Saturday, January 21, 2017

If d t tries to fight with the media, Germany, China, the intelligence community etc. guess who will lose?

already a campaign--

d t's mental instability

crowds head home, DC Metro info

nothing to do but bash the media--

childish, rambling speech that did not pay homage to historic role of CIA--

CNN live-watch, do--

Women's march on DC--watch Michael Moore and Ashly Judd--

Michael Moore gives you 1 2 3 what to do.

Ashley Judd's I am a Nasty Woman (bc d t called Hilary a "nasty woman"

is deeply moving, hear it, watch it, take action.

Join, join, join, says M.M.

Form your own rapid response team.



This is too much--White House website wiped of Obama policy initiatives and now selling Mrs T clothese and jewelry--

They really have no class and don't know how to behave.


Friday, January 20, 2017


last tweet + Hilary

Freedom of expression is going to suffer. Protectionism will invite trade wars and US economy will again go into recession. Trump has said he will revive libel laws, which means his critics will be silenced. I invite you to copy these posts, the full text from the links, rather than just the links themselves. Even this lowly blog might have to stop. Good luck, they say, when they mean you have nil chances. 1-20-2017 6. 46 PM

US Military Stars and Stripes Magazin--from wiki.

terrifying speech--


Dangerous--White House Website has been wiped of all Presdt Obama's policy priorities

I hope he had backups.

6. 21 PM parade still going on.

Live stream--parade--

trump speech--2 versions--

I will only be tweeting ie re-tweeting today--

I am not out in the cold doing a live blog, and others are doing it much better than I am.

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Screen shots, first one from NYTs.

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Daily Beast on wishy washy concert--

According to Washington Post, Daily Beast has also had its press credentials revoked.

I think now we need a lot of Citizen Journalists as in Burma.

Hoo la la.


My post on International Campaign for Freedom of Aung San Suu Kyi & Burma--which you should check out regularly--

Friday, January 20, 2017

Federalist Papers # 51--What James Madison intended, and important for both Burma & USA now--

There is a need for checks and balances between different branches of government.  This needs to be considered from Administration of Burma is "reformed"--re formed means formed again.

For e.g. courts must not be under legislature--in case of Burma there is now no independent judiciary.

In other words, there are still kangaroo courts.

No free press in Burma etc.

Right now, Burma is a command (political) economy and polity, all decisions are top down, it is a pyramidal structure, (one pyramid, not several)

Aung San Suu Kyi is a figurehead in a facade democracy.

Therefore she can't say or do anything as the army has the real power.

I am tired of pointing this out, and I am afraid Mrs. Hilary Clinton, President Obama, and then John Kerry made great mistakes by pretending that Burma had really changed.

As one of my Facebook "friends" said, when she was elected, "Your puppet and mine, but mine dances prettier,"

but it is not enough to "dance" and be an opening act before the generals come and sign deals/contracts for trade/military aid with developed countries.

Peter Popham in his bio of Suu foresaw this predicament for Suu.

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A clone is a FB page which has been copied page by page.

Therefore if you see me, it is a clone and not me.

Kyi May Kaung


Quote of the day--from wikipedia--From Federalist Papers #51, wriiten by James Madison--

Federalist No. 51

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
James Madison, author of Federalist No. 51
Federalist No. 51, titled: The Structure of the Government Must Furnish the Proper Checks and Balances Between the Different Departments, is an essay by James Madison, the fifty-first of The Federalist Papers. It was published on February 6, 1788, under the pseudonym Publius, the name under which all The Federalist Papers were published. One of the most famous of The Federalist Papers, No. 51 addresses means by which appropriate checks and balances can be created in government and also advocates a separation of powers within the national government. One of its most important ideas is the often quoted phrase, "Ambition must be made to counteract ambition".
The Federalist Papers, as a foundation text of constitutional interpretation, are frequently cited by American jurists. Of all the essays, No. 51 is the fourth most-cited.[1]


Schlumberger 4th quarter loss--

Alec Baldwin, Michael Moore, Robert de Niro, et al, in New York Protest--

David Remnick link

Burma--essential to transform Burma's administrative structure--of course, I knew this since early 1990s--see my Ph.D. dissertation on line.

