Thursday, February 28, 2013

Joseph Anton (Salman Rushdie) reference - reply

The book is available on Amazon and in bookstores.

The Jonathan Yardley review - the link for it is already posted on this blog, or you can Google.

This blog is set up so I cannot correspond at length on comments.

Thank you for your understanding.

Quote of the day - from Toni Morrison

If there's a book you really want to read -- and it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.

Toni Morrison

End - visual evening -

Bottle sculpture - forgot to note artist's name
at the Hirschorn Museum -
Photo - Kyi May Kaung

Coca cola by Ai Wei Wei

Photo copyright Kyi May Kaung

Ashes to ashes - dust to dust -

Photo copyright Kyi May Kaung - fire circle LT.

Home made Daw Aung San Suu Kyi sign -

Painting and photo copyright Kyi May Kaung

Rose after rain -

Photo copyright Kyi May Kaung (K.M. Kaung)

My Weedy Garden with cinqfoil berries

Photos copyright Kyi May Kaung (K.M.Kaung)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Brookings Institute and IMF Burma workshop

Burmese in Norway protest Thein Sein visit

Project Guttenberg - free copy of Little Dorrit

Pimps use social networks to recruit for prostitution

Bishop Desmond Tutu's tribute to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi - written in 2009

She was only released Nov 13, 2010, a week after the junta had made sure it won the "election."

Bishop Tutu in Burma - "Looking forward to when your country is really free --"

Archbishop Desmond Tutu goes to Rangoon to see Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

Burmese TV Feb 26 broadcast - sorry, no translation, images speak louder.

So-called president Thein Sein greeted by big demonstration in Oslo -

Informal summary and translation:

Slogan - "We meet Thein Sein with shwe pan"  -- shwe pan="gold flower"=male genitals.

Interview - "There are no human rights in Burma, there is no constitution.  That's why we are demonstrating."

Man with the guitar - famous singer Mun Awng - "This is the same general who imprisoned democracy activists, now spouting 'democracy' and going around visiting."

Congrats Norway-based activists - you speak the Truth.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

K.M.Kaung's Good Reads review of George Orwell's 1984

19841984 by George Orwell

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

You must be kidding - George Orwell's 1984 is a classic and needs no review - you'll be pulled in from when the clock strikes 13.

It does not have a complicated or page turning plot, and you could say it's depressing, a doomsday scenario, but then, look at all he foresaw.

If like me you come from a totalitarian system, it is almost too painful to read or watch (the movie version, with Richard Burton).

Still, you should.

No one who is a thinking person and lives in this world, should go without reading 1984 and Animal Farm at least once in their lives.

Kyi May Kaung (K.M.Kaung)

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The Silver Garden at Longwood Gardens, PA

Aha - at last centered and lined up.

Photos Copyright Kyi May Kaung a. k. a. K.M. Kaung.

A test, a test, this is a test -

Ash lens 5 - copyright Kyi May Kaung.

Audio book sample from George R. R. Martin's The Dance of Dragons -

George R. R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire may turn out to be 8 books instead of 7 Interesting interview of how complicated plot evolves.

Oscar Economics -

Peter Dinklage who played Tyrion Lannister in A Game of Thrones

George R.R. Martin's A Dance with Dragons

Photos - K.M.Kaung Book review from Mother Jones Book review from The New York Times/

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Dalai Lama's mother recalls his infancy

Ancient Indian Jewelry

India's Windfall - by Andrea Bennet

ancient scripts - Brahmi to Pallava to Pyu to Burmese and other SE Asian languages Endlessly fascinating./ I am convinced the "donation inscriptions" I saw at Banteay Serai near Angkor in Cambodia were a form of these. I can't get over it./ Stay tuned, I need time to find my Angkor pics./

