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Special post, 7th July 1962, On this day in Rangoon, Burma--

Ne Win's army shot at university students with live ammo for the very first, but not the last time.

Scenes from 1962 on Rangoon Univ campus are reconstructed fictionally in my novel Wolf.

Among the real people that play cameo roles in my novel as Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, junta advisor the Soviet trained cadre Ko Ko Maung (U Chit Hlaing), Ne Win (of course) and the late (Prince) Chao Tzang Yawngwe (Eugene Thaike) who was a university student in 1962.

The hero of my novel Mothi Awegoke "August" also traverses the 1967 anti-Chinese (really rice) riots instigated by NW (I heard it from a man who "copied stone inscriptions" that my father brought from Bagan, and my mother allowed to live in a free-standing small cottage in our garden.)  So there's no question of its truth value.  This man, U Aung Myat Kyaw, became a top BSPP party cadre, so there is no question of the authenticity of what he saw.  He told us the same evening as soon as he got back.

KM Kaung

Washington, DC

7th July, 2020.

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Thursday, July 02, 2020

What it's like to brief trump.

Landslides in Hpakant jade mines, Burma.

Hpakant is notorious for totally unregulated mining, the miners virtual slaves addicted to heroin.

According to a democracy advocate who had been there, at night the sound tracks fr porn flicks are broadcast from giant loudspeakers.

In my novel Wolf, a mining student is sent to the mines.

The deputy PM of the Burmese exile govt based in DC was from the mine town, Mogok.

He told me in 2009, "Other than the gem trade, there's nothing to do in Mogok, so the people are suffering greatly."

The junta took over the mines at least since the mid-1970s.

That's why US at one time, due to activism by US Campaign for Burma, passed the Jade Act.

I don't know if it is still in force.

One Burma expert has said, "Well, gems, it's easy to move them around the deck."

If you read of all the major gems of the world, for instance Marie Antoinette's ear rings, now in the Smithsonian, they are all smeared with major blood and power lust.

That's why I prefer arts and crafts to gemstones.



Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein accomplice arrested.