Quote of the day--from David Remnick--Preserve, Protect and Defend--

n September 17, 1787, as Benjamin Franklin was leaving the deliberations of the Constitutional Convention, at Independence Hall, in Philadelphia, a woman called out to him, saying, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?”
“A republic,” Franklin said, “if you can keep it.”

The ratification of the Constitution, H. W. Brands, one of Franklin’s biographers, writes, marked the conclusion of “the revolutionary period in American history” and the climax of Franklin’s improbably long public life. What ratification could not do is guarantee the Constitution’s endurance and health. That is the constant work of citizens, collectively and individually, and Franklin’s weary caution remains essential—particularly now, with the Inauguration of Donald Trump as the forty-fifth President of the United States.

Since Election Night, as the arrow of electoral favor wandered from Hillary Clinton to Trump and stayed there, Americans have been counselled and admonished, by voices sincere and mocking, earnest and derisive, that despite losing the popular ballot by three million votes, despite every extenuating and unnerving circumstance, “Donald Trump is our President now.” “He must be given a chance.” “We are all Americans.” And so on. Under normal circumstances, there is truth in these civic homilies. In a divided country, no side is going to win every election.

But how can these circumstances count within the bounds of normal? Many of those same soothing voices allowed that, sure, Trump had been full of outrageous abandon as a campaigner, he’d say just about anything, you know the Donald; and yet, they argued, the gravity of office would soon occur to him, settle and focus him, make a serious, tolerant man of him. Trump would surround himself with competent, knowledgeable, steady, ethical, decent counsellors; he would plunge into his briefing books and acquire a keener sense of the issues and the world; he would recognize the incompatibility of his business entanglements and the ethical demands of the Presidency; he would concentrate, reach out, embrace, replace the limited language of Twitter with the fuller rhetoric of conciliation, complexity, and selflessness. He would become someone else.

As if wishing would make it so.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

security warnings plus--it could be--quite credible--after all 9/11 etc have happened --

What George H.W. Bush really wrote about "six feet under." on Jan 10th

Bushes did not endorse Trump nor vote for him, it is said.


Conspiracy theorist--never heard of him before, but can't say these things won't happen. Posting does not imply endorsement.

Near the National Press Club, cops use pepper spray--

right where I walk all the time, and was almost going to go today--

Protests in DC--

Asian American organizations will track and document hate crimes--

quote of the day--OMG--El Chapo put a price on-- wil he get the death penalty?? from Sean Penn's article "El Chapo Speaks," in Rolling Stone--

I give in to the sense of security offered by the calm of Chapo and his men. There is the pervasive feeling that if there were a threat, they would know it. We eat, drink, and talk for hours. He is interested in the movie business and how it works. He's unimpressed with its financial yield. The P&L high side doesn't add up to the downside risk for him. He suggests to us that we consider switching our career paths to the oil business. He says he would aspire to the energy sector, but that his funds, being illicit, restrict his investment opportunities. He cites (but asks me not to name in print) a host of corrupt major corporations, both within Mexico and abroad. He notes with delighted disdain several through which his money has been laundered, and who take their own cynical slice of the narco pie.
"How much money will you make writing this article?" he asks. I answer that when I do journalism, I take no payment. I could see that, to him, the idea of doing any kind of work without payment is a fool's game. Unlike the gangsters we're used to, the John Gotti's who claimed to be simple businessmen hiding behind numerous international front companies, El Chapo sticks to an illicit game, proudly volunteering, "I supply more heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana than anybody else in the world. I have a fleet of submarines, airplanes, trucks and boats."
He is entirely unapologetic. Against the challenges of doing business in such a clandestine industry he has ––built an empire. I am reminded of press accounts alleging a hundred-million-dollar bounty the man across from me is said to have put on Donald Trump's life. I mention Trump. El Chapo smiles, ironically saying, "Ah! Mi amigo!" His unguarded will to speak freely, his comfort with his station in life and ownership of extraordinary justifications, conjure Tony Montana in Oliver Stone's Scarface. It's the dinner scene where Elvira, played by Michelle Pfeiffer, walks out on Al Pacino's Tony Montana, loudly assailing him in a public place. The patrons at the restaurant stare at him, but rather than hide in humiliation, he stands and lectures them. "You're all a bunch of fucking assholes. You know why? You don't have the guts to be what you wanna be. You need people like me. You need people like me. So you can point your fucking fingers and say, 'That's the bad guy.' So what's that make you? Good? You're not good. You just know how to to lie. Me? I don't have that problem. Me?! I always tell the truth even when I lie. So say good night to the bad guy. C'mon. Last time you're gonna see a bad guy like this again, lemme tell ya!"


