Thursday, April 29, 2021

Kristen Welker is having a baby by surrogate.

She's one of my favorite reporters, able to handle a presidential debate.  An African-American woman can stand up to the likes of d j t, in fact was CHOSEN to do so.

Best wishes to her.  
Actually, one of my Burmese friends had a baby, with a semen donor, after her boyfriend ditched her and married a "real Mon."

I think that was very brave and her own family supported her all the way.

The young lady is related to someone in my extended family that the old money obsessed father in law rejected.




Wednesday, April 28, 2021

KNU (Karen National Union) captures junta military post.

Also in LA Times, Reuters.


For Burmese Protestors--Stay Alive.

For Burmese Protestors:

You can do nothing if you die.

Stay Alive

Stay Alive

Stay Alive.

Leave the g-damned place.

Live to fight another day, in perhaps another way.


Youthful Aung San Suu Kyi


Monday, April 26, 2021

Fully vaccinated? Keep wearing that mask.

After you've been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, you should keep taking precautions—like wearing a mask, staying 6 feet apart from others, and avoiding crowds and poorly ventilated spaces—in public places until we know more.

When You've Been Fully Vaccinated | CDC



Myanmar Coup--Gus Miclat's poem

Salute to the peoples of Burma/Myanmar


We only have pots and pans

And a three-finger salute

To ward off evil sweeping our land


Beasts posing behind creased uniforms,

Stars on their shoulders


We only have pots and pans

And a three-finger salute


To dodge and do battle with rubber and bullets

From snipers and cowards behind iron behemoths

And rage against our stolen freedoms


We only have pots and pans

And a three-finger salute

Our votes. Our voices


To confront the brute force of overstaying generals and greedy elites

Who pillage our lands, our rivers, our jade and our blood


We only have pots and pans

And a three-finger salute

To rally in the townships, in factories, in hospitals, universities and streets

Across Irrawaddy, our vast plains and mountains


We only have pots and pans

And a three-finger salute

In solidarity with friends all over the world

Showing that we are a people unchained, unbowed, united in purpose

Kachin, Rohingya, Rakhine, Kayin, Mon, Karen, Karenni, Kayah, Shan, Wa, Chin, Bamar


We only have pots and pans

And a three-finger salute

To remind ourselves

That we are no longer cowed. We will fight to the end

With our feeble yet defiant barricades, with our blood and lives if need be



Our pots and pans are crumpled and beaten

Our three-finger salutes are stiffened and hardened

In defending and asserting democracy



We slay the monsters

Our pagodas reverberate with chants

Our lakes are swum, there is dancing in the streets

And our people are finally set free.


Gus Miclat

March 23, 2021


Gus Miclat read this at a Human Rights meeting in the Philippines.



Sunday, April 25, 2021

NBC Nightly News, Sat, 4-24-2021. Armenian Genocide, J and J vaccine, India Covid crisis--

Please bear with me--some posts did not show--so I tried light background, now trying to get back to dark theme.

 Getting back to normal look, which I like the best.

The Music of Protest


If you wish to share these videos, copy and past the links directly from Youtube

DO NOT--go lazy easy way and fwd to yr list--I am sure you don't want to invite hackers and neither do I.

I will try and get you a translation of the lyrics.

For now, my Ph.D. mentor and external examiner Dr Josef Silverstein said "I live a long time, and I remember everything, and everyone hates me."

Well, I remember how we were slighted too by so-called Burma experts whose tones are always literally off.

They love for instance to say, "I was just in Myann--mar last Wed." and "Are you one of the Burma bashers?"

I went up to introduce myself to a woman who looked like Modigliana's Woman in Yellow (riding jacket) and the anorhexic said, "I know your opinions already."

In Gottenberg in 2002, Zarni, Aung Zaw and others wanted Mun Awng to perform a concert.

The Burma Studies Board--Bored?? refused permission, so we had a street-side evening concert.  The tableau in the video are based on news photos from 1988.

Where are all the ass lickers now?? So silent.




Let's be brief

Min Aung Hlaing went to Jakarta for ASEAN meet as he had to

Took scolding like little boy & "agreed"

But he will do it Burmese Way

Smile & nod, then "come home"

kill more people, having snipers shoot children & random humans in thr homes, w rifle mountd RPGs




 Kind of govt we children want.

All cartoons from Internet, care of "Station Chief Down Under."


My archive at IISH, Amsterdam--