Monday, November 30, 2020

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Chinese-style Thanksgiving--images.

Surprise move at the WH--now even 2nd and 3rd rung people seem to be clawing at each other. STRANGE. In the end trmp's divisiveness strikes close to home. He can't run an efficient noiseless ship, that's the bottom line. 11-13-2018

Prez' public schedule--

CNN has filed a First Amendment lawsuit against trmp and WH officials + John Doe for revoking Acosta's press pass. retweet so the would be dictator's power is checked. NOW. 11-13-2018

Waxy waxy--satire--

Trump wax works + live Sean Spicer. 11-13-2018

Satire--we shld set trmp and all trmies in aspic, but result would be inedible. Better to set them in wax and bury.

New trmp-appointed AG Whitaker said to be exploring recusing himself, but he won't bc he's prejudged the matter, says Nagler. AGREE.

Chicken in aspic etc recipes.

Directions 1. Clean the chicken thoroughly. 2. Cover with boiling water and add carrot, bay leaf and salt. 3. Cook until tender (2 or 3 hours), depending on the age of the chicken. 4. Remove the chicken, strain broth. 5. Soften gelatin in cold water for five minutes; add to the 3 1/2 cups of hot stock and stir until dissolved. Grandma’s tomato aspic I make plain aspic w juice from boiled beets beef aspic from scratch Pork + chicken aspic In Burma if you don’t have gelatin, you may be able to make it out of natural gelatin from the meat, or set in agar agar (kyauk chaw) made with flavored meat stock. I still remember the best aspic from my time in Poland, esp. at a co-op, where the food was noticeably better than in the dorms. Chicken “kurchek” was one of the first words I learned in Polish. 11-13-2018

Monday, November 12, 2018

A picture is always worth more than a 1000 words or several movies. Van Goghs--

Movies about van Gogh analyzed, not very well in my opinion. sometimes movie and book critics act too superior. most art crtics are not artists themselves. 11-13-2018

Aung San Suu Kyi stripped of Amnesty International's highest award. I fear she will become the scapegoat. qq-13-2018

The Rachel Maddow Show--11-12-2018. Florida, Midterms, recounts, well explained.

Today's migrant flow is different.

Dow plunges more than 600 points.

Democrat Sinema wins Arizona Senate Seat, flipping from Rs.

NYTs--Pentagon says trmp troop deployment to US-Mexico Border, waste of time and resources and also bad for morale.

Red carpet dresses--

CNN Breaking news--Roger Stone associate Corsi announces on Youtube he was subpoenaed in Aug. and expects to be indicted within new few days. Things are MOVING ON, no wonder trmp is rattled by a little rain and reporters. This CNN team is oh so smart. Stay tuned. 11-12-2018

Behind the so-called "migrant caravan"--why people leave Honduras. Burma-like conditions.

"migrant caravan"--actually large group of refugees seeking asylum. God bless and may you reach the REFUGE you NEED. 11-12-2018

trmp has left the world stage empty.

Textile related art books

World of Wearable Art

Talking Textiles wearable art.

Excellent art felt tutorial.

Grandpa Kitchen--potatoe dum biryani--

ratatouille recipe

Typing with his eyes, ALS survivor

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Flooding the desert as a climate/global warming "solution"

Nova-Becoming Human

Human origins--documentary.

Style--Mrs. Macron always wins hands down. While mel trmp sometimes looks as if dressed by her home seamstress mother/cutter. Armstice Ceremony, trmps and Putin (no wife) arrived late, did not walk with others. Mrs trmp looked "tummy puffy" in front in grey pleated dress. Didn't look 1/2 as great as Meghan Sussex who is really pregnant, not fake pregnant. Throw in the towel trmps. YOU LOST already. 11-11-2018

WW I Ceremony, France. Macron rebukes nationalism as not patriotism, as Merkel smiles and trmp pouts.

SNL--Kate McKinnon as Jeff Sessions for the very last time.

Saturday Night Live on Acosta incident.

More than 5,600 soldiers fan out across Sn US Border.

Topless women run into trump motorcade in Paris.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Christie's auction--Picasso's ceramics

Gonzales questions acting AG Whitaker appointment and impartiality. Probably Whitaker won't last long, there is such a chorus of criticism and opposition. Clearly trmp appointed him to "oversee" --read SHUT DOWN Mueller investigation. Let's see what Monday brings from Mueller. For now trmp's reputation in shreds on Twitter for "flying all the way to France and not going to WWI Memorial" due to a little rain. Many shots of Trudeau and Obama giving speeches in pouring rain. Let's check Pete de Souza's site. 11-10-2018

Rouda defeats Rohrabacher in Sn California--Great going.

