Thursday, November 13, 2014

From John Nesbit--British Rule in Burma and Before, p 42

Though I was able to add this book--John Nesbit--British Rule in Burma and Before, free to my e book library, it is very laborious to copy, but I did wish to share this--from abt p 42.

responsible Ministers into the hands of the violent and reckless party headed by the Taingda Mingyi. On the night of the 15th February, 1879, the jail to the west of the main palace buildings was cleared for the reception of the political prisoners, and a large hole was dug in the jail precincts. The massacre was begun on that night under the superintendence of the personal fol lowers of the King, and was continued on the following nights, the executioners being the worst among certain ruffians who had just been released from the jail in order to prepare it for being the scene of this crime. Excited with drink, they killed their victims with bludgeons, and strangled with their hands those who still had strength left to utter cries. The bodies of the women and children were thrown into the pit prepared in the jail, while on the following night eight cartloads of the corpses of the Princes were removed from the city by the western gate, and thrown into the Irrawaddy, according to custom. The massacre was continued .  .  .

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