Thursday, January 14, 2021

Too gossipy not to post--

Javanka wld not let Secret Service use their bathrooms to take a leak.

S.Service had to rent a basement apartment in Kalorama for nature's call,or go to Obamas' or Pences'.

Apartment is $3000 a month.

I am quite familiar with Kalorama bc both Burmese Embassy, and Military Attache are there, and that is where they harassed us abt our passports before 1988.

Later, went to demonstrations regularly --once PM in Exile's wife arrested for crossing the street and posting something on Bur Emb front door, another time someone smashed the windscreen of a dissident's car, wh he parked in their driveway.  Most times they videotaped from top floor from behind a curtain.

I told young people not to go into Burmese embassy to go to toilet.

Also old Textile Museum, now owned by Jeff Bezos, was there.

Once my friend and I were walking around in cold and dark looking for her car,and  I had to use bur emb as land mark, imagine that.

Foundry Gallery and Dupont Circle are also close to there.

Then the RFA lawyer who was murdered in a sex game on Dupont Circle. And Chandra Levy who disappeared there.

--so well, I don't go there or anywhere now.  Also Spanish Steps near Textile Museum where Free Burma had another demonstration.

BTW Secret Service also has had to rent golf carts at all Trump properties and an apt in TrumpTower.

Really shitty family.



Covid lungs worse than any smoker's lungs--

Don't get Covid.

At least 4 Congresspersons who sheltered 3 hrs with mask-less colleagues during Capitol intrusion,  now tested positive.

These are horrible times.



Man who threated Rev Warnock arrested by FBI