Thursday, November 20, 2014

How not to run a radio station--from my page--

 How not to run a radio station—
Below vinyl films for glass sun control, privacy and signs etc. reminds me of Great Debate I had with jerk boss at radio from hell, DC. who wanted everyone who passed by at office cubicles to pick up phone and answer, on grounds news tips might be lost.  (Why no general # with an operator, his foreign asst girls like Ms Mormon?)

So big bust honey treacle voice picked up phone when it rang on desk of my neighbor to the R, and it was his wife calling.  Served her right.

With respect to this (I almost said "dis") we discussed at morning staff meeting--

I said, "This is an office, so we don't have privacy, or maybe right to privacy"

next to me Big Bust had a big potted plant to partially hide her big bottom--

(glad jerk did not give me that cubicle, he said saving it for her)

me continuing, thinking of transparent doors Dr E told me abt, after one of Profs charged with sex abuse at work--

"That's why we have half glass cubicles, but we also need some privacy (to do our work and interviews)--so if you notice the glass does not go all the way up--"  (except in jerk boss' big cubicle.)

Of course Jerk and Co hated this and "passed" the law anyway, saying shit shit shit -- "is not a democracy"--

until they could not keep up with their own orders and forgot it, or maybe someone told them it is not OK.

In 1999, making up my tribute program about Dr Michael Aris (Daw S's husband) in a mini studio behind locked doors (I threw the bolt) glass doors,

I got a crank call--now who would have phone # of mini studio--think it was big bust --anyway, it was a honey voice saying hello hello--I slammed the phone down and finished calling my dozen or so interviewees-

a week earlier flat head snake fish told me "We don't do obituaries."  That was when Dr Aris was on his deathbed but had not died yet.

So--I do hope they get fried some day just like snake fish.

And make the oil hot and make the fish smoke and get crisped and crunchy.

Note:  Many BSPP style, SLORC SPDC style "orders" like that in that place.

If it is true it is not libel.
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