

Modern Dutch still lifes

Japanese dye workshop

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Melting ice in Canadain Arctic reveal landcsapes--

Survival in the wild--spring--NE USA.

Here is Wild Survival--but he's an adult, it's Spring and he knows what he is doing. I'm reminded of story I read years ago in Readers Digest in Burma--parents told children to "follow the streams to river: if ever lost. They were in plane crash and survived in the Amazon, till they found a village wh helped them. Parents died in crash. km cheers km

Get smart about drugs.

Hearing live

USA--consumer confidence falls due to govt shutdown. Of course it would.

trmp tariifs wipe out Harley Davidson profits.

Taylor Sheridan--Sicario (2015) pdf

Better link for below

Inside the fake world of d j t

OMG,do not know to laugh or cry trmp got 3 alt facts fr same movie 1. women taped 2. fantastic cars 3. prayer rugs presenting them as "facts' wh border patrol had never heard of s it must be TREASON to act on and disseminate Lies (fiction) like that

Oprah Winfrey's mansions. It's hard to think how a couple without children can manage and "live in" so many properties. It makes you think of Jane Fond and Ted Turner, she left him for "quite an ordinary person." At least Oprah got her money by working hard. I'm against landlords and landladies. 1-29-2019

Blumenthal-Grassley new Transparency Act ref. Special Counsels. Blumenthat deplored "trend of lying to Congress" and name Donald Trump. Jr. This is SIGNIFICANT. 1-29-2019

Sunday, January 27, 2019

The Ishtar Gate, now in Berlin, where I saw it.

Nova--Dawn of Humanity

Lucy--out of Africa

Dr Rick Potts--Smithsonian Museum of Natural History reopening on Tuesday.

Cartoon drawn by Jake Tapper--

trmp ordered thousands of new border control officers but--

Duke U prof who warned Chinese students to "speak English on campus"

On Roger Stone--The Dirty Trickster, by Jeffrey Toobin, 2008, The New Yorker. Not even spoken well of by buddy buddy trmp--that says something. Wife is madam. 1-27-2019

trump said to be OK for 2nd shutdown, but he's better not do it--on slippery slope already.

Roger Stone does not rule out co-operating with Mueller investigation.

Roger Stone does not rule out co-operating with Mueller.

Pico Iyer

Efforts to impeach Donald Trmp--wiki

well well well--from wiki contd.

The Donald J. Trump Foundation is a U.S.-based private foundation[213] that was established in 1988 for the initial purpose of giving away proceeds from the book Trump: The Art of the Deal.[214][215] The foundation's funds have mostly come from donors other than Trump,[216] who has not given personally to the charity since 2008.[216]

from main wiki donald trump

During the 1980s, more than 70 banks had lent Trump $4 billion,[179] but in the aftermath of his corporate bankruptcies of the early 1990s, most major banks declined to lend to him, with a notable exception of Deutsche Bank.[186]

from wiki--trump legal--contd

In 1991, Trump sued the manufacturers of a helicopter that crashed in 1989, killing three executives of his New Jersey hotel casino business.[24] The helicopter fell 2,800 feet after the main four-blade rotor and tail rotor broke off the craft, killing Jonathan Benanav, an executive of Trump Plaza, and two others: Mark Grossinger Etess, president of Trump Taj Mahal, and Stephen F. Hyde, chief executive of the Atlantic City casinos.[25][26][27] One of the defendants was owned by the Italian government, providing a basis for removing it to federal court, where the case was dismissed. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit upheld the dismissal in 1992, and the Supreme Court denied Trump's petition to hear the case in the same year.[28] In 1991, Trump Plaza was fined $200,000 by the New Jersey Casino Control Commission for moving African American and female employees from craps tables in order to accommodate high roller Robert LiButti, a mob figure and alleged John Gotti associate, who was said to fly into fits of racist rage when he was on losing streaks.[29] There is no indication that Trump was ever questioned in that investigation, he was not held personally liable, and Trump denies even knowing what LiButti looked like.[29] In 1991, one of Trump's casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey, was found guilty of circumventing state regulations about casino financing when Donald Trump's father bought $3.5 million in chips that he had no plans to gamble. Trump Castle was forced to pay a $30,000 fine under the settlement, according to New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement Director Jack Sweeney. Trump was not disciplined for the illegal advance on his inheritance, which was not confiscated.[30] In 1993, Donald Trump sued Jay Pritzker, a Chicago financier and Trump's business partner since 1979 on the Grand Hyatt hotel. Trump alleged that Pritzker overstated earnings in order to collect excessive management fees.[31] In 1994, Pritzker sued Trump for violating their agreement by, among other ways, failing to remain solvent.[32] The two parties ended the feud in 1995 in a sealed settlement, in which Trump retained some control of the hotel and Pritzker would receive reduced management fees and pay Trump's legal expenses.[33] In 1993, Vera Coking sued Trump and his demolition contractor for damage to her home during construction of the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino.[34] In 1997, she dropped the suit against Trump and settled with his contractor for $90,000.[35] Coking had refused to sell her home to Trump and ultimately won a 1998 Supreme Court decision that prevented Atlantic City from using eminent domain to condemn her property.[36][37] In 1996, Trump was sued by more than 20 African-American residents of Indiana who charged that Trump reneged on promises to hire 70% of his work force from the minority community for his riverboat casino on Lake Michigan. The suit also charged that he hadn't honored his commitments to steer sufficient contracts to minority-owned businesses in Gary, Indiana. The suit was eventually dismissed due to procedural and jurisdiction issues.[38][39] In the late 1990s, Donald Trump and rival Atlantic City casino owner Stephen Wynn engaged in an extended legal conflict during the planning phase of new casinos Wynn had proposed to build. Both owners filed lawsuits against one another and other parties, including the State of New Jersey, beginning with Wynn's antitrust accusation against Trump.[40][41] After two years in court, Wynn's Mirage casino sued Trump in 1999 alleging that his company had engaged in a conspiracy to harm Mirage and steal proprietary information, primarily lists of wealthy Korean gamblers. In response, Trump's attorneys claimed that Trump's private investigator dishonored his contract by working as a "double agent" for the Mirage casino by secretly taping conversations with Trump. All the cases were settled at the same time on the planned day of an evidentiary hearing in court in February 2000, which was never held.[42] Personal and sexual