El Chapo drug kingpin extradited to USA on eve of Trump inauguration--read this excellent article in Rolling Stone by Sean Penn

This milque toast article may be the result of trump chain tightening--

It is going to get interesting when Obama, Invanka and Jeff Bezos (owner of Washington Post and Amazon founder, who has bought the Textile Museum) will all be living close to each other, in the tony Kalarama section of DC near Dupont Circle.

Incidentally, the Burmese embassy and military attache are next door to the former Textile Museum (and Woodrow Wilson House)

on 2300 California and S Streets.

Perfect setting for fiction.

I know the area well as from 1988, I had to go there while being harassed by the Burmese embassy, and in later years went there with Groups to demonstrate in front of the Burmese embassy.

Poetry reading in front of Burmese Embassy, 2012, with Sarah Browning of DC Poets Against the War.


Important--Washington Post, Politico, Daily Beast, Huffington Post etc have had their press credentials revoked.

HPV infections among US men

Soros says uncertainty about trump will cause markets to falter--already are--

In more danger than anyone thinks--

highly recommended article from the UK based The Guardian, a leading liberal newspaper.


In Nov. ISIS mocked America for electing "donkey trump" who will "destroy America all on his own."

Cosco pays 11.75 m for lax pharmacy controls

big storylines to watch--

past inaugurations that turned into a shambles--

hnnff (sniffing sound)--trunp nominee says he "read it it newspapers" and "Will research it later" when asked about trump businesses' foreign debt.--I can see this will all come crashing down soon, esp. as d t has already antagonized mainland China by making his first phone call as peotus to Taiwan. !! Quote from Business Insider. Link below.

According to reports, various parts of Trump's business empire have taken loans from a variety of foreign entities such as the government-owned Bank of China .
McCaskill raised the possibility that foreign entities holding Trump's debt could attempt to influence policy through his business ties.
"The American people want to know how much debt is owed by the Trump businesses to foreign entities because that could have a direct impact on our national security," said McCaskill.
The Senator also asked Mnuchin to report to the Senate Finance Committee on the percentage of Trump's debt that is held by foreign entities.
"Isn't is true that a lot of his debt is held by foreign interests?" asked McCaskill.
"I don't know, I've just read it in the papers," replied Mnuchin.
"Don't you think you should know that as someone who runs the Committee on Foreign Investments if we're talking about the commander-in-chief?" asked McCaskill. "Should you as the Secretary of the Treasury know what percentage of his debt — I am told by people who are familiar with this business that it is a huge percentage of his debt — that is held by foreign interests?"
"If I am confirmed I will assure you that the requirements of the Constitution are upheld and I think you have a valid point about foreign debt and understanding foreign things," said Mnuchin "If I'm confirmed I will research that and get back to you."


Very inspiring--how the foreign born also make their contribution--Andy Shalal--owner/founder of Busboys and Poets--

 Here is me reading at poet Dennis Brutus' Memorial.  I don't know and have never met Andy Shalal, but have heard good things about him.

Also mural at Busboys and Poets on U St.

Today--Peace Ball--Voices of Hope and Resistance--DC--8 PM to 1 AM--at Busboys and Poets--

inauguration events--The Guardian correspondents will live blog

including Peace Ball sponsored by Busboys and Poets, $200 and 300 tickets already sold out.

I will post Busboys and Poets page.


new trump admin is likely to face the biggest and most thorough muck raking effort in centuries--this will include intelligence agencies whom he has already antagonized and the press and some countries like China and Germany--hola--will be a great witch hunt as he would say--

two people write trump's tweets--on 2 phones--his is an Android. He tweets at night and uses "angrier" words

trump does not use, or know how to use, hashtags, embed pictures and links.

From Washington Post writer who is a data analyst.

