Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Rachel Maddow on Sean Spicer's continued stumbles and "alt facts?"--Tillerson's lovely statements, so diplomatic

Tillerson, Sec. of State! said "Why should US taxpayer care about Ukraine?"

Spicer said, Hitler "did not gas his own people."

What I think is the T admin's essential white first me first we first mind set is coming out.

Why doesn't T reshuffle and put De Vos at State Dept and Bellyache back on mike in Spicer's place.

Wouldn't that be loverly.

No wonder it is hard to figure out not only what T is saying, but also what Spicer or Bellyache are saying/said.

God help us.

They should really stop Tweeting, not great tweeting, not good at language except as demagogue (T).


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