Friday, May 31, 2019

Mozart--La chi darem la mano--

Dangerous overcrowding + criminal neglect--900 packed into Burder Control jail menat for 125.

Impeach trump


11 killed in Virginia Beach shooting, including suspect.

Very stable genius--trmp's trade wars have cost ctock market 3 trillion in losses.

Trmp threatens 5% tariffs on Mexican imprts till ?"murnats " stop

this makes no sense

US consumers pay tariifs

"migrants" REFUGEES--coming has nothing to do with Mexico.

This is the man trmp adnires--Kim executes 4 for failure of trmp-Kim accords

This is the man trmp admires--Kin executes 4 in N Korean forrign miin, for failure ot Trump Kim accords

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Greg Breining--super volcano--the ticking time bim underneath Yellowstone National Park

How Yelllowstone was formed.

Case to impeach trump --from New Yorker

Nepal may defend itself, but it is still responsible for Everest traffic jam deaths.

Should even close it off and re-assess, taking major input from Sherpas and mountaineers, survivors.


Young man got past Secret Service at Mar a Lago during Thanksgiving when trmp in town.

How they discovered George Mallory's body (on Everest).

BBC: Mallory and Irvine, Lost on Everest.

Warning graphic--when remains of George Mallory d 24 found on Everest+ Otzi

Position of body looks similar to mummified remains found in glacier.
"Otzi" in Tyrolean Alps.

Sounds macabre but really very interesting.



Mueller wrote up a 3 count indictment of Trump for Obstruction of Justice--New Wolff book

After all we saw it happen right in front of us.

Wolff's book sold over 5 m copies, confirmed by other books incld Bob Woodward's Fear.

Precipitated Steve Bannon's ouster and he also lost his Breitbart job.


Monday, May 27, 2019

My article in Irrawaddy from 2001

Mrs T's exp clothes while children starve in cages and die

mel trmp has been selling photos of herself

Excellent interview of HBO TV series, Chernobyl

Very reminiscent of Kursk nuclear sub disaster in Russia, about the time Putin first came into power.

Same truth vs lies and slow non-reaction and cover up, and deaths and families.

There's an excellent book, I will find it in a bit.


From May 22nd--Trump's dam cracking--Rachel Maddow

Cartoons from Internet and Clay Bennett


Met Gala camp looks--not your mom's office wear.

I used to have this, but I sent it back to Burma--

where nobody reads.

I could have sold it for $135.

 But no, I sent it back, when there was still sea mail, $100 for 100 lbs.

I found Nabokov's short stories good, but disorientating, because he meets the women he meets, in Berlin, in somewhere in Europe, in somewhere else, at intervals of years.

At the time I read this, I was still in graduate school at Penn, and still thinking I would return to Burma, which became impossible after 1988.

Now I know Nabokov was very realistic in depicting the exile life.

That's it for now.



Maison Nabokov in Sr Petersbrug.

Estate owned by 16 year old Nabokov for one year before 1917 Revolution.

I rather like this, and it's in the public domain-says one reader on Amazon.

100 top books now in public domain--Project Gutenberg

MANY LIES, small smattering of truth, in trump-Abe press conference--just happened.


"Tariffs are 'spread around'"

They cant be "spread around" as by law apply only to Japanese imports into USA.

LIE:  "Economy has boomed under my admin."


LIE:  Farmers are happy

They are not.

Little bit true

first exaggeration--"We have taken in millions and millions of $$ from tariffs"

yes, but US citizens are paying the higher prices.  Countries that don't levy import taxes on goods from Japan unaffected by US tariffs.  Their standard of living as regards imports from Japan stays about the same, assuming other things like their income at individual level, money supply, etc remain the same.

Plain language--buying a sewing machine, batteries etc etc clothes imported from China and Japan will become more expensive for me, but not for a woman say in another country which does not levy tariffs or taxes on Japanese imports.

After a few mins, it became "billions and billions of $$" typical trump, it grows in his bloody mouth.

