Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Russian-Soviet writer--Mikhail Sholokov--

1965 Nobel Laureate in Literature--

I am reading his second book, The Don Flows to the Sea, which I bought for $2 in the Princeton Public Library on Nassau St, where I went with my friend.

It's more reasonable to read the more famous And Quiet Flows the Don first, but they can be read as free standing novels.

Here is the full ms. of And Quiet Flows the Don, but you should buy a book if you can.

On line you will have to read it sitting at a desk, which isn't the same at all as lying down and reading a novel in your own bed or on your own futon.

Also, the online transcript, maybe scanned, has quite a few errors and typos.

Kyi May Kaung (Ph.D.)

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