Burma archaeology - Gutman and Hudson

My mini review of Charles Dickens' Little Dorrit - left on Amazon site

I did not find it long. I learned a lot about Dickens and his social conscience from reading this. I also saw the Masterpiece Theatre TV series a few years ago, but what was lost there was Charles Dickens' incomparable authorial voice and his sense of humor. The TV version did help me anticipate the plot somewhat, but Dickens can still kill people off in one paragraph, and it does not seem contrived. The mental decline of the overly prestige-conscious Father of the Marshalsea debtors' prison and his ho-humming pronouncements was wonderfully done. So much so that his final breakdown came as no surprise. The speech patterns of the fat Flora, said to be modeled on Dickens' wife, and the dialogue involving others were also excellent. I think the plot has been changed a bit in the TV version. However, Little Dorrit is still one of the best works for anyone to read who wishes to paint on a large canvas and handle serious, societal issues. I was able to relate to it more because as someone born in Burma with its Gulag of military-operated prisons and its prison of a country, I could relate to the Marshalsea more. The audio version, judging from the sample, is also excellent. People should read the classics more. They should not impose their 20th and 21st century values on the 19th century. K.M.Kaung

My mini review of Mark Bojanowski's The Dog Fighter -

I have read this several times, and I never fail to be moved./ To this day the story remains with me. The author has done a beautiful job of building up the reader's sympathy and empathy for the dog fighter, who in the end -- well - we can't have a spoiler here -- can we?/ It is masterly from the first sentence on./ I look forward to reading much more from Mark Bojanowski./ K.M.Kaung/ On Amazon site - / I still remember when I presented the first sentence of this novel in class, and all the women jumped on me as being cruel to animals - I wonder how they would have reacted if Mark himself were there - of course he is not the protagonist of the novel either -/

Tourist robberies increase in Bagan, Burma

audio book sample - Chris Kyle's American Sniper - read by John Pruden

Pol. Sci. thriller - Larry Bond - Red Dragon Rising -

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Irrawaddy interviews Land of Green Ghosts author Pascal Khoo Thwe - Thanks Pascal, you spoke well.

U Tube how to videos - henna skin painting, wet on wet watercolor etc - I loved how to cook dhansak in Hindi/English the best.

S. African blade runner Pistorius murder case - judge denies bail - Prosecutor says premeditated murder - CNN asks Marcia Clark - prosecutor in OJ Simpson case for her opinion. Marcia says not waking his partner in bed first was not credible./ Defense attorney that CNN asked (not Pistorius's actual defense lawyer) said it "might not have been in S. African culture to call 911 first" - instead of calling the gated community manager./ !!!! Hope we don't see a repeat of OJ Simpson case -

Cover design for special issue of International Gallerie, on Burma - hard look.

watch out for my article -/ Aung San Suu Kyi: Strange Collection of Clear Victories, by Dr. Kyi May Kaung/ in this special edition, upcoming./ Editor and founder Bina Sarkar Ellias commissioned this article - the two artistic and literary friends who connected me to Bina - Big thank you, and thanks Bina and International Gallerie.

Re-posting after one year - Potemkin Politics: Are Burmese reforms real by Kyi May Kaung I am happy to have the last word, though sad that I am right about Burma yet again./ In the end, I get to say "I told you so," but the Burmese people suffer more under the regime, which is still the same old, same old military./ Where is the so-called reform. Nowhere./ K.M. Kaung

Irrawaddy interview of Burmese beauty queen -

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Prince Jackson, Michael's son, makes debut as a reporter - The children look beautiful and seem to be doing well.

Quote from Kanlaon's Blog - on Mo Yan by Ian Buruma

Two translations of Mo Yan, both by Howard Goldblatt: Sandalwood Death and Pow! The review is by Ian Buruma, who says of Mo Yan: “There is nothing mandarin, or even urbane, about Mo Yan’s work. He has retained the earthy character of rural Shandong, where he grew up in a farming family.”

Anniversary of my father U Kaung's death in Calcutta of a car accident -

Fall leaves close-up - Copyright Kyi M. Kaung Dear Father, You would have loved the person I have become - today I am talking to my book packagers. Kyi Kyi

Generation 88 - Min Ko Naing and Ko Pyone Cho in Oslo Hosted by Norwegian Burma Council

Tolstoy said - Anna Karenina's lover had teeth like spades -

My friend Kanlaon said "Sorry, but that does not sound at all attractive." My reply - "Yes, 2 front teeth. :) The lover was depicted realistically, like the husband and Anna herself - as if Tolstoy were saying "She was obsessed with him, but I knew it would not turn out well." It makes the reader feel like, "Anna be careful" but we cannot do anything about it - I thought it masterful. Kyi/ left on Kanlaon Blog. It's said of Tolstoy's writing that he was so good, even a poof that the heroine sat on in War and Peace, had a life of its own.

