Sunday, March 31, 2019

Flamingos in Mumbai.

Tacitus on Germany and his father in law Agricola.

My short writing bio--

I am a published writer of short and long fiction--and an award-winning poet (William Carlos Williams Award of the Academy of American Poets).  I was a Pew Finalist in Literature twice, Edward Albee praised my play Shaman and it won a Pennsylvania Council of the Arts Award.
I have published short stories, novellas and a full length novel Wolf on Amazon, I broadcast to Burma for Democracy.  My work has appeared in The Philadelphia Inquirer Sunday Magazine, Wild River River, the Northern Virginia Review, Gravity Dancers (DC Women Writers); poetry was anthologized in Norton's Language for a New Century, featured on Asian-American Verse Beings.  Two poetry chapbooks (Tibetan Tanka and Pelted with Petals:  The Burmese Poems), dozens of readings and painting exhibits internationally.  In 2012, I was one of the first to speak up about the Rohingya Genocide.

My Activists' Handbook--The Rohingya Genocide in Burma--

This book gives the background of the Rohingya, a subset of Burmese Muslims, and here you will find the names of all the activists and groups you need to know to become an Activist yourself.

Speak up, try not to endanger yourself, support those who do.

In this case, we are all Muslim, as the Burmese junta is an equal opportunity human rights abuser.


Virtual tour of Hadrian's villa.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Must watch--AOC on Green New Deal

Sally Yates--Mueller Report should be released with MINIMUM redactions.

Images, Sally Yates, who called attention to Russian suspected collusion, first and was fired by trmp.

Adam Schiff, Chair of House Intel Com. whom trmp just made fun of--

Images from INTERNET.

I won't repeat trmp's spitter spattering, including his son's "Pulitzer's" attack,

because they are gross, uneducated and they lie and insult all the time.


My novel Wolf, set in 1988 Burma and beyond, is now out on Amazon.

Oil painting by K.M. Kaung

Migrant children sleep on dirt (earth) in -47 degree weather

Impt--Rachel Maddow doing well--implications of Jessie Liu not moving to DOJ now as trmp planned

This is IMPORTANT bc no other news source pointed out Mueller cases connection.

Thank you, Rachel.


Mueller Report about 300 pages--Adam Schiff lists what is "not OK"

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Tom Malinwoski asks Qs of so-called Sec of State (note very big sign) which makes him turn red.

Tom Malinowski asks Qs which turns Pompeo beet root red.

We know Malinowski.  He did much good work for Burma.  We know he's a straight arrow.

You're a trmp ENABLER and by extension a Kim enabler, Pomp.

We see right through you.

Malinowski specifically asked if "liking" Kim, without changing the system, was enough to withdraw sanctions.


House Democrats weigh legal options--

"Legal" is the operative word here--we all know gop repubs do semi-legal or out right illegal things and then do cover up or brazen it out.


Real Mueller Report could be like Nixon tapes.

trmp Federal Reserve nominee Moore owes IRS $75,000

No Ph.D, either--but what do you expect, he's a trmp fave.


Federal Judge again blocks work requirements for Medicaid.

Theresa May offers to resign--it shld have been old buddy trmp.

Flip flop demonstration in front of Lindsey Graham's office.

George Conway speaks --

(Lowest) Barr letter fallout--

KellyAnne Ghoul by Jim Carrey--you really must get on Twitter

George Conway--husband of BellyAche

Sarah Sanders Satire

  1. 2 minutes ago
    Satire: As in SS-Hitler "Everything I say and my makeup are 100% false" Note how her body language apes her boss' when they are lying, wh is ALL the Time--
    Images from Internet


  2. Mueller report fallout: Trump appearing on Fox, Comey appearing on NBC

Megan Sussex lookalike--on TV

James Comey says he's confused by Barr letter--

CNN quote--

Right-wing commentators are increasingly acting like they've already read the Mueller report, when all they've read is Bill Barr's letter. Left-wing commentators are increasingly calling out the secrecy surrounding the report.

Monday, March 25, 2019

IMPORTANT--MSNBC anchor Ari Melber interviews Obama A G Eric Holder on Bill Lowest Barr 4 page so-called summary.

Big difference in QUALITY I would say.


kush and buvanka--revelations in new Vicky Ward book.

hope it sells a m copies.

images fr Internet, mostly unsavory.

Rumor has it she's the only one allowed in his bedroom in the morning, (not even his wifey) and she's the one to "get him up" daily.

