Sunday, April 30, 2017

Otzi reborn

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I do believe Mr T is supported by ill informed non-readers, by their own admission, and we should work against that by informing ourselves, even resisting and fighting (legally) some one who mongers hate, such as -- x y z T



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controversial T aide--aren't they all, to leave--

US Congress & budget and D T

Special post--Nova--Human Origins--Turkana Boy--Leakeys--Out of Africa


Blood Falls in Antarctica

Rachel Maddow interviews Sen. Elizabeth Warren

In rural Pennsylvania, T does his brand of white extreme nationalism, still followers chanting Build the Wall and Lock her up. SAD.

It seems they will follow anything orange.

Meanwhile T continues to call his opponents what he

As in kettle calls the pot orange.


But keep following the real news and keep exercising your rights.

They are under threat from this T guy and his minions daily.

I note on this blog, it is in order


in largest # of blog hits per week.




cartoon from Dr Seuss, Internet.

White House Correspondents' Dinner

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Jade vine at NY Botanical Garden, seen by and photographed by me--

Jade vine--like the Ambapali (famous courtesan) of flowers

Dale Chihuly at NY Botanical Garden--Chihuly's artwork of hand blown glass.


Cherries out 80% NY Botanical Garden--

Cherries near entrance, New York Botanical Garden,
the Bronx, NY.

Climate March draws 000s to DC

One of comments said Duck a l'orange dares not face these crowds.

I might have gone out had I known, but instead spent indoors coughing.

Perhaps caught cold on windy Princeton Junction train platform at 5 AM.

Yes yes, know it's a virus.


Commuters, Princeton Junction, NJ.  Copyright Kaung

Being spoiled--

Beng spoild reqd long expltn I'm going to eat waffle=white flour=carbs=sugar

theref no maple syrup  Hosts kept sayng, But they eat with it.

Japanese-American woman dies trying to protect walking companion--

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Russian-Soviet writer--Mikhail Sholokov--

1965 Nobel Laureate in Literature--

I am reading his second book, The Don Flows to the Sea, which I bought for $2 in the Princeton Public Library on Nassau St, where I went with my friend.

It's more reasonable to read the more famous And Quiet Flows the Don first, but they can be read as free standing novels.

Here is the full ms. of And Quiet Flows the Don, but you should buy a book if you can.

On line you will have to read it sitting at a desk, which isn't the same at all as lying down and reading a novel in your own bed or on your own futon.

Also, the online transcript, maybe scanned, has quite a few errors and typos.

Kyi May Kaung (Ph.D.)

volatile US Presdt and reckless N Korean make a volatile mix.

Trevor Noah show--now the comedians can play T. better than T. himself.

brilliantly written and acted, down to the hand gestures and calling Trevor, "Travis."

This is god help us time.

I can't even laugh due to coughing so much I have a stomach ache.

God bless all of you out there just trying to make an honest living and doing no harm.

While in the White House--blip blip blip.


T. attacks judges who stay his unreasonable orders--again.

sustainability in practice--house wrapped in a greenhouse

Interesting house in a greenhouse in Stockholm

This is almost like a house out of JRR Martin's fiction (that one on a warm spring.)


Own septic and urine/greywater tank, separate from black water.
As she says, it is not a perfect house, and they still need some supplemental heat for bedrooms, and maybe cooking?
But they manage to shorten the Northen winters from Sept to May
to Oct to –

Rachel Maddow--Russia, Calexit, Free California and Russia--


Friday, April 21, 2017

Lisa Bloom, lawyer who got Bill O'Reilly fired in 18 days

Lisa Bloom lawyer who got Bill O'Reilly fired

Go to NYTs first not Fox News.  Good advice.

Sex harassers are usually serial offenders.

Women especially should watch this program to know how to protect yourself.


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Kyi Kaung@KyiKaung

  1. Excellent, Rachel Maddow on raid in Nigeria of spy chief's apt. 4-21-2017
  2. Of course, that's how the system is set up CHECKS & BALANCES, didn't you know Mr Sessions ??? See below.
  3. First Trump doesn't care N Korea can already hit Hawaii; now Sessions says it's just some "island in the Pacific."

Highly recommended--op ed by Charles M.Blow --A Fake and a Fraud



Grab your wallet may be protect your p***y

Fears of Revolt by Consumers Felled O’Reilly

ha!  T's kiss of fire

--impressive 2 weeks to get rid of O'Reilly with online protests.

how abt getting rid of Mr T??


