Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Yet another production--Queen of the Night, in The Magic Flute.

https://video.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?fr=yhs-mozilla-001&hsimp=yhs-001&hspart=mozilla&p=Diane+Damrau+Queen+of+the+Night+youtube#id=7&vid=498e69b0879f49fc7b37d3a8f245a914&action=view I think Diane Damrau refined her performance. Does she really have green eyes. The costumes are lovely too. Don't you just love the spikey sequinned helmet, and the puffy green outfit. It does not show here, but she came out with green scaly tights under the skirt. And the little dagger and the dagger holder. As Chekhov said, "If you show a gun, you must use it." Here read "dagger." Also, the costumes of Tamina and her mother are totally in keeping with their personalities. The green lizard evil mother, and the soft flowing, warm daughter. What a tour de force. I have only seen one live performance of The Magic Flute at the Univ of Colorado in Boulder, where my friend took me. But I hope to see many more. K M Kaung Art and Life 10-31-2017

Here again Diane Damrau, from another production. Talk of mother/daughter conflict.

https://video.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?fr=yhs-mozilla-001&hsimp=yhs-001&hspart=mozilla&p=Diane+Damrau+Queen+of+the+Night+youtube#id=2&vid=63792215530758b49122303536b60829&action=click One of the best pieces of drama or music ever written. Without a doubt, Mozart was one of the geniuses of all time. K.M.Kaung 10-31-2017

I like this one better, conducted by Ricardo Muti, with Diane Damrau recreating her famous Queen of the Night


Wichita Opera--The Magic Flute


"Just music" complete opera --The Magic Flute.


Madame Butterfly trailer


Jascha Heifetz plays Tchaikovsky


Beverly Sills from Mozart's Zaide


Kathleen Battle--Agnus Dei


Burl Ives --Schubert's Ave Maria--in English


Burl Ives--The Big Rock Candy Mountain


What a Voice, IZ.

https://video.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?fr=yhs-mozilla-001&hsimp=yhs-001&hspart=mozilla&p=somewhere+over+the+rainbow+youtube#id=2&vid=f3e3f90dc54544cfc6403cd772243686&action=view This is guaran--teed to make you feel better. My eyes dilated after my eye (retina) exam, I stumbled to phone to make an appt with my dentist, when I heard this while onhold while asst went to check if I need to take anti-biotic bf the procedure. This is truly the only time I liked on-hold music. A voice like warm chocolate sauce. As soon as I got off the line, I had to Google to find him. Maybe this is what literary agents or writing mentors mean when they say, "you must have a hook" or a "good writerly voice." Certainly, I wish I could sing like IZ, but as I can't, I must just write my hooks. Ann Sexton: With my poetry I wooed everyone, even my mother. Pavarotti: If you are chubby like me, you'd better sing like an angel. KMKaung Kyi May Kaung Words Sounds and Images

My Amazon book page as K.M.Kaung--

Stories of FGM, house and home, refugees and exile, family problems. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Books-K-M-Kaung/s?ie=UTF8&page=1&rh=n%3A266239%2Cp_27%3AK%20M%20Kaung

Monday, October 30, 2017

From The Guardian--m $$ bonds + terms of house arrest for Paul Manafort and Rick Gates

https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/oct/30/paul-manafort-court-not-guilty-plea-charges Both men gave widely disparate estimates of their wealth, both pleaded not guilty, surrendered their passports and Manafort will be under intensive watch as he is considered a flight risk. Both face decades in prison. We need to watch what happens next. 10-30-2017

Andrew McGregor Marshall--

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_MacGregor_Marshall Raised the stakes in writing about Thai mornarchy. I read his book. It is 4 or 5 stars out of 5. Goes into quite a bit of detail on "accidental" gunshot death of his brother King Mahidol. Also I think the shenanigins of the present playboy king.

from 2011 Andrew McGregor Marshall--why he wrote that critical book about King Bhumipol Adulyadej


Paul Handley: The King Never Smiles-biography of Thai King Bhumipol Adulyadej


Video--late Thai King Bhumipol Adulyadej's funeral--


Roberto Calasso's Ka

https://www.amazon.com/Ka-Stories-Mind-Gods-India/dp/0679775471 I truly love this book, esp. the opening chapter about the Nagas and the Garuda (galon) km Kyi May Kaung

trmps welcome ghosts and goblins on Halloween Eve--

https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-10-30/trump-first-lady-welcome-ghosts-goblins-on-halloween-eve how prophetic. Maybe some sent by Mueller. 1030-2017

Special post--Justin Cronin's dystopian novel The Passage


Excellent Burma blog--on which I sometimes post, but very rarely--just telling you in interests of transparency.


From Roland Watson at Dictator Watch + my additional comments--Are Burmans in Burma the true majority??