He said, "out of billions, we pay subsidy to farmers"

but--bottom line, US Citizens/Consumers/taxpayers are paying

see below for farmers.


partly true or true.

"Farmers are patriots, they just asked for a level playing field."

He almost said "laying playing field", must have been thinking of travel companion hopey hicks.

His face and skin were very red.

Looks very pressured.



cartoons from Internet and Mike Smith.

Height of stupidity, ate slug on dare, now has rat lung desease.

Never let ppl dare you to do dangerous things.

For what??


Marine Le Pen, in moldof trump, wins French elections, very bad news--she is ultra-R

AOC and Twitter--criticize NYTs/Maggie Haberman over framing of H Hicks question

Summary of comments:  "It's not a choice.  Nothing existential abt it,  not a glamor post.  It's the law, she must comply with a subpoena or risk going to jail.  She's true to (trump) brand."

Rick Wilson in last chapter of his book prophesied hopey hicks or hicky hope would be last Mrs T "before his death from massive stroke eating KFC chicken"

--and now she went to Japan with Trumps, photographed at dinner sitting next to Mel.

H Hick was sleeping with a WH staffer, and trump called her to her face "The best piece of ass,"


# Impeach trump


All images from Internet--just google "Cartoons, Trump."

Rise of Hitler etc WWII documentaries

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Chilling, interview of Hitler's former maid.

David Frum Trumpocracy

Jim Acosta's book, Enemy of the People, can be pre-ordered now.

This woman SS and her boss should just go live in N Korea

The Dutch way of death

Not much different from Burma, which is very wild and more like book Dirty London about London's old cemeteries.

I have a novel or novella (fragment) I started abt 25 years ago, about an undertaker couple, bc that business is very profitable in Burma.

Must finish it.


ultimate distraction--little hope hicky went along to Japan w trmps--maybe in Air Force One--

Rumored by Rick Wilson in his book to be 4th Mrs T.

Sleeping arrangements, anyone??


Late night grill burns down house in Yarmouth

My short story FGM--about the mutilation of women--

I'd never heard of it before, before a woman from Egypt wrote something.

So I did my research, and wrote a novella.

Abuse of women exists in different forms. and in this case it is both culturally sanctioned as well as truly horrifying.

No woman or girl should have to go through this.


Photo, K M Kaung.

Available on Amazon--The Rohingya Genocide in Burma: An Activists' Handy Handbook

Gives you all the information you need for a life of activism on behalf of the most persecuted people in the world.


My writerly memoir--A Time to Write, Not Just about Burma.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Traffic jam on Mt Everest kills 10th climber

No control at all Nepal govt shld be sued.

Don't see any attempts to rescue anyone, climbers stuck for days.


new cartoons fr Internet--7 images--copyright with original artists.

so-called president's official calendar--

Has played golf 191 days since Inauguration.


Stoopid woman not as smart as Elizabeth II

Nearly caught with skirts blown up.

Needs weights sewn into hem like Her Majesty.


Banksy crashes Venice Biennale--

MSNBC's Nicole Wallace aired a slowed donw vd of herself to show trump doctored video of Pelosi

trump is on the ramps now, he was hardly coherent on the lawn today, and so was his Rudy G on Twitter.


Madame Butterfly--complete opera/movie version--Mirella Freni

the wing is too black.


Dutch National Opera--Madame Butterfly--trailer.

Facebook acknowledges doctored video of Pelosi "stammering" is fake, but refuses to take it down.

SHAME FB that kow tows to power and money

similarly, last week Twitter took down the accts of 2 prominent RESISTENCE tweeters, the Krassenstein Brothers-- look on Twitter, for life. 

Yet they keep lying trump's acct up.

Twice Shame--

Cartoons from Internet.

Try and balance this at your level by Tweeting, Retweeting, blogging the TRUTH.

WE didn't come here to live under an autocracy.


Dr Christine Blasey Ford who spoke her TRUTH about being assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh when they were both teenagers.



My archive at IISH, Amsterdam--