Tuesday, March 28, 2017

I wear leggings a lot

as in 2003 I saw a woman, older than I, then about 75? wearing them very effectively, while leading a busy life doing activism, writing.

Since then only 1 son has objected once.

Everyone wears leggings.

They are warm.

Even my self portrait in my memoir shows me wearing leggings.


Ogden Nash--women in pants


United Airlines just banned 2 girls because they were wearing leggings.

 d t:  "dress like a woman"

all very sexist, NO??


Trump scandals --

highly recomd


Jared Kushner's enormous portfolio--Middle East, Russia, China, "reimagining Veteran Affairs"  --  

 Democrats  Schiff  & Pelosi ask Nunes to recuse himself from Russian_ Trump Campaign ties  Investigation.

Seems Nunes jumped into 2 cars on 2 days (one a Uber) and  went to White House without notifying anyone else.

His (and T and T team's) credibility very stretched.

Stay tuned.


Photo from Internet, (NYTs)  --receding

Monday, March 27, 2017

Lessons from Burma & Thailand: If you make fish paste, hard to conceal the stink.

10s10 seconds ago
Anyone notice how the smell of fish or the stink of fish, seems to linger in the air? It's like town where fish paste is made.
Head Of House Intel Committee Went To White House Grounds To Meet Source fishier and fishier

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My memoir: A Time to Write, Not just about Burma--



Congresswoman: Nunes is presidential whisperer


How to breed parakeets