Thursday, July 30, 2020

CNN's Dr Sanjay Gupta on school reopening.

Keep using masks and gloves (properly)

Safest is go to total online learning or home schooling.

1st pet, a German shepheard, has also died of corona virus.

2 people survived with double lung transplants, but where would you get the lungs??


Trump tries to delay election + NBC Nightly News--NJ 129 % corona spike --

You have to apply for your mail in or absentee ballot.  Check with Election Board website in yr area.


Wednesday, July 29, 2020

21 states are corona hotspots, 34 on Cuomo's NY quarantine list.

Masks now recommended even at home.

Trump wonders aloud why no one likes him.  Jr's acct suspended for 24 hrs for hydroxychloroquine falsehoods.

Billionaires testify today.

We live in interesting times.  I once asked Chief Justice U Myint Thein about his time when PRC was being formed.  He was there as U Nu's ambassador.

That was the answer he gave me.


Tuesday, July 28, 2020

McKenzie Scott (formerly Bezos) donates--

Child (and young people) corona virus cases rising--

Warning sign
CHILDREN COVID SURGING: On July 16, Florida 23,170 children age <18 span="" tested="" who="">#COVID19 positive since pandemic began. By July 24, that jumped to 31,150.
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34% increase in new cases among children in 8 days!
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23% jump in child hospitalizations!
Warning sign
DEBUNKING HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE (again)—w/ that viral HCQ video today, it’s time to bump up this thread
on the mega RECOVERY randomized trial of HCQ with 4700 people showing NO benefit for mortality, & even higher risk of ventilator+mortality. And no subgroups benefit. #COVID19
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Eric Feigl-Ding
HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE - Recovery trial results finally out - and hopefully puts nail in coffin. Out of 4700 people randomized... HCQ did NOT lower #covid19 mortality. It anything it was trending in wrong direction. Thread
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It's World #Hepatitis Day. A #HepatitisFreeFuture is within reach
-Prevent infection among newborns -Stop mother to child transmission -Leave no one behind -Expand access to testing & treatment -Maintain essential hepatitis services during #COVID19

Friday, July 24, 2020

The language of Sue Sue

My 2 cents quantifyng NY State losses when suing Fedrl Gov

Loss due to ppl stuck in lines during Covid onset

Columbia U has best economists in wrld incld

Nobel Laureate Stiglitz who calculated 3 Trilln $ war

Only langge trmp understands is Sue Sue

CDC's Redfield is a trump a** -licker

This is Unacceptable.

He seemed fishy in the Hearings already.



Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Breaking News--US shuts down Chinese consulate in Houston, TX after

2 Chinese cited by FBI as spies stealing US trade secrets for 10 years.

. and are responding to reports of documents being burned at the Consulate General of China on 3417 Montrose Boulevard. Here's what the scene looks like there right now.
Embedded video
This video shared with us by a viewer who lives next to the Consulate General of China in #Houston shows fire and activity in the courtyard of the building. DETAILS SO FAR:
Embedded video
LATEST: The U.S. says the Chinese consulate in Houston, Texas was ordered to close on IP issues
Firefighters arrived at the Chinese consulate in Houston after witness reports that papers were being burned outside in open containers, according to local media reports, citing police.

NIH is calling for volunteers for corona virus vaccine --

I saw it on NBC Nightly news.

Pl look at National Institutes of Health website for more info.

I wouldn't recommend it for seniors or children though.  Besides, children are below the age of informed consent.

One entire family volunteered, and volunteers were interviewed on NBC.

They have now moved to human trials, already been through that stage in UK.

This reminds me of my mother who was born around WW I.  She caught smallpox as an infant, and her next elder sister died.  She said the vaccine has already been discovered, but was not yet available in Burma/Asia.

I know of a family who were ordering polio vaccines from overseas in 1970s, and their son got polio before the vaccine arrived.

My aunt and my husband's employers helped me get polio vaccines for my sons. It has to be refrigerated and taken orally.


Saturday, July 18, 2020

NBC Nightly News 7-18-2020--US spikes--

80 children below age 2 tested positive for corona virus in one county of TX alone.

World's biggest ICU overwhelmed.


T's so-called "policy" will kill us all.

Internal White House messaging document describes Trump Covid plan: “Our strategy is to shelter the vulnerable while allowing the young and healthy to return to work.” W/ ⁦

If it is so legit, why is it kept a secret.


NBC Nightly News with Lestor Holt-TX FL hotspots, school reopenings.


Friday, July 17, 2020

FL and TX both set corona death records Thursday.

ivanka trump farts--

Jamaal Bowman defeats Eliot Engel

trump on dishwashers--

trump and appliances --

trump unleashes secret police in Portland OR on protestors.

It shld come as no surprise.  ICE has been putting asylum seekers in camps, and troops without insignia were openly directed by AG Barr on Lafayette Square during George Floyd Protests.

The Nation and The Guardian are British newspapers.


Saturday, July 11, 2020

Arts and Crafts in the USA.

Good way to practice making flowers for say Irish Lace, and this, like Granny Squares, is connect as you go.

Using yarn with shades and colors to create an Argyle pattern

This is just ingenious.

Blog--thoughts on product, fairs etc.

Several other vendors at our Village Craft Fair have asked me about this.

I find this very useful.

You should try to keep your artistic efforts at least somewhat inter-related.  I don't do food because it is perishable.

You should try and sell enough to cover some of your costs, some of the time.

You should also balance your (full time) or part time job, your age and health situation and the demands of your art.

Musician Red Holloway said at a conference in Boulder, CO, that "I afford my art through sacrifice."  I was on a music and poetry panel with him and others, such as the Grusin brothers (On Golden Pond, Milagro Beanfield War etc) and the late Dennis Brutus. 

Most reputable craft fairs require that you hand made the items, that they not be imported.

Also juried national level shows require a much greater outlay of time, energy and booth fees, as well as companions to get you there, bring down and put up your show.  You also need a high level of excellence in your art or craft, and in some cases, the production facilities such as studio space, staff, or other resources, to support that level of artistic excellence.

For this reason I am trying to make more compact items, but since I don't make jewelry, I am doing "needlepoint paintings."

On one hand you may sell a lot of, say, greeting cards at $5 a piece,

but on the other, as the Hmong woman who won a Pew Grant in Philadelphia said,

"I wanted to make something to be remembered by."

Previously, she had been making cushion covers and smaller items as suggested by her Western advisors, bc she needed the money.

For those of you who don't know, or forgot, the Hmong are a SE Asian people who helped France and the CIA --

They make the most beautiful embroideries and story quilts.




Burl Ives-Ave Maria