Sunday, June 24, 2018

Special post--interview of artist Ed Ruscha. Thanks to my friends in San Fran who took me to an exhibition of Ed Ruscha's paintings. "A word has no size" so we can make it as small or as large as we wish. It also gives the lie to that stupid Q some of my classmates asked. "Who is your audience." As if anyone cares. I sold things I thought no one would like, such as a jacket I thought "did not work" and a painting, a self portrait, that I painted mainly for myself. So. As Martha Graham said, "I don't care whether you can dance. Just get up and dance." I know I was very influenced by seeing Martha Graham dance, in Rangoon, when I was about 8 or 9. She came later, but then her student danced and it was just not the same. km Kyi May Kaung Words Sounds and Images

British artist Jessica Doob

Game of Thrones co-stars wed in Scotland--

Something magical, Henri Rouseau.

Friday, June 22, 2018

MSNBC's Richard Engel reports from El Savador of migrant fathers deported back from Texas, lost child. Ted Lieu plays audio tape on migrant children crying --

International Criminal Court and Burma.

Late Night dumps on Melania' jacket--deservedly--some say her jckt shld have said "Let them eat cake." this couple and family and "team's" days are numbered. 6-22-2018

Protestors blast Kirstjen Nielson's Alexandria, VA home with audio of crying immigrant children.

Landmark decision--US Supreme Court rules 4th Amendment protects cell phone records. FYI, in 2007, in what later became known as The Saffron Revolution, the monks' leader U Gambira was tracked by his cell phone. My source was a broadcaster based in DC and he told me this while we were at a debriefing at the NED by the World Bank? delegation wh suggested freeing controls on fuel prices, which resulted in widespread rioting. The monks demonstrated peacefully by walking and reciting the Metta Sutra, but were lassoed, caught and arrested and tortured. U Gambira was forced to disrobe and beaten and tortured, and he suffered permanent brain damage and had to leave the monkhood on his release from prison. kmk 6-22-2018
My Mostly Burmese Monks art show, 2009.

US child jails--most childen too young to speak let alone memorize a phone number--

Pentagon will make space for 20,000 migrant children--useless trmp useless mattis useless kistrjen

John Kelly does not care if trmp is impeached.

Impeach trmp literature, Jeffrey Toobin.

Queen's fashion moments, prefer her to Mrs.T.'s+Most+Fashionable+Moments/articles/glxXDYaRrYy/A+Sunny+Yellow+Affaiir

Ten most liberal cities in the USA

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Must read--why are they fleeing??

Michael Moore's make trmp toast again, 10 points--

Wikileaks published ICE employee data, trmp WH attempts to remove it. I think these Nazi kapos need to be exposed. What do you think? 6-22-2018

This would be a good time for Mueller to make his move.

If these GROSS HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS of child separation and child detention does not sink DJT, then nothing will.

Help tip the tipping point.

Daily Beast--Pentagon told to prepare to house 20,000 children.

US Health and Human Services Asst Director went to college reunion while dentention centers filled with migrant children-- If you know of anything, get photos, tell the Press. Local presses, big big thank you. 6-22-2018

womp womp means "too bad" "I really don't care" just like Melania's jacket--wh means--she is just playing good cop to trmp's bad cop

don't be taken in. She still said, "long term"

womp womp lewandowski dropped by speakers' bureau--good--drop them all like hot cakes they are--

Samantha Bee invents new word better than cofefe--kirtsjjjn fjul of fjitt

and this was on fjox news too. wow
kirtsjjn and fjump fr Internet 6-21-2018

Late Night, Trevor Noah--so where should KN eat??

This looks like a set piece, set up piece, in which KN says essentially NOTHING.

Coming live now.

Satire--Andy Borowitz Report

trump signs bill tries to maintain teenie bit of face left.

El Norte "The North" must see movie about journey from S to N America and why-- Complete movie. Special for world refugee day. Make sure it's not "lower case" I have heard dozens of stories of Burmese including Rohingya refugees and their grueling journeys. Don't send them back. kmk 6-21-2018

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Bruce Springsteen interrupts his Broadway show to talk of immigrants

Obamus and Attenborites-- Come alive again and infest d j t. 6-20-2018

Airlines say flights are not for separating families.

trmp's order means families could be in detention together indefinitely, but where will they stay-- how about in trmp tower?? 6-20-2018

My tweet storm, World Refugee Day.

Kyi Kaung ‏ @KyiKaung 1m1 minute ago On our way back from the Grand Canyon trip, we boarded planes in Las Vegas. My red jacket fell on the floor & I got dust on it. Liz said, "Look at you, K, you look like a refugee." "I am, didn't you know?" So are we all. If we sought refuge, we are refugees. kmk 6-19-2018 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes Kyi Kaung ‏ @KyiKaung 6m6 minutes ago All the crimes committed during state-sanctioned separation should be tried in Court. Who's he, HITLER? Ever saw movie or read Sophie's Choice. Pl do. Today is World Refugee Day. 6-20-2018 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes Kyi Kaung ‏ @KyiKaung 8m8 minutes ago trmp (intentionally mispelled) just thought he'd stamp on the smallest youngest most vulnerable of us as "distraction" Well, he was WRONG. If it's not his policy, whose is it?? kirsten should resign. EVERY CHILD separated must be reunited with his or her parents. 0 replies 0 retweets 1 like

The Guardian--trmp's immigration policy hateful and wrong.

Nielson shouted out of Mexican restaurant--

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Grandpa's kitchen--double hamburger--these children are better loved and fed than children in trmp's detention centers.

Rachel Maddow breaks down while trying to report on "tender age" babies being detained in TX. trmp got sworn at and shouted at and he deserves it. I am waiting for the TRMS to be posted on line. 6-19-2018

the totally useless twisted face :Huck"

Child separation is trmp's Katrina moment.

Late Night blisters trmp over child separation policies.

Democrat tells trmp, "Putting children in cages is unAmerican. Pick up the phone and stop this." He also said, "If he's not in charge, maybe he should call Steve Bannon and Steven Miller and ask fro permission." 6-19-2018

Former President Bill Clinton and bestselling author James Patterson talk about their novel, The President is Missing. Both are very intelligent and some of the things Clinton said about cyber warfare are amazing. Maybe I should get the book after all. km Kyi May Kaung Words Sounds and Images

Historical, from 1947, President of Burma Saw Shwe Thaike arrives for Royal Wedding in UK