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Happy New Year--Chinese pilgrim Fa Hsien's account of visiting Jetavana Monastery, now in present day India
Free images from Wikipedia. Foundations of 2 kuti or huts (foundations), one with rose petals said to have been occupied by Gautama Buddha. Banyan tree planted during Buddha's life time, and sculptures of the donation, when merchants covered the ground with gold coins. 12-31-2017

Friday, December 22, 2017

Quote of the day--I know you may find this distressing, or like some "friends" or "colleagues" you may say--"it didn't really happen" or "who started it?" but

you need to know, From Rwandan Genocide wiki: The genocide was planned by members of the core political elite, many of whom occupied positions at top levels of the national government. Perpetrators came from the ranks of the Rwandan army, the Gendarmerie, government-backed militias including the Interahamwe and Impuzamugambi. Sound familiar to you? It does to me. 12-22-2017

CHIP, child health care insurance discussion, please watch--

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

CNN Rohingya page including time line--

Burma national heritage of color parabaiks (folded books)

Abuse of Singapore domestic workers, many Burmese--

Abuse against domestic workers in Singapore--many Burmese

Mario Batali steps away from restaurant chain amid allegations of sexual abuse.

Special post--Rachel Maddow--MSNBC--GOP attack on Mueller Team falls apart.

Peter Morgan--complete screenplay--The Queen This is much better written than The Audience, the conflicts and inner conflicts are better delignated. I didn't read all of The Audience, but I felt it went serially and was too "talky." kmk 12-29-2017

Monday, December 18, 2017

Clips from Peter Morgan's play The Audience, which I saw, but I could not hear very well-

My short story Black Belt in Himal Southasia.

Addendum--my post on my book, "Rohingya Genocide"

I decided to write this book, as there is already an excellent academic book on the Rohingya as well as a journalistic book which interviewed both perpetrators and survivors. I wanted to give you a lot of information in a compact form, as well as the names of leading specialists and and what we have done and hope to do. A summary of a history of Muslims in Burma, the legacy of wars of territorial conquest and ethnic minority prisoners of war is also given as well as many images and maps. Rape was a weapon of war has been catalogued and confirmed by groups such as Human Rights Watch, Shan Women Action News Network, and other groups, not just against Muslims, but also against other minorities, such as Christians, Karen, Shan, Chin and other groups. I also go into the question of why it is misinformed to blame Aung San Suu Kyi, who is NOT a de facto leader, but a nominal leader, while the junta is still a junta. One Christian of Persian origin asked me if junta is the name of an Islamic terrorist group. Junta is a military government. Of course, the Burmese junta would love to label the 20! "terrorists" with muskets and home made weapons as "terrorists" BUT instead we now talk of the Rohingya Genocide.

Paperback copy of my Activists' Handbook, Rohingya Genocide in Burma (2012-2017) is now available on Amazon--
Rohingya Camp in Bangladesh--Medicins sans Frontieres.

Both e book and paperback editions of my book Rohingya Genocide in Burma (2012-2017) now out-- Note" "Kyi Kyi May" is not me, but the former BBC Burmese section chief who was fired for being pro-junta. Two reliable sources told me that a Burmese dissident died in the 1990s due to her. Both my sources were broadcasters/journalists and one was a westerner and has written for BBC. 12-18-2017

Both e book and paperback of my latest publication, Rohingya Genocide (2012-2017) now available on Amazon

Universities Central Library, Rangoon, website

Kelly Currie, US Special rep--UNHRC special session on Burma. I knew Kelly slightly in 1997-98. She's a Republican, she was not helpful with my serious concerns with the radio station where I worked then. She started her phone conversation with, "Congressman Porter thinks --" But what could the congressman think without looking into what was going in. There was a very clear sabotaging and angling of radio programs to undermine Aung San Suu Kyi and democracy in Burma. Eventually, "Thomas A. Jerk" was fired after 10 years. He was fired because someone sued him, who had been asked in a job interview, "If I ask you to speak ill of Daw Suu will you do it." The radio station from hell was obliged to pay up $300,000 for this piece of smart alecking. BUT, those of my colleagues who remained on till 2012, told me that the jerks male and female who succeeded Thomas were just as bad, in fact worse. In 2012, all my remaining colleagues there from the 1990s were fired, right during the time when Daw Suu was in town. Lots of injustices and political slanting, needing to be corrected. kmk 12-18-2017

