Saturday, August 24, 2013

Unusual rain and floods in Rangoon -

"Yesterday's rain in Rangoon was no ordinary rain -- it was pouring of water from heavens."

Don't go out in car if water too high - can drown - or be swept away. Might not be a bad idea to keep a boat and inner tires handy. I told home long ago to get a boat. After New Orleans, people were told to get ladders to climb to roof from outside, and axes to split through ceiling to attic, but no attics in Burma, no rescue will come and no helicopters. Maybe you should just emigrate. I was in New Orleans 8 months after disaster and saw all the devastated neighborhoods, the ones where people died marked with an X. It's a bowl-shaped city and the levees broke. They are still inadequate. With global warming, there will just be more and more water as time goes on.