Now they should find out who the staffer using the iPhone is--

his daughter or son in law??


trump nominee omitted more than 100m in real estate--

Democracy Now says the t cabinet has 11 b.


sean spicer spews some propaganda and hotel ad. in press conference, in room designed to look like White House press room--

Politico says his presentation was designed for an audience of one, his boss.


let's do it like Gambia

present incumbent refuses to step down.


from Sept 2016--the flip flops or attempted flips

Satire--moving vans arrive at White House to remove all traces of dignity--by Andy Borowitz--highly recommended-


trump nominees poor performance and ignorance at Hearings--

Internet security--gmail phishing scam

Page views and distribution on this blog last week--


United States


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Greek and Roman origins of Western Art--hosted by Michael Wood--

Very informative, highly recommended.

I have seen the Pergamon Altar at the Pergamon Museum in Berlin, so this means more to me.


The Anabasis (campaigns up country) of Alexander, by Roman historian Arrian--Wikisource--

just wonderful, the Greeks and the Romans.


Let's go to the time of Alexander--300 BC--the Siege of Tyre--

Listen to Christine LaGarde on Middle Class Crisis--

By the way, I like her Davos costume of black and white jacket, black tights and black high heels.

Better than DSK and the maid?  :)

see ne yay--as different as oil and water, as we say.


he does not get global warming--it does not mean there will be no cold days--it means the mean temperature (most frequent temperature has been rising over time) What a bozo, attacking on a shaky understanding and fact base.

China is rebuilding the Silk Road--

White House--5 hour window to move in and out--break a leg--

Anti-inauguration at Lincoln Theatre, DC--sponsored by Haymarket Books and Others

Important special post--President Obama in last Presidential news conference--

sends love and prayers to the Bushes, and lauds the free press and asks they continue with their tenacity.

What a contrast from the red clown and his court of jesters.

BTW, the incoming has sworn to get the press corps "out of the White House" and today criticized US funding of UN, and Obama's shortening of Chelsea Manning sentence.

We wait with trepidation of what "the post fact era" will bring.

Roses in sun in a very liberal city library.  Photo, KMKaung.
BTW, blog hits here just topped 2000+ (never done this before) today, and the day officially ends on Blogspot statistics at only 9 PM, so I must be doing the right thing.

Thank you all for your Support and thanks to the Obama Administration for  a a good 8 years.

George Bush senior in intensive care and Barbara Bush also in hospital

George W. Bush will not attend inauguration.

uber and lyft now outnumber yellow cabs 4t o 1 in New York City--

Hitler's remains--fr The History Channel

Important--now unclassified--CIA report, inside the mind of Adolf Hitler.

Take the time to read it--you will see many similarities between Hitler and you know who--


Wall Street does not need to worry they were only given 2 minutes, not even the usual 3, to speak--in the end markets and economics will win, not d t.

hmphh--the white haired moth imports labor too, and not high paid ones who can't do jobs Americans can, such as nuclear scientists

full text:

