Tuesday, December 31, 2013

For the coming year called 2014 -- from TS Eliot's Ash Wednesday-

For the incoming year - called 2014 by the Western calendar - from TS Eliot's Ash Wednesday.

Because I know that time is always time
And place is always and only place
And what is actual is actual only for one time
And only for one place
I rejoice that things are as they are and
I renounce the blessed face
And renounce the voice
Because I cannot hope to turn again
Consequently I rejoice, having to construct something
Upon which to rejoice

And pray to God to have mercy upon us
And pray that I may forget
These matters that with myself I too much discuss
Too much explain
Because I do not hope to turn again
Let these words answer
For what is done, not to be done again
May the judgement not be too heavy upon us

Monday, December 30, 2013

Noam Chomsky on governments as power systems and fly-sized drones


Poet/political analyst Linh Dinh talks about energy, China, USA, Burma

Only other poet/political analyst I know, Linh Dinh, talks about energy and China-


Beware--sex and human traffickers are kidnapping your kids

Human and sex trafficking-it doesn't just happen to other people!!

Very distressing program on Diane Rehme Show on NPR today- about human trafficking, recruiters using the Malls and even in Fairfax, Virginia, as well as Facebook and other social media.
Many teenagers, even US citizens have become victims.  A kind of "equal opportunity crime."
Some of my friends told me also of a young man who "got in with the wrong people" and disappeared in Thailand.
The NGO people advised being aware who your children are talking to on FB.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Sartorialist --

If you LOVE the cosmopolitan city -- my favorite cool cat clothing and photography blog-


These aren't models, they are real people on the street, all with a great dress sense.  Some, of course may be models.

Basic Principles of Game Theory - a poem by Kyi May Kaung

Basic Principles of Game Theory-

Find the Saddle Point- that is

maximize the gains or profits

minimize the losses or negative factors

keep heartbreak to a minimum

in old age eat well but in small amounts

have a few very good friends

buffer yourself against frontal and back stab attacks

pay back the pretentious with similar pretense

be selectively blind and deaf

save the best arrows and the best ammunition and

for the life or death battle in the war with

the highest stakes.

Dispense with fools and mosquito attacks. small dogs jumping raising dust.

Pay no attention to critiques which aren't true
and you know they aren't.

Don't believe everyone's own PR initiative.

Be aware they all have an agenda.

Usually the agenda is Me Me Me
We We We.

Don't believe there is one select race.

On Judgement Day no one will ask if your skin is
black or white, red or polka-dotted.

Only you know how many people you have hurt or harmed.

Who says the dictators had an easy death?

KM Kaung-


My 1994 dissertation on Scholarly Commons


Found scene-poem

Found scene-

All the young women in that
dorm in Warsaw, Poland, in 1968
in the communal bathroom
right foot on the sink
standing one-footed
washing their
with their left

Copyright km kaung.


Saya Chone's painting, Royal Ploughing Ceremony -


Saturday, December 28, 2013

Transitions in 2013 -


Hypertext version of TS Eliot's The Hollow Men -

Hypertext version of TS Eliot's The Hollow Men- personally I don't think you need the allusions or explanations, because I always understood it since age 13.


Satire: Possible agent's or prospective publisher's rejection of Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities -

Possible literary agent's or prospective publisher's rejection of Charles Dickens' Tale of Two Cities:  "I've talked it over with the other reader, and I don't like the sudden change in Sidney Carton's character.  I was drawn in by the beautiful and magnificent opening, but Sidney appeared too degenerate and irresolute in the opening chapters and too self-flagellating, while his death at the end was too self-sacrificing.  I found it depressing."

Charles Dickens self-published.

Imagine what it would have been like if--
1.  Tale of Two Cities and other Dickens' masterpieces were never written or published.
2.  Dickens re-wrote his novels to make them "happy."

kmk 12-28-2013

FB and Blog

Friday, December 27, 2013

James Michener's Recessional --

James Michener's The Recessional.

