Saturday, April 15, 2017

Nice comment from Washington Post--copied and pasted --on April the Giraffe

been watching April because I find it strangely soothing. April doesn't know jack about politics, she has no opinion on military strikes in Syria and she doesn't give a lame rat's rear end about how many times Trump has golfed in Florida. She's affectionate with her handlers, she likes to play with Oliver, she adores carrots and begs for them like a golden retriever. She's been a bright spot in my day and when I woke to see her finally in labor - I watched for hours until the baby was on the ground, then on its feet and then, wobbling the whole way, found its way to breakfast. Welcome to the world, little giraffe! May you never know hunger, never be homeless, never be a refugee... may the only humans you ever meet treat you kindly and may you someday be a part of helping your species return to abundance in the lands you were made for. Maybe one day we'll care as much for each other as we've cared about you....
best story that I have read since Nov 6, 2016.
11:26 AM EST [Edited]
The baby is thinking "To be honest, I was kinda expecting the Serengeti, not upstate New York." Wink 
11:34 AM EST
That's ok. Mom and the little tyke don't have to worry about the lions or hyenas.
11:40 AM EST
or nature , or anything real !
11:45 AM EST
7.5 Billion humans don't live in ANYTHING close to what constitutes as a "natural" or real environment.  
11:45 AM EST
I'm thinking, since as it was being born it was pooped on, then fell 6ft to the ground and after it was born all the rest of the bodily fluids were dumped on its head... it was probably thinking "WTH just happened to me!?"
So happy, now hopefully this story will disappear from my Google News feed forever. It's a giraffe, for crying out loud!
Grateful Deadline
11:33 AM EST
Way better than a Trump!
11:39 AM EST
Trump? What's that?
11:45 AM EST
There's always Heroin and the bottle...
11:46 AM EST
the nice thing about animals is that they don't steal, cheat, collude with Russians, take away people's health insurance, don't approve of of dumping waste in the drinking water and muchmuch more. Let's have more giraffes and fewer politicains.
Brenda Worden
This morning we learned that April is 15 years old, while her mate, Oliver, is only 5 years old. Shouldn't that qualify her to be a COUGAR, instead of a giraffe?
11:50 AM EST
If she were human, we would consider her a predator.

Strange how we never had a program called "Desperate Husbands" ogling all those beautiful, nubile young woman.

To be attracted to the most beautiful isn't shallow, it's Nature 101, and as natural as breathing. Somehow, we have criminalized a woman's choice of whom she wants to be with. Weird at best.


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