Monday, June 19, 2017

I didn't follow Megyn Kelly, so I didn't know she insisted Santa and Jesus was white

I didn't read about her until I saw an article that she was given a Starbucks coffee by someone on the street, which made her sick just before her Trump interview.  She stopped short of saying she was poisoned, but it sounds true.

I did not find her interview of Putin too bad.  Putin lied, but that's not due to her Qs.

One can argue Putin and T's people always lie, or at least they have a contorted view of reality.

The sad thing is attacks against Muslims are escalating.

Mosque attack in London, and 17 yr old young lady, Muslim, hit with a bat and killed in Sterling, Virginia, not far from DC.

I did not know there is a big mosque there, and Sunday? Muslims were celebrating the end of Eid, and the teenagers left the mosque for nearby IHOP (International House of Pancakes) (which my Muslim friend who died in 2015 used to like too, maybe bc there is no meat involved.  I can't eat carbs and egg yolks due to health reasons, so I don't go there.)

News report says most of girls ran back to mosque when confronted by a man in a car, but one girl was missing when they got there.

Police have found her remains.

Very sad for Father's Day and very sad that T. admin and T and his family themselves do not realize or don't care that their anti-Muslim rhetoric and anti-immigrant actions and rhetoric have at least partially caused all this.

Same for Brit PM Theresa May.

All she has in common with Mother Theresa is her first name.

She's a real hard liner and tho' T. called Comey a "nut job" guess who is the real nut job.

You tell me.


PS. in 2001 a broadcaster in the Farsi or Pashtun section of Voice of America interviewed Taliban Mullah Omar a few days after 9/11.

She got into hot water for interviewing him and giving him a platform.

William Safire was one of those who strongly criticized VOA.

However, a few months later, she was still around, having hung on by arguing that it was "freedom of expression."  I recognized her because the Middle East expert was talking to her and asking about it, and I was nearby and overheard them.

I used to overhear a lot of things at these events.

One was when the students?? stole Burmese junta apologist Robert Taylor's coat at SAIS (School of Advanced International Studies) and he was shivering in the front row and asked David Steinberg, another stoolie, where to buy a coat.  He said his wallet was in the coat pocket.

I also remember when at RFA Radio Free Asia, a man I will call "Thomas A. Jerk" and his friend "Big Bust" interviewed another Burmese junta apologist U Aung Gyi.  Aung Gyi said on air, "Ne Win (the dictator) is Burma's savior."
When asked where he got the money for his trip to DC, he said, "I sold my wife's diamond ear rings."

I doubt that any Burmese woman would allow that.

I was asked to translate the interview into English, and BB tried to stop me, but I gave the tape recorder back, telling her, "You know English and you know Burmese, do it yourself."

Then the vice VP named Alex Tseu came and prevailed on me to finish the translation, then the PR person Pat Lute sent it to the American Embassy in Rangoon with one click.

Maybe that was the reason I lost my job.


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