The book I fished out of the trash on Christmas day, as I saw the Michener name-
I wiped the cover and the sides with a piece of tissue soaked in hand sanitizer, and am now reading it.  It was his penultimate book, written in 1994, three years before he died at age 90 in 1997.  With his meticulous research, Michener stayed in an actual hospice while writing this book.
I am sure I was meant to read this book.  More later, stay tuned.  KMK


Buddhist stupas in Asia: The Shape of Perfection --

Book I bought for self and family this Christmas-
Very nice and I got a used copy for less than $6.

Unfortunately, the print is so small, I am using a magnifying glass to read it, and even to look at the beautiful photos and the ground plan overlays shaped like Buddhist mandalas.

However, I am still mighty happy with my purchase and it also arrived Christmas eve, sooner than promised.

It may be my eyes, that require the magnifying glass, but it has sure given me a lot of ideas for quilts and other art work.


Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas in the Trenches --

A Peaceful Christmas and ever after to you all -- let's see how many likes we can garner for this one--
"My name is Francis Tolliver, I come from Liverpool  .  .  ."
"Whose family have I fixed within my sights?"


Christmas in the Trenches by Kathleen Zaffina

My friend sings Christmas in the Trenches, which she first introduced me to 17 years ago.  It is about World War I, also in War Horse, where a large number of men died, for a few yards of mud.


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Suitable for a Christmas present -

Suitable for a Christmas present -- in the spirit of love and loyalty between the different races (of Burma)--now that South Sudan reminds us how people kill "the Other."

my novella Black Rice -


The royalties are starting to come in regularly- so thank you for all your support.

It's available in print form as well as on Kindle.

Monday, December 23, 2013

My predictions for 2014

My predictions for 2014:

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi will again become more confrontational with the Burmese military regime.

The regime will try and position itself to declare another "victory" in the 2015 elections.

Now most of the foreign governments have got what they wanted, it won't matter much to them.  They have already shown by the trade contracts (UK) that they are banking more on the military regime that on Daw Suu.

One commentator on this page said that asking for the Nargis "constitution" to be re-written may be Daw Suu's "last song".

Th second rung leadership (Generation 88) is already split and played into the regime's plan.  Only Min Ko Naing is left supporting Daw Suu.

Foreign investment did not come in as much as expected.

Why?  Because Burma is still a command economy.

(And please don't pronounce it "common economy"  -- "common economy" is not an economic term.  Command economy means commands from the top try and set economic factors, not economics.)

Burma is still a bureaucracy or rather has many bureaucracies, all wanting a piece of the action and a cut of the pie.

Those profiting by the number of regulations LOVE having a lot of rules, the more rules there are -- the greater the opportunity for "side pocket (tea money) or graft."  Since 1988, the side pocket is so large, it may encompass diamonds and plots of land, apartments as wedding gifts, property in China and elsewhere.  Even in 1988, after the clampdown, a visitor to Rangoon reported army top brass families homes "full of stuff, and good stuff too, like Tiffany vases."   This same emigre reported that luxury cars like Mercedes came into Rangoon port as bribes, only the sender and the recipient knew who sent them.

Can you imagine how large the side pocket is now?

That said, the Burmese bubble is still just a bubble, primed by hot air, hope, speculation and the dream of large gains, but impossible bubbles (like the tulip boom in Holland) will eventually burst or bust, and it will be sooner rather than later.

I do not think foreign governments will go on much longer with the charade.

There is not need to now, they have gotten what they wanted.

It may be the Burmese economy will bust all on its own.

Except for India and China, no one else has much money to spare, and Burma is not the only place to invest.

This is my 2 cents.

Wait and see what happens.

K. M. Kaung -- www.kmkaung.com
You will also find most of what I have written since 2002 on line by Googling my full name.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

My Facebook page -


More on blog hits -

My blog is http://kyimaykaung.blogspot.com

hits -Yesterday - 431

Total cumulative 279,554.

