Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cancer now leading cause of death in world, esp. in India China Burma

Hepatitis C, low protein diet leading to liver cancer, Burma, see below.

Highly recommended-- stop smoking, boil water for protection against liver diseases--
Worldwide cancer rates to become leading cause of death by 2010

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Excerpt from my novella The Lovers, upcoming soon--

From my novella The Lovers--which will be out soon too--set in Chile and the USA.  About a ballet dancer.

'In the end he was crying too. 
He leaned over so suddenly to hold my hand, the cobalt blue glass flower vase full of orange zinnias in the middle fell over and broke. 
My friend picked up the pieces of glass while all the time I kept fussing, “Be careful.  Be careful.  Don’t cut your fingers.”'

Copyright K.M.Kaung.

Monday, April 07, 2014

Who is white washing the oppression of The Rohingya-- part 1

Who is white washing the oppression of the Rohingya--(You Tube via Dr. Maung Zarni)

Part 1.

Greg Constantine's photos were also shown at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC. but I could not make it.

Man in photo is Jacques Leider, notorious Rakhine/regime apologist, very anti-Rohingya.

I did not watch his presentation, neither did I listen to it when I was sitting right next to him on the Columbia Univ panel in Sept 2012, because I literally got a stomach ache and had to hurry to the loo.

He wasn't among the names that I suggested Columbia U. invite, but they did, apparently for "balance."

500 people signed up for that session, and his speech was applauded, I don't know why;  I only came back into the auditorium when his talk was completely over.

If this post uncovers any racists among you 951 (on my FaceBook), you will be immediately blocked as per my oft-stated editorial policy.  Don't expect an explanation or prior warning.

FB post

Bizarre Medical Museum in Philadelphia--

This one I've never been to, and will never go to, but my writing group members wanted me to go, because I wrote Band of Flesh, my short story about conjoined twins--but it's enough to read about this medical museum of physical freaks.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

From Dr Maung Zarni's FB page --

"If I were a Muslim in Myanmar I would be looking for an exit or a place to emigrate with my family. My birthplace is making a frighteningly Nazi turn. If you think this is an hyperbole you don't understand fucking shit about my country, its cultures, and its peoples."

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

25th Anniversary Concert Les Miserables --

Repost Les Miz 20th anniv concert with Colm Wilkinson, 17 Jean Valjean's at end --

Drink the Bitter Rain--by Kyi May Kaung

Moe Kha Ye Thauk (Drink the Bitter Rain)

Last night as I was making red velvet cake from a mix
I took photos at various stages
and I thought
how like a red mud volcano
na ka bwet   this looks.

The 1 1/4 cups of water
the 3 egg whites beaten
(because I can't eat egg yolks
which are beaten with water
and fed to my sanseveria/mother in law's
tongue and my wandering Jew--

all purple and always

Then when I added the 1/4 cup
cooking oil  and stirred some more
with my whipping implement

it looked even worse
like a cake dough
made of

Tonight as I wash out my very successful
muffin pan for cupcakes
bought on sale at Williams Sonoma

and use the rough sponge and the
pot cleaner
to get all the red stuff out of the
rounded corners

I think

What is wrong with me?

It must be that people don't want to hear what I say.

They want to hear the marriage is good

that they are not wife and child beaters.

They want to hear they are saviors of the nation

not land grabbers and hardwood and petroleum
auctioneers and cronies
and cronies of cronies.

They want to hear that they did a good job and are not
rotten self-appointed "leaders"
with a monopoly on
as my pol sci texts say.

They want to hear they are great employers
who run a clean shop
a good shop

not a shop where sleeping around
sleeping your way to the top

back and front stabbing each other
slanting the news and

getting away with it
are de rigueur.

As I took a photo of the pebyoke
boiled vattana beans bought

at the Indian grocery in MD

I realize the label says

"ah lwan pye pe boke"

(Home-sickness curing boiled beans)

Did these come all the way from Burma?
No, made in L.A.

The Indian shop owners are such
wonderful merchants
they smile all the time

ah pyone ma pyet buu

They take credit cards.

They have a small statue of Ganesha  (Maha Pein Ne Nat)
they tell me they are from Gujarat.

Just like 3 separate friends of mine.

As I crumble up the dried fish
and pour 3 or 4 tablespoons of oil on it

I think

What's wrong with me.

What's wrong with free trade.

Now I don't need to go all the way to Thailand--to buy Burmese food.

What's wrong with me?

Am I the only one saying

The Rain is Bitter?

Copyright Kyi May Kaung

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

My favorite Blogger mentioned me on her blog--

My favorite Blog/Blogger just mentioned me on her blog--Oh those days in Berlin near the River Spree--