Sunday, December 08, 2013

TV series Naked and Afraid and Homeland, one 2 star, one 5 stars out of 5, guess which is which -

Watched just a little bit of "the butt crack show"  -- Naked and Afraid, but not terribly interesting, and then watched the season finale of Homeland -- a wow! piece --about an attempted assassination in Teheran.  The atmosphere and casting is very Persian, at least to my eyes, and I have hung around a lot of expat Persians in America.  I could not say about the language however, as I don't know Farsi.

Another of those scripts that make you feel you should just stop writing and chop off your hands as others write so well -- but TV series are written by teams not by one person.  I know because the writer of NYPD Blue told us so in a show and tell session.  They are also paid very well and have to move to Beverly Hills during the season, and also sometimes literally write "under the table"  -- This person was studying for a Ph. D. in drama and she was recommended by her theatre professor.  She told me, "For the police details we have a consultant, but I do know about drama."

The commercial and critical success of these series says it all.  No more needs to be said.

BTW -- the "Naked and Afraid" series had no dramatic highs and lows at all, and after a while tiresome to watch naked people tramping around in the tropics with their genital areas wiped out.  They looked like Barbie dolls or clothes mannikins, not real people.

Which just shows nudity on its own with no story does not sell.