One week (last week) largest # of hits from within the USA at over 430.

To be frank, sometimes I don't even try, as FB is easier, or more addictive, but I don't get 400-550 hits a day on FB!  When I try, my Blog has maxed at over 600 hits per a day.

So I really think I should pay more attention to my Blog, don't you? 

The only thing is, though I know the aggregative (stupid FB does not know what aggregate is- total-stupid!) figures for my blog, unlike FB, I don't know who exactly is reading my blog, and there are few comments.  Also, at the time I set it up, I was so disgusted with so many asinine "comments" or attacks on Irrawaddy, Mizzima and DVB, that I set it up so I cannot respond to anybody.  One was jumping mad from some small d-- who asked (Why do you put Ph.D. behind your name?  And another was, "Why are your suggestions for the Burmese economy so simple?  At the level of Ecos. 101?)

Maybe I should turn off instant messaging on FB, but I don't want to do it just yet.

I do find I resent people who "float in" and start trying to start up a conversation, mostly at the wrong time.

Usually, I am not in the mood for chit chat that goes nowhere.  Most times are the wrong time for me.  I don't want to be rude but --

Like my much loved mentor said, "State what you want, what you mean up front, don't beat about the bush."


Blog hits/stats -- on this blog

Yesterday - 431
Total cumulative 279,554.

Iron Chef Michael Symon makes scrambled eggs --

I cannot eat butter and I cannot eat egg (yolks) but here is Iron Chef Michael Symon making perfect scrambled eggs.  Enjoy the video w/o getting fat -- a kind of food porn.


Shop for missiles and high end art under the same roof - Chinese govt's Poly Auction


Rockefeller apt interiors -


van Gogh's Green Fields at Auvers going to National Gallery DC-


From my Facebook page -- Bo Aung Kyaw tribute -& comments -

  • 75 years ago today - University student "Bo" Aung Gyaw was killed and dozens of other Burmese demonstrators against colonial rule wounded by police on Sparks Street (now Bo Aung Gyaw St) as they attempted to march around the Secretariat.

    He was the first 'martyr' of the nationalist movement and tens of thousands of people attended his funeral a week later (so many lined the route that it took four hours for the cortege to travel the half mile from Rangoon University to Kyandaw cemetary (now Junction Square mall). Burmese nationalism was taking a radical turn.

    Elsewhere in the world Europe was veering towards the Second World War (Adolph Hitler had just been named Time "Man of the Year") and Japanese armies advancing across China, forcing Chiang Kai-shek to withdraw his capital to Chungking. Within two years the war would come to Burma.

    •  I had an "entertaining" segue reading the comments on this post and looking up the profiles and thoughts of the Burmese nationalists, some associated with the Burmese military, who made those comments. Very interesting. What a bubbled world some live in.

    • Kyi May, I lived with my family on Sparks Street, No 224, 3rd Floor from 1947- 1961. Every day between 1948 and 1954, my brother Nyun Wynn and I walk to St Pauls High School. It was at the gate near Fraser St and Spark Street corner that the police horses charged the rioters and Bo Aung Gyaw got hurt and later suscumbed. People can tell stories, but Burma's history cannot be re-invented by people who will try to . The ordinary Burmese know and undewrstand their own history. With Metta.
    • Kyi May Kaung Thank you, U MN. At the radio station, I produced a dramatization of the incident that was much praised. I even re-produced the sound of the Brit police batons hitting heads, as I had read somewhere the sound of a human head hit sound like a cabbage...See More
    • Kyi May Kaung The absolute clincher is "nationalism" gave us Ne Win and the present junta.
    • Kyi May Kaung

Splits among Burmese "democracy forces"

Ko Ko Gyi says "trust building" should be done first, not re-writing the (so-called) constitution as Daw Suu says now.