I'm not saying Roland Watson is right abt everything, but he does bring up some impt points, and my experience is journalists w ref to Burma do a superficial and hasty job. Also nice things like mispronouncing your name or mixing up Steinberg and Silverstein. They also tended to hard talk the democracy activists when they shld have saved their bile for the dictators whom they cld not reach. I don't listen to the US based Burmese language radio stations any more since 2012 either, bc they are so slanted towards the JUNTA. junta junta junta. NOT a "de facto government of ASSKyi" nominal "democracy" maybe certainly a fake capital and a fake parliament. Frankly, I am sick of Burma and don't intend ever to speak or write in that language again, except perhaps to teach children some of the basic language. I see a lot of assimilation of the wrong "western values" on a daily basis and if I was repulsed by the Burmese society back there, I am even more so by the exiles out here. As for the bur emb people, I do not go to the bur emb since they harassed me in the 1990s and took my passport. It was a pain even to walk past them on my way to democracy demonstrations or poetry readings in the past, or to the Textile Museum, but now there are no more demonstrations, maybe no more dissidents, and Bezos has bought the buildings where the Textiles were housed, so no need to walk in Kalorama anymore. Maybe impossible to walk there any more due to heavy Secret Service presence and Obamas and Kushners. And did I tell you about the time a man came out of bur emb and threatened our ppl with a baseball bat, and broke someone's windshield. They are the same as the Turks. So if you want to give me some flak about going to Burma and blaming Suu Kyi, don't. I believe people are born alone and die alone, and I am too old and poor to take an ear full from anyone. km Kyi May Kaung Words Sounds and Images -----Original Message----- From: Free Burma To: email addresses removed Sent: Mon, Oct 30, 2017 11:05 am Subject: Journalists covering Burma: Time to get it right! DICTATOR WATCH (www.dictatorwatch.org) Contact: Roland Watson, roland@dictatorwatch.org JOURNALISTS COVERING BURMA: TIME TO GET IT RIGHT! October 30, 2017 Please share. http://www.dictatorwatch.org/prmediaonburma.html
Images from Internet--kmk One thing that is terrible about the situation in Burma is how international media coverage, including from excellent outlets such as the New York Times, the Guardian, and Channel News Asia, and who have reported on the Rohingya genocide fairly, misses other critical facts about the country, or implicitly gets them wrong. The most important of these facts is this: The Burmans or Bamar ARE NOT the majority group. While they may be the largest group, they - especially pure Burmans, the recruits for Suu Kyi and Min Aung Hlaing’s campaign of nationalistic terror - do not comprise greater than 50% of the total population. This is the only explanation for the refusal by Suu Kyi to publish the ethnicity date from the 2014 national census, and also part of the reason why the Rohingya were not even counted at all. Burma has many other ethnic groups, but not the inaccurate divisions used in the dictatorship’s 135 national races. While the major groups certainly have sub groups, the best way to view the country’s ethnic diversity is to simplify the analysis to the largest. These include the Karen, Shan, Kachin, Karenni, Mon, Palaung, Pa-O, Wa, Kokang, Naga, Lahu, Lisu, Akha, Chin, Rakhine, and Rohingya. (I’m not a human geographer, so I apologize for not including other smaller groups, and also perhaps listing some which might be considered to be subgroups of bigger families.) It is no surprise at all that these groups, taken together, certainly when you count individuals who have parents or ancestors from multiple groups, including Burmans, are more than 50% of the population. This is the dictatorship’s biggest conceit, and its greatest lie, that Burma is a majority Burman country: That, as their propaganda name “Myanmar” implies, it is “their” country. This view infects everything. It is the justification for: The colonial war by the Burma Army against the other ethnic nationalities; that the Burma Army itself, Parliament, and even the State governments, have no to very limited ethnic nationality representation; why Suu Kyi has historically refused to cooperate with the ethnic nationality resistance, and why she has no ethnic nationality staff or advisors; why she is pro-development - this means Burmans stealing the resources in the ethnic nationality homelands; and why there is a genocide against the Rohingya, and also their exclusion from the census. (The Rohingya population prior to all of their purges would have been going on two million. This would have been more than enough on its own to push the Burmans in the census to well under 50%.) There is a black hole in the country. For domestic media, they are almost all exclusively Burman, and repeat verbatim Suu Kyi and Min Aung Hlaing’s lies. Virtually everyone from outside in turn parrots the in-country outlets. This means, first and foremost, through acting as it if the ethnic nationalities, and their repression, do not count - that they do not even exist. Diplomats, for example, say that they have to keep backing Suu Kyi, even though they clearly understand that she is a co-conspirator in an actual genocide. But by doing this, they are focusing on an individual who DOES NOT represent the majority of the population. Foreign policy by other countries towards Burma is concentrated solely on accelerating resource and labor exploitation, and therefore backs the companies and other parties who are behind the exploitation. Unfortunately, the international media, which does not have a money stake in the lies and repression, and which you would therefore presume would be fair, makes the same mistake. Consider Poppy McPherson’s article last week in the Guardian, “Rohingya crisis may be driving Aung San Suu Kyi closer to generals.” Some quotes from the article: 1. “If Oxford University takes down one portrait of her, we want to create 2,000 more,” says the painter, who goes by the name K Kyaw.” Response: This is a Burman voice. The majority ethnic nationality voices disagree completely. 2. “In Myanmar, the condemnations [of Suu Kyi] are being met with both indignation and pleas for patience.” Response: Again a Burman complaint. The subtext is: “Let us finish the Rohingya genocide!” 3. “As longtime democracy activists fear a return to international isolation and military dominance, diplomats are torn between the need to stand on the right side of history and fear that stronger rebukes, such as sanctions, will further imperil the country’s fragile democratic transition.” Response: There is no genuine democratic transition. Diplomats don’t care about history, and are always on its wrong side, meaning that they do not support human progress and achieving human rights. They only care about money and power. 4. “The hope instilled in Aung San Suu Kyi – and fear of the alternative – has driven western policy towards Myanmar for years.” Response: Money - business interests, and geopolitical power, have been the only things driving Western policy, certainly not “democracy.” 5. “The state counsellor has been criticized for mulling over long-term solutions while neglecting to address the immediate crisis. Both publicly and privately, she is said to have echoed army rhetoric.” Response: the first part is complete bullshit. She’s not mulling over anything. She is a fully committed ally of the generals and is waiting - hoping - for the Rohingya genocide to be 100% completed. 6. “The EU has suspended invitations to Europe and is reviewing “all practical defense cooperation”. The US has promised to stop inviting senior army officials to events, but is considering imposing targeted sanctions.” Response: These are meaningless reactions to genocide. They are just for show, and only temporary. When the Rohingya genocide is completed and then forgotten in the international press, full on military cooperation including selling weapons to the Tatmadaw will resume. 7. “In the current situation, what the international community are doing is not supporting this government, what they are doing is putting the country back into the hands of authoritarian rule,” he says. “They are pushing the Lady and the military closer and closer.” Response: Again, total bullshit. The “government” is part and parcel of the dictatorship. Suu Kyi’s authoritarian “leadership” is now fully aligned with the genocidal generals. In conclusion, Poppy McPherson did what literally almost every single journalist does. She ignored the ethnic nationalities completely - their voices, feelings and issues. She only quoted Burman voices, really, Burman racist ultranationalistic voices. Please journalists, you are intelligent. You were able to get your jobs in the age of media decline, and with the top remaining outlets. Don’t be lazy. Do your work. Understand the situation. Write the true story. -- Roland Watson on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/roland.watson.108