Feds have evidence on trmp--will Whitaker bury it.

Broward County FL, vote recounts. It seems Rs did cheat, but as usual, when they lose, they point the finger, starting with mr t. 11-10-2018

Sri Lanka on the brink after tyrant president dissolves parliament.

trmp crticiized for not visiting World War I American Memorial near Paris, due to "poor weather." I think his "poor weather" has to do with spat with Macron. With trmp it's always personal and hidden messages. same same with the wife. 11-10-2018

How Queen found out abt Diana's death--

Is this the real face of Elizabeth I?

trmp's always lying, unde oath? on Twitter, at the podium and while walking to and on Air Force One--

Team Mueller is holding dozens of sealed indictments--no one connected to Russians is getting out of this--says--

1st cartoon from trmp fact checker--

Don McGahn interviewed Whitaker about job, but trmp "does not know him" "no social contact" he tweets. But then, trmo always lies.

6 m Americans have already signed up to impeach trump.

trmp--a lie repeated often enough-- Now he knows him now he doesn't. Typical trmp and hitler, really. 11-10-2018

Turks say Khashoggi's body was dissolved in acid, Turkish police have stopped search, traces of acid found in Saudi consul's residence. in Istanbul. This is beyond horrifying and trmp is hiding in France and deflecting with attacks all over-- He's busy blaming CA, journalists etc. but has distanced himself from Whitaker, acting AG he just appointed. 11-10-2018

trmp distances himself fr Whitaker, his own DOJ appointment --

On the other hand NY does not like him either.

trmp threatens CA residents with cut off of wild fire fighting funds, stating things that just aren't true-- Calabasas has not had a major wildfire for last 20 years or so. Fire chief says there is not shortage of water. Possibly global warming and build up of brush. Truth is he hates CA bc it is Democrat. 11-01-2018

Friday, November 09, 2018

trmps depart--this is hilarious, you expect him to raise both arms like Nixon--and funniest of all is last guy in pecking order with all the paper boxes and bags. Presumably one of the black bags carried on are the nuclear codes. 11-10-2018

Benjamin Wittes--important article--too late to stop Mueller?

Rachel Maddow reports on Neal Katyal, George Conway op ed that trmp's acting atttny general Whitaker is illegal and unconstitutional.

Vox--Whitaker has MAJOR conflict of interests, UNSUITABLE to oversee Mueller Investigation.

FBI is investigating co. where Whitaker was a paid board member.

Justice Dept officials call Whitaker an effing fool Was involved with a co. which swindled billions and spent most of time on CNN trying to suck up to trmp. It worked, says this article. But he has no time to be on learning curve. 11-9-2018

trmp flies off to France, but not on such good terms with Macron either--

Blog hit high of 700+ today--

flies off to Paris to see parade, avoid Qs

trmp does unusual 22 min intv near helicopter as leaves for France this morning, but most of it usual drivel.

2 days ago--Rosenstein no longer supervising Mueller probe.

Mueller's new boss immediately draws enemies.

Trevor Noah says Whitaker set "thirst trap" for trmp on CNN--"expert" says--(if you're fired)--"don't just make the news, make History."

Defunding Mueller and bad (Whitaker) idea--

Matt Whitaker is a scary looking person who has crticized Mueller investigation publically and on air many times.

Naturally no one "had a problem with him" when he was working for Sessions, as trmp attests, bc Sessions recused himself from the Investigation. The problem with d j t is he thinks everyone wills wallow his LIES. That's SAD. Very very sad. 11-9-2018

trmp claims he "does not know Matt Whitaker" repeats unsual mantra, "he's highly qualified, he's a very very good person" Repeating words and phrases takes up time and reduces time for Qs. d j t is a very very very wily person and a piece of s**t 11-9-2018

trmp can't stop the FBI--ask 4 presidents who tried.

trmp involved in every step of hush money payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal

CA bar shooting victims--

6 figure ad launched to protect Mueller and Investigation--

Liar in Chief trmp trashes Mrs Obama, Ruth Ginsberg, April Ryan, CNN's Jima Acosta, insists he does not know acting AG Whitaker, calls doctored video "close up" Close up my foot--

Trump admin moves to curb REFUGEES asylum claims

Mueller ready to indict some folks

google search results--old photos of mel trmp and buvanka trmp sold on e-bay pretty disgusting, don't buy them. don't support them (trmps) either. 11-9-2018

trmp admin is reducing refugee asylum cap to all time low of 30,000 (for all countries including Syria)

Protect Mueller demonstrations countrywide in USA--Rachel Maddow seems only one covering it--