Friday, December 14, 2018

Jun Kaneko--one of those artists who can do everything. I saw his Madame Butterfly 2 years ago at Kennedy Center, and the stage and costume design was out of this world, really added to and equaled the opera in intensity and quality. I especially liked the exhibit of his Heads in the hallway. Also the time lapse of the night (done electronically) which shows the light changing on the sea when Butterfly is waiting on that endless night for Pinkerton to arrive back. --also the costumes. Now it's as I thought, "I looked on line, and you can't find any dots on that scale," as I told my opera companion, RB, also my copy editor for Wolf. Thanks for coming and big thank you for special and memorable TREAT. Now I see on Kaneko's website, he hand-painted the dots on the fabric or on paper--as a design for fabric specially printed for costume shop. That's what I love about SUCCESS, you can get edgier and edgier and your studio gets bigger and bigger, and art work gets bigger and bolder too. Best for 2019, whatever kind of art you "dabble in" but if you are a true artist, no one ever "dabbles"--it is always make or break-- shin hylin shwe htee, thay hylin myay gyi "If I live, the golden umbrella, if I die the (brown) earth." KMK 12-14-2018