US bases dentist Dr. Bunnag provides detal care in remote Thai villages.


Video--in doomsday scenario, hundreds of octopuses crawl up Welsh beach.


Mueller Monday--flowers for Robert Mueller III team, don't forget Sally Yates, James Comey, Preet Bharara, et al, NYTS, Wapo, Politico--good job, good job

All photos Copyright Kyi May Kaung

Tweets-- Mueller Monday--easier for you to follow me on Twitter Kyi Kaung@KyiKaung

Kyi Kaung‏ @KyiKaung 1m1 minute ago Happy Mueller Monday. Watch those wonderful GIFs. Time to break out the champagne--maybe wait a bit for more INDICTMENTS. Ho la la fun wk 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes You Retweeted Laurence Tribe‏Verified account @tribelaw 13h13 hours ago Laurence Tribe Retweeted Chris Hayes That much seems certain! Laurence Tribe added, Chris HayesVerified account @chrislhayes I don’t know if Trump will try to fire Mueller, but if he does I expect the reaction will be absolutely explosive https://twitter.com/Alyssa_Milano/status/924409341897187328 … 48 replies 211 retweets 774 likes You Retweeted Laurence Tribe‏Verified account @tribelaw 13h13 hours ago Laurence Tribe Retweeted Beau Willimon Exactly Laurence Tribe added, Beau WillimonVerified account @BeauWillimon Mueller is a Republican. Appointed FBI Dir by Bush. Made Special Counsel by your own DOJ. This isn't Dems.… 52 replies 2,002 retweets 5,578 likes You Retweeted Laurence Tribe‏Verified account @tribelaw 27m27 minutes ago Laurence Tribe Retweeted Stephen Hayes The talk obviously wdn’t be at DOJ. It’d be at the White House. Laurence Tribe added, Stephen HayesVerified account @stephenfhayes From @MichaelRWarren newsy WHW: "I’m told there’s been no talk at the Justice Department of getting rid of Mueller." http://www.weeklystandard.com/white-house-watch-mueller-indictment-and-the-dossier/article/2010251 … 11 replies 52 retweets 207 likes You Retweeted Laurence Tribe‏Verified account @tribelaw 33m33 minutes ago Laurence Tribe Retweeted Brian Klaas But who’s counting? Oh, Trump was? Never mind. Laurence Tribe added, Brian KlaasVerified account @brianklaas Trump’s camp will try to downplay this, but remember that Paul Manafort was in charge of Trump’s campaign for longer than Steve Bannon. https://twitter.com/stephanibaker/status/924971049376153600 … 6 replies 121 retweets 389 likes You Retweeted Laurence Tribe‏Verified account @tribelaw 40m40 minutes ago Laurence Tribe Retweeted Mike Levin Definitely at least this. Remember when T pretended he barely knew his own campaign chairman? He’ll follow the same lying path now: Who, me? Laurence Tribe added, Mike LevinVerified account @MikeLevinCA Bottom line: Trump knew or should have known about Paul Manafort’s shady ties to Russia and others when he hired him to RUN HIS CAMPAIGN. 54 replies 299 retweets 769 likes You Retweeted Laurence Tribe‏Verified account @tribelaw 45m45 minutes ago Laurence Tribe Retweeted Texas Chainsaw Hat Sadly, this is what seems likely to unfold from the Spacey story Laurence Tribe added, Texas Chainsaw Hat @NonWhiteHat Impression homosexuality and pedophilia are the same is something Spacey's PR team wants to promote, in case the drunk excuse doesn't work. https://twitter.com/Gormogons/status/924972147734392832 … 10 replies 46 retweets 165 likes You Retweeted Laurence Tribe‏Verified account @tribelaw 50m50 minutes ago Laurence Tribe Retweeted Matthew Miller Oh, is that all? No need for the Trumpet to toot or tweet, then. He can just keep hitting “Prez” HRC, the woman he seems obsessed with. Laurence Tribe added, Matthew MillerVerified account @matthewamiller Remember, Trump barely knows Manafort. Manafort only lives in his building, ran his campaign, & continued to advise him in the White House. 25 replies 223 retweets 619 likes You Retweeted Laurence Tribe‏Verified account @tribelaw 53m53 minutes ago Laurence Tribe Retweeted John Weaver The more this hits T, the more vigilant we must be re preemptive pardons or moves to weaken Mueller. Either would be obstruction of justice Laurence Tribe added, John Weaver @JWGOP No small fish. Remember, Manafort selected the @VP and was therefore the most important person on the campaign team. 25 replies 456 retweets 1,017 likes You Retweeted Laurence Tribe‏Verified account @tribelaw 1h1 hour ago Laurence Tribe Retweeted Josh Barro Even if this pair is indicted for monetary crimes that don’t DIRECTLY ensnare Trump, there’s no way he emerges intact from what’s on the way Laurence Tribe added, Josh BarroVerified account @jbarro The Daily Beast reported that Rick Gates was working for Tom Barrack, and visiting the WH, as recently as June. http://www.thedailybeast.com/despite-russia-controversy-paul-manaforts-partner-is-still-lurking-around-the-white-house … 31 replies 247 retweets 680 likes You Retweeted Laurence Tribe‏Verified account @tribelaw 2h2 hours ago Laurence Tribe Retweeted shauna The truly brilliant @JoyAnnReid melts the phony Hillary/uranium story into the puddle of pee it has always been. Nothing remains. Well done! Laurence Tribe added, 2:19 shaunaVerified account @goldengateblond MEDIA: How do we shut down this ridiculous uranium story? @JoyAnnReid: Class is now in session. 