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Thornton: Burma and Saffron Revolution -- requires response because it is ethical

Reposting -- The White Chair, by Kyi May Kaung -- about the death of Padoh Mahn Sha

Still an outsider -- profile of Kyi May Kaung by Ying Ju Lai -- re-posting --

Peaceful transition at 10 Downing Street, Helen Mirren wax look alike etc

Canadian journalist shot in Bangkok expected to survive --

Earlier a Japanese? videographer was shot dead in riots in April.

A curfew has been imposed 14 mins ago on parts of Bangkok, embassies on Sathorn Road are closed.

Thai King and Queen offered to cover medical expenses of those wounded.

Maybe the Thai army is getting some "lessons" from the horrible Burmese junta in "crowd control with live bullets."

Kyi May Kaung

Presdt. Obama extends national emergency with respect to Burma -

Monday, May 10, 2010

Orchids of my mother's --

Coelogyne Schilleriana and others --

Hkwa Nyo Pan -

Abstract - Kyi May Kaung's proposed paper for Burma Studies 2010

Globalization, Burma and United States Policy.

Since the clampdown on the nation-wide pro-democracy movement in 1988, the Burmese military government has been pursuing an "open economy" (open to international trade but nothing else) which is bringing it closer into the global economy, albeit in a contorted way.
The discovery of reserves of natural gas and oil has enriched its coffers, at the same time as it has pushed towards its model of "disciplined democracy" with a so-called election at the end of 2010. It is pushing to suppress all ethnic freedom groups and convert them into border guards and Thailand is about to send back large numbers of Karen refugees. Simultaneously, it is "privatizing" but it looks like junta cronies and family members will get to buy enterprises at fire sale prices. At this crucial time the US is pursuing a policy of engagement, which does not seem to be working.
Is a rogue regime, previously already labeled a pariah government, likely to emerge and is this what the US and the international community want to see in Burmese globalization gone awry?
Last year I helped the Burmese exile government compile a transition plan for a democratic system in Burma with several other Burma scholars.
What is the right and ethical role of Burma experts in all this?

Kyi May Kaung.

The Conference will be held at the University of Provence, Marseille, France.

Aug 09 article by Dr. Zarni -- The Trial of Gen. Than Shwe -- in Index of Censorship

US Department of State -- Kurt Campbell's statement on US engagement policy, Burma.

Newest photographs of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi -- US envoy Kurt Campbell's visit --

My Three Garden, Two Country dream tour -- virtual ;)- Monet's Garden at Giverny --

Hmm -- make sure to look at bloom calendar -- but then each month is so beautiful, one might have to keep going.

Kyi May Kaung

Vita Sackville West's Sissinghurst

Chatsworth House and Garden --

See movie The Dutchess, based on book by Amanda Foreman, about Georgiana, married at 17 to the 5th Duke of Devonshire.

Troubled -- US Envoy reportedly troubled by electoral laws in Burma --

But still spouting "engagement."

Might it be because of the natural gas?

Angelina Jolie asks Thai government to treat Burmese refugees better

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Independent Lens -- search for a reincarnated lama --

This sounds/seems real, though a child prodigy who was "chosen" by some Indian guru, eventually wrote how bad it was in the cult.

But those were Hindu, not Buddhists. Though of course, bad things can happen in a Buddhist monastery too.

I feel so bad for the parents.

This is how His Holiness himself was also chosen.

The Panchen Lama though became a stooge of the Chinese, who eventually arrested him. Went deaf in one ear as forced to sleep on one side so jailers could see his face.

The area featured looks like part of Nepal or India, otherwise the Chinese government would object.

I met the wife of one former lama reincarnate. When Communists raided monasteries, he was not killed as a child, but forced to hunt/fish and kill (animals.)

The woman grew up in PRC and when His Holiness came to the radio station in Washington, DC, he did not like it, asked "Are you the one with the Chinese accent. We must be careful of these things."

Insadong -- Seoul antique quarter --

Chinese imperial robes -- in hands of a private (western) collector -

Chinese robes --

Dominique Bello -- silk painter

Another sculptor named Louise -- Nevelson

97 year old sculptor Louise Bourgeois

Mother's Day wishes to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and Mothers of Burmese Political Prisoners.

Aung San Suu Kyi -- still detained while the country falls apart -- painting recently displayed at Amnesty International Human Rights Festival. Painting and photo copyright Kyi May Kaung.

The pagodas are as they appeared after World War II, from a Wiki image in public domain.

Kyi May Kaung's comment left on Irrawaddy site re.

Dr. Zarni's article, Bye Bye Democracy --


As Dr. Zarni says, "It's the system, stupid."

Military, Inc. is right!

We are already seeing more outflows of refugees in all directions.

How long will the international community be able to "hold its nose to kiss the generals" oops, no "discipline flourishing democracy."