Thursday, April 20, 2017

Sad news from DC SE
I had not even heard of Congress Heights and had never been E of the Anacostia River.

Even going to the National Arboretum is iffy.

I know "all about gunfire on the streets" because I lived in West Philadelphia 13 years and people still get shot.


Kyi May Kaung
Words Sounds and Images

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

14 year old reporter for Time for Kids, at Easter Egg Roll, gets some spicy interviews--

Rachel Maddow--where is the USS Carl Vinson?

compares to JFK and Cuban missile crisis, where JFK INSISTED he and generals knew exactly where all ships were, so Cuba/Russia would not think an accidental placement was starting a war.

Michael Beschloss, Presidential Historian, said it is a good comparison.

4-19-2017  broadcast on 4-18-2017

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Interview of my sr. cousin, the late U Ba Aye--

Reviews of my upcoming novel Wolf, set in Burma and the world--

My memoir--

All from Internet--have a good day

Prof. predicts impeachment--

Prof Alan Lichtman's new book--Case for Impeachment--4-18-2017

Brilliant new artist--Jason Woodside

What it's like to flee Cuba by sea--

At the University of Pennsylvania, I met a woman who did not know her parents, since they sent her as a child on the Pedro Pan Program.

I was almost as desperate when I tried to bring my own children out of Burma, but am glad I did not have to send them off with strangers or "friends."


Sunday, April 16, 2017

Saturday Night Live comes up with more laughs--bitterly

see earlier skit on same site--

of Bannon, Kushner and "T"


Better pictures--giraffe live birth

This is giraffe live birth at Dallas Zoo in 2015--baby later died when ran into wall and broke her neck

It looked like enclosure had too many hazards, after all giraffes live on grassy plains and are built to run.


Saturday, April 15, 2017

Against whitewashing in movies and fiction--


Nice comment from Washington Post--copied and pasted --on April the Giraffe

been watching April because I find it strangely soothing. April doesn't know jack about politics, she has no opinion on military strikes in Syria and she doesn't give a lame rat's rear end about how many times Trump has golfed in Florida. She's affectionate with her handlers, she likes to play with Oliver, she adores carrots and begs for them like a golden retriever. She's been a bright spot in my day and when I woke to see her finally in labor - I watched for hours until the baby was on the ground, then on its feet and then, wobbling the whole way, found its way to breakfast. Welcome to the world, little giraffe! May you never know hunger, never be homeless, never be a refugee... may the only humans you ever meet treat you kindly and may you someday be a part of helping your species return to abundance in the lands you were made for. Maybe one day we'll care as much for each other as we've cared about you....
best story that I have read since Nov 6, 2016.
11:26 AM EST [Edited]
The baby is thinking "To be honest, I was kinda expecting the Serengeti, not upstate New York." Wink 
11:34 AM EST
That's ok. Mom and the little tyke don't have to worry about the lions or hyenas.
11:40 AM EST
or nature , or anything real !
11:45 AM EST
7.5 Billion humans don't live in ANYTHING close to what constitutes as a "natural" or real environment.  
11:45 AM EST
I'm thinking, since as it was being born it was pooped on, then fell 6ft to the ground and after it was born all the rest of the bodily fluids were dumped on its head... it was probably thinking "WTH just happened to me!?"
So happy, now hopefully this story will disappear from my Google News feed forever. It's a giraffe, for crying out loud!
Grateful Deadline
11:33 AM EST
Way better than a Trump!
11:39 AM EST
Trump? What's that?
11:45 AM EST
There's always Heroin and the bottle...
11:46 AM EST
the nice thing about animals is that they don't steal, cheat, collude with Russians, take away people's health insurance, don't approve of of dumping waste in the drinking water and muchmuch more. Let's have more giraffes and fewer politicains.
Brenda Worden
This morning we learned that April is 15 years old, while her mate, Oliver, is only 5 years old. Shouldn't that qualify her to be a COUGAR, instead of a giraffe?
11:50 AM EST
If she were human, we would consider her a predator.

Strange how we never had a program called "Desperate Husbands" ogling all those beautiful, nubile young woman.

To be attracted to the most beautiful isn't shallow, it's Nature 101, and as natural as breathing. Somehow, we have criminalized a woman's choice of whom she wants to be with. Weird at best.


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