45 replies 558 retweets 1,810 likes You Retweeted Laurence Tribe‏Verified account @tribelaw 2h2 hours ago Laurence Tribe Retweeted Sue Perkins .@sueperkins is usually on target, so I’m listening to her take on this sad story about Spacey and a 14-yr old boy. Laurence Tribe added, Sue PerkinsVerified account @sueperkins Well done Kev. You stay silent on your sexuality until the time comes when you can conflate it with an alleged sexual assault on a minor. 8 replies 49 retweets 197 likes You Retweeted Gold‏ @GoldCovfefe 2h2 hours ago Replying to @AshaRangappa_ 0 replies 1 retweet 4 likes You Retweeted Adam VanHo πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ‏ @adamvanho 2h2 hours ago Replying to @AshaRangappa_ 0 replies 1 retweet 2 likes You Retweeted num3roun0‏ @act2roadie 2h2 hours ago Replying to @AshaRangappa_ @BatmanOnAStick I wasn’t sure I was going to make it, but alas, here I am glued to my phone, monitoring and tweeting. Good day. 0 replies 1 retweet 5 likes You Retweeted Wtfdoicare‏ @wtfdoicare33 1h1 hour ago Replying to @AshaRangappa_ #MullerMonday Would like this to Happen to Whomever it Will Be on #MullerMonday πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ 0 replies 3 retweets 4 likes You Retweeted Social✽Fly‏ @socflyny 2h2 hours ago Replying to @AshaRangappa_ Do you think the Feds will swap out OJ's white Bronco for a tasteful Cadillac Escalade?? (Asking for a couple of friends ...) πŸ˜‚ 0 replies 1 retweet 5 likes You Retweeted Eat Pray Love Nap 😴‏ @ItsOkayItsFine 3h3 hours ago Replying to @AshaRangappa_ #DoSomething 0 replies 2 retweets 8 likes You Retweeted ⚔King in the NorthπŸ›‘‏ @sportjames23 2h2 hours ago Replying to @AshaRangappa_ This just in, the scene going away from the White House: 0 replies 2 retweets 9 likes You Retweeted Rome C137 🚴🏾‏ @Jerry_Loft0n 2h2 hours ago Replying to @AshaRangappa_ @Gneely91 *Cops theme music plays in background* 0 replies 5 retweets 11 likes You Retweeted Ben Frankenstephens‏ @stephens_ben 2h2 hours ago Replying to @AshaRangappa_ @margaritateresa Same to you! 1 reply 4 retweets 13 likes You Retweeted Asha Rangappa‏Verified account @AshaRangappa_ 3h3 hours ago Happy Mueller Monday! 45 replies 292 retweets 805 likes You Retweeted Laurence Tribe‏Verified account @tribelaw 3h3 hours ago Laurence Tribe Retweeted Asha Rangappa Hard not to feel that a shudder is about to ripple through Trumplandia — and that it’ll feel like a light at the end of a long dark tunnel Laurence Tribe added, Asha RangappaVerified account @AshaRangappa_ Happy Mueller Monday! 64 replies 372 retweets 1,537 likes You Retweeted Laurence Tribe‏Verified account @tribelaw Oct 25 Laurence Tribe Retweeted Marlow Stern This is BIG. Unless refuted, it shows Trump campaign tried to get Wikileaks to help Russia sabotage the 2016 election. That was a fed crime. Laurence Tribe added, Marlow SternVerified account @MarlowNYC ICYMI Julian Assange confirms he was approached by Trump's data firm Cambridge Analytica requesting his help. Nuts: https://www.thedailybeast.com/trump-data-guru-i-tried-to-team-up-with-julian-assange … 965 replies 16,890 retweets 28,846 likes You Retweeted Laurence Tribe‏Verified account @tribelaw 2h2 hours ago Especially sad is how Spacey’s coming out in this way feeds into stereotype of gay men as predators https://www.buzzfeed.com/adambvary/anthony-rapp-kevin-spacey-made-sexual-advance-when-i-was-14?utm_term=.sp7X3057ND#118849399 … via @adambvary 34 replies 142 retweets 525 likes You Retweeted The New York Times‏Verified account @nytimes 1h1 hour ago Kevin Spacey apologized to Anthony Rapp, an actor who accused him of making a sexual advance when Rapp was 14 107 replies 161 retweets 172 likes You Retweeted Travon Free‏Verified account @Travon 8h8 hours ago Anthony Rapp: "Kevin Spacey tried to rape me." Media: "Kevin how do you respond?" Spacey: "uuh...uuhh... Hey everyone I'm gay!" 152 replies 7,274 retweets 13,642 likes You Retweeted billy eichner‏Verified account @billyeichner 8h8 hours ago Kevin Spacey has just invented something that has never existed before: a bad time to come out. 376 replies 9,934 retweets 42,498 likes You Retweeted Twitter Moments‏Verified account @TwitterMoments 11h11 hours ago Veteran Broadway star Anthony Rapp alleges that Kevin Spacey made an advance toward him when he was a teenager. 