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1985 MOVE tragedy + today +missing bones
In August 1978, after almost a year of failed negotiations to resolve an earlier conflict, Mayor Frank Rizzo ordered an attack on MOVE's Powelton Village headquarters that resulted in the destruction of the headquarters, the death of a police officer, and the virtual life sentences of nine MOVE members.
MOVE in Powelton Village
They then moved to Osage Av. in the Cobbs Creek area.
Now remains of 2 children--Tree Africa 14 and Delisha Africa12 are missing.
At that time I was struggling through my course work and relocation to America--I did not follow the news in detail.

I've had a wonderful life + Philadelphia, my pics-+ doll house Cedar Grove Mansion, Fairmont Park .
Knew of--
Lorene Carey
Molly Russakov
Major Jackson--did a poetry reading with at local radio station.
Woon-Ping Ching--knew her relative
Roko Kawai--saw her picture in local magazine--decided she could dance my Shee-Monkey--contacted her--
she pulled quotes from my book-length poem--danced 3 versions with Susan Hess Studio--3 evenings--while I read excerpts--she danced facets of themes--rather than the narrative story--I liked the first one best.
She also danced a duet with Rennie Harris --in which I think Rennie or she slid off the other's back and stood on their head. I think it was Rennie--
Rennie's troupe did a group dance--sneakers squeaking, dreadlocks flying-- Rennie did a solo dance in which his body shook like a leaf under his baggy sweat shirt and pants--"Popping"
I also met Pew grantees--poets Aaron Yeats Perry (no relative to W B Yeats)--at the reception. AYP told me about a car trip when he was a teenager--for his girl-friend to get an abortion--"and all the way back in the car I heard a baby crying."
I also met Linh Dinh--Vietnamese-born poet, whom I met again in Berlin 2005 as "writers who dare to confront." I was a Pew Finalist in Literature twice.
I've had a wonderful life-- I met many A-List people.
If I'd continued living in Burma--I wouldn't even have heard of any of them.
In Helsinki I met a young man who had just come from helping victims of Cyclone Nargis--he had scratches on his hands--
he thought Salman Rushdie was a woman.
It breaks my heart.
Another drew a diagram of how corrugated iron sheet roofs peel off during a cyclone. One can be cut in half--or beheaded trying to pickup these in high winds.
Kyi May Kaung

Found poem--break-dancing terminology

B and W pen and ink drawing is Pushkin self-portrait--Gannibal on far L--rest Pushkin as a child and an adult.

Most of Pushkin's work is online at Gutenberg Project.
Life stories in wikipeadia.
Google yourself.

Heroes--Pushkin's great grandfather Abraham Gannibal--captured at 7 by Ottoman Turks in Africa--bought by Peter the Great--later adopted--great grandson Pushkin--

trump's height and weight as per self-reported Fulton CountyJail booking records vs--world-class athletes with same height--
congenital liar and cheat.

Special post--Alexander Pushkin's --The Queen of Spades
audio version--so well read too.
You can find print versions on Gutenberg Project.
Works of Alexander Pushkin.
Amazing--written in 19th century--still Perfect.
Kyi May

Monday, August 21, 2023

junta's holdings in 14 foreign banks--Image--burned village Sagaing--from Irrawaddy current exchange rate now 4000 kyat to$
used to be 2000 two years ago
and 20 in 1980s.
That's "success"ain't it?
How can you win if you kill all the people who do all the work?
Genghis' eldest son Jochi knew that.
I'm very tired today--have shifted my focus to Bee Life Cycles.
Very interesting, Bees.

Sunday, August 20, 2023

Poetry post--John Gardner

Lovely, spooky, dark blue Gentian,
Inner walls like speckled snakeskin,
Trumpet shaped, fit for a small
Angel's grimly puckered lips
Set on the Last Day to call
Ants and bees to Apocalypse,
What sins too minute to mention
Wouldst thou bring to man's attention,
Lovely, spooky, dark blue Gentian?
John Gardner
Poetry illustration of word associations in On Becoming a Novelist, Harper and Row,1983, p. 126 *
He died of motor cycle accident--1982. *

Sone Chaung Massacre--Aug 1.2023

Swiss director and amateur actors arrested for "blaspheming Buddhism"
he shld have just written a book or made an animated movie
next we will have "morality police" like Afghanistan taliban feeling up women and checking nail polish.
bad enough with the monk gynecologist and the cannibal monk.

Saturday, August 19, 2023

Joni Mitchell-Clouds--self portrait also by her--,vid:Pbn6a0AFfnM

Junta goats' balls to avoid--
This week, three junta ministers attended the 7th China-South Asia Expo, 27th Import-Export Fair, and Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) Economic Corridor Governors Forum.
The events were attended by China’s top diplomat, Wang Yi, and high-level delegates from 84 countries.
With junta investment and foreign economic relations minister Kan Zaw, information minister Maung Maung Ohn, and commerce minister Aung Naing Oo attending the events in Kunming, China has now received eight junta ministers since early August.
end quote

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Friday, August 11, 2023

Chin Resistance in NW Burma--warning graphic

Sagaing, Burma--

Matthew B.Arnold--Burma analysis
I've never met him, but I agree with him.
Another sure sign is all the vacillators, fence-sitters, turncoats, sycophants have been totally silent since Feb 2021.
All we hear is the sound of the drone hits, bombs, and the cries of the victims.
But sometimes, as in case of Tamil Tigers, Resistance has been totally annihilated.
Let's hope for the best.
one who hesitates Definitions of vacillator. one who hesitates (usually out of fear) synonyms: hesitater, hesitator, waverer. type of: coward. a person who shows fear or timidity.

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