From Wkipedia, Legal Affairs of Donald Trump

Lawsuits 1973–1999 Trump initially came to public attention in 1973 when he was accused by the Justice Department of violations of the Fair Housing Act in the operation of 39 buildings. The Department of Justice said that black "testers" were sent to more than half a dozen buildings and were denied apartments, but a similar white tester would then be offered an apartment in the same building.[9] The government alleged that Trump's corporation quoted different rental terms and conditions to blacks and made false "no vacancy" statements to blacks for apartments they managed in Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.[10] Representing Trump, Roy Cohn filed a counter-suit against the government for $100 million, asserting that the charges were irresponsible and baseless.[9][11] A federal judge threw out the countersuit, calling it a waste of "time and paper".[12] Trump settled the charges out of court in 1975 without admitting guilt, saying he was satisfied that the agreement did not "compel the Trump organization to accept persons on welfare as tenants unless as qualified as any other tenant".[13] Tony Schwartz, the ghostwriter of Trump's book, The Art of the Deal, said that the housing case was "a classic example" of Trump being "a counterpuncher": someone accuses Trump of doing something horrible, and he "goes back at them with all guns blazing.... And admits nothing." If Trump loses, he will "declare victory".[14] The corporation was required to send a bi-weekly list of vacancies to the New York Urban League, a civil rights group, and give them priority for certain locations.[15] Several years later (in 1978) the Trump Organization again was in court for violating terms of the 1975 settlement; Trump denied the charges.[9][12][16] 1980s In 1985, New York City brought a lawsuit against Trump for allegedly using tactics to force out tenants of 100 Central Park South,[17] which he intended to demolish together with the building next door. After ten years in court, the two sides negotiated a deal allowing the building to stand as condominiums.[18] In 1988, the Justice Department sued Trump for violating procedures related to public notifications when buying voting stock in a company related to his attempted takeovers of Holiday Corporation and Bally Manufacturing Corporation in 1986. On April 5, 1988, Trump agreed to pay $750,000 to settle the civil penalties of the antitrust lawsuit.[19] 1990s Business In late 1990, Trump was sued for $2 million by a business analyst for defamation, and Trump settled out of court.[20] Briefly before Trump's Taj Mahal opened in April 1990, the analyst had said that the project would fail by the end of that year. Trump threatened to sue the analyst's firm unless the analyst recanted or was fired. The analyst refused to retract the statements, and his firm fired him for ostensibly unrelated reasons.[21] Trump Taj Mahal declared bankruptcy in November 1990, the first of several such bankruptcies.[22] After, the NYSE ordered the firm to compensate the analyst $750,000; the analyst did not release the details of his settlement with Trump.[23]

Warning--graphic--disturbing documentary about M Jackson's abuse of 2 children.

Daily Beast--Roger Stone too slmy to flip.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Venezuela is about more than ousting a strongman.

Don't tell anyone you won the lotto! Sign your winning ticket and make xerox copies right away. Get a good lawyer and a financial planner. I hope this man will be OK. 1-26-2019

Mueller says Manafort should not get credit for co-operating. Judge said he can wear a suit in court. How trmp's minions fave fallen, all due to trmp. 1-26-2019

mrs trump wins another libel case--

CNN --the numbers say it all--shutdown--Pelosi won, trmp LOST.

