Monday, November 30, 2020

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Remember what Steve Bannon said, according to Michael Wolfe's book Fire and Fury: "The daughter will bring down the father." "Hope Hicks is his real daughter and Ivanka his real wife." What a disgusting bunch. 12-14-2018

Lay this at trmp's door--HEARTBREAKING--7 yr old "migrant" asylum-seeker child dies in Border Patrol custody of shock, dehydration and exhaustion. trmp and fam, you go to HELL. 12-13-2018

It's Genocide, official now.

MSNBC--Rachel Maddow--how it all ties together--This is the CLEAREST exposition I have heard--highly recommended Since it is all tied together, it will all come crashing down together. 12-13-2018

mel trmp cartoons fr Internet--

mel trmp's new blonde hair as her approval level plummets--looks like the witch her husband always talks about. Buvanka also have the same colored hair. 12-13-2018

Not credible email bomb threats across the country--

Sunday, December 09, 2018

Nick Ayers not taking job as WH chief of staff--unwilling to sign on for 2 years as demanded by trmp This says something, doesn't it?? 12-9-2018

trmp's distractions and denials don't work any more--

Best Thai novels not in English

World Bank--Thailand overview

Thai Economy

New York City and all that trash.

Ten richest Bollywood actors--all men--

Saudi Arabia hosts summit amid Qater crisis, Khashoggi murder.

Paris cleans up after Yellow Vest riots.

Burdened with Brexit, Theresa May is on the brink.

China summons envoy over Hauwei CFO

Saturday, December 08, 2018

Pol sci fi, environmental--The Wind Up Girl--novel I am trying to decide from the opening pages whether I like it as much as Justin Cronin The Passage series or Game of Thrones or Drowned World, Flood, Ark or Death of Grass. I think probably Flood and Death of Grass are the most compelling, Game of Thrones, the first book with the best opening. Anyway, it's subjective as the agents like to say. km

Kelly out as WH Chief of Staff--reportedly no longer on speaking terms with trmp.

All images fr Internet except #1--other lady wife of Nigerian President.

ivana trump rape allegations

compare and contrast

mel trmp over exposed--

trmp tower--how the man loves gold or fake gold, but no books--

Paris in lockdown mode as gilets jaunes start Phase IV

How totally screwed is trmp?

Comey annoyed abt unnecessary hearing, closed door.

Colbert makes fun of --

Friday was very very bad day for d j t.

NYTs--The wooing of Kushner--

anti-trmp cartoons--from Internet

CNN--Mueller, Manafort. Cohen, Comey and trmp--