Thursday, November 20, 2014

kabya ah tu
faux poem
kabar in ahr a kyee sone naing gnan
myo taw tee shii yar
46 htat taik paw ka ne
hlan kyii like taw
lu twe ho pyay di pyay ne
a yuu twe kya ne yaw
ngwe shar ne kya tar
thay yin par hmar kya ne yaw.
dee mo cray see ah tu
hluttaw a tu
myo taw a tu
hpaya sinn tu taun
plastic a tu
doke kha pa be.
ko naing gnan ko myo ywa
ko ko paing ain hmar
ne ya me a sarr
lehpet ta htoke pyit pay like te
thingyaing gu ma thwin hmee
hpee gyan hget pyaw thee
ta hpee
tin pay like te.
bair yoke ka soe nat ko
taing te ya hma lair?

  •  အေတာ္ဖတ္ယူရတယ္ ... ဘာရုုကၡဆိုုးနတ္မွ မရိွေတာ့ဘူး ထြက္ေျပးကုုန္ျပီ ... အဲ နတ္အတုုေတာ့ က်န္ေကာင္းက်န္မယ္ ...
     Who is the writer I wonder
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  •  Thanks, Ma Ma Kyi May.

  • Kyi May Kaung I wrote it, sorry I do not have Burmese script and cannot type in Burmese, but as this poem came to me in Burmese, I tried with my own transliteration, have trouble reading it myself.
     Very good indeed easily decipherable

  • Kyi May Kaung OK, then will write more along these veins, inspired by ko ko thett who is writing in both Burmese and English,
     He can type in Burmese--

  • Kyi May Kaung problem is how to put in tonal marks in English--there must be a way and professional linguists would know, but I don't--I just try to use the simplest spelling with regular English pronuciation.
  • Kyi May Kaung On FB also can't put in accent marks, and sometimes I compose on FB.
     This is perfectly fine, I I know Burmese so I 'm able to get what that word is, thanks
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  • Kyi May Kaung You're welcome, of course not intended for non Burmese speakers.
     we are living in a world of ah tu ..foods are ah tu.. hard to find ah sit..
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  • I like what K P O said

  • Kyi May Kaung Pl consider this an introduction and talk to each other, my good friends--for we can all do with one more friend.
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  • Thanks , that would be great
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  • Kyi May Kaung I am going to copy and paste this to my blog, but cutting out your names--bc I cannot copy and paste Burmese script to my laptop either, so some things are better "saved" on line--besides it's a poem that needs wide currency.

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