Busiest US southern border crossing to take only 20 asylum seekers a day.

France's yellow vests--how they weakend already weak Macron.

Complete list of Whole Foods recalled due to baby spinach/salmonella scare. This was in Fox News and you know how they hate Bezos, Washington Post and Whole Foods. Anyway, best to avoid and I never buy prepared food anyway. Also I can easily make any of these things without baby spinach. I never eat store bought salads anyway. One should always wash meats and vegetables before cooking. 1-26-2019

Robert Reich tweet--cost of the shutdown.

Robert Reich ‏Verified account @RBReich 5h5 hours ago According to Standard & Poor’s, the U.S. economy lost at least $6 billion in the five weeks the government was partially shuttered, due to the shutdown. That's more than the $5.7 billion Trump requested for his wall. 123 replies 1,718 retweets 3,137 likes

Dinosaur hunter story of the Gilded Age--

Friday, January 25, 2019

trmp zombies applaud--

trmp's rose garden shutdown speech--

Air traffic grounded at Newark, Philadelphia and La Guardia airports. Take my advice, no air travel till US Govt reopens. We'll be lucky if it grinds to a halt. If unpaid air traffic controllers and TSA keep working under stress, a major accident or incident is just round the corner. For now, stay put where you are. best km

Judge releases Stone on $250,000 bail. He can't go far. Don't know yet if he has tracker on his ankle. 1-25-2019

John Podesta says--

Repub senators screamed at McConnell and Pence--

Jeffrey Toobin--use of passive voice "was directed" in Indictment is indicative of refering to trmp

Bannon implicated in Stone indictment.

Huck Sanders train wreck interview "nothing to do with trmop" Keep repeating. And why is she so fat and her roght eyelid so droopy. Looks like about to have a STROKE. 1-25-2019

CNN--FBI arrives at Roger Stone's Fort Lauderdale home--predawn raid.

Breaking news--Roger Stone indicted by Mueller, arrested by FBI in pre-dawn raid.

Nancy Pelosi images.

trmp makes a rare cave in on State of the Union Address

Thursday, January 24, 2019

This is the real President Pelosi giving the real State of the Union Address--note the contrast with posturing boasting lying bullying trmp Hope she will run in 2020 too--or hope, as she's 3rd in line trmp and pennies will be impeached together. 1-24-2019

Airline personnel issue warning about air travel if SHUTDOWN continues.

AOC strikes back at stupid face Huck Sanders with a loaded bible--take that you fool.

US Government shutdown could cost 6 b by Friday-- All due to Trump. 1-24-2019

Mayo Clinic cataract surgery

Gum disease could cause Alzheimers See your dentist and periodontist regularly and keep your and teeth and gums mouth very clean. It's what you eat with. km

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Trump says he will explore alternatives after Pelosi says No State of Union Address while government is shutdown. trmp is losing bigtime but pretends not to know it. 1-23-2019

Excerpt from Russell Baker's Growing up. I did not steal this, it was on Internet, I just found it. The person who put it up did not put up the entire book. This is an excerpt. It comes under Fair Use. Copyright expires 60 years after death of author unless renewed by heirs. Obviously, Baker just passed away so 60 more years to go. In the meantime, you can buy Growing Up. I was looking for the Amazon link. 1-23-2019

Monday, January 21, 2019

Bernie Sanders calls Trump racist.

Emin Agalarov not coming to USA for concert tour of "Got me Good" wh spoofs Steele Dossier etc.

300 furloughed workers recalled back to work. I don't like this executive meddling at all, shutdown and all. Smacks of dictatorship. 1-21-2019

Racist Steve King tweets fake MLK quote.

Freshwater shark fossils found in rock in wh T Rex SUE found.

--tweets 40 times on day 30 of "shitdown" started by himself. How many lies, keep counting. He also REPEATS LIES, on Hitler theory "a lie repeated often enough will be believed" Until it all blows up as it did for Hit. i e Hitler could no longer lie that winning the war when he was in the bunker and Russians and Allies at the gates. If you are on Twitter, check out historian Micheal Beschloss' expert trolling of trmp with photos. Also former WH photographer for Presdt Obama, Pete Souza. You will feel human again and that good can win. 1-21-2019

Trump voters now blame him for the shutdown. About time.

Kamala Harris to run for president in 2020. trmp has stopped talking about 2020. If he's still in office then, he's likely to lose to a new Democratic president. 1-21-2019

Job Bon Jovi restaurant offering free meals to furloughed workers in NJ. You can also pay for your meal and for someone else's in advance. This is more than orange fool ever did. 1-21-2019

Dakar fashion week.

