Friday, October 18, 2019

Rachel Maddow's new book Blowout

I didn't know Rachel was "frontline reporter" earlier--

but I do know she has a Ph D from Oxford.

Well, I can't compete with someone like her who has a show to herself on a major network.


Monday, October 07, 2019

Chihuly look alike projects with recycled or new plastics

You need pour acrylic paints in bottles.

this is more advanced--another one uses hair dryer, but need adult supervision

and this last one is the best, by a school art teacher for children + adults 7 and up.

Start saving recycled bottles right now.



Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Rachel Maddow--

NYC bans term "illegal alien"--institutes fine.

So-called DOJ vs FBI's Andrew McCabe

VA police officer suspended after helping ICE --

Mouse in WH fell out of trmp's hair.

Why Barr went to Rome--

2 principal individuals in trmp Ukraine scandal will appear this week and next week.

Trmp demanded alligator moat and said "shoot them in legs" at border wall.

Houston Astro's star donates $10,000 to family of slain TX sheriff's deputy, Sandeep Singh Dhaliwal

Remembrance of things past--

This was more like when I was a feature writer with a Ph.D. for RFA, of course w o that pay and 6 assistants, b f that SOB junta-inclined started job harassing me--

As for what RFA Burmese does now?  Well, what do they do?

Can't even understand what they are saying, and same goes for VOA.



Man falls into Old Faithful--

15 year old dies protecting his sister--

Walk through and discuss different home invasion scenarios with your children.

Children have been abducted from their bedrooms by carpenters and handymen, through holes in tents etc.

Be aware of yr surroundings and don't wear clothing or act in such as way as to draw attention to yourself.