Sunday, January 22, 2017

others who antagonized the press and paid for it--


The other guy who threw down the gauntlet and the next thing, the press caught him with a mistress.  That nixed his run for president.

The intelligence community is also not to be meddled with.

They welcome writer Tom Clancy better than that on Sat. when the applause was often lukewarm and tentative.

T fails to realize that these are not his campaign followers.

The intelligence community can do more than he can with his tweeting finger--for instance, every intelligence community has its bag of dirty tricks.

It cld "let something happen"

it could warn T a leetle bit late and so on and so on.

Who will he run to for cover then?

Beloved Kellyanne?

No wonder SNL is having a swell time--this is made for satire.


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