We wait for tell all book from one of the WH maids.

Oh, and he always strips his own bed for laundry.

And everyone has to sign an NDA or non-disclosure agreement.

But don't you worry, it will all come out or hang out.


Trump's first official guest hits the dust--

3rd "second hand" mass shooting victim dies in apparent suicide--in addition to 2 Parkland survivors

in little over a week.  Trump and NRA silent--not even condolences, SOBs


Lawyer for man charged w killing mob boss says it's Trump's fault he's in this mess.

Famed Southern District of NY

Due to current "legal course" through news, I heard of these names for the first time.


TRANSALTED--see below

CBS News--this says it all--Russia too denies collusion--why?

Russian lawmakers react to Mueller news

Across the globe, lawmakers in Russia's government are reacting to news of the investigation concluding.
Konstantin Kosachev, head of the Foreign Relations Committee in the Russian senate, said in a transalted Facebook post Sunday night that the report "proved what Russians knew from the start: no collusion between Trump or his team with the Kremlin."
"There is no reason for us to celebrate it here in Russia - the accusations against us still stand. The 'celebration' takes place over there, in the U.S., among the pro-Trump part of the establishment. The rest are about to mourn," he added, saying it's been "two years of incessant lies."
"Two years of high-level politics built on the notion of collusion. Collusion that supposedly explained Trump's pro-Russia stance and that forced him to, effectively, take harsher measures towards Russia."
Aleksei Pushkov, a Senator in the Russian government, tweeted that "from the the very start" Mueller's investigation was "a biased, artificial, provocative, conspiratorial, designed-to-fuel-hatred towards Trump campaign. Its second goal was to demonize Russia and prevent any U.S. moves towards better relations with Moscow."

William Barr's letter to Congress and report highlights



Problems with (Lowest) Barr's letter--by Neal Katyal--who authored Mueller appointment letter.

My Memoir--A Time to Write: Not Just About Burma.

Jim Thompson silks--design Kosa Pan.

Kosa Pan Siam/Ayuthia ambassador to French Court, long bf Kinwun Mingyi U Kaung.


Sunday, March 24, 2019

Diderot--plight of nuns forced into convent.

Because we need to believe in the final victory of Good over evil--

Lowest Barr releases 4 page summary of Mueller Report--whose total length and contents no one but Mueller Team knows--

Demand release of full report.

Call your Representative

202 224 3121

Thanks and thanks to Robert Mueller and Team.


Chris Hayes MSNBC--Brexit--stockpile toilet paper--

Very insightful interview of Burma's Daw Aung San Suu Kyi--

She's losing a lot of "moral capital"--I never join the chorus of ppl who deride her.

but I agree with this author, she had to walk into the junta trap--was in a no-win situation.

Now I think she will live out her days in this way, but it's a pity.


Jim Carrey cartoons, look what you miss by not being on Twitter.

I watched Rachel Maddow and I didn't see her crying, in fact she was laughing and smiling--

with new shiny pink lipstick.

This just shows how much conservatives hate her and fear her.

Way to go, Rachel!


Saturday, March 23, 2019

This one Amazon posted--

My review of satire The Mueller Report.

-----Original Message-----
From: Amazon Reviews
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Subject: Thank you for reviewing The Mueller Report: The Lea... on Amazon

Thanks Kyi May Kaung,

Your latest customer review is live on Amazon. We and millions of shoppers on Amazon appreciate the time you took to share your experience with this item.
The Mueller Report: The Leaked Investigation into President Donald Trump and His Inner Circle of Con Men, Circus Clowns, and Children He Named After Himself ★★★★   from  on March 22, 2019

Exceedingly funny

Laughed almost at every paragraph.

What we need.

Recommend highly.

Hope Melania T does not sue.

See your full review

Jim Carrey has a Q about Mueller investigation.

Lupita Nyong'O--fashion--best use of color.

Beautiful, talented and bright Lupita.


The Mueller Report--Rachel Maddow and Amy Klobuchar make it a little clearer.

Friday, March 22, 2019

One correction to Miss Burma post--

Play Long Day's Journey into Night, is by Eugene O'Neil, not by Tennessee Williams.

It is about O'Neil's dysfunctional family and his mother's opium addiction.

I've seen the play live at Bethesda Writers Center.


Miss Burma images from Internet.

Burma news wrap--MAH in Kachin State-- 40 SAC killed, hostages kept etc, AAPP wins McBride Peace Award, Rangoon,Dawbon Dalan   ...