Tuesday, January 31, 2017

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Democrats boycott confirmation hearings for Price and Mnuchin, blocking votes

Washington Post - ‎52 minutes ago‎
Democrats intensified their opposition to President Trump on Tuesday by further delaying the confirmation of several of his Cabinet nominees amid strong Republican objections.

The Daily 202: Trump sacking acting AG raises new questions about his respect for the rule of law

Washington Post - ‎3 hours ago‎
With Breanne Deppisch. THE BIG IDEA: Back in 2015, when the idea of Donald Trump in the Oval Office seemed far-fetched, Jeff Sessions wanted to know whether Sally Yates was willing to stand up to the president.

President Trump has turned 'a pen and a phone' into a pen and a megaphone. Thanks, Obama?

Washington Post - ‎3 hours ago‎
One tweet epitomizes the GOP's case for why President Trump is within his rights to sign a series of contentious executive orders in his first days as president.

DeVos questionnaire appears to include passages from uncited sources

Washington Post - ‎1 hour ago‎
President Trump's nominee for education secretary, in written responses to questions from senators, appears to have used several sentences and phrases from other sources without attribution - including from a top Obama administration civil rights ...

Trump tells drug companies to 'get prices down'

The Hill - ‎3 hours ago‎
President Trump on Tuesday told a group of drug company executives gathered for a meeting at the White House that they need to "get prices down.

Mosque Shooting Suspect in Canada Known for Extreme Views

New York Times - ‎2 hours ago‎
QUEBEC CITY - The French Canadian university student charged with killing six Muslim men during evening prayers at a mosque was known for extreme nationalist views and his support of the French rightist party led by Marine Le Pen.

Theresa May in trouble over Trump's UK state visit invite

CNN - ‎6 hours ago‎
(CNN) The anti-Trump protests outside Downing Street were lively and vocal. The chants ranged from the expletive-ridden to the direct: "No State Visit!

EXCLUSIVE: Pentagon believes attack on Saudi frigate meant for US warship

Fox News - ‎2 hours ago‎
The Iranian-backed suicide attack targeting a Saudi frigate off the coast of Yemen on Monday may have been meant for an American warship, two defense officials told Fox News.

Reported Missile Launch Is Early Test For Trump Administration's Approach To Iran

NPR - ‎1 hour ago‎
U.S. officials say Iran test-fired a ballistic missile on Sunday, the first known test since President Trump took office - which could provide an early assessment of how the new administration will interpret and enforce the terms of the international ...

Foreign Policy Magazine


Trump fires acting Attorney Gen. who defied him--


Quote of the day--from Long Reads--

3. “On Packing.” (Molly Beer, Vela, March 2013)

Here is one of the finest essays I’ve read this year, an author’s poetic examination of her packing habits and the relationship of journey to object: It is best to use a well-made bed or the floor, so long as you have a large, smooth, clear surface, a canvas, if you will. It is best to start early, to take your time, to mentally map out (a maze of nerves like tangled alleys, footpaths, avenues) the possibilities, the contingencies. You must have time to ask the questions: Will I get lost? Will I be loved? Shunned? Will I make it home again?

Note--from KMK--after leaving Burma, packing my sunglasses, I never "made it home again."  It ceased to be my home, one day when I was sitting with friends at a block party in Springfield? PA. and I suddenly realized, talking to their neighbor who had just cut down a tree for $100 (much more expensive now, I am told)--that I was much more at home there than in my "native country" which I call my country of origin, where I was born.

But surely not even where I will end up, as they say.

I am now considering Canada.

The PM himself meets refugees at the airport.

But I have a few little and big things to fix here first.

I believe in Democracy, international trade and migration.

I hate extreme nationalism.

KM Kaung--

Today is deadline to sign up for Obama Care.

Painting--This Earth our only refuge--by Kyi May Kaung--copyright.

Trump fired Attorney General, sets up Consititution crisis--

Monday, January 30, 2017





U Ko Ni, prominant Burmese Muslim lawyer, human rights advocate, shot and killed in Rangoon.