160 replies 346 retweets 386 likes You Retweeted #TrumpCovfefe‏ @TrumpChess 2h2 hours ago More fake news abt "Tillerson and Mattis" They were both given the authority to make their own decisions--bc @POTUS eliminated the red tape😎 7 replies 27 retweets 45 likes You Retweeted Life Of Guy‏ @LifeOfGuyCast 47m47 minutes ago When you want to watch more @Garyvee videos but can’t because you're too fired up and motivated. #LFG #MondayMotivation 0 replies 33 retweets 50 likes Kyi Kaung‏ @KyiKaung 16m16 minutes ago Kyi Kaung Retweeted Audrey L'Ebrellec besides, it already happened and you can't change it-- Kyi Kaung added, Audrey L'Ebrellec @AudreyLebrellec Have a wonderful week everyone! #MondayMotivation #quoteoftheday 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes You Retweeted Inspired with Lucas‏ @LucasBryner3 1h1 hour ago I WILL Graduate College! I WILL get closer to God! I WILL be financially stable! I WILL reach my goals! I WILL be happy! #MondayMotivation 0 replies 12 retweets 45 likes You Retweeted I luv being Teamster‏ @JimKilbane 52m52 minutes ago #MondayMotivation The Sharks are closing in on #trump. The first domino to fall is "Paul Manafort" 2 replies 29 retweets 56 likes You Retweeted Dr. DaShanne Stokes‏Verified account @DaShanneStokes 33m33 minutes ago Reminder: Manafort represented the interests of Russia--the ones who committed an act of war against America. http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/30/politics/russia-investigation-manafort-latest/index.html … #resist #trumprussia #MondayMotivation #IndictmentMonday 1 reply 26 retweets 36 likes You Retweeted Dr. DaShanne Stokes‏Verified account @DaShanneStokes 24m24 minutes ago Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize. Trump got investigations for obstruction and collusion in an act of war against America. #resist #trumprussia #MondayMotivation #IndictmentMonday 2 replies 28 retweets 49 likes You Retweeted Dr. DaShanne Stokes‏Verified account @DaShanneStokes 43m43 minutes ago It's Monday, so it's time to ask again: Why are we letting ourselves be led astray by a man who most Americans don't want and who is being investigated for obstruction and collusion in an act of war against America? #resist #trumprussia #MondayMotivation #IndictmentMonday 1 reply 42 retweets 78 likes You Retweeted Dr. DaShanne Stokes‏Verified account @DaShanneStokes 22m22 minutes ago Trump smeared Obama for years with his racist birther witch hunt, but Trump's the one facing impeachment. Karma can be poetic. #resist #trumprussia #MondayMotivation #IndictmentMonday #ManafortMonday 8 replies 50 retweets 129 likes You Retweeted Dr. DaShanne Stokes‏Verified account @DaShanneStokes 20m20 minutes ago Don't cut all your ties to Russia, Mr. Trump. You'll need someplace to hide after your impeachment. #resist #trumprussia #MondayMotivation #IndictmentMonday #ManafortMonday 2 replies 27 retweets 67 likes Kyi Kaung‏ @KyiKaung 19m19 minutes ago Kyi Kaung Retweeted Paul Manafort Paul M last Twitter post below was 19 Dec 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kyi Kaung added, Paul ManafortVerified account @PaulManafort President Donald J. Trump! Nothing more to say except now it is time "To Make America Great Again"! 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes You Retweeted The Associated Press‏Verified account @AP 31m31 minutes ago BREAKING: AP sources: Ex-Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort and associate, Rick Gates, turn themselves in to federal authorities. 117 replies 1,374 retweets 1,887 likes You Retweeted Scott Dworkin‏Verified account @funder 25m25 minutes ago Here’s Donald Trump calling Paul Manafort a “decent man” #TrumpRussia #AMJoy Denizcan James 67 replies 335 retweets 432 likes You Retweeted Red T Raccoon‏ @RedTRaccoon 28m28 minutes ago If Trump was to fire Mueller, it does nothing for Paul Manafort & Rick Gates There is no take backs for federal indictments #MuellerMonday 19 replies 95 retweets 290 likes You Retweeted Twitter Moments‏Verified account @TwitterMoments 58m58 minutes ago Paul Manafort has been indicted by Robert Mueller and told to surrender to federal authorities, @nytimes reports. 36 replies 193 retweets 258 likes Kyi Kaung‏ @KyiKaung 1h1 hour ago Paul Manafort, Who Once Ran Trump Campaign, Told to Surrender 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes You Retweeted Steve Herman‏Verified account @W7VOA Oct 26 Statement from @statedeptspox on #DPRK human rights abuses.

