Friday, August 07, 2020

Children and covid 19

Pl continue to take good care,


Thursday, August 06, 2020

Prof Alan Lichtman predicts--

He came to Village Center in late 2016 for a presentation after trmp won.

At that time he had predicted trmp win and also, he predicted trmp wld be impeached.

One woman asked, "Did other people predict trmp wld win?"  He said, "Of course, but it's in the record of correct predictions."

Personally I think trmp won bc of electoral college (Hilary won popular vote) and possible Russn collusion.

We'll see.


Tuesday, August 04, 2020

NBC Nightly News 8-4-2020 + for US Citizens, how to vote by mail.

Abt mail-in ballots, you should request an application form for your ballot, and then they will send the application, and you shld send it off.

The ballot itself will arrive later, but the filled in ballot must arrive to them by the deadline.

You can't send in a ballot you print yourself.

Check with yr local Election Board and/or US Embassy if overseas.  Info on Board of Elections website.

It is impt to vote.


Julian Castro--"I won't send my children back to school."

As a father of two, I won’t put my children or their teachers at risk by sending them back to school before it’s safe. All parents want their kids learning in a classroom again. But reopening schools before Covid is controlled is a recipe for disaster.