Monday, October 31, 2016

I have deactivated my Facebook account again.

I found that in the 2 days a new acct was open, 2 fakes with a variation of my real name appeared.

Then I suspected it was coming fr site of a well known artist w/o his knowledge, w/ 3 names collagist, pl tell him if you know him.

Anyway, this acct was "liking" every single post of mine, even if I was posting at 3 AM BST --

so it must be a virus.

When I attempted to block this acct just now

about 25!!

accts fake--all with his name, exactly the same, but no photo, appeared and I blocked abt 10 before I decided I had had enough with the whole thing.

In the short time I was back on it, I saw a close friend in hospital, and saw some others had similar problems.

Anyway, I will not go there and will try to permanently delete it again sometime.

CFN or good bye for always--

My advice is DO NOT use FB, and if you do, DO NOT use it as your primary means of communication.