Paul Manafort, who once ran Trump campaign + aide surrender to FBI.

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Monday, October 23, 2017

ha ha ha--the quintessential anti-trimp--tight-lipped, tall, good-looking and cryptic--


Soldier's widow stands up to mr trimp


Sarah Chayes--expert on corruption


Let's roll--Retweet retweet--

Kyi Kaung‏ @KyiKaung 36s37 seconds ago "Whatever Ms. Wilson said was not fabricated. What she said was 100% correct." 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes Kyi Kaung‏ @KyiKaung 49s50 seconds ago Let's roll retweet Myeshia Johnson, widow of Sgt. La David Johnson: 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes Kyi Kaung‏ @KyiKaung 3m3 minutes ago Let's roll fr now on intentnally mispell trmps name w a small t forget his name call his kin by nicknmes like buvnka plastic surgery etc 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes You Retweeted Kyle Griffin‏Verified account @kylegriffin1 6h6 hours ago Myeshia Johnson, widow of Sgt. La David Johnson: "Whatever Ms. Wilson said was not fabricated. What she said was 100% correct."
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Appropriate dress in Burma, India, Bali, elsewhere--

https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g294190-i9408-k4554545-Appropriate_Clothing-Myanmar.html Do not offend the locals. Would you wear shorts inside a church. Would you take a selfie posed on an altar? Think about it. There is also the danger of rape. Use your common sense, don't go off the beaten path, don't go about, walk about alone at night. 10-23-2017

I know nothing about this program, but it is worth exploring, when so much is thrown away around the developed world, read USA.


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Not all Muslims are fundamentalists, not all are terrorists

I've run into conservative or fundamentalists Christians too, often on taxis, which can be scary, especially when the taxi ride is late at night or a long one. So far I ran into 2 suspected fundamentalist Muslims driving taxis. The best option in such a case is to keep you mouth shut, pretend tiredness or sleepiness, formulate an escape plan and pray trip will be over soon. In these fraught times do not go places that are "fishy" and try not to get into taxis or elevators with fishy people. Stay safe and alive. kmk 10-18-2017

Second judge rules against trmp travel ban, saying his own words show it was aimed at Muslims

Renowned Sufi poet Rumi.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

the venting "precedent" -- inside the WH pressure cooker

http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/354683-washington-post-source-i-think-we-are-in-pressure-cooker-territory Also so ignorant called governor of US Virgin Islands "president" i.e. himself. Rumors he may be questioned by Mueller team, his lawyer tells MSNBC "Nice try, but absolutely No" with 16 exclamation marks! See The Rachel Maddow Show. Preibus and one other already interviewed. 10-15-2017

Warning--graphic--man held by Taliban says they raped his wife, killed his baby--


lack of fire regulations did not save Santa Rosa neighborhood in California--

http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-coffey-park-explainer-20171011-story.html developers and even government and state should be sued big time. What about the loss of life. That comes of T-style business first policies. dammit. 10-15-2017

At least 189 killed after twin bomb attacks in Somalia


Larry Flynt and Hustler Magazine offer $10m for dirt on Trump to impeach him--

https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2017/10/14/have-dirt-that-could-impeach-trump-larry-flynt-will-pay-you-10-million/?utm_term=.027e61367454 Read the pdf of the ad itself, it is very informative. 10-15-2017

Ref. psychotherapy

My experience is Burmese and most people fear or do not understand modern psychotherapy, whereas it can be very helpful. There are LOTS of people, male and female, walking around who are self-medicating with sex, alcohol, guns, power, you name it, and who apparently think asking for help is "weak" "crazy" or shameful. You need to talk to someone,and better to talk to a trained psychiatrist than a quack doctor or Burmese astrologer. If you are an artist or a writer, you have "safety valves" but even then, in some cases you may need medication. So take my advice, get help, Lassie. Or Laddie, as the case may be. Before you kill yourself, someone you love or dozens of strangers. K. M. Kaung (Ph.D.) my Ph.D. is on Political Economy, but as a refugee, I have first hand knowledge of need for someone to talk to.

ad. You may not be fully aware of it, but you may be depressed or have other issues--Burmese-born NY based psychotherapist

To:you Details http://www.moepsychotherapy.com/ I know Julien Moe due to our involvement in Burmese overseas democracy movement since 1997. But we have never yet met in person, though have corresponded off and on over years. km Kyi May Kaung Words Sounds and Images