By Mica Rosenberg, Ryan McNeill, Megan Twohey and Michelle Conlin | NEW YORK
Donald Trump is staking his run for U.S. president in part on a vow to protect American jobs. But this month, one of his companies, the elite Mar-a-Lago Club resort in Florida, applied to import 70 foreign workers to serve as cooks, wait staff and cleaners.A Reuters analysis of U.S. government data reveals that this is business as usual in the New York property magnate's empire.
Trump owns companies that have sought to import at least 1,100 foreign workers on temporary visas since 2000, according to U.S. Department of Labor data reviewed by Reuters. Most of the applications were approved, the data show.
Nine companies majority-owned by Trump have sought to bring in foreign waitresses, cooks, vineyard workers and other laborers on temporary work-visa programs administered by the Labor Department.
The candidate's foreign talent hunt included applications for an assistant golf-course superintendent, an assistant hotel manager and a banquet manager.
Two of his companies, Trump Model Management and Trump Management Group LLC, have sought visas for nearly 250 foreign fashion models, the records show.
Trump’s presidential campaign and a lawyer for the businessman declined to comment. The Mar-a-Lago Club could not be reached for comment.
The analysis of Trump's history of actively importing foreign workers comes as he has emerged as an early front-runner in the race for the Republican nomination in the November 2016 presidential election. Trump has positioned himself as a champion of American workers whose livelihoods are threatened by illegal foreign laborers and the offshoring of U.S. jobs.
“I will be the greatest jobs president that God every created," he said in announcing his candidacy on June 16. "I will bring back our jobs from China, Mexico and other places. I will bring back jobs and our money."
Trump generated both notoriety and buzz by singling out Mexican immigrants in the United States. “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best," he said in the speech. "They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists."
In a speech on July 11, Trump distinguished between those working legally and illegally in the United States, saying thousands of "legal" Mexicans - "incredible people" - have worked for him over the years.
The Labor Department records don't specify the nationality of the foreign workers sought by companies. But Trump could be bringing many Mexican workers into the United States.
Reuters examined records of applications for three categories of temporary work visas - the H-2A, H-2B and H-1B programs - submitted by employers to the Labor Department.
The temporary work visa program through which Trump's companies have sought the greatest numbers of workers, H-2B, brings in mostly workers from Mexico. Mexicans made up more than 80 percent of the 104,993 admissions to the United States on H-2B visas in 2013. The Trump companies have sought at least 850 H-2B visa workers.
The H-2B program, which receives little government oversight, is used by companies in sectors ranging from hospitality to forestry to hire foreign workers for temporary jobs. Companies must prove that the jobs are seasonal - and that they tried and failed to hire Americans.
U.S. government watchdogs have criticized the H-2B and H-2A programs over the years for failing to protect foreign and American workers alike.
In 2003, the Labor Department Inspector General said: “Abuses of these programs may result in economic harm to American workers and businesses, exploitation of foreign workers, and security risks associated with aliens who are admitted to this country by fraudulent means.”
This year, the Government Accountability Office published a report saying that workers in the country on H-2A and H-2B visas have experienced abuse, including being charged illegal recruiting fees, substandard housing and low pay.
The Mar-a-Lago, a luxury resort in Palm Beach, Florida, has sought the most foreign workers of the nine Trump businesses: 787 workers since 2006, according to the data.
This month, the resort filed paperwork seeking to bring in 70 foreign workers later this year on H-2B visas to serve as maids, cooks and wait staff, according to paperwork known as “job orders” published on the Labor Department's web site.
In addition to the resort and the modeling agencies, the Trump-owned companies identified in the Reuters analysis were Jupiter Golf Club, Lamington Farm Club LLC, Trump Miami Resorts Management LLC, Trump National Golf Club LLC, Trump Payroll Chicago LLC and Trump Vineyard Estates LLC.
(Edited by Michael Williams)

It's not all about rich people, their taxes and the opinions of one racist and slick man.

meet new moth--neopalpa donaldtrumpii

The moth can be found in Southern California and Mexico, Nazari wrote. Specifically he mentioned the Algodones Dunes in Southern California, and wrote that “fragile dune habitats like these are often threatened by passersby or by dune-buggy enthusiasts.”
The president-elect's transition team did not immediately respond to an email Tuesday requesting a comment about the moth.
Nazari is Canadian, he wrote in the email, describing his opinion of the incoming president as “inconsequential.”
“But he will be the next president of the United States and I wish him success in his job because if he succeeds, The United States succeeds,” he wrote.
Additionally, Nazari said that he also hopes his N. donaldtrumpi paper will help spark some interest with younger people, who might want to consider entomology as a career.
“Insects are among the largest groups of animals on this planet but the number of people studying them are vanishingly small. The world of insects is fascinating and there is a lot to discover, as evident by this new species from California,” he wrote. “For a point of fact, as of yet we do not know anything about what Neopalpa donaldtrumpi does for a living: We do not know its host plant, its larval or pupal stages etc. this is something for the next generation of young scientists to discover.”
There are several creatures named for President Obama, including a species of fish that was discovered in Hawaii, lichen, and a lizard, which is extinct.

some comments copied and pasted:

Like any insect-brain moth, this one will burn when it gets too close to the flame. Just like insect-brain Trump will do at some point in his presidency. Counting the minutes.

Incredible! Does it have small 'feelers'..??

tweet dependent trump--ten times a day.

