Friday, December 20, 2013

Max Weber said, "I am not a donkey. I don't need a field."

Quote of the day -- from Max Weber-
"I'm not a donkey.  I don't need a field."

What I dislike most about "Burma studies" or "Burma experts" is the constant shuttling to find THE key word as if there is ONE key.

resource curse conflict resolution now neo-liberalism
burmese way to socialism guided democracy etc etc.  discipline flourishing guided democracy!!!

etc etc

Like the King in Anna and the King of Siam -- as one friend said.

Yet for all this shuffling back and forth, they never seem to hit on the Essentials.

Such as -- the army needs to go back to the barracks
the open economy needs to have proper controls
banks need to be not Ponzi schemes
money in circulation needs to be reduced.
central control of the command economy needs to be reduced
***farmers need to own their own land
laborers need to be paid a living wage, income tax on the cronies, and crony as a class needs to be not there.

And you wonder why I say I am sick of it all.
If you tell me to cheer up, you cheer up yourself.