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Burma activist Simon Billeness calls for targetted sanctions against Burma army--

http://internationalcampaignforfreedom.blogspot.com/2017/10/urgent-tell-your-us-representative-to.html Simon has worked on Burma for over 2 decades. I can attest to his integrity, research skills and committed activism. If one is going to bark or bite, it is essential to choose the right tree. It has to be targeted sanctions and fine tuned. I wonder what the former "Friends of Burma" which changed its name weather vane style to "friends of mee ahn mar" in 2010 think now. They are partly to blame too for all the pretense of change. As soon as I set foot in Thailand in 2010 my former colleagues told me of the name change. Friends of Burma was composed of Wn Govts + Australia + international non-profits, so everyone is equally responsible. Not just Daw Suu. Besides, sins of omission (not speaking up, speaking up too late or too softly) are hardly the same as sins of commission, actually directing the helicopter + on ground attacks during the on-going genocide against the Rohingya. Enough said. To avoid a fate like Cassandra's, I am just writing fiction now and painting. BTW, check that website above regularly. The webmaster there gave me "key" to post whenever I like, but I seldom need to as he does such an excellent job. Thank you, km 10-14-2017
Recent photos from Internet Kyi May Kaung Words Sounds and Images

Tell your US representative to support sanctions against Burmese Army


Friday, October 13, 2017

Sorry, I was away, visiting Dupont original gunpowder mill, and Dupont home and Hotel, and seeing a Broadway Show

we do need vacations now and then, all of us. Then we need to do the laundry before and after. I decided that the news is so horrid, I will not watch it for awhile, but while in Delaware, I did open the TV MSNBC, on Wednesday morning, and saw a bit of Morning Joe, on which Mika and Joe were talking about DJT saying he wanted to increase nuclear capacity of USA 10 times. When I mentioned it to man in lobby, who was sitting with his newspaper folded in his lap, he said, "You asked to see the paper, that's OK, I have not read it yet." I was so pissed I just scanned the headlines and handed his d paper back immediately. Now, This was not a handsome young man, but a fat old man who talks too much, with a pot belly and a cane. ML who uses a cane, walked in, so I told the 2 men I was sitting between, "I'm giving my seat to M, OK?" The one on my L said, "She can sit over there, " but it was across the room. One on L appeared very taken with an old looking woman with lots of wrinkles, but maybe she was pretty in his eyes. This one is transparent like the glass NYTs building. Their table at dinner the night before was so noisy. They sat at the bar before dinner, while those at our table did not, but I know from previous trips that the tall one does not drink. -- Immediately after, our bus rolled in, so I got up and went to the bus. What an ass hole, maybe he voted for T. (One on my R) At lunch, where I tried to look for cafe said to be inside New York Times building, but we went into Dean and Deluca, where I bought a mug and a bar of flourless fudge, this man then collared my new friend and started talking. My friend said, "--is a talker, I've heard these stories many times before." I said, "He was grumpy this morning, so I am wary of engaging him (in conversation." During the intermission of War Paint, he was full of beans again, maybe he recovered, and said about the show, "I just don't care," about the trade wars between Helena Rubenstein and Elizabeth Arden, depicted on stage, and it's true, I nodded off several times during Act I. At intermission, I had to move fast to join line to ladies, which was one floor up. They had a floor minder like in Berlin, to keep people moving fast. Act 2 got a bit better, but still did not show the icons as multi-dimensional, am trade wars are hardly dramatic material. My woman friend said, "Don't think we'll be humming these tunes." It's true, music was not memorable either. But it was part of package deal on a group trip, and I did not want to be critical while our tour managers had done so much, and everything went without a hitch. They even gave us small cards to mark if we wanted red or white wine or water for happy hour on our way back. I guess they do this on longer trips. I asked for white wine, but could not manage more than a few sips. -- At the gunpowder museum, I just said, "We could not do all this on our own," and it's true. "Too many moving parts." Also, many of us are challenged. My friend said she can't see well, she read the menu with difficulty, and I did not want to leave her alone on a NY street, besides, I did not want to walk alone on 42nd street either. But it is a lot better than the 1980s, when it was a street of peepholes and X-rated stuff. I was surprised when I looked up and realized we were right in front of NY Port Authority Building, where all the Greyhound buses park. Come a long way since then. My friend asked me what I must enjoyed doing, writing? Painting? Sewing? I said, Writing is not enjoyable, it is painful. Maybe painting. Then you should do that. Thank you for your advice. Sometimes I don't know what to do. When I said I had never been to France, she said, Then you should go. At breakfast the very nice couple from Egypt said, the wife Isis (the goddess, not the terrorist group) said, It's a good time to visit Egypt. She said she was a pathologist,so I told her about my relative who is a pathologist. Her husband, she said, is a retired physician. He said, when they go to Egypt, they are like tourists, because they have been away so many years, things have changed so much, they can't find their way around any more. He said to his wife, You should qualify what you just said. To me: If you go, don't go in a group in bus like we're doing now (in USA) you might become targets of a terrorist group-- I added for him, As US tourists? Yes, there is lots of global terrorism now. The security at the theatre just looked into our open bags with a flash light one second. My friend said, "I don't think they will find anything, the way they do things." But at least this year I have my expensive hearing aids, and can hear better, though not that much to hear. And so that's the report from Our Village for today. Watch the news people, be engaged, be active. K M Kaung 10-13-2017
Cartoon from Internet, Greeley arrives in New York.

tweets 10-12-2017

Kyi Kaung‏ @KyiKaung now how wrong can this world be, watch @MSNBC 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes Kyi Kaung‏ @KyiKaung 31s32 seconds ago Nominate for person of the year or Nobel Prize, San Juan Mayor-- Former FBI Director, James Comey. Get orange out of WH into jail.