Ian McDonald author

Sci Fi--Luna: Wolf Moon by Ian McDonald.

Lunar eclipse--live stream from Griffith Observatory, LA.

Friday, January 18, 2019

White House security, Dan Emett, Within Arm's Length--2014

Jack London, Call of the Wild, free e copy, Gutenberg Project. Educational use only. 1-18-2019

Hundreds of refugees cross freely into Mexico Mexico is WISE. 1-18-2019

G W Bush delivers pizza to his Secret Service detail.

Prince Philip at 97, was driving, in car crash.

Government shutdown, pared down WH--no fresh flowers.

Boom--Buzzfeed story--Trump directed Cohen to lie to Congress--impeachment calls from DEMOCRATS Beginning of the end for trmp and trmpies 1-18-2019

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Ocasio-Cortez secures powerful House finance seat.

"hamberders" + trmp daily routine.

Michael Cohen paid firms 000s to rig polls in favor of trmp--trmp is going down. Public hearing Feb 7. 1-17-2019

New Mueller team investigation direction, Psy Group and Isreal. It's inconceivable that Kushner is not one of the as yet unnamed individuals. 1-17-2019

Marine vet held by ICE and about to be deported is US Citizen. That's what happens when you empower the "Minutemen" see Sinclair Lewis' novel It Can't Happen Here. 1-17-2019

Colbert pokes fun at d j t

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

King Lear--Guttenberg Project I saw a BBC radio version, but I'd rather read the script. 1-16-2019

King Lear on Broadway with Glenda Jackson.

Michelin 3 star restaurant invites Clemson Tigers to proper celebration meal--down trmp down. Stop barking cheap dog trmp. 1-16-2019

Nancy Pelosi pulls major power move on trmp.

No Democrats will attend trmp's lunch. Nothing special about fast food. :) 1-16-2019

Quote of the day--trmp gave Putin gift of century, by verbally attacking NATO--

Trump suggested that Montenegro — NATO's newest and smallest member that has accused Russia of trying to assassinate its president — might cross over four countries to attack Russia because of the "aggressive" nature of its 622,000 inhabitants. Sally Yates was right. 1-16-2019

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Old Tappan Zee Bridge taken down.

Miss Saigon trailer for Broadway 2017.

Miss Siagon --song--can definitely hear precursor of Les Miserables.

Source of quote below

Quote of day from ABC

Corsi said that Stettner was questioned by the FBI in recent weeks because he has, on and off over the course of many years, helped fix Corsi's computers. Of particular interest to the FBI agents, Corsi said, was a computer of his that Stettner wiped of all its contents in the weeks leading up to Corsi’s subpoena to testify before the special counsel's grand jury in late August. Corsi and his wife, Monica Corsi told ABC News in a recent interview following Stettner's encounter with the FBI that Stettner wiped the computer because Monica Corsi wanted to use the computer for her New Jersey-based small business, rather than buy a new one. He said neither he nor his wife had nefarious intentions. “I don’t see how I can be accused of destroying evidence or a conspiracy to obstruct justice when I simply allowed – before I knew I was under investigation -- my stepson to restore a computer,” Corsi told ABC News. “I didn’t see the harm in wiping [the computer] instead of buying a new one.” Corsi told ABC News that he has an external hard-drive that stored a back-up software application that completely backed up the computer his stepson wiped. "My attorneys David Gray and Larry Klayman are in the process of writing a letter to [the special counsel] offering to make the desktop Mac, the external hard drive with the [back up application] data, and an internal hard drive we had replaced for a solid state internal hard drive available to [their office]," Corsi said. (MORE: Special counsel witness says he expects to be charged in Mueller probe) Corsi, known for promulgating political smear campaigns and conspiracy theories, rejected a plea deal he says was offered to him by Mueller in November, saying he could not sign on to a plea deal for a crime he says he did not commit.

Theresa May's Brexit deal voted down--lesson for America.

Fake books that sold well--

In new book, Christie claims Kushner carried out "hit job" as revenge for prosecuting his father. Steve Bannon to Chris Christie, "The kid is obsessed about you." Christie on how trmo eff-ed up the transition. 1-15-2019

Federal judge orders trmp to remove 2020 cenus citizenship Q.

Game of Thrones wiki + locations. Pretty amazing, the novel series, the TV series and the production. I read the first 4 books, but after that--too many characters and I liked the ice part more than the water part. I only liked some of the casting, as sometimes the actors did not seem to fit GRRM's descriptions--e.g. horse-faced Arya. I liked the costumes. Maybe too many dragons--I would have liked to see more of the dire wolves. But it's a metaphor or an allegory, the dragons=nuclear weapons. km

Monday, January 14, 2019

WH hamburgers served to Clemson players bc WH staff on furlough due to shutdown--

trmp nothing burger-- Trmp feeds Clemson players cold burgers bc WH staff unpaid and not there--many images on Twitter. what a cheap --hole, and he paid for teh food himself. 1-14-2019

Judge blocks trmp birth control rule in 13 states. Why doesn't he keep plastic mel constantly pregnant or maybe he can't get close enough. 1-14-2019

Mueller probes event attended by Nunes, Flynn etc.

trmp keeps mum on Steve King whoile stoking racism on his own.