Quote of the day--taking a bullet--fr Secret Service wiki

Press reports indicated that morale among the agents was "low" for months following the assassination.[41][42] The agency overhauled its procedures in the wake of the Kennedy killing. Training, which until that time had been confined largely to "on-the-job" efforts, was systematized and regularized.
The Reagan assassination attempt also highlighted the bravery of several Secret Service agents, particularly agent Tim McCarthy, who spread his stance to protect Reagan as six bullets were being fired by the would-be assassin, John Hinckley, Jr.[43] McCarthy survived a .22-caliber round in the abdomen. For his bravery, McCarthy received the NCAA Award of Valor in 1982.[44] Jerry Parr, the agent who pushed President Reagan into the limousine, and made the critical decision to divert the presidential motorcade to George Washington University Hospital instead of returning to the White House, was also honored with U.S. Congress commendations for his actions that day.[45] After the near-successful assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan, it was clear that the Secret Service needed to increase its efficiency to protect the President.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Tacitus--one page from Annals, Title Page of 1598 edition, and modern statue of Tacitus--from wiki--public domain images

Quote of the day--from famous Roman historian Tacitus, from wikipedia

Tiberius', Gaius' and Claudius' as well as Nero's acts
while flourishing themselves—out of fear—counterfeited,
after they came to fall—resulting from new-found hate— related

Impt--Know your Rights with Immigration and Customs Enforcement ICE


Hero--Judge Ann Donelly, we won't exchange her for millions and billions of trumps


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Lawyer for Myanmar's Ruling Party Assassinated at Airport

NBCNews.com-5 hours ago
Lawyer for Myanmar's Ruling Party Assassinated at Airport ... Ko Ni was a Burmese Muslim and as a practicing lawyer had handled more than ...
Key Aung San Suu Kyi adviser assassinated in Myanmar
The Sydney Morning Herald-5 hours ago
Housekeeper Recalls Swimmer who Surprised Suu Kyi's House
Local Source-The Irrawaddy News Magazine-Jan 28, 2017
Story image for Burma Myanmar assassination from The Irrawaddy News Magazine

NLD Legal Advisor U Ko Ni Assassinated

The Irrawaddy News Magazine-6 hours ago
NLD Legal Advisor U Ko Ni Assassinated. NLD legal advisor U Ko Ni was murdered Sunday at Rangoon International Airport. / The Irrawaddy.
Story image for Burma Myanmar assassination from CounterCurrents.org

Myanmar: A scribe's Murder And Its Aftermath

CounterCurrents.org-Jan 19, 2017
Myanmar (also known as Burma or Brahmadesh) as a whole witness ... But the recent murder of a young reporter in its northwestern part, which ...
Story image for Burma Myanmar assassination from Daily Mail

Pakistan police arrest 160 supporters of governor's assassin

Daily Mail-Jan 4, 2017
"The purpose was to defend Islam and express solidarity with Muslims in Kashmir and Burma (Myanmar)," he said of the rallies. "We also held ...
Story image for Burma Myanmar assassination from KanglaOnline

Peeping through a scribe's murder

KanglaOnline-Jan 21, 2017
But the recent murder of a young reporter in its northwestern part, which is ... Ko Soe Moe Tun (35), a Monywa (Sagaing) based Burmese ...
Story image for Burma Myanmar assassination from America Now
America Now

Should the International Community help find:- The Union of Burma ...

Asian Tribune-Jan 15, 2017
The whole concept of this was that the Mahar (chauvinist) Myanmar ... against the ethnic nationalities i.e. Assassination, they assassinated the ...
Story image for Burma Myanmar assassination from Oxford Student

'Rohingya': Stateless within their own State

Oxford Student-Jan 21, 2017
After the outburst of the Burmese king in 1785, many Rohingya fled to Chittagong, ... After Aung San's assassination, his work towards peaceful ...
Story image for Burma Myanmar assassination from lareviewofbooks

Reading Burma

lareviewofbooks-Jan 1, 2017
As nearly a century of British rule came to a close, Burmese troops ..... Chandra Bose — assassinated in July 1947, in the dying months of ...
Story image for Burma Myanmar assassination from Nikkei Asian Review

Astrology predates polling, and is no less inaccurate

Nikkei Asian Review-Jan 11, 2017
The fanatical devotion of the late Burmese strongman Gen. ... White House astrologer in 1981, after an assassination attempt on her husband, ...

Over 170 arrested as Lahore police block major roads to prevent rally

DAWN.com-Jan 4, 2017
... the anniversary of former governor Salmaan Taseer's assassination. ... to protest against the genocide of Muslims in Burma (now Myanmar), ...
Stay up to date on results for Burma Myanmar assassination.

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