Thursday, November 20, 2014

kabya ah tu
faux poem
kabar in ahr a kyee sone naing gnan
myo taw tee shii yar
46 htat taik paw ka ne
hlan kyii like taw
lu twe ho pyay di pyay ne
a yuu twe kya ne yaw
ngwe shar ne kya tar
thay yin par hmar kya ne yaw.
dee mo cray see ah tu
hluttaw a tu
myo taw a tu
hpaya sinn tu taun
plastic a tu
doke kha pa be.
ko naing gnan ko myo ywa
ko ko paing ain hmar
ne ya me a sarr
lehpet ta htoke pyit pay like te
thingyaing gu ma thwin hmee
hpee gyan hget pyaw thee
ta hpee
tin pay like te.
bair yoke ka soe nat ko
taing te ya hma lair?

  •  အေတာ္ဖတ္ယူရတယ္ ... ဘာရုုကၡဆိုုးနတ္မွ မရိွေတာ့ဘူး ထြက္ေျပးကုုန္ျပီ ... အဲ နတ္အတုုေတာ့ က်န္ေကာင္းက်န္မယ္ ...
     Who is the writer I wonder
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  •  Thanks, Ma Ma Kyi May.

  • Kyi May Kaung I wrote it, sorry I do not have Burmese script and cannot type in Burmese, but as this poem came to me in Burmese, I tried with my own transliteration, have trouble reading it myself.
     Very good indeed easily decipherable

  • Kyi May Kaung OK, then will write more along these veins, inspired by ko ko thett who is writing in both Burmese and English,
     He can type in Burmese--

  • Kyi May Kaung problem is how to put in tonal marks in English--there must be a way and professional linguists would know, but I don't--I just try to use the simplest spelling with regular English pronuciation.
  • Kyi May Kaung On FB also can't put in accent marks, and sometimes I compose on FB.
     This is perfectly fine, I I know Burmese so I 'm able to get what that word is, thanks
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  • Kyi May Kaung You're welcome, of course not intended for non Burmese speakers.
     we are living in a world of ah tu ..foods are ah tu.. hard to find ah sit..
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  • I like what K P O said

  • Kyi May Kaung Pl consider this an introduction and talk to each other, my good friends--for we can all do with one more friend.
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  • Thanks , that would be great
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  • Kyi May Kaung I am going to copy and paste this to my blog, but cutting out your names--bc I cannot copy and paste Burmese script to my laptop either, so some things are better "saved" on line--besides it's a poem that needs wide currency.

causal variables for blog hits (not about this FB page)

depend on home country of blog--mine is USA based, so largest # from USA
language or primary language of the blog
subject matter

in summer or when weather is good, on weekends, blog hits dip.

In August onwards to Spring, blog hits rise.

Blog hits generally rise the more you post.

They peak when items of news "trend" such as Obama's visit to Burma--

I am posting this because so few readers/writers/journalists have any idea of dependent and independent variables, in anything, esp. in ecos.

That's why one shot theories are so prevalent.

Many people when talking to me will "boil down" inappropriately to one thing--

"Oh, he/she is just arrogant" sometimes this is true--

or they will try to "protect" the bad guy "Oh they say he (reporter) worked for ABSDF"

and so on -- "Oh, they gave him the job as he needs money"  (the jerk boss who fired about a dozen of us over 20 years, and left the stupids)

"Oh, it must be U NW's karma" (when he was in power)

generally they endorse anyone in power.

If you win, it must be your karma from a previous life, not that

you are underhand devious cruel brutal manipulative evil and have guns and an army.

So that's my rant for today.

Have a good holiday, travel safe and stay warm--do not eat too much turkey, holiday sweets or drink too much.

Don't catch an STD.


How not to run a radio station--from my page--

 How not to run a radio station—
Below vinyl films for glass sun control, privacy and signs etc. reminds me of Great Debate I had with jerk boss at radio from hell, DC. who wanted everyone who passed by at office cubicles to pick up phone and answer, on grounds news tips might be lost.  (Why no general # with an operator, his foreign asst girls like Ms Mormon?)

So big bust honey treacle voice picked up phone when it rang on desk of my neighbor to the R, and it was his wife calling.  Served her right.

With respect to this (I almost said "dis") we discussed at morning staff meeting--

I said, "This is an office, so we don't have privacy, or maybe right to privacy"

next to me Big Bust had a big potted plant to partially hide her big bottom--

(glad jerk did not give me that cubicle, he said saving it for her)

me continuing, thinking of transparent doors Dr E told me abt, after one of Profs charged with sex abuse at work--

"That's why we have half glass cubicles, but we also need some privacy (to do our work and interviews)--so if you notice the glass does not go all the way up--"  (except in jerk boss' big cubicle.)

Of course Jerk and Co hated this and "passed" the law anyway, saying shit shit shit -- "is not a democracy"--

until they could not keep up with their own orders and forgot it, or maybe someone told them it is not OK.

In 1999, making up my tribute program about Dr Michael Aris (Daw S's husband) in a mini studio behind locked doors (I threw the bolt) glass doors,

I got a crank call--now who would have phone # of mini studio--think it was big bust --anyway, it was a honey voice saying hello hello--I slammed the phone down and finished calling my dozen or so interviewees-

a week earlier flat head snake fish told me "We don't do obituaries."  That was when Dr Aris was on his deathbed but had not died yet.

So--I do hope they get fried some day just like snake fish.

And make the oil hot and make the fish smoke and get crisped and crunchy.

Note:  Many BSPP style, SLORC SPDC style "orders" like that in that place.

If it is true it is not libel.
Portfolios of Hot Air.

modernized shinpyu--

     You bet
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  •  modernized Shin Pyu...
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  •  That's progress, or is it? I prefer a pony.
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  • Me too the romance is gone !
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  • Kyi May Kaung It's just very funny--still with umbrella bearer--maybe a metaphor for Burma.

Burl Ives-Ave Maria