Steve King loses House Committeee seats over racist remarks.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Interviews about Trmp-Carl Berstein , + co-author of Art of Deal Computer will take you to the next link. Trmp became more corrupt after 2016 with more power. 1-13-2019

Earth from Space, images.

Golden cattleya--images

The real caregiver was Algerian Muslim and the millionaire was French.

From 2017--Radio Free Asia Pnom Penh branch closed.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Burmese language and sayings

My first short story, in The Guardian (Burma edition)--no connection to UK The Guardian.

Gene Wolfe--sci fi novelist

Julian Castro expected to announce his Presdential bid.

Wow! Can she draw--Laurie Lipton Anybody who can draw and paint knows drawing at that level of detail on such a large scale is more difficult than painting. You need many many pencil strokes, millions, and to be very accurate to draw like this, whereas you can paint using color comparatively quickly, as in one or a few days--though days may be spread out if --you have to cook and pay your bills and spend time with family, go to the dentist's and the doctor's. That's why her imagination and execution of her projects are so wonderful and surreal. Each painting is like a novel. Which is also why you shld never ask for or expect someone's art work for free, or for the price of paper, pencil and paints. Barter also seldom works, due to non-coincidence of wants. For instance, I did not want someone's small drawing of a prairie chicken, even though I praised it, in exchange for one of my big abstracts. Kyi May 1-12-2019

Gee sus--US Dept of Treasury on Contingency Plan Do you feel like lending US govt money when its led by a fool now?? I think not. 1-12-2019

The man who prizes his ego so much is getting a daily lashing--from Everywhere.

Jim Carrey's brilliant cartoons--watch out Mr T

Former CIA Director John Brennan trashes trump claim of "terrorists" (4000) on the Southern Border. "In my 8 years with the Obama Admins. I never heard of one terrorist who came by the Sn Border. . . That's not the way they enter the country." 1-12-2019

Friday, January 11, 2019

LA teachers plan to strike Monday--

Ted Talk modern cyberwarfare

Raw Story votes, shld trmp be impeached, yes or no, copied and pasted, 1-11-2019

Should Trump Be Impeached? Total: 2719 Answered: 2719 / Skipped: 8 Yes - (2408) Votes No - (311) Votes

Ethnic fashions--some my photos.

Maybe trmp really is a Russian agent--look at the amount of chaos and loss he is causing.

He's destroying the very fabric of the nation.

Zero $$ pay bof air traffic controller who's wife is expecting a baby.

Miami Airport shutting down one terminal due to lack of screeners. Even the logistics of shutdown and triaging likely to be complex. 1-11-2019

Pennsylvania priest gets 14 years for molesting 2 boys.

Tent city in El Paso TX wh held refugee teens to be closed.

TSA agents refuse to work during Trump Shutdown.

GO Fund Me wall prject --for 2 miles of wall, implodes, border is 2,000 miles Man has history of these kinds of scams and is working with shady individuals. 1-11-2019

Air Traffic Controllers sue trmp over missed lay during shutdown.

Nationalism, wikipedia

trmp drinks 1 2cans of diet coke a day--

FBI opened Criminal Investigation of Trump, day after Comey fired.

Grandpa Kitchen, aloo dum biryani.

Today I am maintaining "radio silence" on trmp with Hoarse Whsiperer et al.

WH hires 17 more lawyers--whose money are they using for that?? And during the shutdown too. This only proves that trmp may be in "white eyed" legal jeopardy. But remember, they shld work for the Constitutuon, not d j t. 1-11-2019

Jayme Class, missing since her parents murdered, found alive.

600+ blog hits yesterday--on this blog.

Pay the federal workers, furlogh trmp

TRMS--surgery and recovery on Ruth Bader Ginsburg is normal, don't panic. WH shld not be looking for "her replacement." That is their crisis, not hers. 1-11-2019

"buvanka and kush"see movie Vice abt Dick Cheney but leave early.

Breaking, Michael Cohen will testify publicly to Congress. Gloria Borger: This is Shakespearean. 1-11-2019

Hey, trmp is not worth one Joshua Tree. Maybe one penny tree.

