Friday, June 23, 2017

Tweets 6-23-3017 T WH bans photos at press briefings, N. Korea calls T a lunatic etce.

  1. Dear Gwyneth: Your Goop 'energy stickers' are not made with NASA material — NASA - via
  2. W H uses Trmp tweet in iofficial response to Comey tapes request via Jeez now copying pasting T tweets
  3. Trump joins the effort to pass a health-care bill, but another GOP senator is opposed - via
  4. The Washington Post's Turnaround Shows Amazon's Success Is No Accident - via
  5. First lady recruits Trump hotel employee to be White House chief usher
  6. CNN sent sketch artist to W H briefng bc video banned via There! Maybe they want press to imagine it
  7. North Korean Media Calls Trump A 'Lunatic,' Threatens South Korea; 4 Other Similar Instances

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