Thursday, November 30, 2017

Slightly off translation--Sitagusayadaw said at end of his racist sermon, which gave "religious permission" to carry on with Rohingya Muslim genocide

a lan ma lair say ne "Don't let the flag fall to the ground." This was a pep talk couched in Pali, delivered at a military base. He talked of ancient Ceylon king Duttagamani, "making country that was split unified again." He talking of killing Tamils, whom he referred to by their modern name--Burmese transliteration "Tamee" FYI, he and the other notorious racist so-called monk Wirathu went to Sri Lanka with official team and met with Sri Lankan generals "in order to study how to carry out genocide," and in the videotape see below, he refers directly to "I did not say this, the Sri Lankan sayadaw said this." I was suspicious of his body language when he came to DC, and also in a videotape of him and Wirathu going to "study" Burman-Muslim current conflict when it started, around 2012 or 13. They did not console the victims or see the ravaged areas. Instead they went in a white unmarked van from a distance, got out of the van and looked around. They could not be operating like this without the support and sanction of the Burmese junta. kmk 11-30-2017