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My novellas Band of Flesh and 53 Red Roses as Horror/Occult--via Amazon Whispernet

My stories--Band of Flesh and 53 Red Roses, as Horror/Occult--via Amazon Whispernet--Kindle Edition --http://www.amazon.co.uk/Band-Flesh-53-Red-Roses-ebook/dp/B00TAG8SWC

Where to buy my story collection about the Burma Thai Border refugees--here--in Australia


Bionic eye--

Good news--man sees wife for first time in 15 years with bionic eye--

From Mayo Clinic--

maybe some won't want to see some people.

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My Amazon author page--


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Excerpt from my novella Home is Where?

Excerpt from my novella Home is Where?

"She wrapped them up in plain white paper for me, stapled all three cones together, and I went home, feeling very rich with my three bunches of flowers."


Excerpt from my upcoming novella Housewarming--

Excerpt from my upcoming novella Housewarming.

"At the Newseum, they were showing continuous scenes from the Inauguration on a big screen that covered one entire wall. 
George W. Bush’s  smile alone was about 5 feet wide. 
Little boys about Kurt’s age, dressed as nineteenth century newsboys were shouting “Extra!  Extra!” and handing out broadsheets in the lobby.  I recorded the little boys’ cries and interviewed some people, including a woman from Kenya, about the Inauguration and their thoughts on democracy.  There was an exhibition of very moving Pulitzer Prize winning photographs.  One showed an execution in Iran, another in Cambodia under Pol Pot.  Another unforgettable photograph was that of the anguished parents of a toddler who had just disappeared into the sea."

Copyright KMKaung

Blog post--Korean grocer

Flash fiction by KMKaung.

Snowing outside at least for last 2 hours.
Some of flakes were dancing as they came down,
falling steadily and heavily.
Cannot grocery shop again, but bought some items from convenience store downstairs.
Dish-washing liquid, cashew nuts, potato chips, coconut water.

Chatted with Korean shop owner.

Me:  How is your Diabetes?
He:  Umm
Me:  I like your shop.  You have everything.
He:  A little of everything.  (To maintenance people) Shall I move some things for you?
Me:  How often do you shop?
He:  Umm, not so often now.  I used to go 3 times a week.  Now about once a week.
We are not as busy as people think.
Me:  Where do you store it?  At home?
He:  No here, (points to store room at back).
Me:  Well, at least you are still here.

(I think of Korean couple at the food court where I used to eat sushi.  Once the lady asked me to sign a letter recommending her shop--she was about to lose it, and I did draft and sign a letter for her. 

Once she was rolling sushi and her pretty attendant dabbed her forehead with a piece of tissue.  But--on one day when she was not there, I saw her husband flirting with the girl.  Shortly after they lost their space and went somewhere.  But they were a nice couple.  When they saw me crossing the street, they would blare the horn of their  white SUV.  I even gave her some foundation makeup that I was unable to use, and that was almost new.  I can't use that kind of makeup that comes in a bottle and covers all my pores, because it makes me very hot and I get a headache.)

Me:  (To shopkeeper downstairs) Are you eating less noodles and rice?

He:  Asian, what do you think?  (He shakes his head, shows me how much he eats, in a big bowl.)

Me:  No, no.  (Leaving with 4 items)--You are still very young, take good care of yourself.

Young man grins at me.


Links to my stories published in 2014--reposting on request

Since New Year is terminally depressing, after all why should things suddenly get upbeat just because it's a new system of counting (this is an idea inserted into our minds by calendar makers)

try reading my noir (as in dark, black) not "nwa"=Burmese for stupid cow

novellas and short stories.

You will see then that however bad you think your life is, it could be much worse, yet somehow the characters prevail--one way or the other--

Here are all the links where you can buy them in Kindle or print format.

I can never say enjoy my work--but it will keep you turning pages--and stuck to your seat.

About the author:
K.M.Kaung started writing fiction as a teenager in Burma.

She comes from a family of story tellers in Myingyan in Upper Burma. Her paternal grandmother May May Gyi, saw the last king of Burma - Thibaw, taken away on a steamboat on the Irrawaddy River by the British in 1886.

Kyi May Kaung's father U Kaung was named after the King's first envoy to the West, Kinwun Mingyi U Kaung.

Her father was a well known educationist and the first chairman of the Burma Historical Commission.

As a child Kyi May was privileged to have noted scholars and artists come to visit the house.

Dr. Kaung holds a doctorate in Political Economy from the University of Pennsylvania.

Her work has been previously published in anthologies and literary journals, and she has read widely in universities and bookstores in N. America and Southeast Asia. From 1997-2001 she had a poetry and political commentary program on air, broadcast to Burma/Myanmar. Edward Albee praised her two act play, Shaman, and she has won Pew, Fulbright and Pennsylvania Council on the Arts grants.