Note -- it's no longer just "disciplined democracy."

Of course, it's all an oxymoron, which is moronic except for the power holders and those who wish to tango with them.

The only thing I don't agree with in this analysis is Zarni calling Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and the NLD "ineffectual."

They've already given us an alternative goal and and a dream to work towards, like Martin Luther King, what more do you ask?

The west should now try to save the lives of ASSK and the nearly 2200 political prisoners.

Happy Mother's Day, Mother of the Country and all Mothers.

May our children and grandchildren see better days.

Kyi May Kaung (Ph.D.)

Friday, May 07, 2010

vertical gardens in Manhatten --

I have my own versions which I created on shelves and tabletops for a lot less money (mostly from a few bought plants and seedlings and cuttings I propagated on my own,) as I need the walls for a rotating display of my own paintings.

I also need bookshelves for books.

So, yes, everything needs maintenance, such as repotting,"grooming" -- getting rid of old leaves that drop on the floor, shortening the vines to remove old stems etc. and in the case of books, constant giving away of "secondary books" that I do not want to keep, or will read only once.

I also rotate the paintings on my walls after each major exhibition.

Kyi May Kaung

Thar Soe's music -- in Burma

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Strand Hotel in Rangoon -- phew!

Might meet a junta plant "monk" in the men's rest room, as a western reporter did during the Saffron Reviolution in Sept 2007.

EU Council conclusions on Burma --

Mitch McConnell pushes for sanctions against Burma

Re-posting -- VOA on my art show Blotches from Burma

Time Magazine - memoir of Omar Bin Ladin, Osama bin Ladin's son -- co-written with Jean Sasson,8599,1932318,00.html

Times Square at Night -- images

Sad story of the "Times Square Bomber" ie the attempted bombing -

Monday, May 03, 2010

Actress Lyn Redgrave dies at age 67

Burmese (Mon) refugees flooding into Thailand, call for help from Baan Unrak Refugee Service Center

Di Di has been doing this for years, and this comes through trusted mutual friends. Please help.

Dear friends of Baan Unrak,

You might have heard about the latest events in Myanmar. The 20 years old ceasefire between the military junta and the ethnics armies is about to be broken, as the junta is asking the ethnics armies to become border guards, to reduce troops numbers and be under the military junta's authority, with a deadline on April 22nd. Which the ethnics groups did not accept. All those ethnics groups agreed to fight together against the junta if they had to.

The Mon state, which is the state next to Sangklaburi, in Myanmar is one of the group which said loudly they will not accept those conditions, as Mon people do not have any rights. In consequences, the junta has started to send troops in Mon state, ready to fight .

We are all hoping the governement will not start the fight, as they have planned elections for the end of the year, to show the international community that they are going toward democracy. If the fight has not started before rainy season (June), then it might be posponed after the election, as nobody knows what the outcome will be.

As a consequence since April 22nd hundreds of women and children are fleeing their land to come close to the border of Thailand. In case the civil war starts, they would be ready to cross the border quickly. So only 25 kilometers from Sangklaburi,along the border, in a former refugee camp called Halockhani, over 600 people ( as per Thursday 29 May when we went to deliver a truck of food) arrived to be safe.

Unfortunately, Halockhani is not meant to receive so many people so suddenly. In the 2 villages of Halockhani the conditions of life for the refugees is very bad. They are staying in the school ( which are 2 big wooden buildings ) with no toilet, which implies a cholera risk, and not enough water. As it is the dry season, there is a shortage of water, which will also imply some sanitary risks.

Those people have left their house with just what they are wearing, as the few trucks which drove them to Halockhani are already full, they can not carry anything.

MSF ( Medecin sans Frontiere ), an international NGO, will provide them with some basic kits including : mats, mosquito nets, blanquets, buckets, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, plates, spoons, glasses, cooking sets and sarongs.

They will build some toilets, a kitchen shelter, a drainage system, dust bins and drying lines. They will clean the water and install filters for the drinking water to avoid Cholera.

An other organization, TBBC ( Thai Burmese Border Consortium ), is providing the rice to all those refugies.

Along with Baan Dada and Children of the Forest ( organisations in Sangklaburi ) we will provide the food they need : noodles, cooking oil, beans, vegetables, dry fish, can fish and fish paste.

In order for us to provide this growing number of people with enough food, we need your help. If each one of you donates just 10 euro/dollars, we will be able to provide them with enough food, so the children will not suffer from malnutrition. 10 Euros will feed 1 child for 1 month.

Please visit our website : to make a donation.

Spread the word around you.

We all thank you very much for your help and support to Baan Unrak.

Neo Humanist Foundation - Baan Unrak Project
Sangklaburi, Kanchanaburi 71240
Tel/Fax (66) 034 595428 – 0899362426 (didi)
Website:,facebook: Baan Unrak Children Home

My archive at IISH, Amsterdam--