My article from 2014 in Truthout, Speakout--Fire in the Eves to--

Federal appeals judge will resign after sexual misconduct allegations--

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Google search results, Is Trump going to fire Mueller--links don't come through, you will have to Google on your own

More for Is trump going to fire Mueller Is Trump going to fire Mueller? 6 disturbing signs. – ThinkProgress 5 days ago - No one really knows what Donald Trump will do next — not even Donald Trump. But with Robert Mueller racking up indictments and 2017 drawing to a close, there are several indications that Trump is considering sacking the special counsel. Firing Mueller would not be easy. Under current regulations ... Trump will fire Robert Mueller eventually. What will happen next? - LA ... Sep 21, 2017 - "I don't think there's any doubt that if James Comey had not been fired,” Bannon opined “[w]e would not have the Mueller investigation and the breadth that clearly Mr. Mueller is going for." The recent report that Trump savaged Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions when he learned of Mueller's appointment — calling him ... If Trump plans to fire Mueller, the time to do it is right now - The ... Oct 31, 2017 - It has long been conventional wisdom that the “Saturday Night Massacre” — the October 1973 episode in which President Richard M. Nixon tore apart his Justice Department to fire Watergate special prosecutor Archibald Cox — badly backfired against Nixon. Not only did the move produce blowback from ... Cornered and Facing 'Existential' Crisis, Will Trump Fire Mueller? | The ... 2 days ago - His deputy attorney general is under the gun as Trump allies lose patience with the Russiagate investigation. Will Trump Fire Mueller? Senate Democrats Aim to Stop Another ... Dec 2, 2017 - Will President Donald Trump fire special counsel Robert Mueller? Firing Robert Mueller makes sense only if Trump is guilty on Russia Nov 2, 2017 - Many of President Trump's biggest supporters want him to make Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation go away. Some suggest that the president fire Mueller. Some propose that he pardon everybody and anybody conceivably involved in colluding with Russia. And some argue for both. That is all ... Trump is Going to Fire Mueller - Patheos 4 days ago - Trump has publicly declared any investigation into his finances would constitute a red line, and that he reserves the option to fire Mueller if he investigates them. Earlier this month, it was reported that Mueller has subpoenaed records at Deutsche Bank, an institution favored both by Trump and the Russian ... Rod Rosenstein: No good cause to fire Mueller - CNNPolitics - 10 hours ago - Jerry Nadler, if he's seen a cause to fire Mueller, Rosenstein responded: "No." And later when asked by another member of the committee if President Donald Trump has asked him to remove Mueller from the investigation, he said no one has asked him to do that. Read More. "I am not going to be ... Searches related to Is trump going to fire Mueller who can fire special counsel will trump resign the presidency robert mueller education robert mueller special counsel robert mueller wife robert mueller net worth remove trump from office robert mueller political party

Rosenstein defended Mueller, despite aggressive questioning from GOP

Wary of trmp, foreign born tech workers choose Canada over USA-- Canada will gain what USA loses, and as tech grows fast, it may be evident in next 5 to 10 years. SAD. 12-14-2017

Federal Communications Commission (USA) to repeal net neutrality. Providers will be able to control how fast you see a website. 12-14-2017

Monday, December 11, 2017

From 2012--Burma's Aung San Suu Kyi at Columbia Univ.

ym Actually very good presentation and Qs. A lot better than the one at American Univ. in D.C., wh was not run by the Univ, but by the infighting Burmese community. It makes me sad to see all the flak she has been getting recently. km Kyi May Kaung Words Sounds and Images

Sunday, December 10, 2017

My official website-

Kyi May Kaung's review of Bertil Lintner's Outrage.

U.S. universities whose graduates make highest starting salaries--

California wildfires likely to spread further--already 800 buildings destroyed.

SNL X'mas for you--previous SNL post trending nicely.

