Thursday, January 26, 2017

Very interesting, Michael Wood, In Search of William the Conqueror--

"William never made a hasty decision."

In school in the 1950s in Rangoon, Burma, I studied English history in class.

At age 4 I went to Pevensy Bay with my parents, and remember my surprise at finding a beach of pebbles rather than sand.

In 1044, Anawrahta was bringing Buddhism to Bagan (formerly spelled "Pagan")

and for us, only stone inscriptions remain, the most recently recovered being one by a queen of Sawlu's, recording her donation to a monastery, written partially in Brahmi, an ancient Indian script from the time of the Buddha.

I am surprised that the Doomsday Book is still intact.

Both the book and the Bayeux Tapestry are bigger than I thought.

I have read somewhere that the Tapestry (embroidered) was the movies of the 11th century.

Really amazing and interesting.

KM Kaung