UN Burma envoy Quintana says human rights abuses continue in Burma

British couple - round the world cyclists, hit and killed by truck in Thailand -

For Burma - the mirror of Syria -

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Burma - CIA Factbook

Cambodia - from Wikipedia

Ancient Khmer script

Raffles Hotel - Siem Reap - Cambodia

Strand Hotel, Rangoon, photos

The Oriental Hotel - Bangkok,_Bangkok

Graham Greene's Travels with My Aunt

Graham Greene -

Bizarre Burma business opps -

Reading matters - left on Kanlaon's Blog

I have not read the first two books, but Anna Karenina, I read about 6-10 years ago - Very sad. Tolstoy supposed to have based it on a train accident that he witnessed. Wonderful descriptions, her lover with teeth like spades, Anna wearing the dress with the white lace collar. The way she goes through with it, even though she may have sensed that the man will not be with her for long. I am no good at delayed gratification as regards my reading. I have to read a book at once. Kyi M. Kaung

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Orchid - cymbidium Burma Star

Longwood Gardens, PA

Longwood gardens over 30 years - comment left on Kanlaon Blog

Thank you! I used to live in Philadelphia - 15 years while at Penn - and so went there a bit - interesting to see the way the garden has changed -/ and remained the same - like how old the purple bougainvillea in the conservatory are - or the new pawlovnia (sp?) trees they put in to replace the old ones that were taken out -/ I only have been there at intervals of 6-10 years now - but my son first visited when he was 13 - and was enchanted by the bonsai jasmine -/ and one summer I went there right after having a colonoscopy, and the pink roses on the arches to the right of the entrance were in full bloom -/ one family friend who was a Quaker and whom I first met through other family friends lived at Crosslands retirement community near there. K.M.Kaung

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Poetry from Burma - Bones will Crow ed-ed by James Byrne and Ko Ko Thett

Finger a la Ai Wei Wei - photo copyright K.M.Kaung Another book with the westerner's name coming first, though I would think Ko Ko Thett would have done most of compilation and translation - kmk --- On Fri, 2/8/13, ko ko thett wrote: From: ko ko thett Subject: review of the day: bones will crow in the guardian To: Date: Friday, February 8, 2013, 11:09 PM greetings from yangon... i am forwarding the following. -- KKt ko ko thett

Friday, February 08, 2013

AAPPB - Association for the Assistance of Political Prisoners, Burma gives scholarships to children of Burmese political prisoners - sadhu sadhu sadhu/ well done, well done, well done/ now we are talking - at least today I don't have to read another report full of political or economic mumbo jumbo - what this government minister said, what that minister said.

Storm hits NE (USA) - from CNN

Soe Zin Photography

Funny transliteration - "loo nar" New Year VOA newscaster said loo nar hnit thit kuu for "lunar New Year" in Burmese - which sounds like "sick patient new year." :)

Storm Nemo - food prep/storage for emergencies

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Burma President's website hacked

Self published author who did her own PR - from CreateSpace

Bedlam- military owned oil tanker fire in Rangoon - Video - well the videographer is excellent -

Images 2012 - Election signs USA

Images 2012 - before Election Day - USA

Images 2012 - Voting rights in Maryland, USA

Image of the day - The late Louisa Benson Craig

Such a lovely person and my good friend.

Burmese Hitlerisms - poster by Anonymous

Disclaimer - as the owner of this blog, I do not necessarily agree with all views expressed by blog guest posts - I post some things to increase Burmese tolerance of differing points of view.

U Thaw Kaung & Daw Aung San Suu Kyi at Irrawaddy Literary Fest

Photo courtesy of Good Friend Copyright Good Friend

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi draws thousands to Burma's first literary festival

Richard III's skeleton found One who allegedly killed (according to Sir Thomas More)his nephews, the 2 young princes in the tower.

Branding in marketing

Burl Ives-Ave Maria