Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Child (and young people) corona virus cases rising--

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CHILDREN COVID SURGING: On July 16, Florida 23,170 children age <18 span="" tested="" who="">#COVID19 positive since pandemic began. By July 24, that jumped to 31,150.
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34% increase in new cases among children in 8 days!
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23% jump in child hospitalizations!
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DEBUNKING HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE (again)—w/ that viral HCQ video today, it’s time to bump up this thread
on the mega RECOVERY randomized trial of HCQ with 4700 people showing NO benefit for mortality, & even higher risk of ventilator+mortality. And no subgroups benefit. #COVID19
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Eric Feigl-Ding
HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE - Recovery trial results finally out - and hopefully puts nail in coffin. Out of 4700 people randomized... HCQ did NOT lower #covid19 mortality. It anything it was trending in wrong direction. Thread
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It's World #Hepatitis Day. A #HepatitisFreeFuture is within reach
-Prevent infection among newborns -Stop mother to child transmission -Leave no one behind -Expand access to testing & treatment -Maintain essential hepatitis services during #COVID19 bit.ly/2X4g9cd