Thursday, October 27, 2016

Print edition of my memoir--A Time to Write: Not just about Burma by Kyi M. Kaung (Ph.D) is now on line

Kindle e edition will be there in about 48 hours.

Thanks to all of my old Facebook friends with whom I "wrote this."  You enabled me to "open up" and your comments helped.

Also, if you also saw my oil on canvas self portrait, pl vote whether you like this cover or the oil painting better, considering I will have to engage my cover artist and it will cost an additional 100 to 350 or more $$

Previously, some of my readers have contributed to the cost of a special designed cover (Black Rice & Rider of Crocodiles).

As a writer, I am always short of money and Go Fund Me is harder than writing a whole book.

Thanks for all,


Kyi May Kaung
Words Sounds and Images

Cover for my translation of What's That? A Human Hell--

Thanks to Original Artist for permission to use his artwork

Cover by My Personal Artist (trade name)

Probably the most grounded recent book on Burma Burma Burma--

I have not read the whole yet, but I like it already--

"Low grade war?" in N Burma--ask the Kachin, they won't say that--

My novellas Band of Flesh and 53 Red Roses--

My writing bio from the back cover of Band of Flesh and 53 Red Roses--


Kyi May Kaung is a Burmese-American writer based in the United States, noted for her searing depictions of life in third and fourth world countries and her renditions of strange points of view, such as the first person narrative of a stripper (The Lovers) or of a Lion who falls in love with a human princess (Beast).

She has written a novel, Wolf, short stories, novellas, monologues and a play and screenplay, Shaman, that was praised by Edward Albee.

She also writes poetry and has done dozens of readings in N. America, Europe and Southeast Asia. She has published two poetry chapbooks,Pelted with Petals: The Burmese Poems, and Tibetan Tanka, and is in the process of publishing more.

She is a winner of the William Carlos Williams Award of the Academy of American Poets and has won a Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Award for Shaman, when it was still a one paragraph outline for a play called Flashback. It has since had a script-in-hand reading in Washington, DC.

Kyi was also a Pew finalist twice in Literature, for Shee-Monkey goes West, an allegory in poetry and prose, and for her two act play Shaman.

She worked for 13 years in the overseas Burmese democracy movement,as well as being a senior research analyst on air, in international broadcasting to Burma 1997-2001. She then worked as a senior analyst for The Burma Fund, affiliated with the Burmese Democratic Government in Exile.

Ms. Kaung holds a Ph.D. and an M.A. from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia in Political Economy and City Planning, respectively.

Her formal education informs the depth of understanding evident in her writings.


A Burmese marriage to a foodie, they are all foodies, a Burmese single mother, a German Jweish woman, all ponder home--My short stories, Home is Where--

Twitter problems continue, 9% of workers will be laid off

But Twitter did get me back in touch with one friend who never migrated to Facebook.

And I have/will get about 3? books out of my 3 years of FB posts, all diligently filed.

First will be out soon, A Time to Write:  Not Just about Burma.

K. M. Kaung

Pale Horse Pale Rider by Katherine Ann Porter--I always love her writing--,_Pale_Rider

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Happy happy day--finished final proofs and formatting of my memoir--A Time to Write: Not Just about Burma--uploaded, made a pdf copy, designed the cover on line--now files under review.

Here is the author bio--

Kyi May Kaung has written across a wide spectrum of genres, with an overall brilliance and incisiveness.

Born in Burma during the Japanese Occupation of World War II, she spent a short childhood in England, before "re-entry" into a tumultuous Burma which forced her to leave.  In this memoir she examines her life as a writer.

Here is the back cover text--

Colleagues and compatriots in the Burmese  Democracy Movement overseas have called Kyi May Kaung  "A trained social scientist with the soul  of a poet".

In this memoir, Dr.  Kaung  with a doctorate in Political Economy from the University of Pennsylvania, writes  about what has motivated her to write poetry, short stories, novellas, novels, non-fiction, political commentary, self-help and  speculative and historical  fiction.  Lavishly illustrated and with a biting sense of humor.


Controversies at Conference on World Affairs, Boulder, CO--so sad as I have lovely times there 1997--2003

My poetry collection Pelted with Petals: The Burmese Poems, cited in Post-Colonial Thought in English-by Prem Poddar &--

The green eyed girl is in trouble and needs help--

Apple down at closing bell from high of September--

America before Columbus--

William W. Longfellow's poem Hiawatha--from Gutenberg Project

Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven--these galloping rhythms are almost impossible to read now--Lenore, Nevermore.

Why guacamole is so expensive and the Chipoltle near me looks deserted--

Wichita, Kansas, in books--

Made tomato soup and 2 kinds of breads--

I read Alan Le May's The Searchers--as expected, it is much deeper and to my mind better than the movie staring John Wayne--

Former Republican Secretary of State Colin Powell says he will vote for Hilary Clinton--

Monday, October 24, 2016

Neat plot this one--don't know why it is not as well known as Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series--must be the skin color thing--

It's still a racist world, imagine if you had Burmese Skin--

My novella Black Rice--4.6 out of 5 stars--

Native Americans and speculative fiction--

Conjoined twins separated--

What it's like finishing a book with his wife, by a friend who has died--

I doubt I can do it.