This article by Aung San Aye points out who said what when, and who did not say what when, and criticizes everyone, incld Daw ASSK. 

Points out Ko Ko Gyi's alleged racism, Daw S saying "it was a smoke bomb" without knowing (at Kyaukpadaung-- it has now been ascertained by independent analysis of evidence overseas that it was white phosphorus.  At least 6 months ago, the monk was still suffering from his burns recd last year when junta raided sleeping demonstrators)

This article is highly recommended by Ko Nyo, Aye Aye Soe Win and me --

my comment -

It's well known in past junta tried to solicit MKN to criticize Daw S.  When that failed they re-imprisoned him.  Do you think Generation 88 would be traveling all over like this without an "understanding" with Thein Sein??  Besides "confidence building or trust building" can be done at the same time as re-writing the constitution.  Do you think they will re-write??  The sun will sooner rise in the west!  This is all junta working to split the "democracy forces." In actuality, each individual is just working for himself or herself.  As the author of this piece says, there are no coincidences in politics.

kmk 12-22-2013

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Short little rifle --

c. 1994, Philadelphia, USA.

The very first dissident from the jungle that I met to me:

"Sayama (Teacher)--Would you like to join us in the Revolution in the jungle?  I can find you a short little rifle."
It took me some time to realize he wasn't joking.
It was around this time also that I first met Khin Ohmar and Poe Ziwa, when they came to make a presentation through Amnesty International.

My Pol. Sci. mentor Prof. Henry Teune told me about the event.

Kyi May Kaung  12-21-2013


Left on Irrawaddy site ref U Win Tin --

One of the most admirable people of all time.
But U Win Tin and I are still looking for money for an English translation of his memoirs.  Any donors please contact U Win Tin or me -- You will only have the opportunity to donate -- the English version already has a publisher and we will not give up our rights --Kyi May Kaung (Ph.D.)

Friday, December 20, 2013

naan flavored bread --

Naan flavored bread came out well -- though hours waiting for it to rise first and second times, but like all breads once that is done, bakes in 10-12 minutes.
In the meantime I did household chores and went out to dinner -- had chilli chicken relleno, chicken meat very moist baked in an enormous but not hot pablano chilli, with green tomatillo sauce on the side.
I always go to the same place and always order the same dish.  If it works, why change it, right?  $13.75 is enough for 2 meals.
Over dinner Sunflower told us how wild and disgusting it was when she was a supermodel.
Of course, I took mental notes.
All writers do all the time.
KM Kaung.

Max Weber said, "I am not a donkey. I don't need a field."

Quote of the day -- from Max Weber-
"I'm not a donkey.  I don't need a field."

What I dislike most about "Burma studies" or "Burma experts" is the constant shuttling to find THE key word as if there is ONE key.

resource curse conflict resolution now neo-liberalism
burmese way to socialism guided democracy etc etc.  discipline flourishing guided democracy!!!

etc etc

Like the King in Anna and the King of Siam -- as one friend said.

Yet for all this shuffling back and forth, they never seem to hit on the Essentials.

Such as -- the army needs to go back to the barracks
the open economy needs to have proper controls
banks need to be not Ponzi schemes
money in circulation needs to be reduced.
central control of the command economy needs to be reduced
***farmers need to own their own land
laborers need to be paid a living wage, income tax on the cronies, and crony as a class needs to be not there.

And you wonder why I say I am sick of it all.
If you tell me to cheer up, you cheer up yourself.


Naan flavored bread --

Making naan-flavored bread out of a bread machine cook book.
I don't have a bread machine.  I don't think I need one.  I already tried this recipe last December.  I know the process to make bread by hand and I enjoy it, so there is no need for a machine.  I am making it because my doggie is running out of snacks. 
It's like you can always write if you know how to write well, whether it's published electronically or whatever.
Cheers to all my FB friends who like to cook.


Burl Ives-Ave Maria