Saturday, May 08, 2010

Independent Lens -- search for a reincarnated lama --

This sounds/seems real, though a child prodigy who was "chosen" by some Indian guru, eventually wrote how bad it was in the cult.

But those were Hindu, not Buddhists. Though of course, bad things can happen in a Buddhist monastery too.

I feel so bad for the parents.

This is how His Holiness himself was also chosen.

The Panchen Lama though became a stooge of the Chinese, who eventually arrested him. Went deaf in one ear as forced to sleep on one side so jailers could see his face.

The area featured looks like part of Nepal or India, otherwise the Chinese government would object.

I met the wife of one former lama reincarnate. When Communists raided monasteries, he was not killed as a child, but forced to hunt/fish and kill (animals.)

The woman grew up in PRC and when His Holiness came to the radio station in Washington, DC, he did not like it, asked "Are you the one with the Chinese accent. We must be careful of these things."