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Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Andrew Cuomo's daily press briefing, analysis by KM Kaung Ph.D. (Political Economy)

The live stream will have stopped now, but you can find the app or whatever and watch each one every day.

The reason I say this is Gov, Cuoma is about the only one talking sense these days.

Dr Fauci is being limited and maybe threatened by Trump, who won't let him speak.

The reporters are as always too busy with micro(economic or political) matters.

Dr Birx has turned out to be an ass licker. 

Cuomo is well placed to look at micro as well as macro, as he's a Governer and NY is an important state with a large economy, large population and now having to deal with the largest number of coronavirus cases, and dealing with it well.

There are other governers, but NY is where the coronavirus is peaking right now, and it's also close to where I am geographically.

Summary:  (Note, I only catch the end parts every day, but it is good enough)

1.  Peak may be months long.

1918 flu pandemic peaked for 6 months and killed 30,000 in NY (City?) alone.

Since this is 2020, we are better informed and know more about diseases in general.

  (From material provided c/o Ma D.  States will peak at difft times)

2.  It's a matter of WE not ME.

He says he too would like to go out and enjoy the good weather, but it's not a responsible thing to do.

Yesterday he spoke of going to funerals (his daughters are cousins of Maeve Kennedy who drowned 4 days ago).

3.  Restarting the economy--it won't be like flipping a switch, restarting something that was shut down suddenly.

(At my Village level, we would need to think, and perhaps move more to online activities and classes when we reopen)

Cuomo did not say so, but the truth of the matter may be that many people have died, among whom might be /already are, doctors, nurses, first responders etc. 

(He spoke 2 days ago of himself not really a China expert, but working through Asia Society to get the donations of ventilators from Jack Ma and Alibaba and the Tsais)

4.  At the "micro" i.e. NY level,

the Navy ship did not get many non-corona patients, bc street crime and traffic accidents down.  Cuomo called trump and trump has agreed and the ship will change to corona patients, but 1000 bed capacity will move to 500, bc corona patients need more space.

5.  As always, he ends by thanking medical and other professionals.

NY Pause is working--

What happens depends on what we do.

6.  My 3 cents.

I am reducing the # of ppl on my bcc list bc I think

a.  some of you feel crowded
b.  think you know enough already

c.  think you are immune

d.  don't want to "get involved in pols."

e.  take it personally, one woman who looked at my eye drops (Lantanoprost) shrugged and dismissed me when I said she should wash her hands after looking at the label on the bottle.  She asked if it was a cure or to prevent glaucoma.

I said it depends on pressure in eye, she said she knew already.  I said " It's not a cure, it's to prevent the condition from worsening."  At that point she had already stopped listening.  Shortly thereafter, there was a case in which a woman killed her spouse using off the counter eye drops.

So if you wish me to stop posts to you, email me, and I will.

Kyi May Kaung 4-7-2020

Cardiologists warn against anti-malarial drug touted by trump, as "cure" for coronavirus

besides, stuff you buy in Burma or online might be fakes.  Be wary of scams at this time.


Monday, April 06, 2020

Body of Maeve Kennedy Townsend recovered from Chesapeake Bay

One bad decision, and all for a ball.  8 year old son Gideon still missing.

At this time don't let cabin fever stress you into bad decisions.  Better to be alive with "cabin fever" than to be dead.


trump up to old tricks

This is not gd at all

Reminds me of Burmese Nargis Constitutn, wh junta went ahead w "election" or referendum or whatever while country reeled w Cyclone Nargis

Junta also literlly STOLE ALL Cyclone relief supplies deliverd by USS Essex


 My Painting Blue Cyclone--copyright KMKaung
 USS Essex delivers relief supplies 2008
 Cyclone Nargis landfall
Cyclone Nargis

NY governor Andrew Cuomo says people are violating Stay at Home

This streaming may have stopped, but you can find it by Googling.

Ppl are out in parks bc it's nice weather, but it's not a good idea.

If you get sick, you will be stressing an already stressed system, and that is NY and USA.

In Burma or the "developing world"  you will just die and take others with you.

Cuoma has raised fine in NY state to $1000.00

Try and watch his daily briefings.  "It seems to have plateaued, but at a very high level.  What happens next depends on what we (everyone does) do."

km  4-6-2020

Sunday, April 05, 2020

Warning Graphic--In Search of Fire, complete movie--a bit too strange for my tastes

But our forebears must have been like that.

It looks to be Europe, but not clear how they hunted.

Still, probably more realistic than Clan of the Cave Bear.

There was a language problem bc the language used is a real language, and when native speakers saw it, the dialog did not fit the action and it was a real joke.

So much for Anthony Burgess.

But I think the gestures invented by Desmond Morris The Naked Ape are realistic enough.

Who knows.

They must be Neanderthals.  Good make up.

Should have shown how intelligent the Neaderthals were, and more hunting and surviving winter etc.

km kaung

Saturday, April 04, 2020

Chef Andres and World Kitchen

Looks like he is near Army/Navy Memorial where I went once or twice for my speculative fiction group.

I stopped going bc group met at night.

It's amazing what he does.


Friday, April 03, 2020

Alexander the Great's Campaigns--

JFK grandniece & 8 yr old son drown in Chesapeake.

All for a lost ball.

Can't believe it.

Repost--NYTs face mask design--make it yourself

Tuesday, March 31, 2020
How to make yr own coronavrus mask--this is only for "casual use" Medical professionals need better protection.

This template will be a better fit.

I tried (nylon) scarves, but slippery and tend to slip off.

This design has curved nose seam.

I just made mine of pure cotton, finished is 4 1/2 by 11 inches.

Old clean sheets, T shirts are very comfortable to use.

I put on 4 "ribbons" or stitched ties, each abt 12 inches long.

the top 2 ties should be level with the tops of yr ears.

The bottom 2 ties with the bottoms of yr ears.

I just cut off the seams of runner I cannibalized and used those.

Cut piece 1/2 inch extra all round.

Sew: lay 2 pieces face to face

Look in mirror and mark level of ties with pencil.

lay 2 ties each side INSIDE the face to face pieces, sew sides shut with sewing machine.

That will secure the ties.

Turn mask inside out, pull out corners. Try it on, ties go behind yr head.

The template design may be a better fit due to curves, but I have made mine my way.

Make about 4 masks per household member.

After each use (say each time you go to market) when you get home, sterilize in assigned pot you keep for each person, bringing to a ROLLING Boil for maybe 10 mins. You can do this on a hot plate. Don't sue pot for anything else.

Hang to dry on clean line--store dry masks in a new ziplock bag.

It is best for each person to have his or her own fabric--eg. pink is Kyi's, C's is blue stripes etc-- and not to boil them together.

I hope this helps.

I will test mine tomorrow when I take out trash and do my laundry.

It's more secure fit than scarves. If you want better fit use the templates wh are in 3 sizes incld children's



How to make yr own face mask

pretty easy

I made mine with ties at the back that are adjustable.

Jared Kushner changing corona equpment stockpile data