Wednesday, April 14, 2021

My novel Wolf follows a student leader of 1988, through his formative years and major political events. 


Reading this you will see how 1962-1988 and beyond was bad, but how 2021 is much much worse.


Still I think recent events though horrible, prove that Burmese are essentially decent people who just wish to be free. 




How to help Myanmar coup survivors -- 


Also through Free Burma Rangers and maybe Dr SaSa



Saturday, April 10, 2021

Myanmar coup--Bago Massacre--


House overides Hogan veto of police reform bill MD.


All out war in Burma--Myanmar Coup

1 of 2 All out war in Burma 
get that Twitter acct check out Ro Nay San Lwin other accts Terrorist junta removing street signs in Mandalay, looting cell phone shops, shooting people dead, abducting urban runaways.

2of 2 Myanmar coup, Burma Going fr bad to worse to WORST to Syria-like situatn while protestors lift off gas balloons, burn Russian and Chinese flags. 4-10-2021

Thursday, April 08, 2021

Myanmar Coup, celebrity model among 2700+ arrested already--


Paing Takhon, who had participated in anti-coup protests, faces charges under section 505a of the penal code, which criminalises comments that “cause fear” or spread “false news” and can lead to up to three years in prison. His social media profiles have been taken down, though it is not clear who removed them.
According to the advocacy group, the Assistance Association of Political Prisoners in Burma, 2,750 people – from politicians to doctors, actors and social media influencers – are in detention. Most are held in unknown locations.


pence book deal--