This is her first CreateSpace publication.

Upcoming is a full length novel Wolf.

You may find her on her blog

on Facebook

and at Kyi Kaung@kyikaung on Twitter.

Her web site is

She divides her time between N. America, travel in Asia and on cyberspace. Links to my recent publications of novellas and short stories.

1.    Originally published in Wild River Review on line, The Lovers is the story of a ballet dancer from Chile, who has to leave her native land for political reasons, and emigrate to Philadelphia, in America.
Burmese-born author Kyi May Kaung lived many years in West Philadelphia while pursuing her doctorate in Political Science.
The Lovers has vivid local color while traversing the uneasy life of political asylees. The Lovers, print edition
The Lovers, Kindle edition
At Barnes and Noble--http://books.google.com/books/about/The_Lovers.html?id=yDABoQEACAAJ
2.   Black Rice is a Burmese man with very dark skin, almost purple, and almond eyes. What happens when he is captured in an ambush in Burma's delta in 1947, as ethnic strife rages, a year before Burma's Independence from Great Britain? Find out here as K.M. Kaung takes you on a heart stopping journey through life. An intensely flavored pill of a story in 48 pages. A view through oddly made eyes.

"You've got to be taught, to hate and fear, you've got to be taught, from year to year. . . ."

Song lyrics, Rogers and Hammerstein, South Pacific, the Broadway musical.
Black Rice, print edition
Black Rice, Kindle Edition

3.   The Rider of Crocodiles
Dr. Kaung was traveling in Thailand when a colleague told her his great great grandfather was not killed in Ayuthia in 1767 when the Burmese invaded, as he knew how to ride crocodiles.
print edition
Kindle edition

4.  Dancing like a Peacock and Koel Bird
My two stories, Dancing like a Peacock and Koel Bird are also available on Create Space, print edition. Published by Words Sounds and Images--
A seven year old girl is sent off across the border to earn a living and send money home to Burma. A computer expert finds--


My short story collection-

Dancing like a Peacock & Koel Bird, also includes Little Transparent Fetus Buddha.

Print (soft cover) + Kindle editions


5.  FGM—Kindle edition
FGM: A Story about the Mutilation of Women.
Dr. Aset, a trained gynecologist with several post graduate American degrees, lets herself be drawn into an inappropriate

My novella FGM is now available on Kindle--http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KJ3FUOE

there is also a print edition on the CreateSpace/Amazon store.


6.  Dealing with death and old age in the USA as immigrants--
No Crib for a Bed and Other Stories, Kindle Edition
No Crib for a Bed, print edition

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My novellas Band of Flesh and 53 Red Roses, now out on Amazon--print edition.


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Review of KMKaung's novella 53 Red Roses by Kauk Site Ma

Book review of KMKaung's novella 53 Red Roses by Kauk Site Ma.

“Fifty Three Red Roses” is one of the novellas of Dr. Kaung, which I loved reading.

I find many interesting things in this story, such as the way the author portrays the different points of view of the man and the woman vividly.

She has described beautifully a married woman's life (Donna is the wife of an American diplomat).   Mrs. Woods has to sacrifice her own time for her other half, and to endure her life to fit her husband's career… ”days she ended up cooking what Bob likes…”--”Bob had been incredibly insensitive to give her a fur coat…” 

So that is what Donna had to accept, the gift her husband bought for her, though it is not what she enjoys.

…but a year after formal separation Donna can enjoy her life without restraint.

Dr Kaung also touches on a “spirit” if NOT “the evil spirit”...that are known to be homeless, whirling round “the Wheel of Samsara”.

Even up to now (in Burma), many people still believe that when a person dies his/her spirit dwells for seven days in and around the house,  haunting their familiar haunts, so that monks have to chant a “Kammavacca” or a Buddhist Prayer Script at the death of a human being.

“Kammavacca” is a Buddhist Prayer Manuscript made from various types of materials (but the scripts made from palm leaves are most common) containing pages or leaves on which words in the Pali Language are inscribed.

Kauk Site Ma
February 18, 2015.

Links where you may buy my novellas (print editions) Band of Flesh and 53 Red Roses--

Here are the links where you may buy my 2 novellas--Band of Flesh and 53 Red Roses.

These links are for the print editions worldwide.

The e-edition is on Kindle.


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New--best link for Kindle edition of my novellas--Band of Flesh and 53 Red Roses

This is a better link for Kindle edition of my Band of Flesh and 53 Red Roses--I have also approved the print edition and should get the link soon.

My review of Fox Butterfield--Alive in the Bitter Sea, just went live on Amazon--