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Quote of the day--no bay in Mandalay

MGM International, which owns Mandalay Bay, lost almost $1 billion the day of the shooting after shares of the company fell nearly 5%. from Fortune.com 10-8-2017

Intimate pictures capture pain of the Rohingya


Missing journalist Kim Wall case. Danish divers find more body parts, including head--

Danish divers find missing body parts of K WAll http://nydn.us/2kvWAbE Truly sad story, alleged killer found with sex tapes of torturing women. Women should not go off with men who are fishy, no pun intended. One can only imagine how her family feels. 10-8-2017

When did you meet your Harvey Weinstein? Sex assault victims in workplace speak up--

https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-intersect/wp/2017/10/07/when-did-you-meet-your-harvey-weinstein-thousands-share-workplace-sex-assault-stories-online/?utm_term=.44571ea6ce45 I would say it's prevalent from what I saw in 3 years at RFA Burmese Service, and latest reports are it continues, now with female boss Flathead Snake head, who has just dumped her alleged favorite for a younger man, while he has moved on, I am told, to head of organization LL. I am glad I was pushed out of there bc my programs were popular in Burma in 2001. Since then, about a dozen have lost their jobs due to doing their jobs well. 10-8-2017

Turkish military vehicles entering Syria


Chuck Schumer says he rebuffed another offer fr T. on health care--


Trmp on N Korea--how to mishandle a nuclear crisis


Hurricane Nate makes landfall near Gulf Coast--


Wonderful documentary--The Great Moghul


Saturday, October 07, 2017

Dehli--A novel by Kushwant Singh--highly recommended--


Genocide--worse than war--a PBS documentary--


from Hindustani Times, greatest India novels you cannot afford to miss


James Michener's 1997 NYTs obituary--author of Hawaii, Chesapeake, TX, Mexico, The Novel etc

http://www.nytimes.com/1997/10/17/books/james-michener-author-of-novels-that-sweep-through-the-history-of-places-is-dead.html I have read some of them, abt 50% --in Burma through my mother's friend Mrs Hummel, and from 1982, Poland, The Novel, Chesapeake, Mexico, Texas, and the last one about life in an old people's home, which I retrieved from garbage while helping someone clear out a fixer upper in TX. They are all equally good, I read the Bridge at Andua first in abridged form in the 1950s in Burma and at least till 1982, that edition of Readers Digest was still on my bookshelf in Burma. I've read Poland twice, and Bridge at Andua twice also. The last book is shorter, but no less excellent. I liked Caravans the least, mainly because I didn't think the woman wearing sneakers under her hijab was realistic, but I may like it now if I read it again, I don't know. km Kyi May Kaung Words Sounds and Images

Poetry readings


My writerly memoir A Time to Write, Not Just about Burma--


Rachel Maddow wins 2 Emmys--one for Flint, Michigan crisis coverage--


Thursday, October 05, 2017

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Why is this happening? I believe Westerners barking up wrong tree--Dr Daw Aung San Suu Kyi to be stripped of Oxford honor--

http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/04/europe/aung-san-suu-kyi-oxford/index.html Above, report by CNN's Ivan Watson. She has no official post and no real power. Why is she being blamed? At least, I didn't stand by and do nothing. In 2012 I helped Columbia Univ convene a panel on the Rohingya, and they invited about 50% of the 12 member panel through my recommendations, but even they were scared to call it a Rohingya Conference, and called it, transition, something or the other. Now the well planned, state sponsored genocide has blown up in everyone's face. For the record, at the time I also suggested to Columbia U, that they wait a few days so Daw Suu herself, could attend the same panel. As it turned out, she was interviewed by a well known correspondent in the very same hall at Lowe Library that we were in, but apparently, the convenors wished to spare her embarrassment, and so she did not attend. I am also told this happened also at LSE. I have also heard many things such as her staff did not know who Bishop Tutu was,did not know what NPR National Public radio was. When she was released in 2010, I offered to comb the news daily and brief her every morning, if secure communications could be set up, but I am not even sure she received my message. It would have been so easy to do, as throughout her decades as an activist, her communications were through Western Embassies. Now this blame game of "let's let Daw Suu take all the blame" is just too easy, when the woman is a soft target with no army, and no intelligence service and no thugs of her very own. It plays right into the hands of the well entrenched junta, which wants to undermine her and the NLD anyway. For her own almamata Oxford to buy into this is disgraceful. Please look at who really planned the attacks on the Rohingya and other refugees. It has been systematically planned for years,just like the junta built a fake capital Naypyidaw, and set up a fake parliament with fake constitution, through a fake referendum in 2008,just days after Burma was reeling from Cyclone Nargis. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyclone_Nargis It is too easy to blame a woman they are probably jealous of. You should also look at former Amnesty International head, Jack Healey's article in The Huffington Post. kmk 10-4-2017
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My archive at IISH, Amsterdam--