Monday, November 30, 2020

Monday, January 21, 2019

--tweets 40 times on day 30 of "shitdown" started by himself. How many lies, keep counting. He also REPEATS LIES, on Hitler theory "a lie repeated often enough will be believed" Until it all blows up as it did for Hit. i e Hitler could no longer lie that winning the war when he was in the bunker and Russians and Allies at the gates. If you are on Twitter, check out historian Micheal Beschloss' expert trolling of trmp with photos. Also former WH photographer for Presdt Obama, Pete Souza. You will feel human again and that good can win. 1-21-2019

Trump voters now blame him for the shutdown. About time.

Kamala Harris to run for president in 2020. trmp has stopped talking about 2020. If he's still in office then, he's likely to lose to a new Democratic president. 1-21-2019

Job Bon Jovi restaurant offering free meals to furloughed workers in NJ. You can also pay for your meal and for someone else's in advance. This is more than orange fool ever did. 1-21-2019

Friday, January 18, 2019

White House security, Dan Emett, Within Arm's Length--2014

Jack London, Call of the Wild, free e copy, Gutenberg Project. Educational use only. 1-18-2019

Hundreds of refugees cross freely into Mexico Mexico is WISE. 1-18-2019

G W Bush delivers pizza to his Secret Service detail.

Prince Philip at 97, was driving, in car crash.

Government shutdown, pared down WH--no fresh flowers.

Boom--Buzzfeed story--Trump directed Cohen to lie to Congress--impeachment calls from DEMOCRATS Beginning of the end for trmp and trmpies 1-18-2019

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

New Mueller team investigation direction, Psy Group and Isreal. It's inconceivable that Kushner is not one of the as yet unnamed individuals. 1-17-2019

Marine vet held by ICE and about to be deported is US Citizen. That's what happens when you empower the "Minutemen" see Sinclair Lewis' novel It Can't Happen Here. 1-17-2019

Colbert pokes fun at d j t

King Lear--Guttenberg Project I saw a BBC radio version, but I'd rather read the script. 1-16-2019

King Lear on Broadway with Glenda Jackson.

Michelin 3 star restaurant invites Clemson Tigers to proper celebration meal--down trmp down. Stop barking cheap dog trmp. 1-16-2019

Nancy Pelosi pulls major power move on trmp.