Dow on 4th straight day of losses--over trump confusion, anxieties

Theresa May taking UK out of EU--

women making pussyhats for March on DC--Jan 21st

quote of the day--from Reuters

Trump's plans to slash taxes could threaten the United States' triple-A credit rating over the medium term, an executive from the Fitch bond-rating agency. "Even before elections the U.S had the highest level of government debt of any triple-A country. If we add on top of that Trump's plans to cut taxes by $6.2 trillion over the next 10 years that could add around 33 percent to U.S. government debt," said Ed Parker, Fitch's head of sovereign ratings for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

blog hits from USA peaking at 1231 per week--all time high in over 10 years.

Man tries to set himself on fire in front of trump international hotel, DC

scroll down within the linked item.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

good article--with lots of local color

from 2008, Russian model/bodyguard killed

Sinclair Lewis' 1939 novel which foretold trump--

It's out of print, but if you can afford it, buy it.

The photo on the Ronald Searle wiki was taken in 2011 when he was 91. He died shortly after. You will agree with me that he looked about 60 or less- a testament to the rejuvenating power of art.

Quote of the day--from artist Ronald Searle wiki--was imprisoned at the River Kwai, near Thailand and Burma--

In April 1939, realizing that war was inevitable, he abandoned his art studies to enlist in the Royal Engineers. In January 1942, he was stationed in Singapore. After a month of fighting in Malaya, he was taken prisoner along with his cousin Tom Fordham Searle, when Singapore fell to the Japanese. He spent the rest of the war a prisoner, first in Changi Prison and then in the Kwai jungle, working on the Siam-Burma Death Railway. Searle contracted both beri-beri and malaria during his incarceration, which included numerous beatings, and his weight dropped to less than 40 kilograms. He was liberated in late 1945 with the final defeat of the Japanese. After the war, he served as a courtroom artist at the Nuremberg trials.
He married the journalist Kaye Webb in 1947; they had twins, Kate and Johnny. In 1961, he moved to Paris, leaving his family and later marrying Monica Koenig, a painter, theatre and jewellery designer.[3] After 1975, Searle and his wife lived and worked in the mountains of Haute Provence.
His wife Monica died in July 2011 and Searle died on 30 December 2011, aged 91.

.  .  .


Early work as war artist

Although Searle published the first St Trinian's cartoon in the magazine Lilliput in 1941, his professional career really begins with his documentation of the brutal camp conditions of his period as a prisoner-of-war of the Japanese in World War II in a series of drawings that he hid under the mattresses of prisoners dying of cholera. Searle recalled, "I desperately wanted to put down what was happening, because I thought if by any chance there was a record, even if I died, someone might find it and know what went on." But Searle survived, along with approximately 300 of his drawings. Liberated late in 1945, Searle returned to England where he published several of the drawings in fellow prisoner Russell Braddon's The Naked Island. Another of Searle's fellow prisoners later recounted, "If you can imagine something that weighs six stone or so, is on the point of death and has no qualities of the human condition that aren’t revolting, calmly lying there with a pencil and a scrap of paper, drawing, you have some idea of the difference of temperament that this man had from the ordinary human being."[2]
Most of these drawings appear in his 1986 book, Ronald Searle: To the Kwai and Back, War Drawings 1939-1945.[4] In the book, Searle also wrote of his experiences as a prisoner, including the day he woke up to find a dead friend on either side of him, and a live snake underneath his head:
"You can’t have that sort of experience without it directing the rest of your life. I think that’s why I never really left my prison cell, because it gave me my measuring stick for the rest of my life... Basically all the people we loved and knew and grew up with simply became fertiliser for the nearest bamboo."
At least one of his drawings is on display at the Changi Museum and Chapel, Singapore, but the majority of his originals are in the permanent collection of the Imperial War Museum, London, along with the works of other POW artists. The best known of these are John Mennie, Jack Bridger Chalker, Philip Meninsky and Ashley George Old.

Magazines, books, and films

Ralph Steadman illustrated this 50th anniversary edition of George Orwell's Animal Farm.

I have this book.

Victor Duhasz' paintings remind me a bit of Steadman's ink splashed style, but Democracy Now mistook him as "Searle"

Searle (spelling?) is another artist and writer.


Victor Duhasz went to Afghanistan and his sketches there are deeply moving. He illustrated Matt Taibbi's book on trump. His children's book illustrations are also very good.