Peggy Noonan--Bush points of light speechwriter--End this stupid shutdown.

trmp dictator, by Robert Reich--this is a must read.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

trmp shown (pictures of) border tunnels where walls already exist-- trmp's trip at state expense, is showing REVERSE of what he wishes to prove--ie 1. THERE IS NO CRISIS at this border. 2. McAllen TX is 7th safest place in America. 3. Walls don't work, Acosta found only a few yards of steel slats, the rest was chain link fence, "such as you would have in your backyard," Acosta said. Trmp is losing this fight in a spectacular way. Activists are demanding that he pay for his own vacation in the sun. He says at "exit interview" on lawn this morning that he's not going to G8, "even though it was very successful" when he did go. That's a lie. Instead, about 7 people including blonde nazi Kirtsjen Nielson are going, also "buvanka" --it is reported on Twitter. Please follow me on Twitter--I retweet 100s of posts daily. 1-10-2019

Contractors always cheat--in tests, border wall prototype cut through with a saw--

trmp--more lies on lawn before leaving for McAllen TX, where mayor and residents want no wall, crime is low and-- Just follow me on TWITTER. bye bye for now, have to embroider my jacket. 1-10-2019

McConnell blocks senate bid to reopen govt.

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Manafort intended for US polling data to go to 2 Ukraine oligarchs

Trump is losing and he knows it.

Democrats deliever National Park trash to WH so "trmp can smell it."

Schumer calls on trmp to withdraw Barr nomination. Bar Barr black sheep. 1-9-2019

Mnuchin under scrutiny--

trmp stands up and walks out of meeting as TRUMP SHITDOWN enters its 20th day--(intentional mis-spelling) Another temper tantrum, but he's losing it. DEMOCRATS now have the MORAL HIGH GROUND and he will soon be IMPEACHED. This is is so called prez who knows how to garrotte himself well. 1-9-2019

Pressure builds on Republican Senate to end shutdown.

Hear! Hear! Amazon blurb for Micheal Lewis' The Fifth Risk.

New York Times Bestseller What are the consequences if the people given control over our government have no idea how it works? "The election happened," remembers Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, then deputy secretary of the Department of Energy. "And then there was radio silence." Across all departments, similar stories were playing out: Trump appointees were few and far between; those that did show up were shockingly uninformed about the functions of their new workplace. Some even threw away the briefing books that had been prepared for them. Michael Lewis’s brilliant narrative takes us into the engine rooms of a government under attack by its own leaders. In Agriculture the funding of vital programs like food stamps and school lunches is being slashed. The Commerce Department may not have enough staff to conduct the 2020 Census properly. Over at Energy, where international nuclear risk is managed, it’s not clear there will be enough inspectors to track and locate black market uranium before terrorists do. Willful ignorance plays a role in these looming disasters. If your ambition is to maximize short-term gains without regard to the long-term cost, you are better off not knowing those costs. If you want to preserve your personal immunity to the hard problems, it’s better never to really understand those problems. There is upside to ignorance, and downside to knowledge. Knowledge makes life messier. It makes it a bit more difficult for a person who wishes to shrink the world to a worldview. If there are dangerous fools in this book, there are also heroes, unsung, of course. They are the linchpins of the system―those public servants whose knowledge, dedication, and proactivity keep the machinery running. Michael Lewis finds them, and he asks them what keeps them up at night.

trmp trying to hold Repubs together as he heads to Capital Hill, note--it's not the reverse.

Good panel--Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes and Nicole Wallace.

Excellent article--In Case of Emergency, Elizabeth Goiten--Brennan Center--This is a Must Read.

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow break doen trmp's bull shit abt "wall"

Lin Manual Miranda buys bookstore to save it.

Fact checking trmp--speech that fell flat--fear mongering.

Retired 4 star general Zinni resigns--

Giant fatberg clogs sewer.

Keep this--media bias--this is like comparative of trmp and OBAMA inauguration crowds-- It just shows trmp IS NOT A POPULIST presdt. He just won due to electoral college and RUSSIAN COLLUSION. He's FINISHED. 1-8-2019

How trump could raid Pentagon to pay for border wall--

walking Q tip repeats SHS's lie about 3000-4000 terrorists on the Sn border--It's a lie--

Veselnitskya charged in d j t jr Trump Tower meeting-- case.

Democratic leaders demand equal time and so far 3 major networks have agreed. orange clown is using media as a bully pulpit to spout more lies in a last ditch effort to hold on, meanwhile--

trmp live tonight, "tune in to see B.S." or boycott and turn TV off--I prefer latter. Let his ratings fall, the orange clown who has sold the country. 1-8-2019

BOYCOTT trmp's prime time TV speech tomorrow. TURN OFF your TV.

