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This Covid Parrot woman is going to cause many deaths.


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GSA Emily signs ascertainment--at last--but she shld pay for her criminal action--



Free audio and print books online--

If you click on one, like this audio book of Geronimo's story, Youtube will direct you to a whole line of masterpieces on the R.

Try it, titles I have heard include John Wyndham, The Triffids, Chrysalids, HG Wells, War of Worlds, The Egg, etc.  To Kill a Mocking Bird.

You can also read masterpieces like The Jungle or Daniel Dafoe's Plague Diary online at Gutenberg Project.

Book are getting hard to buy, and now my eyes are going.

You can also read a print book you buy and listen to an audio book at the same time, so you get the plot really clear.

When I had cable TV, I cld watch say North and South, or Lonesome Dove, while also reading the books, say in same week.

Of course this post is meant for ppl who read, or wish to read, or know reading is good.

Not for those who say--"Too stressful" "Doer not reader," etc etc.

You don't know what you are missing, by not reading.

Happy Thanksgiving, and be thankful for yr brain, yr ears and yr eyesight.




Trump team cuts ties with Sidney Powell (female) who peddled bizarre election fraud conspiracy theories-- 


I must say the whole lot looks like who they are, dripping hair dye Rudy the most so.




Costumes of The Crown (TV series)

It's incredible what they do.