Victor Duhasz--fine artist, illustrator, children's book illustrator, cartoonist

Victor Juhasz images--from Internet--Google search--already appeared in Rolling Stone-

Matt Taibbi's Insane Clown President

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now interviews Matt Taibbi, of Rolling Stone--book Insane Clown Persident

1-17-2017 and pasted from Twitter--

4095 +1 (today) lawsuits in 3 decades--

weather forecast--50 degrees and it will rain on d t's parade--on Jan 20th Friday

Presdt. Obama commutes much of Chelsea Manning's sentence--

books by and abt donald trump by Michiko Kakutani--revered NYTS book critic

new world disorder under d t

Apprentice participant is suing d t--

stop trump booklist + anti-inauguration--

Haymarket Books--

scroll down for book list.

This book, Splinterlands, is by a colleague, and others include Noam Chomsky, Angela Davis, Arundhati Roy, Howard Zinn, Amy Goodman, David Barsamian.


protests on inauguration day--

quote of the day--from Washington Post

1/9/2017 8:23 AM EST
Trump is transactional...He is not a strategist. He is petulant, vain and impulsive. He is the opposite of the Chinese in this respect. He has handed China the upper hand in all negotiations with them over trade, N. Korea nukes. The stunt that Abbott and Cruz pulled by meeting the President of Taiwan only made things worse. Trump has painted himself into a corner and this is dangerous.


kellyanne cartoons--

doggy poop the best.


Why women are marching (during inauguration)

page views on this blog--last week


United States

Bill Maher vs kellyanne conway--who won?

follow me on Twitter

Kyi Kaung@KyiKaung

less than 10% of the posts are similar

and I did not tweet between about 2013 and Sept. 2016.

For those of you who don't know--

China's Presdt Xi (at Davos) was referencing Deng Xiaoping's famous words when he launched the 1978 Reforms, which has resulted in China's phenomenal growth over nearly 4 decades, and also China becoming an economic (and soon of course political) superpower.

"When you open the window a few flies (like rock music) might come in."

And in the USA owing so much money in Treasury Bills to China, so much so that if China were to cash in these Bills, the rug would be pulled out from under the US economy.

So I do not think d t can really "deliver" on his protectionism election promise.

A high % of what we buy is imported consumer goods, esp. from China.

And really, USA cannot offend its banker, which is just what d t is doing now, flirting with small (white) China, Taiwan.

At most, d t will be a tweeter spouting interference and keeping attention on "small" ie microeconomic or sectoral issues.

If he does not see economies of scale and advantages of international trade, I don't see what he sees (or maybe he sees, but this is all slick talk.)

Who wants to bet how many days he will last before impeachment or something else.


Quote of the day--China's Presdt Xi at Davos--more like Deng Xiao Ping than like d t

"Pursuing protectionism is just like locking oneself in a dark room — while wind and rain may be kept outside, so are light and air," Xi told the audience, the first address by a Chinese leader at the annual event" 


least popular president in 4 decades--

d t--abuse of women--his wife swore in court he raped her--

monica crowley loses White House job--

confidence drops in d t transition

ha ha boo boo--d t tweets at wrong ivanka--

that's what happens when people elect a slick clown.

his fingers shld be cut off.


Monday, January 16, 2017

American writers on trump--fr The Guardian

Robin Gibb's I started a joke--

Robin Gibb's funeral in 2012

scalpers have problems moving tickets for inauguration--

very amusing

read the comments

massive security at inauguration--Bill and Hilary Clinton will attend--fr NPR

low key and short--out of fear??

Some are comparing it to a funeral--see comments on link above


Obamas help paint mural at DC shelter--

trump and the flawed nature of US democracy--Truthout interview with Noam Chomsky

from Truthout--how far will d t go to defend his lies--

cat stories--


eating disorder statistics

not funny at all---from symptoms--anorexia nervosa wiki

Being protective of ones social media accounts due to eating disorder content.

celeb plastic surgery gone wrong--

It beats me why a perfectly good looking person, like Michael Jackson, would want to transform himself into a "white woman" as someone has said.

It is a psychological disorder, like anorexia.