Let their RATINGS go down. Do something else rather than watch TV--don't worry, there will be lots of tweets etc print media of all BS he said--like "At the wall, cayotes usually make a L??? and then it's 'welcome to America'" Where did he get that?? Watch Seth Myers. 1-8-2019

Democratic Congresswoman who traveled there says--Not that kind of crisis at Sn Border, BUT HUMANITARIAN CRISIS trmp, huck SHS and blonde nazi Neilson have been lying blatantly. They need to be INDICTED and trmp IMPEACHED. RESIGN mr t. 1-8-2019

Seth Myer's take a closer look at wall, trmp and SHS LIES etc etc--make a L :)

All living US Presidents REFUTE trmp's claim that they supported the border wall in private--Another trmp LIE

Monday, January 07, 2019

This is a KEEPER--Gavin Newsom CA governor's Inauguration speech, with 2 year old son. What America IS ALL ABOUT. Trmpies take note. In the end, you will be defeated by CHILDREN. 1-7-2019

Sarah H Sanders LIED big time, only SIX, not 4000 terrorists arrested at Southern Border--

The cost of extreme nationalism, anti-trade Brexit--1 trlllion. Trmp and trmpies, LEARN FROM PM MAY. 1-7-2019

IRS will issue tax refunds despite govt shutdown.

trmp appointed judge defends Mueller, scolds lawyer representing Russian firm--tells him "Knock it off."

Senate Democrats consider blocking all legislation--

trmp to give TV prime time speech tomorrow--dare we think he's resigning??

Washington Examiner--trmp needs to bring real concessions to table, not steel slats.

CNN: Cornered. trmp snarls--but we know he's distracting and losing ground.

Sunday, January 06, 2019

K.M.Kaung--fiction on Amazon.

Fiction and non-fiction on Amazon by K. M.Kaung

Amazon--non-fiction by Kyi May Kaung

Rattapallax 11--my poetry CD--Love Poem.

r11_cd Rattapallax 11 Centenary of Pablo Neruda: Martín Espada, Marciano, Luciana Souza, Marjorie Agosín, Nicomedes Suárez-Araúz, Edward Hirsch, Edwin Torres, Cecilia Vicuna, Ivón Gordon Vailakis, Kyi May Kaung & Emma Sepúlveda. 9 Young Poets from Chile: Gustavo Barrera, Carlos Baier, Javier Bello Alejandra Del Rio, Lila Diaz, Damsi Figueroa Rodrigo Rojas, Rafael Rubio & Leonardo Sanhueza. (Spanish & English). Fela Kuti & AIDS: Antibalas, DJ Spooky, Breyten Breytenbach, Timothy Liu, Toni Blackman, Sapphire & Clara Sala. PLUS: Roger Bonair-Agard, Charles Bernstein, Hedi Kaddour, Brenda Coultas, Lyn Heijian, Fernando Sanchez Sorondo, Andre Luiz Pinto, Elena Alexander, Charles Martin, Philip Nikolayev, Fernando Paixao, Emily XYZ, Martin Smartt Bell, and many more. Artwork by WK Interact, Abe Lincoln Jr. & others.

814 blog hits yesterday--

WH signals some compromise in trmp govt shutdown armtwisting. art of deal? Hardly. Mulvaney: We asked for 5.6b, we were offered zero. How good a deal maker is that in an invented crisis
. Jim Carrey cartoon from his Twitter site. However, you have to be careful as even some major news outlets try to play it safe and as for Twitter, the maga folks attack Pelosi and Democrats without rhyme or reason. 1-6-2019

Trmp family in greater legal jeopardy--Adam Schiff will hand over documents fr House Intel. Committee previously withheld by repubs. They said, "You don't need to answer that question" and tried to make Mueller's job harder. 1-6-2019

Aquaman movie earns 940m $$

Quote of the day-- a population bottleneck can be a genocide too.

Population bottleneck From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigation Jump to search Population bottleneck followed by recovery or extinction A population bottleneck or genetic bottleneck is a sharp reduction in the size of a population due to environmental events (such as famines, earthquakes, floods, fires, disease, or droughts) or human activities (such as genocide). Such events can reduce the variation in the gene pool of a population; thereafter, a smaller population, with a smaller genetic diversity, remains to pass on genes to future generations of offspring through sexual reproduction. Genetic diversity remains lower, increasing only when gene flow from another population occurs or very slowly increasing with time as random mutations occur.[1][self-published source] This results in a reduction in the robustness of the population and in its ability to adapt to and survive selecting environmental changes, such as climate change or a shift in available resources.[2] Alternatively, if survivors of the bottleneck are the individuals with the greatest genetic fitness, the frequency of the fitter genes within the gene pool is increased, while the pool itself is reduced. The genetic drift caused by a population bottleneck can change the proportional random distribution of alleles and even lead to fixation or loss of alleles. The chances of inbreeding and genetic homogeneity can increase, possibly leading to inbreeding depression. Smaller population size can also cause deleterious mutations to accumulate.[3] A slightly different form of bottleneck can occur if a small group becomes reproductively (e.g. geographically) separated from the main population, such as through a founder event, e.g. if a few members of a species successfully colonize a new isolated island, or from small captive breeding programs such as animals at a zoo. Alternatively, invasive species can undergo population bottlenecks through founder events when introduced into their invaded range.[4] Population bottlenecks play an important role in conservation biology (see minimum viable population size) and in the context of agriculture (biological and pest control).[5] Contents

22 REFUGEES have died while in detention last 2 years.

Michelle Obama tipped to run for President in 2020--more popular than trmp.

