Thursday, November 20, 2014

causal variables for blog hits (not about this FB page)

depend on home country of blog--mine is USA based, so largest # from USA
language or primary language of the blog
subject matter

in summer or when weather is good, on weekends, blog hits dip.

In August onwards to Spring, blog hits rise.

Blog hits generally rise the more you post.

They peak when items of news "trend" such as Obama's visit to Burma--

I am posting this because so few readers/writers/journalists have any idea of dependent and independent variables, in anything, esp. in ecos.

That's why one shot theories are so prevalent.

Many people when talking to me will "boil down" inappropriately to one thing--

"Oh, he/she is just arrogant" sometimes this is true--

or they will try to "protect" the bad guy "Oh they say he (reporter) worked for ABSDF"

and so on -- "Oh, they gave him the job as he needs money"  (the jerk boss who fired about a dozen of us over 20 years, and left the stupids)

"Oh, it must be U NW's karma" (when he was in power)

generally they endorse anyone in power.

If you win, it must be your karma from a previous life, not that

you are underhand devious cruel brutal manipulative evil and have guns and an army.

So that's my rant for today.

Have a good holiday, travel safe and stay warm--do not eat too much turkey, holiday sweets or drink too much.

Don't catch an STD.


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