Friday, October 28, 2016

Wow--was just there today and had our picture taken with jockey Toledo.

I know nothing about horse-racing but used my $2 coupon to bet on a #10, whose muscles and legs I thought were good from the look we got of them in the paddock.

A #5 required 3 men to subdue him, and I thought was too frisky to bet on.

He was last.

I did not win but #10 came in 4th.

A mother daughter team I knew did very well, winning they said about 1/2 way, $70 each, which would about cover what we spent for the day trip and lunch. Later, they won some more.

From $ 6, the mom said.

Me--I gave my coupon to the race track.

But as usual, I got a story from my trip to the race track and terms like



The jockeys were all small wiry men, maybe weighing 70 pounds each.

Weather was nice--

my only problem was too many TV screens and betting machines and not enough horse smell.

But I was happy enough.

The food was so so.

Try and guess how I will use the race track in my fiction.

Nice Day.

Laurel Race Track.