Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Met the most amazing person--Bionic chef Cheryl Douglass --

Met a most inspiring person, Bionic Chef Cheryl Douglass, who still cooks at the restaurant level out of her home after 4 amputations of her hands and legs after a sepsis infection that was life threatening and left her in ICU.

I was so excited to meet her.

She showed us a Calabrese salad and how she makes it, when picking up a knife, sprinkling salt, opening a bottle become major challenges.

I hope I will have the chance to work with her on her autobiography.

She talked of 2 principles in cooking

less is more, reducing her kitchen equipment and

and mise en place,

which you see all the time on TV--getting everything ready

and going from dry to wet to meat

e.g she chops the garlic first which is dry with the skins on, then brushes the skins off with a pastry brush, as she can only handle things that are flat

then she slices the tomatoes using the 3 nails sticking up on her cutting board to hold the tomatoes still.

Then she made the dressing.

She wrote in her book, which she said was dictated into a iPad

that she handles the meat last so she will not need to keep washing her cutting board.

She's a beautiful woman who wears a bracelet on one of her wrists, that aren't real wrists.

She drives a specially modified car.

She retains her intelligence and a great sense of humor.

K.M.Kyi May Kaung 

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