I am glad this blog is set up so that no one can comment and argue back at me, like --what's his name, right?  :)

I once had some unknown man argue that a model in a fashion show at the Malaysian Embassy was not anorexia.

Maybe not, but I have seen cat woman still exercising on Ct. Av. while you could see the sun between her legs, and she looked like she had just been released from a Nazi concentration camp.

Maybe she is dead now.



breast implants--from Mayo Clinic info page

Is it worth it to knowingly have a foreign body inserted in your body.

you decide--

I would say No--just get a bra--


follow their noses and their breasts--

images for malia (oops, no) m t

now d t slams EU and NATO--quote of the day fr Washington Post.

European leaders said Monday that they may have to stand alone without the United States once Donald Trump enters office, raising the prospect of an unprecedented breach in transatlantic relations after Trump’s comments that the European Union is bound for a breakup and that NATO is obsolete.
Trump said in a weekend interview with the Times of London and Germany’s Bild newspaper that the 28-nation European Union was a vehicle for German interests and said that he was indifferent to the bloc’s fate. He also said he was committed to European defense even as he expressed skepticism about NATO’s current configuration.
Trump’s attitudes have alarmed Europe, which is facing a wave of elections this year in which anti-immigrant, Euroskeptic leaders could gain in power. Most mainstream leaders had committed to working with Trump after his inauguration Jan. 20, even as they expressed hope that he would moderate his views once he took office. His hard line has created the grim realization in Europe that they may now have to stand alone, without their oldest, strongest partner.
World News Alerts

d t--classic case of pot calling the kettle black--

see video here.

he's the one who is "talk talk talk, no results."

How could he say the Selma march had "no results?"

Unless he is the racist he is.

--On another note, journalists? wonder which designer('s work) mrs t will wear.

Frankly, I don't care.


Blog hits on this blog from USA reached 900+ today, a record.

images of Syndrome--tha bad guy in The Incredibles

Simon and Garfunkel--The Sounds of Silence--

And the people bowed and prayed,
to the neon god they made.

Simon and Garfunkel.

In the face of bigotry, We the People make art--

Beautiful posters, some by Shephard Fairey.


from 2004 State Funeral of Presdt. Ronald Reagan--

Listen to the speeches and the prayers and reflect on how things have changed, not least in the character of presidents--

This service mentioned often "the end of the Cold War" and totalitarian states and freedom.

So what have we now--especially after Jan 20th.

You tell me.

For one thing dignity and a sense of propriety and truth has been lost, in my opinion.

And like Pandora's box, once it is lost, it can't be easily put back again.


Sunday, January 15, 2017

John F. Kennedy's funeral--1963

Previous Inaugurations--

inauguration route map etc--

What happened to DSK?

His wife, who is richer than he, left him.

Markups for DC travel for inauguration--

ha ha

I live there, but ain't going, not even opening a TV I don't have.  Will lie on my futon and read an historical novel featuring non-whites.

Good luck! As people say when you don't have a chance.

I just told off the building receptionist.

"Don't you good luck me, --" because I asked her to do a simple thing--see the postman when he comes and fish out an envelope which I dropped in with no stamp, with a crossed check in it for some maintenance work.

I do wonder if there are migrants, African-Americans and others working in trump buildings--there must be.

Anyone notice that the former Miss Hungary he liked (who declined his offer, saying he was not her type) was "his type" as seen by his 3 wives--all from En Europe.

So if they did it, it must have been more than easy for Russn FSB to set him up with a honey trap.

It's beginning to sound like a really bad novel or like DSK case with the maid.

Good luck!


Protest like Ghandi--good article from Quora

Another lost child who did not die, but still missed 18 years--and think of her birth parents

UN rapporteur Yanghee Lee denied access to Rohingya areas in W Burma.

Pendant, similar to Ann Frank's found in Sobibor excavations--


Now Yad Vashem researchers looking for maybe cousin? of Ann Frank.

Great forensic detective work.

The Truth never dies, and never lies.


Now all we need to know is ask a Burmese or Indian astrologer--

Anderson Cooper--K Conway TV spat--

I watched only abt 1/3 as Conway was clearly just stridently denying and attempting to counter attack.

Yes, she is propaganda minister, just like Goebbels.

The Irish bookie says she will be canned first.