Better link trmp vs reporters CNN & WAPO

trmp calls for WAPO reporter who apologized already to be fired--

Just trmp attacking Wapo--but he's the much bigger black pot, than one reporter. ">

My friend blogger blogging about me, sort of--

As she uses "Kanlaon" handle, I don't feel I should give her real name, But she wrote an amazing story called Mayor of the Roses, which describes a mass rape inflicted on a Philippine Beauty Queen, which was pinned on her boyfriend. "The autopsy collected 42 different semen samples." I met "Kanlaon" in Berlin where 5 or 6 of us from SE Asia were invited as "Writers who dare to confront." They found us on the Internet. One was Gunawan Mohammed, founder of Tempo, the Indonesian Time Magazine. Also the group included Linh Dinh, Vietnamese-born poet and his friend Chan or Chang, who did not speak English. Loved that part, meeting other writers, hotel on River Spree, though did not like the ominous Burmese men who came looking for me, whom I managed to avoid. They spotted me as I was about to go back to hotel, and I recognized them speaking to each other in probably very broken German, I didn't like the female Philippine ambassador either, who came with K's mother, a concert pianist, and denied no such thing as mass rape took place, Poor K had to go with them to dinner, though we urged her not to. She has since given me permission to write about it, but I have not written a short story about it yet. In another unrelated book talk I hosted on Orhan Pamuk in Silver Spring, MD, Turkish embassy folk came and denied an Armenian genocide had ever taken place, but a woman who came who had read all of Pamuk's books and the rest of us talked back, and the 3 people left in a huff-- but now I see what happened in the summer when Ergodan's goons beat up Turkish US Citizens in DC demonstrating, I feel a bit scared. FYI, the Burmese embassy was always very ugly, filmed demonstrations from inside, once greeted a dissident with a baseball bat and smashed windscreen of a car that dissident parked in their driveway. I post these things because there are some Burmese who are sort of wishy washy as regards the junta. To them I would just say, like Ygritte in Game of Thrones: You know nothing Jon Snow. Attachment is Ishtar Gate, at Berlin Pergamon Museum. This is the real thing. What Saddam Hussein re-built is a replica. km 12-10-2017
Ishtar Gate at Pergamon Museum, Berlin, photo copyright Kyi May Kaung Kyi May Kaung Words Sounds and Images

Interview of veteran Burma journalist, in fact he's a legend, Bertil Lintner on Rohingya of Burma.
Photos from Internet

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Bitcoin tumbles 20% in 10 hours

Special post--ABC--Diana, in her own words (Diana, Princess of Wales) A few of Diana's friends talk to the filmmaker-- It's a searing indictment of Prince Charles, the establishment and the monarchy in general. No wonder they don't like it in the UK. But it is a well made documentary and does set the record straight, in my opinion. In Burmese terms, the prince was a koke ka myinn, someone who acts up in secret while keeping a "dignified" exterior. The filmography, culled from news shots, is very telling and quite brilliant. The Muslims in the story however, are hardly mentioned--Dr. Hasnat Khan, heart surgeon, and her fiance at the time of her death, Dodi Fayed and his father. A Youtube video seems to have been removed, but a few years ago I saw a documentary financed by Mr. Fayed Sr, which alleged Princess Diana was killed by a conspiracy set up by Philip and Charles. Mr Al Fayed insists the Princess was pregnant by his son, and that they were going to get engaged. My own opinion is that she was trying to escape as Jackie Kennedy did with her marriage to Onassis, but it just did not happen. Maybe, the Establishment was too strong to fight, and those on Diana's side were not so strong. In any case,it's good people are speaking out more.
Photos from Internet. 12-8-2017

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Best books on India-- To:you Details I've read some of these, incld White Tiger, but I don't know why Dalrymple's, The Last Moghul and White Moghuls is not on this list. I loved City of Djinns too, and if I ever go to India, will take that small light book with me. km

My blog audience is changing again, they are in this order, highest to lowest--

Malaysia--last week-1514 France 327--for years and years, front runner USA 277--for yrs and yrs, 2nd after France Indonesia, 152--first time I see this Singapore Ukraine Germany Portugal--all first timers Burma--minimal, insignificant audience. Not surprising as I have shifted my focus away. UAE--first time appearance, But sudden upsurge for few days from "Russia" was I think bots, and now due to Rohingya posts? "Russia" is very fishy, in 2016, sudden upsurge for one or two days, and then disappeared, and same thing now. I don't think they are real people or else they are FSB. Yesterday, total, 500+ day before yesterday, 700+ I consider it pretty good for a blog that's over 10 years old. I give myself some flowers.
Photo, K M Kaung--copyright

Today is Pearl Harbor Day--12-7-1941--

See Presidential historian Michael Beschloss' Twitter acct for many photos.

My archive at IISH, Amsterdam--