Millions could face severe cuts in food stamps due to govt shutdown, TRUMP SHUTDOWN.

Vulerable repubs seek distance fr trmp.

Anderson Cooper, watch SHS , d j t tie themselves in knots with nonsense so-called arguments. This fool so called prez needs to go, NOW. 1-6-2019

Man dies in Yosemite National Park during shutdown.

Utah seeks emergency funding to keep parks fully staffed during shutdown.

Saturday, January 05, 2019

Great Plastic Pacific Garbage Patch Cleanup.

NOT TRUE AT ALL_-trmp claimed past presidents supported wall--they differ--

My fiction in Gravity Dancers--

Tent city of refugee children being taken down--NPR

Brother of Whelan, American detained in Russia, says he is not a spy.

Robert Bateman presents--Baobab Tree and Impala.

Rachel Maddow: Long government shutdown maybe trmp fantasy that courts and Mueller Investigation will go away--"But it does not work that way."

Swalwell will investigate Trump + NYTs report (video)

Friday, January 04, 2019

The Atlantic--will the government ever re-open?

IMPORTANT--TRMS--Trmp got his talking points on Poland/Belarus, Montenegro, direct from Putin, probably. Or from wifey wifer fake breasts who is from Slovenia, who seems afraid of Putin. Well-- 1-4-2019

Death at national park unreported due to shutdown.

Hundreds of unpaid TSA workers call in sick-- Avoid air travel if you can. When I came through at end of month, they said not to take anything out of my bag, not to take off my shoes or take out laptop, not to take off my coat. km

trmp and NAFTA--he always overblows his own role and speaks well of pretty boy son in law--

Is what Trump said about NAFTA true??

CBSN-trmp in Rose Garden, was live--

sr trmp officials getting 10 thousand pay raise during SHUTDOWN. Impeach the trmp NOW.

trmp cartoons new + dot--some dirty/fishy "Why impeach me, I've done nothing wrong."

Ocasio Cortez floats 70% income taxe for super rich.

Lex Luthor, Superman's nemesis.

Harvard's 39 b endowment snaps up vinyards and water rights--

Jerry Nadler says no need to wait for Mueller Report to investigate trmp.

Thomas Jefferson' Koran--

Rashida Tlaib, Thomas Jefferson's Koran

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez dancing at Boston College viewed 5 m times on Twitter--

Trey Gowdy "sad clown" nazi --images explode on Twitter-- bad hair just like trmp, but trmp turned against his mad dog too. Ta ta--good riddance, 1-4-2019

Michigan rep Rashida Tlaib, calls trmp expletive while calling for IMPEACHMENT.

Thursday, January 03, 2019

New Democratic Kingmaker, Rachel Maddow. I spotted her in early 2017, and I was correct/right, not Right as in Left Right. This is all to the good, and really, great timing. BLUE WAVE is here to stay. kmk 1-3-2019

Anderson Cooper on trmp's rather ridiculous, disjointed "cabinet meeting" "A whole lot of acting" and lookalike

Game of Thrones poster--very strange.

House Democrats reintroduce impeachment articles against trmp

House Democrat reintroduces impeachment articles against Trump @CNNPolitics

trmp in his alternate reality--says last week he has had "great support for his wall or barrier" :(

Hugh Trevor-Roper, The Last Days of Hitler, 7th edition.

Fashion--obi belts.,mr:1,cat:169,pdtr0:1604157%7C1604161&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwimrYO8nNLfAhWOxFkKHRaRC2UQwQkIwAUoAA&biw=864&bih=410

Dow slides 650 points--

CBS live, all the time--

Jerrry Nadler says on CBS, "wall is just (trump) blackmailing the American people"

LA Times, 2019 will be the worst year of Trump's life.

Freshman class already making waves--

Nancy Pelosi says it's an open question whether a sitting president can be indicted.

nonsense spouted by trmp at so-called "cabinet meeting" This reminds me so much of Burmese dictator Ne Win's speeches, and "interview" we 3 Fulbright Fellows had with the Burmese military attache in DC in 1988. 1-3-2019

cabinet level deflections and distractions and pulled in Pope too--unraveling trmp

NPR--predictions for Mueller investigation in 2019