I signed off writing a life style book with my Ethnic Friend, as she brought out so many articles she had written already from her particular ethnic point of view--let's say "Purple Bean Group"

Also, preoccupied with looking after her husband, she has NEVER answered a single email, so I have given it up.

I will either write it the way I want, including her particular lifestyle without the ethnic element, or give up the idea completely, but I think the former is likelier than the latter.

I have already started formatting this book,
and am in the final stages of proof reading one of my memoirs:  A Time to Write, Not Just About Burma.

I don't think I could live without writing and publishing, and I was truly surprised that she and her in laws liked my fiction, which is all about refugee strippers, FGM, conjoined twins, political refugees, animals and so on.

I had always thought of her as very puritanical and straight-laced.

It just shows how liberal some people can be in their reading.

I hope it lasts.


From 2012, continueing plight of the Native Americans--

Ride the Wind--a novel based on the life of Cynthia Ann Parker, who was kidnapped by the Comanche and married a chieftain--

Where and how should babies sleep?

I was distressed to hear during my vacation that a very lovely couple lost a child in a crib death.

How terrible.

This is World Refugee Day, everyday is World Refugee Day--Don't close your ears and your eyes, nor your mouth--

I want you all to know that now there are no more invitations--maybe there really is "compassion fatigue" as the fence junper alleged. If so it bodes ill for the human race. Some have had to change from advocating for change in Burma, for advocating for the least served group, the Rohingya, a subset of Burmese Muslims--but I was surprised that my Muslim friends, no, not the big names! but the small names, taxi drivers etc (not any taxi driver, my regular one), regularly asks about the Rohingya--so you must never think your blog is useless--SPEAK UP. I regret so much a close friend who died her mouth firmly shut. KM Kaung 10-24-2016

Fuzzy pictures from last 2 decades--

 Rose Parade, CA--how I miss my friend Daw Taw Myo Myint--I never say of dissidents RIP as it is not what they wanted.
 After poetry reading in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with Free Burma Coalition students who arranged everything.  One young man was drugged with an elephant sedative in his drink in a bar in Bangkok.
 Reading at Borders Book Store--
 With other delegates IASFM--International Association for the Study of Forced Migration, Chiangmai.
Near the Ping River, Chiangmai.  This was at a restaurant used by Queen Sirikit, they said.  I was unhappy as they showed a video made by Hseng Noung at lunchtime!  She is the wife of Bertil Lintner and video was about the plight of Shans--

Sorry, Politikovskaya cover was upside down--

By Anna Politikovskaya, the book she was killed for--I believe it as it is similar to the Kunst submarine disaster and how it was mishandled, not to say it is similar to countries like Burma & China--

And here, two stories based on the plight of Burmese refugees in Thailand--

yes, based on reality, but more than names changed, also a lot of plot and character details changed.

But yes, there was a 7 year old in a Thai immigration prison.

Obviously, the characters are changed to protect the identity of the real people.

No bed of Roses--I often write of refugees and asylees, and here is my novella The Lovers--

buying this will enable me to write more stories--
so please BUY--

Breaking news--Calais' The Jungle refugee camp being cleared--

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Quote of the day--from Server Farm wikipedia

According to some estimates, for every 100 watts spent on running the servers, roughly another 50 watts is needed to cool them.[6] For this reason, the siting of a Server Farm can be as important as processor selection in achieving power efficiency. Iceland, which has a cold climate all year as well as cheap and carbon-neutral geothermal electricity supply, is building its first major server farm hosting site.[6] Fibre optic cables are being laid from Iceland to North America and Europe to enable companies there to locate their servers in Iceland. Other countries with favorable conditions, such as Canada,[7] Finland,[8] Sweden[9] and Switzerland,[10] are trying to attract cloud computing data centers. In these countries, heat from the servers can be cheaply vented or used to help heat buildings, thus reducing the energy consumption of conventional heaters.[7]

Twitter facing problems--

National Security Data Breach--A Man named Martin--

EU mulls more sanctions, against Syria and Russia?

Trump is sinking, flailing about, thump, dunk, sump, lump, dump.


Another woman comes forward and says Trump groped her--

I will be selling my crafts with others--Nov 4, 5--Artisan Fair--

Some of these items have already been sold, but there will be many more hand-crafted jackets and scarves in various designs and colorways.  My books will also be on the table for purchase.

Hours and location on page 7 of Newsletter, link above,

Tesla self driving cars and safety--

New Yorker film critic on Michael Moore's Trumpland--

Micheal Moore bashes as Trump digs bigger hole--